Chris Williamson: "It's only a socialist alternative that will overcome the UK's massive problems"

but why did it take so long why was this period seemingly arbitrary I mean I don't know how many months it was since he was suspended well I still here for months now and it was frustrating but locked parties got to go through a process I don't know the details of that I don't know why it took as long as it did but obviously the Potters got these processes that it needs to work through various you know complaints to be made and the party has been dealing with them and they've looked at it now I may not put a very detailed response into the accusations that were made and and the parties made its decision now and so you know hopefully I can put this behind me now and move on and as I said you know fight for this labor government which is absolutely vital in my opinion when you look at the challenges facing the country now with you know 14 million people in poverty and Demick homelessness in every town city in the country huge challenges facing the nation and it's only I think a socialist alternative that will actually overcome the massive problems that Britain is currently facing

  1. It was the UK's Labour government that created these problems. What's happening now in UK is the result of their incompetence in the "zeroes".

  2. The bankers fight socialist movements. That's what we have to realize. The neoliberal capitalist system not only syphons the wealth to the top, it syphons the value of money through inflation. Everything must cost more and require more credit over time. So all the money that moves upward is also worth more which then empowers investment groups to buy everything up as the economy swoons up and down and part of what they buy is land and property. Lastly because socialist movements cannot create fair distribution of money in time, affordable housing is scant and homelessness skyrockets.

  3. Open boarders socialism yeah that will work ! What Britain needs is control of its boarders and the deportation of thousands of immigrants

  4. There's not a single example of socialism fixing a countries problems, it merely makes everything worse….

  5. Wasn’t that the goal-agenda to create socialism in the UK and else where. Load the populous up with debt keep wages low – export jobs and invite the impoverished of the world in and drain the social services programs to pay for non citizens daily-monthly handout aid. Here in America load up student loan debt on to the millennials and take away the jobs and their ability to pay the liars back and they will accept socialism to survive. The Globalists agenda can’t be rewarded for breaking nations economically . Rather we the people need to take back control of our economical future.

  6. Why dont those depraved commies go live there dream in say Venezuela or nth Korea then then they can experience there socialist utopia first hand because you can shove the socialist depravity where the sun don't shine

  7. How about we stop importing an endless cheap labour force and allow wages to increase naturally through supply and demand, Reduce regulations on small businesses and allow people to create wealth for themselves, and build more houses to make living more affordable… Just for starters. There is never a good reason to redistribute wealth from productive people, entrepreneurs and companies will simply leave the UK.

  8. socialist policy of subsidizing zombie banks and corporations fail.

    let's try socialism now…..will work this time.

  9. Such a statements prove that certain individuals evolve in an ideological vacuum.

    No consideration for the multiple historical failures of Socialism, only the naive and sterile quest for Universal Equality that is anathema to Human Nature and the Natural Order.

  10. He may not be an anti semite which was a stupid accusation in the first place but he's still a danger for belieiving in a purely socialist system!

  11. Chris Williamson, one of the great political thinkers of our time. They have to smear him because he make so many other politicians look insignificant in comparison.

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