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hello everyone uh my name is uh what up is you know very unique name but today I decided that I'm gonna be playing City skylines very fun game so today we're just gonna create a new game oppression Peaks you know I'm trying to achieve true communism today so um that sounds fun okay so I have named my city and it's loading so yeah I'll just be back when you know it's it's loaded now in order to achieve true communism we have to uh be the only communist country in the United States that's right we're gonna go to New York so um yeah let's just start so I'm looking at Long Island here right so New York City is like right here so right so we just have to build the way New York City looks like so uh let's start off with that huh which which one best describes New York City all right okay so now that we have built New York City a giant sewage thing let's achieve true communism you see if you don't know what this is this is a hammer and a sickle but we're not going to start a city there I'd be copying a certain YouTube where I will not be mentioning so looks like our only highway entrance is here in Michigan but who likes Michigan or here in Mexico so since I said this is gonna be American we're gonna start in Michigan huh so what does a Michigan City look like um I got it you know this is not Michigan I don't know what is Michigan um let's just own it almost forgot that I've I put the sewage system here in New York City I'm not saying New York City's dirty I'm just saying there is it's pretty dirty New York City okay now now you might be wondering wow these are the sewage system she was very not very good what's it called useful and good it's a good switches thumb now I don't know about you but if you've ever traveled you might know that Mexico has the best water so we're getting all our water from Mexico so um it might be go away yeah there we go now we have to power the entire city with the most efficient power system ever nuclear power plant what a beautiful Soviet city you know I love a little bit of Soviet Union but now there's no highway connections and um let me just say I'm very good at fixing that you come to the right place to get it fixed mmm delicious that is right this is the this is our highway interchange there's gonna be no traffic issues whatsoever but if you look at our city it looks like it's flourishing because everyone's upgrading their houses and that is beautiful there's no power for the water system so I don't know how you're getting water let's just build another dam cuz yeah I kind of just gave up on trying to why is the power production so high okay well and let's just destroy the dam okay to be honest this looks amazing um right so I'm there might be tsunami let's go look down Michigan and what's going on everybody's upgrading um I'm not sure if the Soviet building is gonna upgrade but I don't want them to looks like something's already burnt down so I mean the city looks amazing I don't like to call this traffic because it's not traffic this is called a good road system yes the best of the best you might not want to drive through that up power planet might not be bit safe the city's flourishing really oh I forgot I got the epic mod that hub aches makes the land value really good I mean this is a little inaccurate for Michigan but if you like it then keep it this is horrible but we do have a little bit of Michigan left and people do want some factories so you know we didn't get that communists industry in there and no one could get a job unless we have industry so let's get some of that communist industry I know this road system is not as good as the other road system but we need some industry in our communist country we also need some appreciation for the where is it I swear to God I downloaded it we just need a little bit of patriotism what do you mean a building already exists there no there's no building there you will not have your building there because we need something much better there it you choking me right now you can only have one you know if I've ever learned one thing it's that limitations will never get past me so um oh why aren't they a hat I'm happy it's beautiful oh they're not happy about Lenin who doesn't love London look how happy all the civilians are you see all those happy faces they must love Lenin's and and now the letting sessions are complaining about not having a road since when was that an issue looks like some of our communist industries flourishing but this is not communist enough we all know communists love their selling right so where should we build this ah that looks good right in the middle of the nuclear power plant you know I built a blimp stop but it's not let it be big I built a Depot but no stop okay okay we're gonna need a blip stop oh so there we go and let's just make the blimps go from here all the way to here and maybe back another fire are you joking me right now fine I'll give you a fire station buddy you know it's coming out of your paycheck all of your paychecks there we go who doesn't love to live halfway side of a fire station you know I'm kind of curious how this is considered an intersection so there's an intersection there but this is not an intersection you can't you cannot turn here yeah so this is not considered an intersection I've never seen a better road system you see there is absolutely there's spiders traffic coming into the city it's it's really nothing you look you get started laughter you could turn right and that determines your fate thing is we don't have enough public