Christianity is NOT a Religion

Please before you comment watch the video.
Don’t just come and write nonsense here. Hey guys it’s Fumnanya. If you are new here welcome,
if you are not welcome back. Either way you are welcome! This is a topic that’s been on
my mind recently and it kind of started when I got a certain comment on my YouTube channel.
Someone was asking about secular music. What do I listen to? What do I not listen to? What
am I allowed to listen to? She kind of seemed like maybe she had looked in the Bible and
she really hadn’t seen anything specific. So I started thinking about all these little
rules that we have in our faith as Christians and what’s the place for them? What about
situations or instances in which there are no rules? What about specific situations in
which there’s nothing in the Bible that seems to directly address what you’re grappling
with? And what do you do? This is something that’s very near and dear
to my heart because it is something that’s been so central to my faith journey personally.
My parents have been Christians since they were I think high school, very young. So they
raised us in a very Christian home, we went to church every Sunday and all of my social
interactions in high school on middle school were in the church. Because my parents were
very strict, a lot of my socializing was just done within my church group my youth group.
Basically it put me in a position where I felt very comfortable with my religion and
I had my rules, my little Christian checklist of things that you don’t do and I stuck to
them. So for that reason I felt like you know I’m good, I’m a Christian, whatever. I’m living
my life like a Christian, I’m doing all the Christian things, I’m not doing all the unchristian
things. So yeah I just felt like I was on the mark when it came to my faith journey.
I remember in college I would come home and my mom would say are you going to Church,
basic questions and she would say do you have a relationship with Christ, do you have a
relationship with God? I was always like yes mom, I accepted Christ into my heart as my
Lord and Savior, got baptized you were there. It kind of felt kind of annoying but she kept
asking me this and I didn’t really get what she was asking. Fast forward to my senior
year something very significant happened in my life with my family and it was really really
difficult for me. Maybe I will talk about that in detail 1 day on my channel. But basically
I’ll just say that it was something that really shook the foundation of like my whole world.
I was in school at the time and I felt like I was juggling a lot of things and on my best
days I felt like I’m just going to lose my mind and that’s going to be it. And on my
worst days I wanted to go to sleep and just not wake up, that’s how bad it was. In that
experience I think I kind of turned to my faith because I was in a position where I
was just I don’t see a way out of this, I don’t see it’s getting better, I don’t even
see how to get through the next hour, talk less of the next day. I ran to my faith. This
was after a period of just kind of doing the religion thing but also kind of doing my own
thing in a lot of ways. It was in that period of experiencing the ways in which God was
able to sustain me and keep me. As soon as I hit a wall as soon as I hit a wall, as soon
as I hit a limit, His faithfulness just took over. It was like that passage in Job where
He says I’d heard about you but now I see you. It was just like I’d heard all these
great things about God and who He is, I’d heard that He was faithful, I’d heard that
He was good, I heard that He was gracious, I’d heard that He was merciful, I heard that
He was kind, I heard that He was strong. I’d heard all these things in my life growing
up in the church, but for the first time in my life I was experiencing God for who He
is and it was life-altering for me. That doesn’t mean that overnight I changed and I became
this saint, on fire for God, everything in place. That’s not what it means, it just
means that for the first time in my life I understood what my mom was asking me all those
years. I understood why she was asking me if I was in relationship with God. Christianity
is a lifestyle rooted in relationship, Christianity should permeate every part of who you are
and what you do. To come back to the question, things like music what do you do in that situation?
As Christian’s we’ve been set free from the law. So all things are lawful but not all
things are expedient which means that not all things edify. I do think that we are to
be in pursuit of things that edify. So I don’t think it’s a sin to listen to secular music,
but I think that you should be intentional about what you’re listening to, why you’re
listening to it. I think it’s more profitable to sort of think of it in terms of is there
a better way that I could use this time? Is there something more edifying that I could
be listening to? And if that’s the case then I think that you should kind of veer to that
side of it. When I’m driving I like to drive and kind of zone out and think. When I would
drive a lot of times I used to just play whatever top 50 charts, whatever billboard, just anything
on Spotify that seemed to be popping at the time. I stopped doing that. I started using
my time driving to listen to audible books. Right now I’m listening to crash the chatter
box by Steven Verdict. I listened to the wait recently. I also use it to listen to podcasts
that are really edifying and spiritually uplifting. I use it to listen to messages on Spotify.
Those are just some examples of like more edifying ways to use your time. If I’m listening
to top 50s all the time and I feel like I’m more prone to get into ruts of frustration,
to feel irritable, to feel easily influenced by the circumstances around me. But when I
am intentional about that time and I use it to fill myself with things that are again
edifying I find that that’s not the case. What I would say to anyone who finds themselves
in that situation is just yes are there a lot of things that are gray as far as Christianity
goes? Definitely. But I think that through relationship you begin to understand what
God’s heart is for you in various situations, what the character of God is and what that
means, how you can apply that to different areas of your life. Obviously I’m not saying
that we throw away all the things that we’ve been asked to do and the ways that we’ve been
asked to live. The scripture definitely don’t cast that aside. Those things should be the
products of your faith, the products of your relationship. But I’m talking about those
areas where we don’t have a specific instruction that’s where relationships sort of fills the
gap and that’s where kind of understanding again God’s heart, God’s character can bring
clarity to situations in which you may not have otherwise had it.
I just wanted to share that really quickly because I feel like it’s important, it’s been
on my mind recently and so I just wanted to come on and let you guys know. So let me know
what your spots are down below. Is there a situation in which you feel you’re not clear,
you have questions about what I said? Let me know that. Thank you so much for watching.
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  1. VERY well said. This video should be played for very many youth groups. You NEVER go wrong with God's word rightly divided.

