1. This is a great video and i am glad to see another christian leftist.

    I recently converted back to christianity. I used to be one as a child and went into atheism and later paganism. I am learning things again.

    I am an anarchist. I was told to check out Leo Tolstoy who was a christian anarchist.

    It’s good to see more religious leftists though.

  2. I'm so happy you've found a home in Christianity. It's often very unwelcome in anarchist spaces, but man if you think it's hard to be Christian there, it's even harder to be Jewish (for resources, try googling "that's funny, you don't look like an antisemite" on marxists dot org). Christian authors like Renita Weems and James Cone talk a lot about the intersection of race, gender, and marginalization within (American) Christianity and they have fairly accessible writing on those topics. I once saw someone comment that the surest way to make sure your children don't stay Christian is to send them to Catholic school, and I've definitely seen that be true for almost all my friends who attended there.

  3. Have you been to /r/radicalchristianity? Lots of radical queer political Christians. Besides, Christianity is leftist.

  4. Additionally I also think that a lot of white communists when interacting w communists of colour or black communists (who happen to be Christians/follow organised religions) seem to not acknowledge that colonised people can still have a faith and acknowledge the violence that led to their communities being victim to Christian imperial violence…generally i like there’s always a lack of nuance when leftists discuss religion and Christianity

  5. I have been thinking along similar lines for a while, so I really appreciate it. I have a Very Complicated (and not simply doubt, as most assume) relationship w/ Christianity atm but I'm obsessed with the Catholic Worker movement lmao.

  6. hey find it really interesting to hear your experiences!

    personally I consider myself an anarchist and philosophically a pluralist (believing all faiths/non-faiths contain/reflect truth and therefore I don't really believe any one religion can be more 'right') but also a (very non traditional) christian – as I personally practice christianity and believe in the divinity of christ and use the bible and christian theology as a basis (though I reject a lot of standard christian beliefs). If you're interested in christian nature spirituality/celtic christianity my mum is kinda involved with a group called 'forest church'.

    Also the society of friends/quakers are a fantastic example of anarcho-pacifist praxis – the entire structure of the organisation being based on the belief that each person's individual relationship with God is equal and therefore no one ought to lead worship/dictate how another ought to understand God. Also historically the Diggers during the english civil war were essentially a christian anarcho-communist group.

    Also I could easily go off on a whole thing about how a trans inclusive christianity makes a great deal of theological sense. From Julian of Norwhich's writings about how both the first and second person's of the trinity embody feminine as well as masculine elements, from the very non-binary understanding of jesus christ, to the fact the the first christian convert is a eunuch.

    I would love to have a chat about faith and leftist Christianity, honestly there is a lot to discuss.

  7. thank you for sharing your views, experience, and face!! :p I appreciate you dividing and discussing these complex layers of thought in a really well worded way. it's always nice to see a video from you!!💜

  8. I'm glad you were able to find a church that acknowledges its shady past and works toward social justice. In the US, those types of church are far outshadowed by their conservative counterparts. I'm curious how you feel about the doctrine of salvation and heaven/hell. I was raised evangelical and we had a huge emphasis on these concepts. The doctrine is steeped in fearmongering and convincing people that they are broken and that the church is the only cure. It really turned me off toward religion. How does your church handle the topic of salvation? Do they talk about it at all?

    I cannot see myself going back to christianity simply because I don't believe the christian god exists, but sometimes I do miss the community aspect. It's a shame that the nonreligious typically don't have the same kind of community spaces that the religious do.

  9. it was great seeing your perspective on religion. often when i bring up the potential religion and spirituality hold to other anarchists/leftists/posties they kind of block it from themselves somehow. did you ever dabble in egoism and its analysis of christian and liberal ideology? i would love to see how you think about "the sacred" in christian religion.

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