Christian Anarchists? A voice for Liberty?

yes either Victor bra speaking anarchist artist to day I would like to touch upon the subject of Christian anarchists Christian anarchists there is a group of people a cadre of people who have assembled and organized and discuss and converse with each other and are going about spreading the message of Jesus Christ and anarchy there's there's a whole motley crew of different philosophical groups to which people can assign themselves and if I were to place a label on myself I know a lot of people are adverse to you know being labeled as something you know it's a they feel like they're being pigeon-holed but for the purpose of physiological economy so to speak to pinpoint where I would come from in my philosophy I think it's quite okay to designate yourself as a Buddhist or a Christian or an atheist a diagnostic or whatever it kind of immediately encapsulate swear your thought processes and and philosophical allegiance resides so you do have a Christian anarchists and that's that's what I want to touch on today tomorrow less along the lines of of two different philosophical categories you know Christian and anarchism that you know I want to touch on kind of meshing those together and we have to ask if there's any consistency if there's a logical contradiction and says in such a designation you could very well say that you know that you're a vegetarian and our guests not they're not the same or you're in a you ascribe to an objective basis of morality or you're you're an objective Objectivist anarchists not i mean the small not the big o line Ranta objectivists but small o Objectivists and anarchist so you could very well say that without necessarily lapsing into any kind of physiological contradiction or anything like that or conceptual contradiction so we have to look at the question of Christian anarchists now just you know just to let you know up front I am an atheist so you've not ascribed to any supernatural belief in God and or a supernatural God now why i think that the Christians this cadre of Christians Krishna anarchists are anarchists is because they are I've heard a criticism leveled against them in the sense that well you know they blame the death of Christ are you know upon the state you know the state killed Christ therefore that's a bad thing boo hiss state for killing our Lord Jesus Christ and then I I think that's a little bit too narrow maybe little dab of cynicism there but i would say that much larger the larger larger issue is is that the is that the state is a secular Authority and that is what basically rubs the the Christian anarchists the wrong way is that you know it might be the state is all the power and allegiance and a moral authority comes from the state and that rubs the Krrish the Christian anarchists the wrong way it's a form of idolatry I think as they would perceive it so therefore boo hiss we can't have that because it distracts from the authority of of Jesus Christ or God now now the issue that I would take with this whole approach as that anarchism basically getting into the gist the the fiber of the word is no rulers you can have rulers you can have certain rules enforce it could be through austra ostracism contractual there can be a division of force and coke or force or of rule enforcement and the other whole issue is simply you know is having a this monolithic singular exclusive force which is government that the anarchists would take issue with not the issue of rules per se so in that sense yes rules are fine rules are fine to the anarchist that leads them to a whole other separate discussion but I'm just trying to make the point that the core here is no rulers in the sense of a monolithic exclusive category of human beings who have been allotted the grand magical title of government and they get to call all the shots they could beat ironical despotic idiotic rules too bad we are the authority you are to do as we say so that's the that's the problem here now so the Christian anarchist fail to get to the gist of the matter of no rulers so let's look at the you know the idea of God when I was a very young boy when I've ever heard passages from the Bible about how God I mean the the Old Testament the New Testament of God is nothing it's unbelievable I mean he's a cosmic monster who's throwing his weight around he's committing all types of moral atrocities he's killing the left right and center and I've always thought that that's very strange and like why is it that God is doing all those things I mean I thought this was an ethical being I thought this was the source of morality the very source of morality is supposed to emanate from God without God's Authority all is permitted as it was said so therefore you know there is a god to to give objectivity and to give moral compass to human beings and their conduct and in all this comes from God is the supernatural being and then I was quickly informed that well since God is the is the author he gets to call the shots because basically that's the idea there is that the god itself is exempt from the rules that he would impose and you can see how this is very similar to a government they decree laws but they don't necessarily have to abide by them they are above the laws that they decree