Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Assisting Assyria – Sid Meier’s Civilization V: BNW LP Summary

This is Assyria It’s the future and we’ll get violent
– one town founded It needs a matching Siege Tower Also Liberty means another Settler Cities everywhere Where’s the enemies? Need some enemies Hello Enemy Triggered some war Can’t trust the Spartans – much better apples
are out there Eat the Spartans! Delete their Worker End the suffering Hopefully Alex can’t recover No one can recover from Siege Towers Especially Alexander Two Siege Towers got near and claimed it for
Assyria Where’s my religion? I want a religion I don’t want to deal with this lady – she
won’t trade Embassies for free Our little island nation can withstand attacks I’m not one to ignore reading between the
lines – I think she likes me The National College will lead us to an advanced
military We can be first place! Right now in second Life goes on while a World’s Fair is considered We were also at war with Darius but his men
never came A Roman soldier keeps an eye on our danger
levels Right now we aren’t very dangerous We are hospitable and industrious – take that
Caesar And we trade good And use our Great Church Man to keep other
religions out A Work Boat moves to the oil slick The 1900’s should be great – just great Ideologies will change – but it’s part of
a plan This guy is not part of the plan – he’s
just mean School will be cool Then Subs and Tourism Still Free so the Liberty Statue will be…
free Also free to chose Aesthetics Then switching to Order since Lady Liberty
is done Knowledge is power Augustus is a d-bag The Kremlin is in order All sorts of amazingness in Assyria Tourists can go to the Hermitage soon – turn
here once it’s built Hello Atomic atrocities – the future is totally
nuke-ariffic 1950 – the year of the Water Mill Also found out about Oxford Which led to cameras in orbit! Finally the Hubble is under construction A Siege Tower has no where to go but the bottom
of the Arctic Ocean There’s tales of radioactive rock out west
– so need a Settler Gotta settle on an Antiquity Site – no I’m
not proud of my actions but it was for the good of the people Tourism isn’t enough – need weapons of mass
dangerousness Come on Internet – need AOL Instant Messenger
already, and Google Maps Streetview Now I am angry! How dare they go to space And how dare they bomb all my units – you
don’t want to see the carnage Need time to ready ourselves Stealth technology will mend and defend Missile Cruisers also do some defending – active
defence You built that city on rock & roll, eh? And
beautiful hat Ready to claim some Greece Girl – you got to change your crazy ways,
you hear me? Say sayonara to Argos Knossos is knocked down Darius rocks the culture – you gotta get that
look Back and forth with Alex over his cities – the
man is incorrigible It’s ours for all eternity now Found the last bit of Greece The Destroyer waits for its moment The moment is gone! As are the Greeks Nothing else to do but load up another game
– we did lose remember – the screen fades to black and there’s farewell music in the


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