1. I really have to wonder if this song meant to parallel Enough is Enough.

    Give the Anarchist a Cigarette.
    Give the Fascist man a gunshot.

  2. There's some tripe spouted in the comments here. We're talking about the British! Anarchy to us means deliberately putting something recyclable into the general waste or doing 42mph in a 40 zone. If you want anarchy with the high body count and 'new social orders' then you've got the wrong people. We can get shedded and rock with the anarchic songs without feeling compelled to execute the wankers running the show, which is why the characteristics of our social strata arn't massively different from a thousand years ago, most of the Plod aren't armed, and ultimately it's not a bad place to live for most, in most areas, all things considered.

  3. Am I the only one here primarily because this song sounds awesome? Not even the lyrics, but the effective vocal melody over that tense bass line and the trumpet and the lead guitar seem to switch the rolls that most conventional music that's not jazz would do, having guitar, then adding horns, while they have horns, then add guitar as the flourish.

    Not to mention that solo. This song really takes a lot from jazz and is all the better for it. It's a tight track that keeps a tense anger that really lends power to the message. This isn't my favorite Chumbawamba album or song, but I can just feel this.

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