transportation so I think people want buses yeah there you go okay yeah we're just gonna add as many vehicles as possible to this oh and use the vehicle count modifier to make it 500 percent there is lots of vehicles queued but I think we can't even more vehicles if we make our just you know I I don't want anyone on the roads because traffic is not an issue the city is just we have a little bit too much people on the road let's watch everyone get out of the bus depot why's our catering truck and why do 100 people fit in the catering truck and why is it coming out of the bus depot all right if you won't shut up about stupid water you know fine there we go here here's your water happy well the United States of Michigan is a little bit of the full so we kind of got expanded too well first of all we have to create a district so ever knows this is a communist state of Michigan madro Hills no it's Michigan how do you spell Michigan there we go Michigan and you're complaining about garbage down alright I mean I got it your place is pretty much she's garbage a place that you live in great now we got a bunch of new city parks they smell bad but there's city parks nonetheless I wonder how much traffic see average flow is 60 and it's definitely not because of this these miles of I completely forgot about this I I mean a sickle and a hammer beautiful right in the middle of the country and others dead people I was about to build in Florida up and I guess you want some cemeteries they they're probably gonna complain about the police departments next so let's just build some prison yeah prison right there and I don't Michigan doesn't have this much police but you know you gotta you gotta make your people happy in order to succeed there's just a legend statue in the middle of the road I mean you get to see our beautiful leader so let's see what's going on inner city you got a beautiful mountain which I don't know about you got one of the best road systems of the history very little intersections because these are an actual intersection so you can't actually dry turn here you I mean sure you will have to stop if there's another car passing by but you know that's just the Michigan life for example let's see where this person is driving Honda Civic where do you think everyone can afford a 2017 Honda Civic how much is the nuclear power plant pay you to really how much you get paid for where he had a power plant I see that people are using the blebs for to get from New York City back but it looks like it doesn't have water so yeah no I just realized that there's a highway entrance and in a beautiful Michigan which I'm feeling the traffic is starting to back up just a little but I think it's been done clearing up well now is just starting to back up there is an entrance in North Mexico before you say for that North Mexico explain this you see see that's north of Mexico go I don't know why I just said it that way but it's north Mexico this is South Mexico ah the beautiful fields of communism but I just realized there's a lot of oil up here or is that and I want some oil I know the oil is right here if we go to Natural Resources oh wait this is the oil is out here what okay well uh huh I guess we're getting some oil in the city introducing the north Mexico oil company because I just found a bunch of oil on North Mexico and I guess my people kind of wanted oil but when you know our road to get people there um to way Ali Road you know I want people with something nice so they could get to the city so you know people I mean not the city but I you know people I think they deserve a good highway system but I just can't build regular roads out of water and over to pass water to get there so we're just gonna build all the way up to what is this Lake Superior and just once we get here switch to the highway road and go all the way over here beautiful and since this is true communism the Sonoma she's gonna be an empty tidy road traveling through the United States but with nothing so here is the all the legend statues pointing in the direction that you have to go to get to the beautiful industrial heartland that has not been built yet so let's just give it a second to build you know now that now there are the legends are complaining about powers so there we go now you have power of course the people are complaining about the water but it's fine because they'll have water in a second so I thought to myself what does North Mexico need well an overflowing sewage tower you're not supposed to be overflowing what are you doing okay I think I just flooded my city with sewage North Mexican sewage you guys can't be doing this you can't be flooding your own city cuz I get it times are rough but you can't be flooded yourself actually I think I know what to do build a flood barrier perfect no war flooding we don't have power you have tons of nuclear power there you go now you have tons of power you're complaining about not enough jobs okay fine I'll give you not enough jobs all of you could be a high density residential there's no skinny residential onto the lighted statues people are all flocking to get to north of Mexico in the rosemary bridge this seems like a dream driving down and seeing nothing but whetted where are you going this tourist is going to see Lennon why you're going sir there's tons of legends over here I see he's travelling to see all of the lenses this good job he sent young full so as you can see they're building it lended row our sad sea is ruined by these what by those what what is her says here ooh ugly oil pumps Bradley where it where is Bradley