China's economy is in severe trouble: Gordon Chang

  1. Congraturations Mr. Chang. There gonna be paycheck after paycheck you have got for the anti-china strategy for these many years. It is kind of dog eat dog why's bother. Just say what they like to hear, then take their american's money. How it is like when you play your strategy right? Keep doing it, you are a very smart guy!

  2. He’s total using the wrong indicators for his statement. China’s US Import demand decreased because it doesn’t need to import as much as it can produce its own goods, consumers are not as intrigue to buy US goods and also having other global trade partners. Car sales slowed because Chinese unlike US has strong trains and railway system. It’s like where US auto maker lobbying to build more highways, but instead of having a government that is pushing railway to connect its country. Some cities even plateau in how many cars it should have, hence the regulation to have control on which day some cars can be driven in Beijing according to license plate. Government is also working to decrease cars on the road because of major traffic, Chinese are very adapted to taking the trains and railways for long distance travel instead of just relying on cars, bus and planes. As an American, I was not savvy at all taking the trains in China, but majority of local Chinese use it as a normal means of travel in between cities. There is also a strong push for electric cars in many cities. 99% of Shenzhen taxi are electric cars.

    China is exporting less because it’s economy is shifting into a service focus economy very fast similar to the US in the 80’s and 90’s. In 5 – 10 years, US can not even inflict a tradewar because China is very self sustaining and has more than enough global trade partners from Europe and Africa that US products would barely generate interest by the Chinese.

    In 2017, China has shut down over 10,000+ factories to reduce pollution and factories that are not up to standard. Chinese factories labors are getting so skilled that some of the lesser skilled products are now being manufactured in SouthEast Asia instead of China due to increasing labor cost in China.

  3. Gordon Chang’s predictions:

    1999: China will collapse (didn’t collapse)
    2012: China will collapse (didn’t collapse)
    2016: China will collapse (didn’t collapse)

    That’s a “China expert” for you.

  4. It’s amazing that this guy kept saying about the collapse of China for so many years and failed. And yet some people still believe what he say.

  5. The facts: China has 20% of the population in the world and now is promoting the "one road and one belt" project around the world. The market seems sufficient for China.

    However, according to Gordon Chang, "China needs American market desperately". Sounds like otherwise, China's economy will collapse.

  6. Thank you Gordon you work hard to lie to the Americans keep lying some more, feed them what they want to hear.

  7. America has 20trillion dollars in debt, 1trillion a year budget deficit and growing, an economy propped up with debt that grows less than 3% with near zero interest rates and printing over $4trillion in the last 10years, aging population, $100trillion in unfunded liabilities in the next 3 decades, not even talking about the millenials and rise of populism I think Americans should invest more time in worrying about their future, the reserve currency won't last forever, just ask the Brits.

  8. So you a celebrating the down fall of another country ….the US is the main reason the world will never have peace

  9. Wait, is he the guy who renews the book, the imminent collapse of China, or something like that, once every two years?

  10. China's growth is mainly infrastructure based whereas the USA is consumption based. Most people don't realize that even healthcare is a consumption good that doesn't last past a few years whereas infrastructure development lasts for decades and has a trickle-down effect on the economy.

  11. Fox is banned in China. However, CNN, CNBC, HBO and BBC are not! Hmmm. I wonder why? Check out all the wu mao shills trashing Gordon Chang below. 😄

  12. I came here for entertainment from Mr. Gordon Chang. I could not resist not watching the video. Thanks Fox and Friends.

  13. It's almost as if China has agents trolling the comment section with all these broken English negative comments of Chang. Google translate still needs work.

  14. America and China needs to stop the hate and rhetorics and Start working together. If us and china can work together they will bring about peace and prosperity on Earth. We could be.colonising the solar system by now who knows lol

  15. According to Chang, China has been collapsing since 2000. Can’t imagine the stupidity of a guy who claims that Chang “knows China very well”.

  16. Suspect he is Falungung . In case you don’t know, it is a pseudo religious org .
    Very anti China . Ban in many countries .

  17. U can’t even trust a single word from Gordon Chang. He is a real joker. All his predictions have been proven to be wrong. His skin is thicker the elephant. A super pachyderm!!!!!! Still dare to take up an interview after proving to the world community that he is a real idiot. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  18. Yet, the market and Trump is asking FED to cut interests because US is economy is teetering on a recession.

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