  2. So well said. As a Christian with a real relationship with God, I found this really edifying and a reminder of what I'm following. Great job!

  3. Hello. I am an atheist and I just wanted to say that it impresses me how you can interpret your faith in a way so that you can enjoy secular music and culture. Too many Christians hold on to the catholic church's actions of persecuting artists and scientists during the renaissance. They continue to attack any secular culture they don't immediately understand and even attack harmless games like Pokémon and Dungeons and Dragons. There are Christians that rail against music that they don't understand as well. Even Christian songs that they didn't stop to try and listen to. Disturbed and Slipknot both have multiple Christian or faith inspired songs but there are many Christians who would attack those songs without really listening to them. Anyway, I love music. All music whether it is gospel or heavy metal is created through the expression of passion and ideas. Who wouldn't love that. I am always glad to see an enlightened Christian and hope to see more in the future.

  4. You are a strong beautiful woman. I believe that you are selling yourself short by giving the credit for your inner strength to a god or something. The relationship thing sounds like you have stuffed toy that you use for inner strength. With or without your stuffed toy you are an intelligent strong woman….don't ever let anyone or anything take that away from you.

  5. it's not so much that it's a sin, it affects and influences the spirit and can put you in vain and vain is not good for the spirit. not everything that God wants of us is in the bible, that's where the holy spirit comes in. fully submit to God, sincerely repent of any wrong doings, cleanse the spirit and allow the holy spirit in you. God will let you know all you need to know through the holy spirit even the gray areas. do not lead on your own understanding, allow the holy spirit to lead you. fasting also helps your communication and desire.