where is he Ashton's right there you know Bradley there is censorship in the Soviet Union you still are complaining about not enough people okay fine I'll give you nice roads in the world country that has nice roads there we go Porto Rico and Cuba there's no one building in Puerto Rico Cuba because that's I haven't sold it yet but beautiful this is very nice why is there bike lanes how do we have to wait for working water pipes how long do we have to wait seriously you're complaining you're living in this heaven your water is working perfectly fine and you're complaining well now you don't have a house how do you feel now huh now you're homeless do you see this is what happens when you misbehave in this beautiful metropolis we're just building a little bit of a Soviet town in the Soviet City nothing much you know just like Chernobyl did there's gonna be a nuclear power plant here oh look I built a bunch of Soviet towers and people finally want to move in now this is what I call a flourishing city where everyone's complaining about not having enough employees I mean some of these people don't have any employees well don't worry no board oh no I didn't want to copy the certain youtuber by using the communists thing but looks like we're gonna have to everyone knows that nuclear power is the cleanest form of energy which is why the communist thing to the the Sabbath cycle will be nuclear-powered of course these intelligent people right here moving right next to the nuclear power plant so they have water and power immediately nuclear water but anyways these idiots moved away from the nuclear power plant and are gonna have to deal with their horrible life decision of not having power what is so special about this corner of the city anyways there's not even anything here who doesn't love Nebraska Nebraska is truly beautiful right so it looks like our sewage water reserve is not full yet that's an issue because iid actually thought it issues if this place ever leaks will be fired we have a great water defense system with a little tiny hole in it but you know a little tiny holes are nothing it just refilled her lake basically we're never gonna run out of drinking water ooh you strayed the lake you know first privately a city that spends all of the United States we have a fairly low population I'm not gonna fix that because I don't have time to looks like no one likes this boy like why does no one want to buy doyald it's the Soviet Union you must have a job let's see how many of our people are employed by the way right this doesn't show us our employment but if we click on here city statistics population okay jobs available there should be zero oh god I'm gonna need a higher population to fill all these jobs whatever we will just have a couple of empty factories and we'll be fine come on move into my city where ice no water happy people seem very upset what is there to be upset about this looks like the best see you've my entire life I mean we we have beautiful ballads one of the best bus systems it's definitely not overcrowded with way too many buses where's your perfect about a buses you might have to drive through a little bit of garbage to get to your destination but it's fine because we have police stations the epitome of enjoyments the newest reality show airs tonight this is real you live next to a communist building but you're in a non-communist American capitalist building we do not like that what the hell wait a minute something's odd they moved last second okay well I guess I did I fail to delete their house but looks like everyone in our city is trying to go see subletted statues see the cars all ghor odd the highway oh no I just realized my city's flooding cuz yeah this is an issue we got we gotta fix this you know now that I think about it I feel like these flood walls will do not much to protect my city from this upcoming flight it's actually the flood walls are working and uh you know I'm trying to get some content out of this so bye-bye flood walls yeah you know this is what happens when your flood walls work they don't know I feel thank all the water just whipped back into the lake that's not good is it I mean I'm just making the city a lot of happier I mean the population is going down just a little bit but it's fine because it's it's it's not Michigan Michigan is fine they're actually flourishing Michigan is the most best flourishing city out there I mean the water w-what a meteors gonna strike oh whoa where's their meteor I don't see oh no someone used my city so I think someone new to my city what do I do love someone new to my city and now they're already done so the doors Mexico oil company looks great ah now let's talk about the real reason north of Mexico was destroyed there wasn't a single Latin statue everywhere or anywhere that into North Mexico oil company latest neglected lended so let it decide to strike back guesses that's right this is caused by the ghost uncle mr. Aladdin if you do get rid of all his statues luckily there's letted statues well this is a cichlid hammer so there's nothing going on here and there's a lot of Latin statues here they're fine there's a lot of laddie structures here and this is a flourishing city I think the traffic's backing up just a little so I think that's been enough for my first video on this channel what is up now what what up is productions I still don't remember my name but yeah the first video on this channel I hope you guys enjoyed there was tons of fun creating such amazing places such as Michigan

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