not in the sense of that they go around rum shock and breaking every law that that's imposed but but by the very nature of imposing those laws they they sever the laws that they do impose for example taxation I mean if you're going to make a rule in a law that no no no you can't steal from each other well taxation is theft so into in order to implement that the law they're severing it right at the moment that they're trying to enforce it so I don't mean that a politician can break into your home and steel yourself and then say walking on the above the law but you get point but God is some is the old mighty commander and he can he can create two laws break them sever them and pose them he can do what he's pleased cuz he's God just like the government is the government so enough said that's the end of it that's the end of the the presentation as far as morality is concerned because I said so so that's the whole thing there so but this is thus flies in the face of of anarchism I think because if we're talking about no monolithic singular overpowering imposer of morality and laws uh sorry I mean but this whole god thing flies in the face of that now you it comes down to this basically is that it Christians replacing God or replacing the state with with God they just have another Authority another supernatural abstract or authority instead of the government you have God so it's just a substitution of one word for another now what is the eccentric consequences of such a thing I mean lets you know but basically we have to get down to the fact that that there is no God ok I am I i know that's a whole separate argument right there but just go with me uh with me in this regard that there is no tangible concrete God I mean it's not like you know in the same sense as the government of it I've got and government imposes its authority empirically tangibly you know it it's happening in your life its physical it's real but if God imposing his authority well you know where is that where is this God tumbling into the into an empirical reality pointing his finger and command and making commandments so this is where you have subjectivism God exists only insofar as its entertained as an idea in the mind of those people who believe such a thing so it reduces morality to a kind of gooey subjectivism you know you're you plaster on to this being God whatever you feel it should be like it could be loving and you can have pictures of Christ by the by the lake and padding little sheep and it's just all very cutesy woot see the type of thing that you would find and bible school or you could have a very vengeful vindictive of authoritarian god I mean it all depends upon the psychology the person who's entertaining the idea so that's how it becomes very subjective and relativistic in that sense so or you have where that if that doesn't suit you too well you need some kind of concrete form of this God authority imposing his will and rules you look to secular authorities who claim or self proclaimed to have a direct pipeline to the almighty being so then you become subjugated to an earthly Authority and then there you have the aqua sees there you have the priesthood so that doesn't really sound anarchistic to me it just sounds more just sounds like more authority being placed on this world that's drowning into self-appointed authorities and subjugation slavery and all it Bella SH tanned brought into existence by the moral and intellectual sanctions that we give these powers that's the lifeblood of these powers so that is the contention that I would make two Christian anarchists is that they really are not helping the case of fighting the case and making the case I'm sorry to say for liberty so and it just to you know make a final point to is that if God is the creator of all of us somebody would say that well he gave us free will yeah well it's all very well and easy to say that but if the Bible is to be any kind of reliable source as having a pinpoint idea of what this is God is all about and is a referenced by Christians by large of course the Bible is well there it is it's all in black and white as to what this being is all about he if God decides that it's okay to kill if there's a reason for and he does it that you can't argue with that because he is the author of everything so if you create something you have dominion over it just kind of like in the sense of property rights you know just if you make something if you if you build a house on a strip of land you could say that that's your property because it came from you it came from your work your cane came from your labor it's an extension of you you know this gets into the whole issue of property right so the kind of the same thing could be said of God is that you know he made you therefore he can do as he wish with you he could drown you out and a flood he can expel expel you from the Garden of Eden he can create a world apocalypse seeking great floods he can do whatever he wants because he's God so basically that's my beef and that's where you have the issue of God and governments and it's no wonder no wonder it's no accident that God and our religion and the state have have been bedmates for eons thank you for listening the cross anarchists artist signing out pop goes the culture