  6. There is only one Christian reference to music which is instructive as to "what to do."
    It is not found in the Gospels or in the New Testament, but in that part of the Apocrypha which was obviously studied – and which was heavily quoted – by Jesus Himself.  The Book of Sirach (or Ben Sira, or Jesus, Son of Sirach, or Ecclesiasticus) says this on music:
    Read more:
    "When the music begins to play, stop your talking and noisemaking. Don't interrupt."
    This is good manners, and people who continue to talk and to INTERRUPT with
    questions, noises, insistent "requests" and other obnoxious behavior during any
    live music presentation, are stealing an artist's livelihood right out from under him or her.
    These people are cranks, and are behaving disrespectfully when in this mode.
    The religious literature of Christianity centers around the Gospels, which don't really
    answer the question "What should I DO?".   Instead, the Gospels center around the
    concept of forgiveness as a necessary adjunct of the law.
    (On YouTube, see my song WOLF DO YOUR DUTY.).
    The Gospel of John is different in tone; its entire central thread is an indictment
    of "the Jews" for executing Jesus.   One interesting fact brought out in the fourth
    Gospel (also known as the non-Synoptic Gospel, because it doesn't match the
    story of the first three Gospels) is that throughout most of his ministry,
    Jesus of Nazareth had outstanding arrest warrants pending against him, in an active sense.
    The only advice Jesus Himself gives on music is somewhat in the opposite corner
    of his avuncular namesake.  "You are like children in the marketplace who called out:
    'We piped, and you did not dance'."  In other words, this is a warning against
    aggressive promotion of certain types of uncultivated music by unlearned "musicians" –
    or, in modern terms, it could be inferred that Jesus is comparing the Scribes and
    Pharisees to the worst of today's rappers. 
    .Jesus also mentions music in connection with funerary rites and mourning; and
    implies in this verse that it is something to be dreaded, a harbinger of death in
    this context.   Jesus manages to resurrect or revive the individual being mourned;
    Jesus indicates very strongly that Christians should adhere to the rules of conduct
    (good behavior) mentioned in the Book of Sirach:
    On the nature of God:  "Equal to His mercy is the majesty He exudes."
    On the "son of God" concept:  "The man who looks out for a vulnerable women
    and her orphaned children will be counted as among the sons of God."
    One jarring verse in Sirach/Ecclesiasticus is this:
    "There are nationalities who I am biased against, the final one does not even
    qualify to be called an ethnic group:  The Palestinians (Philistines)…. and the
    foolish people who dwell in Shechem."   This verse is actually a moral improvement
    from the older Hebrew Scriptures, because it doesn't wrap prejudices and personal
    bias in the mantle of God; the author admits that it is he, and not God, who harbors
    bias against these neighboring peoples.  After all, the entire Old Testament expresses
    anti-Egyptian, anti-Ethiopian, anti-Greek and anti-Palestinian, anti-Phoenecian, anti Samarian and anti-Syrian bias.  (Instructions to celebrate a holiday to commemorate the death of Egyptian baby boys seems like ethnic bias to me.)  How about , "I am black,
    but comely."   "…..BUT comely."   Not black and beautiful "black BUT beautiful."
    Despite fanciful claims that Aesop, the ancient Egyptians and even Jesus were black,
    the truth is that when the Bible was written, and co-extensive with the entire time span of its authorship, the few black people in Egypt were imported by slave traders with the exception of one or two marauders from black Africa (to the south of Egypt) who took
    over Egypt for brief intervals of time in ancient times; contributing nothing to the
    development of the country. Southwest Asia, where Jerusalem is located,  has the
    following nationalities or language groups:  Indo-European (Amorite, Greek,  Hittite and Lydian – the Lydians were related to today's Lithuanians and Latvians); or Semitic (Hebrew, ancient Syrian and Phoenecian, Carthaginian, and Arabic) Veddic (Tamil and portions of the very Indo-European Sanskrit language) Caucasian (Georgia – or Cherkess Sakartvelos: the Georgian language doesn't use the Greek or Latin alphabet, it has its own alphabet; Joseph Stalin was of Georgian nationality) Celtic (the ancient Galilean people were Celts, very much like the Cymri or Welsh people; the Bible calls the region "Galilee of the Gentiles) Basque (Judas Iscariot was Basque, if indeed he existed:  "Iscariot" is simply the Basque word for "Basque" (Euskarian); and former US Senator Paul Laxalt of Nevada was also Basque) and Turkish (the Turkish presence in Southwest Asia has typically been dated from the time the Seljuk Turks arrived around 1,000 years ago; however there are forensic signs that the Turks have been living in Anatolia for at
    least 4,000 years, side by side with the Greeks: the Greeks conrolled the coastline and the natural harbors, and the Turks lived inland on elevated plateaus.)  None of these
    ethno-linguistic groups in the Middle East, including those in north Africa where today
    Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt are; are anywhere close to black African
    in appearance, culture, custom, blood-type or behavior.  There is a prevalent belief
    that the "Canaanites" and the Hamites are black.  They are not.  "Cana'an" is the
    Phoenecian word for "Phoenecia" or "Phoenecian people or language."  The names
    "Shem, Ham and Japeth" are simply Syrian words for different parts of greater
    Syria (which included the lands of Israel, Jordan and Lebanon in ancient times, and
    in terms of which "Shem" simply means "Syria" or "Syria".  The Biblical reference to
    the Canaanites being accursed to a fate of "hewers of wood and drawers of water"
    was used by certain Christian theologians to justify slavery after the fact was already
    in place for several decades.  The verse, in fact, was composed and first uttered by
    someone who had no knowledge that black people even existed.  The Palestinians –
    both 3,200 years ago when they arrived in the Gaza Strip area and now too – are
    Greeks.  "Gaza" means "Treasury" in Greek.  The important thing is not who Jesus
    is defined as ethnically or otherwise; but WHAT HE SAID.
    .The Bible does not mention Koreans,  black Americans,  Eskimos (Dn NE) and
    American Indians; yet of all the people on the earth, these are at the top in
    Christian religious fervor, as a group

