Civ 5 in 3 Mins: Suddenly Santa – a Mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V LP Summary

Twas a mod that’s for Christmas, we are
Santa this time Now there’s Fish, Cows, Stone, Whales, Crab,
glitched tiles, and rhyme! A Spearman appeared after visiting ruins
Hey look – not alone – there are other humans An offer for Trucks is considered but declined
Maybe later, I don’t know, those Trucks are mine And maybe I should mention the OP mod’s
gone Luckily there’s Elves to continually tend
the lawn Cows out on said lawn can be corralled with
fences Seriously – you must think we are out of our
senses Far into the future – the empire grows
No war, it’s been peaceful, who’ll win? No one knows! The Great Wall is attempted but converted
to gold Building Wonders is gambling and more dice
are rolled The Elves at the Workshop will work in shifts
That’s quite a bit of cash for various gifts Christmas Village down south, claimed several
great wonders It’s hot, no recent rains, lightnings, or
thunders Back at the Workshop some more Settlers are
trained With happiness so high growth is easily sustained Reindeer Haven is awesome if you are, like,
a deer As for humans and elves, you’ll enjoy it
more here Montezuma says fight? Well we’re not gonna
fall In fact, meet our friend, in the future, you’ll
brawl As Monty attacks there will be little to fear
He can’t compete and will offer up his gear There’s liberty in the form of a statue
Then must switch to Order – to prevent World War II Speaking of the World, had to build lots of
fair And now kids can sit in front of radios and
stare Faith is used to create Public Schools run
by nuns Back home there’s more wonders and an exchange
for funds Also we’re witness to some death and destruction
No war here though, soon there’s Oxford for instruction New Era? Let’s all live in a bubble!
That’s not possible yet, but we do have the Hubble Her eyes – full of anger – her hair is so
red The Internet in one turn puts Tourism ahead Did I mention our athletes are number one?
They train night and day underneath a bright sun Living up north is not always a picnic
But people demand jeans delivered by St. Nick She’s embracing the red and I think it looks
good As does Santa, so he won’t bomb them, but
he could Then the station is built, it goes up into
space From there Santa will yell, “see ya, Celts,
in your face!” A switch to gold focus and Tourism’s king
Quickly makes us rich while Culture does its thing She looks fantastic! Finding Christmas within
A sure sign it’s not long until Culture Win So press One More Turn and it brings Santa
back To the game where he’s ready, poised to
attack Distribute the A-bombs, they get dropped from
the sky The fat man grins widely, while Mrs. Claus
has a cry And I heard him exclaim, when those nukes
were prescribed! Happy Christmas to all, and I hope you subscribed!


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