  1. as to the last 5 minutes, I restate
    The State stole the religion of Christ and turned him into what we call satan

  2. I apologize for the lies the State Church told you when you where young sir 🙁
    The creature you have been told of is not God it is their made-up "god"
    you forget that the government of Rome fractured and became the roman catholic church and Byzantium, both where still very much Rome! then about 400-500 years ago the Romans in Rome which had been taught by Rome and had grown up roman tried to become Aramaic, and say they understood a language that was so far removed from their languages that it was almost untranslatable by that point and time
    then after they "started the revolution" by puting out a book that was translated by a novice, King James(who was a wicked and evil man) saw what was going to happen and how much power he could acquire if he lead the revolution as the new Pope
    so we published a satanic version of the original texts (that is to say, he made sure it was full of contradictions and was all combined into 66 books bound together (they had not been before, they where part of a volume of 'holy books' that Rome had disseminated in Latin which had been translated by Constantine who murdered the true Christians and then hired people to destroy the ones who survived
    so as you can see, the state has had it's hand up the vagina of the church for about 1600 years, with such a tight grip she has stopped noticing the pain

    the incorrectly translated words in the bible are mostly rare, but the things they make is say are evil and terrifying I know

    there is no eternal punishment in Jesus' religion, only the act of being corrected and living eternally
    there is not lake of fire where everyone who does not want to hate gays or transsexuals (nor for those people themselves) goes for ever and ever
    there is only ONLY a PERSON who built everything and gave it 2 choices
    that is what you seem to hate- the (world) "State" has chosen greed and hate to rule with while anarchy is a haven for Goodwill toward others
    the christian movement may or may not already know this (i am going to find out) but they prolly do not

    have you ever met someone and made an agreement(will/contract) with them that you would do something (maybe give them 500 bucks) if they would do something (take you 50 miles away to get a life saving surgery and back)

    if they said "OK, i want the 50 now" and you gave it to them then when time came for the ride they said "no!"

    you would have a new (will/contract) with them of hate, pain anger and betrayal would you not?
    according the the story told about our event our creator made EVERYTHING and then gave it to humanity as a gift, with holding 1 thing- the right to be greedy and demanding another too, that we have Goodwill toward the person who made us

    they chose greed
    we all have
    Jesus came to prove to us that Goodwill and selflessness can come first if you throw away the "pagan ideas" of 'state' and 'religious' control, and instead follow what he did

    Jesus saw being dead as being selfish (greed+hatred of others+not having goodwill for others) and life as being Awakened into the Idea of goodwill with the person who made us all being the only one in power, but not with hatred or violence like people think (Revelation is a prophecy(metaphorical prophecy)- not a literal future history book of 7 years of )
    so if death is not the end of the body and the spirit never dies, and goodwill is the way of Jesus Christ, which brings people to life from their greed
    how is that bad for anyone
    no eternal hell (it was just a landfill that was all ways on fire and had rotting crap in it outside of Jerusalem in the Valley of Hinom )
    punishment is actually correction
    ever and ever/eternal/everlasting is usually "to the end of the time" which implies that it can last as long as the time of hate lasts or it can end in 2016 if the whole world really wants to end the age

    I hope i did not piss you off with my words, as I know how much hate you must feel for the god that is called "God"
    this is not the actual being in the book

    also testament is a will/contract- the first one he made he had to deal with states the second one he abolished them and made 1 law and 1 law only
    Section 1
    Though Shalt Have Goodwill toward God and Mankind
    that is his only law
    the problem is that people think they need to have others give them goodwill
    that is the definition of Greed!!!
    try to think of how had it would be for you to do, and how good the world would be if everyone literally was not in any way at all greedy!!!

    and no greed is not needed- EVER

    this is true Christlikeness

  3. It does seem to be the predominant position in anarchism doesn't it ? I mean of course the anarchist left (don't get me started on ''anarcho-capitalists'',lol)

  4. Victor, your vid's got 11 thumbs down and 10 up. I think ppl came here expecting a Christian anarchist. I abstained.

  5. Well Christians don't necessarily have to be statist (voting conservative, or social democrat). Some of us find left libertarianism as a political ideal attractive, but we have our own religious beliefs. We tend to be kinda liberal rather than fundamentalist.