  7. great video. put so simply. I have stopped being actively religious because I felt like I wasn't changing or growing as a Christian. It was religious more than it was spiritual and relational. I just took a step back to reassess why I am a Christian, if I really am a Christian. this video was good. I will listen to it again….

  8. nice video. I am a Christian woman as well and although it is not a sin to listen to secular music HOWEVER one must be careful to not be so engrossed in that type of music. One must be careful as to what we listen to and watch as Christian people. Pastor Charles Stanley is an incredible teaching pastor of the Word of God, I encourage people who have questions about the faith to hear his messages they are super positive and enlightened. Great message as well!

  9. The Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans are the Israelites. Christianity is a man made religion. Visit and learn the truth about the Bible and God.

  10. What steps did you take to have that personal relationship with God? And what do you do to maintain it? What advice would you give to someone in a similar situation as you in your senior year(grown up in church, now wanting a personal relationship)?

  11. I listen to Jimmi cravity you made a good point you want to stay positive with God. When I got saved I use to hear a lot of old school rap yeah all of my CD'S I don't listen to anymore you can tell how old I am what I'm trying to say is when you find Christ you see things different it's a better way of life . I like the way you put things your brother in Christ God is good

  12. Greetings from the muslim community … im a muslim and I do respect the religion and I do have alot of christian friends and I love them all …. I hope god could guide all of U to the one and only truth …. Islam …. and for U to know …. in islam we do believe that jesus is a messenger of god and moses too … we do believe jesus was the messaiah , with all the miracles that god did by him and I would like to quote from the bible : the book of acts , chapter number 2 verse number 22 , “Men of Israel, give ear to these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man who had the approval of God, as was made clear to you by the great works and signs and wonders which God did by him among you, as you yourselves have knowledge, Acts 2 verse 22” … you might have a better look of Islam and U will get to know the reality of islam when u understand the teachings of the prophet mohammed pbuh and u could simply give ears to islamic scholars … just to know their perspective and judge after that .

  13. your videos are very homie – Your quote " understanding the heart " stood out to me – I have been low in my faith this past two years but making a comeback – but it's been hard. – Was searching "THE PROVERBS 31 WOMAN" and your video "PREPARING TO BE A GODLY WIFE/ WHILE YOU WAIT – made a highlight to me. So thank you so much and you got yourself a new subscriber " 💖

  14. Maha Maven, OMG. Research Alan Watts on religion before you open your mouth again. FYI Christianity is a Pagan ripoff. Look it up! I'm not mad at you, I just think you need to research where Christianity came from. Religion divides people. We need to get back to one love type spirituality. Love one another righttttttt NOW!

