Chris Brown & Tokyo Vanity is Shading each other down over brown skin vs dark vs light skin women

all I'm doing this calling me like I see well we're in a club in Miami was in the club early in your section your rules with no darkies you win let my homegirl in LA but she let all frenzy and in Miami when let my little girl in but you let all friends in but y'all was talking about no dog skin with me all I'm saying is like a gangster how you feel staying on it because me how I feel about anything i'ma stand on it 10 so don't come changing your opinion now how you feel about because everybody bashing hey challenge to all the angry eglee's this matter what I said post a picture what you look like hey how you guys doing what's going on party crashers welcome to Gossip Girl xoxo you know you love me yes honey I am back with it okay and I'm feeling so much yeah all right so girl this gets to this to make sure you guys like the video share the video subscribe me and donate if you got a girl so girl Chris Brown Chris Brown Chris Brown you guys already know what's going on right well if you don't know Chris Brown couple of days ago he released the song right that was so offensive to black girls with kinky air honey okay basically it was saying that he don't mess with the beast with the bad hair he only mess with the black bees with the good hair so people was taking offense and instead of coming up and pologize and he said now first of all he said if you ugly then he's talking to you but if you're not ugly you shouldn't even be worried about it cuz it's not even addressed to you it's only address of the black ugly bees okay now he's coming out and he says since y'all got so much to say post the picture up and he bet you y'all look ugly okay and remember I told you guys about um Tokyo vanity right that's the girl in Love & Hip Hop right mind you Love & Hip Hop just called me the other day yes girl I may be all lover hip-hop you know I'm lying you know I don't care about the celebrity I was just joking or whatever but in you getting back to tonio Tokyo she told us that like when he go to the strip club and stuff like that it says no dark-skinned women and she out in him he felt some type of way so he posted up a picture of Tokyo vanity right and he said girl you know you look good can I take you out to eat now you know that was say cuz we know her ass like to eat okay he was trying to get her to shut up listen I feed you a biscuit if you close your mouth put my bearson's all out there and she said don't you be at at me you know cuz you know anytime you add a reality star they love that stuff that they love going back and forth but she got back at him and she said Chris Brown you know use on drugs real bad and blah blah anyway don't take my word for it let's play the clip okay can we play the clip let's play the clip and come back with my commentary alright maybe she got like that video hey y'all so this is what I was talking about I'm so sorry I came on so late I apologize today has been a rough day my patience that's been tried and tried once again but let's get on to cardio damn Chris Brown I'm sorry let's get on to Chris Brown okay it is a lot okay here we go whoo well it's all Giada sent some pictures in okay okay challenge to all the Angry Hundley's this matter what I said post a picture what you look like please okay challenge all that alright so he wants y'all to notice okay we're as angry people sincerely from the bottom of my balls I don't give a about y'all negative booty face ass B's I start giving away free lace fronts for all you weird females with the skid row edges and low self-esteem aside from that hop off these nuts half of y'all look like the Budweiser frogs so please don't come with that BS I will fry that butt up and roast the hell out your overly sensitive duck hit ass weirdos alright so he's calling y'all weirdos ok I know he ain't talking to me honey okay like not but um it's definitely offensive but you know what am I surprised no DS black me David they always have been black women and black women always love them and support them this same that new I mean Chris Brown is not the first one to disrespect black women it's all in the music from years and years to come and as long as it has a nice Beyond and a good hook everybody rock into it you know but it's it's it's never too late to stand up for yourself and to have self-respect however I feel like this is going to go off in a way like everything goes you know people complain but then the day next thing you know we y'all still gonna be bopping to them supporting them I've never supported Chris Brown I had a bad taste in my mouth when I heard that Chris Brown hit Rihanna oh that was enough for me because I'm not against people putting their hands on people and I was annoyed but at the end of the day I've came to realize that whatever people do if you support him like I said I ain't no advocate I'm not trying to persuade your vote I'm not ready for president I ain't trying to do all that okay I was just so baffled that he hit her and people were still supporting and loving him and making excuses friend and I just wasn't for it but like I said it ain't none of my business so let's go up here alright alright so Tony Oh Tokyo this is what he put out there this is Chris Brown it says oh shit that Sophia else on your damn you fine baby girl you know he lying okay let me take you out to dinner he wanted to feel that mouth flop so she can shut the hell up okay so she caught wind to the shape and this is what she has to say y'all ready go on tell her girl to entertain them you know lighter complexion you know I'm just saying pottery can women white women Asian women you know and that's all fuckin that's your preference then we are excited some preference I'm calling it like I see well we're in a club in Miami I was in the club early in your section your rules was no dark as you went let my homegirl in LA but she let all frizzy and in Miami when they might along girl in but you let all friends in but y'all was talking about no dog skin women all I'm saying is like a gangster how you feel staying on it because me how I feel about anything I must stand on it ten so don't come changing your opinion and how you feel about because everybody bashing and furthermore I call my grandma fever being your section cuz you know imma do cool Christopher passe bro okay let's talk about he's alright y'all heard then she went off call me a girl all right so I've always liked it alright for some reason how I do you never come on in and I plan with me today first of all let me know them must be on them drugs Bay because you bitch I'll make a real nigga better sure really beer idly death and then for you didn't become on internet plan with me today furthermore let me girl it's about to get real Lena mmm-hmm so Chris Brown has some more to say and he said dummies ok brown-skinned girl all right I guess he let y'all know that he do like brown skinned girls alright so let's go here and this is another video society's brothers cousins aunts uncles nephews and brothers y'all on here like you know what I'm saying can I fish say what y'all want about me I don't give ya ain't got some like meat now y'all are you talking about somebody's dollar for club I don't need no clapping Chris one time I did was all I did was when I saw some other shame I coming in and say I don't know what it is my just shocking to y'all and I on a state it was the receipts that I saw he was in the club he let dogs kill women in your section I don't know fuckin Chris mom dying never hear no handouts unknown ain't no never Sunday my campaign I got my own money don't book almost every weekend I got my whole everything and I'm 20 sold never needed no mother put me on and play y'all don't know me you know me now little prison to me how are y'all african-americans on you God blesses all right well you heard what she had to say which I think about that we want to know we need y'all to comment nail honey okay comment let us know and I will see y'all soon uh what did you think about a mess right yeah honey you ain't believe me I told your girl what do you guys think about that comment in the comment section now people are saying so is blue face they say blue face numbers are increase them that's what he said cuz you know blue face he didn't kicked his mama out the house and blue face coming out saying his mama only did that for cloud because she wants to be famous and he said don't worry mother my numbers are increasing okay and I'm Chris Brown they say his numbers is increasing to girl and you know what Chris Brown he's letting y'all girls know he don't care what you think okay he don't care I mean this is the guy to have so much success all the money he's big-headed so you really think he gonna be so rational no he's so bigoted and he's you have a big ego but the real question is are black women going to stop supporting him are y'all gonna stop supporting him and buying his music no I see he all mean it like that y'all trippin first of all that's Chris Brown we all love Chris Brown he always say something bad or whatever but you know that's his preference you can't get mad at him if you don't like a girl with kinky yeah you can't get mad at him if you don't like dark-skinned girls you know it's just his preference he's light-skinned anyway so why would he want to be with a dark-skinned girl because he's light-skinned like I don't even make no sense so I think y'all just making a big deal out of it and y'all just hating because you know he just don't like your type whatever you know so I'm gonna steal support now you know I just think y'all really tripping and it's not even that serious it's more stuff that we need to be pressed about like Donald Trump hello yeah girl y'all were a bubble Chris Brown saying a song like get over it I'm just saying I feel like that's how some people gonna be and they still gonna support him so like I said I'm about to erect my brain up I'm not no advocate I'm just here telling y'all the rumors and gossip what I'm hearing on these streets make sure you guys like the video share the video subscribe to the YouTube channel Gossip Girl xoxo you know you love me and I would see you guys sooner than later makes you gods oh my honey you know I love it okay you you