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  7. You can make yourself better. It's a choice. You CHOOSE not to make yourself better. Don't lecture me about god. I believe in the Universe. I think your line of thinking falls apart. If you don't like my comment. GFY! That is my god essence telling me not to give a shit about your opinion, and I choose not to let you influence my mood today. Have a good one! 😛

  8. Assuming that "God" is synonymous with "Creator", are you your own creator? To whom do you owe your existence? We are types of God, but we are not THE God. If we are THE God, then why didn't we make ourselves better and more powerful than we are? Why are we just like everyone else? Somewhere this line of thinking falls apart, as far as I can tell.

  9. Does this explicitly condone slavery, or does it give pragmatic advice on how to handle a terrible situation? You understand that there is a difference between those two arguments right?

    Also 1 Corinthians 7:23: You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.

    Ephesians 6:9 "And you, masters, do the same things to them, giving up threatening, knowing that your own Master also is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him."

    Expressly condemning slavery.

    Nice try though.

  10. I completely disagree with what the video suggested that understanding and doing God's will requires one to have secular authorities who claim to have a more direct connection to God to tell you what to do. This completely excludes an individual's own one-on-one connection to God. One understands and does God's will simply by seeking to know God on a personal basis and willfully wanting to do his will voluntarily.

  11. I have heard people equate Christian anarchism with theocracy but according to Christianity the universe itself is a theocracy and Christians themselves are theocracies since Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you. Something I never understood about atheists is the way a lot of them get so concerned about 'theocracy'. Why are atheists concerned with theocracy if according to atheism a theocracy cannot even exist?

  12. Anyone you look at it God stands against oppressive, hostile, militaristic states which only seek to help the wealthy. You cant worship your country and god, because ethics and policies get in the way.

  13. I reject the idea of a hierarchy. In my opinion "God" is in your essence. No one has power over me. I only allow people to have power over me, I am in control of my own life and destiny.

  14. lol, you are rejecting the idea of God being sovereign over his own property as some sort of "evil" while at the same time you are using the very same argument to establish your rights over your own property as good and proper. Are you not God over your own property? or shall we just call it "king of your own castle"? But if God is the ruler over his own property that offends you because you do not rule over his property? You sound like a redblack when it comes to God

  15. jesus was an anarchist the basis of anarchy is anti religious authority during the sabbath the holy day for jews jesus used to preach and do miracles so the the ruling jewish religious men were in rage because how come jesus(disobey)and disrespect the holiness of this sacred day which implies that jesus was always against the religious authority. God has an authority and power thats aptitude to make all of us obey right? but he doesnt because god in christianity= love,liberty and more

  16. how do you know your god is love? based on your holy book god is hatred and vengeance. what authority allows you to contradict the primary source of your faith?

  17. "He does not place the value on physical life that you do."

    Wat. So he/she sends people to eternal torture without them having broken any moral code it believes in? Kay.

  18. I disagree with the assertion that God does not follow his own moral law. God's moral law is simply different than your moral law. He does not place the value on physical life that you do. His value is in spiritual life. Scripture has never spoken of the idea that someone ceases to exist only that they cease to live. This is not an inconsistency on God's part. If you think that is outrageous or illogical or you simply disagree with God's moral law that even he follows, that is different.

  19. Youtube user Christiananarchism makes some excellent points. Do you (Victorprossart1) have a response?
    Also, as to your comments dismissing Christianity and Christian anarchism for their supposed supernatural components, it's worth pointing out that the Christian anarchism written about in Tolstoy's "The Kingdom of God is Within You" is not based on, nor recognizes, supernatural phenomenon.

  20. @Victorprossart1 Mark 42:10 "There shall be no rulers amongst Christians, and those exalted amongst you shall be servants to all." (No-Rulers: An-Arche. Christians shall be anarchists.)

  21. Colossians 3:22 "Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord

  22. Why do people in general attempt to rationally deconstruct a faith or superstition? Doesn't make sense.

  23. @ih8ronpaulh8ers That is a matter of interpretation. If you care to understand the bible's position further, look up "Jesus is an Anarchist", by James Redford.

    The interpretation you cite is one among hundreds, albeit predominant, and is often used by statists to justify government.

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