  15. Yes, be intentional and aware of the messages of songs. I agree that we need to go with all things edifying. I was in my car today trying to find a good radio station and the songs on that time were all about some type of enslavement like "I'd die without you" or "The morning after I was satisfied, but felt as guilty as hell"-really who wants that???

  16. I'm really glad I stumbled upon your channel. I am subscribed because you are beautiful and speak with such wisdom and have left encouraging words in all the videos I've viewed, even the funny story time ones. The music piece is a current struggle of mine and I'm going to take these tips and try them this week.

  17. What she is saying is very true. I do listen to gospel worship music a lot of the time when I feel like I need to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and when I want to feel God’s presence. Although I do enjoy music that isn’t Christian as well, however I did notice that when I spent an entire day listening to for example, hip hop with a lot of curses, my spirit did feel agitated, irritated and uneasy.

    Actually this is interesting but after my deliverance, I really had to focus on my cleanse. To keep anything not of God out of my personal space. I was listening to music and I kind of let this one slip and didn’t realize how imperative that total cleansing was to my spirit. But I went ahead and listened to Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses anyways. Mind you, I love rock, I love alternative. I still have nothing against that music. But when I was listening, I felt what I could describe as something dirty in the room. It felt uncomfortable and it felt just dirty. I tried to ignore that feeling and continued listening until the song was over. And then for the next song I made sure I played a Christian song and the atmosphere in the room just changed. I say this not to tell anyone that listening to that kind of music is bad or a sin. It’s just important to remember that whenever you’re feeling extra sensitive or down, to listen to Holy Spirit filled music to uplift you. I do listen to other music too but I always keep in mind how I’m feeling at the time before I listen to it. And I make my decision that way.

    I love this channel and I’m so glad I came across it! I decided to stop watching negative crap on YouTube and only helpful videos like yours. Praise Jesus! 🙌🏾 ❤️🙏🏽

  18. Hello, thank you for your videos, you have a great heart and are a very uplifting and meaningful person.
    Now I did watch your whole video, and I wanted to comment on the title first….yes Christianity is a religion because it is not what The Messiah or prophets taught. For example, in this video you said that Christians were set free from the law…that’s not correct hun! People don’t realize that the Israelites were liable for death right then and there for being caught in going against the law…if there were 2 witnesses to attest to it. The Messiah’s coming was so that the children of Israel could be redeemed and joined back to The Most High. And with His sacrifice, it gave time for repentance, but we still have The Law in place.

    “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:18‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    We have to remember that there was law in place prior to Moses, that’s why He told Cain to be careful because sin was at his door with his anger. But for some reason, Christianity teaches we were set free from the law, the law includes the prophets and the Torah…

    “And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭24:44‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    Remember that sin is transgression of the law, if not then we are free to do whatever, but they were set free from the ceremonial washings and sacrifices because they were based on sin that was committed unknowingly, they didin’t cover the intentional sin that was committed. These practices were given to them till His Son came…

    “But into the second went the high priest alone once every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people: The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing: Which was a figure for the time then present, in which were offered both gifts and sacrifices, that could not make him that did the service perfect, as pertaining to the conscience; Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings, and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of reformation.”
    ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭9:7-10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    Not to mention, they certainly didn’t teach their followers to participate in traditions of men that had to do with worshipping of other gods like the sun god for saturnalia (Christmas), goddess Ishtar (Easter) etc. I barely come across christians who even know the significance of The Most High’s feast days aside from Passover that they mingle with Ishtar.This is why they were always getting into trouble and sent into captivity, because of taking on the traditions of the other nations.
    You’re from West Africa correct? I ask you to take a look at the old Bowman map and see what kingdom/tribe was there, aside from fleeing, they were sent there by the Portuguese. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    As for the secular music, I agree, it’s not regarded as sin…but if someone’s not capable of listening or watching things that don’t pertain to edifying themselves then it’s best to limit themselves with the amount they listen to it or not to do it at all if possible. These things have a way of taking over our minds and causing us to think, feel and do things that we wouldn’t normally want to be apart of.
    Keep uplifting sis, and congratulations on school…I know you’ll do great!
    Peace be unto you!