  1. Can we all get along? Everyone get it together! No need to go back and forth; it is not worth the time. Just keep it moving. Best wishes to all.😁

  2. Why is CB looking like a CB look-a-like!? He just does NOT look like himOWNself, no more!πŸ€” CB Don't even look like CB…TF!?🍷🍷🍷

  3. Poor child has him as a dad. I'm so blessed my dad is so quiet living spoiled us respectful and drama free.

  4. Vanity would serve herself if she would concentrate on her weight and not worry about what Chris is saying. It doesn’t sound good but Chris is entitled to his ignorance. Pray for Chris Brown he needs some extra love.and attention. Ladies love yourself and carry yourself in a manner whereas U. R being respected for the right reasons The Lord makes us in His own image so respect that and stop βœ‹ the bodies alterations that give men a reason to judge DPitts

  5. I need to come raid your closet 😍 love the outfit and that sign behind YOU "SHE BELIVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID"

  6. He a drug clown. Wait just wait u have a daughter Chris watch when when a guy do her the same or worse. U a bitch ass punk.

  7. He just need to apologize πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  8. Black women are the only women on the planet who demand someone want them. Black men got choices ladies.
    Black men got choices.
    These white & latino & Middle Eastern women like our Brown skin & our natural hair.

  9. We see you gossipgirl haha go girl strut your stuffπŸ˜™haha . What is wrong with these celebs. Kathy from the UK πŸ™Œ

  10. Lmao I'm not sure who this lady is but i can tell you that she look like she's making chris Brown point about the pretty girl with pretty hair challenge. She seems to be challenged in boffum. She should just pull up a chair and sit this one out. face made for radio frfr lmao

  11. Chris brown has a a preference and that is chocolate sisters..take y'all dollars right outta his pocket and stop supporting this coke puppet ..stop going to his concerts and buying his music..he saying how he really feel and "dark skin girls" should show him how they feel..fuc em

  12. He mad cause she put him on blast. Nothing wrong with him having a preference, but everything was wrong with his choice of delivery. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  13. But who still follows this woman beater anyway πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. @Tokyoxvanity thanks for shining light on this CB clown🀑 ass! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. His mama is light skinned, light eyes, wavy hair and let men beat her so she is the root of his mental state on relationships.

  15. I Know God Divinly BLESS πŸ˜˜πŸ¦‹ Me with my Chocolate Black Skin and I have a Beautiful Light shade skin and a Beautiful Beautiful Dark skin Son will pearly teeth that female's Fall for πŸ’…πŸ’…β˜οΈπŸ€³πŸ˜˜

  16. I actually thought it was cute that he didn't really date black women… I was actually not mad at this ever. Never had a problem with this. He never really needed to express any of this n it was ridiculous. He really lowered his self to go here….its shameful. But yea the drugs got him forgetting who made him and he think he invincible. Coke stand for Cocky all the way till the fall. I don't expect any more growth out of him as a man. 😏

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