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the tape make waste way of doing things is coming to an end in a circular economy we reuse remanufacture and recycle our products in a circular economy companies will look at cars planes jeans shavers laptops office chairs televisions washing machines beds and even handbags in a totally different way not as stuff to be sold and forgotten but as opportunities for continuous value creation in a circular economy I no longer own a mobile phone the company leasing the phone will refurbish or remanufacture it for me in a circular economy I don't buy my LED lamps anymore but instead I buy light as a service the companies selling light will make sure my LED lamps work without fail for a very long time we need to innovate our business models if we do it right we'll create massive new opportunities in this course we'll take the first steps it's not often that you get to rethink the entire economic system join me and my colleagues from around the world to explore the circular economy

  1. Seems to miss the target; innovating business models would be what happens automatically everywhere if we ever get around to really rethinking the entire economic system. Surely it's the economics of the economic model that matters, not the individual cars, planes and jeans? Fix the economics, then the take, make, waste way of doing things would really come to an end.

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