  19. Christianity most certainly is religion and is to be pure and undefiled before God.
    James 1
    26If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. 27Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

  20. This is why if GOD hasn't called you to preach to NOT preach. You are cursed, leading sheep astray. Msg, not is not GODS book only kjv. Everything is is someone's self interpretation.

  21. I actually dealt with that my first year of college. I came to college and started hanging out with friends and they would listen to music that had swear words, talking about sexual acts, and ect. It took me being in a car with my friends listening to this Fetty Wap song a few years back to ask myself is God pleased with what I am listening to? And the answer was a plain and simple NO. From that point on I now only listen to music that praises the Lord. I will only listen to songs that do not cuss and that are not talking about anything that is not of God. It was hard to do at first but I realized that I have to walk with Lord and not be of the world if that makes sense. Now forward a few years later I have seen my heart change and the Holy Spirit speak to me (which never happened to me!). I just feel like when you dive more and more deeper in your relationship with the Lord you will KNOW what is good for your soul and what is bad, what is of God and what is not of God.

  22. If its not a religion, then why the bible say it is ? James 1:25-27 King James Version (KJV)
    25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. 27 Pure RELIGION and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

  23. Good for you. IN MY OPINION, there's no proof of God or at least proof of his kindness. Bible has been rewritten many times by humans so it's unreliable. My life is fucked up like, I was born in a very bad family that I didn't chooseto have, victim of bullying, also many other problems that I can't believe in a GOOD GOD. Where's God in my life? Where's God in this world? Where's the justice? There isn't.

  24. God has nothing to do with religion, no pastor wants to preach on this but if you read scripture with that in mind you'll see it everywhere. That is the downfall of the modern "church", religion has crept in. They're are only 2 religions in the world and one is not even a religion, in other words all the religions of the world are one in the same and knowing the One true God is something different altogether. Religion will only get us guilt or self-righteousness, it cannot offer anything else. Why do you think Christ was the harshest with the religious of His day, they turned the truth into a religion. They were even expecting Him and didn't recognize Him because it was either Him or their religion that came with praise from the people, wealth, "honor" and self-righteousness, they chose the latter

  25. Christ is the end of religion. Throw them all in the trash and religiosity along with them. As Christians — those of us who believe on Christ for eternal life — we have His perfect heart and a perfect union with our Creator. No striving, rules, or ceremony required.

  26. Living that lifestyle is not easy, that's why many give up and chose the world! Fighting against the unseen is no joke, it can drive you insane! Christian Life ain't easy, either you make it, or go insane trying!

  27. Sister you may be asleep and brainwashed. Christianity was brought to your enslaved ancestors who were Hebrew Israelites. They came into captivity bc they disobeyed the Most High and their covenant of laws, statutes and commandments and turned to other religions of the Gentile's gods including taking on their ways of celebrating pagan satan unholy holidays. The slave masters didn't have your ancestors happiness in mind. They taught them that they needed to be obedient to their slavemasters. They were taught to always FORGIVE their slave masters who merciless whipped their fellow brothers and sisters and made them watch and used that Hebrew bro and sis as an example what they better not do. Christianity is a doctrine of man created by man who were the Romans under Constantine and it's doctrines approved by the Nicea Council. Pagan worship was and still is ingrained in Roman life. The Most High said His people the true Israelites so-called black people would turn to other nations of people's gods like their religions, their customs (celebrated their holidays) and worship wood and stone (Christianity and Islam many are in). The Roman Catholic Church changed the laws and chose SUNday as the Sabbath Day when in reality it worships the SUN god of Sunday. All days of the week are named after pagan gods. Research this for yourself. We only knew this religion bc the Gentiles who rule over us brought and taught it to us. One example of pagan satan worship Santa=satan. Scripture says Christmas trees, hence Christmas, IS A VAIN CUSTOM OF THE PEOPLE – Jeremiah 10:2-5. Easter and all the rest are pagan too. Research them to know or not. Easter celebrates Isthrus the god of fertility, hence the decorated eggs and rabbits associated with it. Rabbits in this holiday represents fertility. Then Friday to Sunday are only two days not three. Birthdays are pagan to from the hidden meanings in the party hats to the shape of the cake have hidden meanings. Don't take my word for it. Study to show thyself approved. You and all descendants of Hebrew slaves brought to EGYPT AGAIN (just meaning bondage) ON SHIPS – Deuteronomy 28:68. You have true Holy Days you are to celebrate like Passover, Sukkot, Feast of Leaven Bread and others rather than pagan man made holidays which doesn't worship the Most High. Thanksgiving is really celebrating the killings of your other bros and sis who were the original black Native (yes they were/still is black though they lightened up through conquest and rape from the Europeans, Spaniards and French) American Hebrew Israelites tribe of Gad – Genesis 49:19 says to Gad Jacob's son that a troop shall overcome thee but ye shall overcome at the last (still future event). That troop was the U.S. Calvary. I hope you wake up and leave this religion not originated by the Messiah. There is a worldwide awakening and the Most High said only a remnant will return to Him. Come out of her my people lest you be destroyed with Her. I left Christianity four years ago after the Most High spiritually awakened me even though I already was having doubts about Christianity. Many Gospel singers and Pastors sold their souls for a recording contract, 💰and fame. The Most High says He is not in a building made with hands (aka churches). And He will not hear our singing in these pagan worshiping centers. Google that. There are moral laws, clean and unclean foods we can and cannot eat. Many future prophecies are in the OT many churches say aren't important as the NT. That's a lie. Christianity has spirits that can attach itself to its followers where they won't have an ear to hear. It can be like a drug laced with a scripted script to draw in others. IF you want to learn who you are if you have descendants who were Hebrew slaves please go to; There is a worldwide awakening going on bc we are near the end times of the Gentiles fulfillment (their rulership). If you wake up which I pray you will pass it on to others. Some Gentiles are waking up to this too.; Pray to the Most High aka God to show you if you want to know. It's up to you to learn or stay 😴. He choose the Israelites to be a people above all families of the earth – Deuteronomy 7:6. It's not racist. Hebrew Israelites are not a religion but a bloodline of people that the Messiah comes from. This is very serious as well.

  28. All of you Ignorant so-called Christians Church Going Black Women do not follow a single teaching of Christianity because all you Heathen Black Women follow the teachings of Feminism to the letter and to your dying day. Let’s be honest here why don’t we. Just what in the Fuck do you “Actually Know” about the Powers Of The Virtuous Woman? Not a Got-damn Thing I tell you, Not a Got-damn Thing. Sad but absolutely true?

  29. Based on my interpretation and bible studies, CHRISTIANITY is not religion, it is a relationship with our one and only Lord Jesus Christ, Christian was named after the word CHRIST and it means we have relationship with him

  30. I used to think Christianity was the true religion until I prayed to find out who God was and who I am. Christianity jumps straight into the New Testament and tells you someone came to die for the world so everyone can inherit the kingdom, but the Old Testament tells you that out of all the nations on the earth, only ONE nation is “Mine” chosen. And when the Chosen people sinned against God, Jesus was the one prophesied to be the example for them and will redeem THEM. That’s the only reason Christ came, if they could follow the law, then it wouldn’t have been a need to have a savior.

    Also Jesus isn’t white. Why would the Bible tell you that Jesus is black but have white complexion? Why would the Christian church tell you that the color of Christ doesn’t matter? If it’s in the book then it must matter. Christianity is a copy of the God the Israelites worshipped, but meant for everybody. Christianity favors white people and not people of color.

    The Bible is true but Christianity is not. It says no where in the Bible that you have to be a Christian to follow God. But the Bible tells you who Gods true people actually are and where they are. The transatlantic slave trade is mentioned in the Bible but forgot about in the church

  31. I certainly appreciate the genuineness and gentleness by which you present your points. There is much to commend in what you say. The issues I have are A) your assertion that Christianity is not a religion and B) that we are free from the moral law of God. The book of James refers to "true religion" in reference to how Christians are to live. If an Apostle can use the term "religion" to describe true Christianity, then it cannot be wrong or inappropriate to do so. Additionally, Antinomianism is an ancient heresy that keeps periodically creeping into the church. It falsely teaches that Christians need not live by the moral law of God. Paul condemned this in several epistles. Christians are not free to sin (Romans 6:1-4), we freed by Christ to be "slaves to God" in obedience.

  32. Excuse me, but I am a man, and according to 1 Timothy chapter 2 verse 12, you have no right to teach me about Christianity, rather, you are to keep silent

  33. This internal fight we have with ourselves is caused by having one foot still in the world. People view themselves as a human. We are three beings body,soul,spirit the body being the least of these. When you look in the mirror you aren't looking at the real you. You are not an advanced ape, you are a supernatural being.

  34. Christianity is not what God called for us to be. He has called for us to be HOLY for he is HOLY. Christianity is man mad, that’s why there are so many different ways to be a “Christian.” Just want to separate what is written and what was made up by man. Be blessed.

  35. Revelation 5 : 7 " And the Lamb came and received the roll from the right hand of Him who was seated on the throne."

  36. Ther are essentially two extremes when it comes to how people approach the Scripture. There is the one which wants to perpetuate the religious fantasy called 'Christianity' and to do so indefinitelly while idolising the god they have made out of what they call the "Holy Bible". Then there is the other extreme which wants to trash the Scriptures and totally discredit this ancient record as having any semblance of legitimacy as a historical narrative of the ancient Hebrews (either as Israel or as Judah). Neither extreme is interested at all in the real reason why God temporarily established the Hebrews under covenant creation to Himself. They do not want to learn from this history when they realise God used it to expose the ego which was driving people back then, and which is driving people right now.

  37. Christianity is a false religion. It leads you to death and destruction! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter invites other Gods and is a violation of the 1st and 2nd commandments!! Along with Eastern Star and Mason, sororities and fraternities all are offensive and lead us to oppression of our enemies and other nations in black communities. We violate the Sabbath which is majorly serious to the lord and the penalty was death….now we are violating all the other commandments with sex, single mother homes, living with feminist mindsets, boys like bulls on the corners. This is a results of the church not teaching and practicing the commandments. The commandments are spiritual and translates into economic empowerment for his oppressed people that eat of the fruit of christianity…man what a con job and that's just a little taste of the results of christianity. Follow the bible, christ never called us Christians the Roman's called us that. He never created religion but he gave us his word to eat!!

  38. Hey, thank you for your messages, they are really helpful. Also I wanted to ask about what the Bible says about women wearing men’s clothing

  39. Jesus Christ and his followers, and the first-century movement God used to end religion, once-and-for-all, was genuine, and that history and its ideology, as recorded in scripture, will ever stand on record and witness to that fact.  The post-AD 70 post-biblical religion, which calls itself Christianity, on the other hand, is not genuine. I don’t care how earnestly you strive to validate it, justify it, refashion it, and reform it with appeals to greater spirituality to make it more meaningful, etc. etc. it will always be pure farce. Christianity is a collection of cults, none of which have ever had any right of existence when compared and contrasted with what Jesus Christ and his followers represented and accomplished and fully revealed. Christianity is a total fraud and its history and its

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