China's Dystopian Social Credit system

recently they're put in what look like metal detectors right but they're actually like they've got cameras on either side when you walk through it lights up and it takes obviously takes a sort of 3d image of your face good morning scene oh good morning bad morning bad morning we're stuck here standing around in the Sun we've got a bit of shade now but what happened was we're in this just behind us it is a big day for parking but when you exit the parking lot you actually have to get these tokens and you've got a machine in the day right but the machine just basically frozen broke and we're just waiting now for somebody to arrive yeah that reminds me of what social credit score's and surveillance facial recognition it's a big topic right now in China this whole facial recognition thing we're gonna hit the road and talk about yeah so we escaped we escaped with with a minor case of heatstroke it's terrible you know it's it's just like Guangdong here the heat isn't it's just very very hot this Sun is very strong well it's summer anyway we we made it out that was but you know what else is what this surveillance in China right now yeah massive massive issue so basically what's going on is China has gone full black me Revere watch black mare well I've watched black mirror okay yeah we do disagree on the way you say mirror like meerkat yeah I don't know why Americans say like that but anyway long story short it's very much like that in that China is using Big Brother technology futuristic stuff to identify potential criminals future criminals and also aggregate scores for people based on their kind of political up holdings to make sure they're all just their behavior and their behavior as well yeah well I mean let me talk about that a little bit because you know on the ground in Shenzhen it's not as dystopian as everyone makes it out to be but they have installed for a very long time now they've had x-ray machines just like airport scanners basically in all of the metro stations right so when you go in to take the subway you will basically have to scan all your bags recently they're put in what look like metal detectors right but they're actually like they've got cameras on either side and when you walk through it lights up and it takes obviously takes a sort of 3d image of your face right that's part of the whole facial recognition thing right they're rolling out also in all of the taxis and buses there are cameras you know and basically just to keep an eye on you in case you do something bad and of course you've got cameras everywhere in general but to meThe but this is China and half the time the cameras aren't turned on right and for instance those things in the subway I know how technology works and basically they put out an infrared right right when they're scanning you you can tell half the time it's not working and so it's just it's a trial basis thing also in hodjam Bay you can go see all the cameras they have fake dummy versions of pretty much everything for sale yeah I mean what I'm trying to say is that it sounds scary but the actual implementation of it is going to be very difficult and it's not going to be as you know people think it's this well-oiled machine that's just working turn right yeah like it's it's what's it called it's not like black mirror in the way in the aspect of like it doesn't work nothing it's not it works properly so well it's just difficult to implement there because you know it's it's such a big country in such a big population right what you'll find is you'll probably find that certain parts of certain cities it works well but everywhere else it doesn't work at all I think it's just one of those things like it's a scary thing is that they're allowed are able to do this like you can't really know that's that's a scary part the government has that much power the problem is just like anything else in China it gets implemented quickly and then it also stops working quickly just like the building quality and you have no smoking laws and things like that they put it out in great measure you know ever all the government people get kickbacks to like get all these things these measures implemented and then at the end of the day maybe it just stops working yeah I need to turn right dude turn right here it's a no-entry so the next one we should have gone right back there okay anyway yeah yeah I know what you mean it's what shocking is the fact that as a westerner you would be so worried about your privacy and your rights and all of that right and as a bit of an offshoot almost a little digression on this topic I want to talk about that attitude because let's turn right okay it extends to pretty much everything when it comes to like Western journalism for instance from you know Western journalists when they come interview people in China sorry yeah I'm not gonna ride you over don't worry let's go when it comes to interviewing people in China they don't realize the people they're interviewing can get into a lot of trouble because right right in China you just don't have the same rights as you do in a place like America you know that's right well the civil liberties and all that nonsense but it's getting worse like in that in that respect right yeah yeah I mean I'm just saying that to kind of put a little bit of perspective on this all right because in China people are used to it people don't complain because there's no point like I can you can be upset about the whole idea of being monitored everywhere you go but it's not gonna change the fact that they're going to be monitored where it doesn't make it right though that people aren't used to it like people aren't used to it here no I mean it's not like it's not like a racial thing that they're just okay with this sure I'm not at all trying to defend it by the way don't don't misunderstand I don't I do think it's not it's I get it it's just like when you use the Western lens to report on everything yeah really I think it's very concerning in in the respect that not people are monitored like oh you're privacy they can see me in that they're using this monitoring software and all this other kind of stuff to dictate someone's actions and and monitor their behavior and limit what they can do yeah I mean like for instance the whole idea is that behind the Social Credit is that if somebody behaves badly then they will have penalties like for instance they won't be able to get bank loans so they were able to travel or you know there'll be there'll be some penalty if you if you like drive badly a lot of something then right now you get a minus on your score when you drop below a certain level you have to work hard to like improve it so they gave me flying well I guess like a culture in a way right like social culture they're trying to make people you know improve or they're also trying to make examples out of some big people so that people down below will be scared that's how things work in China it's very top-heavy yeah so fun being being one of the most famous actresses who's been missing for a while now by the way but before that she was banned from travel yeah because she had been dodging taxes yeah yeah and her is her credit her Social Credit basically prevented her from being able to leave the country right well I think I just don't want her to leave the country so she doesn't flee with all the ill-gotten gains as well but I mean is being marketed as as as the the social credit score system so people are you know getting scared about that but anyway there's some more implementation like the facial scanning and in places like shinjang where they're very worried about uprisings yeah so it's mostly being implemented there but it is now kind of moving over to Beijing in those areas because you know that's the capital and things like that but it's not just it's not facial recognition and stuff there's more to it there I think going through and this has happened there going through and checking people's in when you go into the subway remember you have to go through security like you just mentioned right yeah yeah they're going through people's chat histories like on WeChat and stuff to look for potential messages and stuff like potential messages like against the government or like you know I have a bond I'm going to put on the subway and that to me is like not just like you know like completely blatantly destroying any semblance of privacy but also like terrifyingly paranoid never happened to you on the MTR oh yeah the big guy like came up to me and took photos of me with no explanation that's the thing in China you can't be like what are you doing with these photos I'm checking my messages you have no right to say anything yeah yeah a hundred percent legal rights it to detain you hold you and you don't have to know why absolutely and that's something I try to tell a lot of the foreigners that I know is that at the end of the day you can't apply the Western logic because if they want they can freeze your assets in your bank account they can cancel your visa they can kick you out here's the petrels any matter what lawyer you have yeah I don't think a lawyer can help you in this cannot regard not especially in a political circumstance yeah like in China as gas and gas a yeah oh man you can't go in this way you know we we have to remember that this isn't China right right let's just go around the block it's a different China yeah in mainland China you you can just kind of drive in any which way but here the they've got like you can go in this way or you can't and it's interesting to see rules implemented yeah people follow them and you really get caught out and again that's why this whole Social Credit thing is there is because right don't follow the rules as I says this guy turns the wrong way down the road but you know here's work the thing is there is there's definitely like a social etiquette that's enforced here right because if you do something wrong people look at you and like what are you doing in a right kind of thing but if you do something wrong in China people ignore you so you feel you can act with impunity and do whatever you want you know we'll talk about this in another video but why the crime rate is so underreported in China up here yeah is number one because they're not allowed to report on it but number two because people ignore it yeah so like they're like well I'm not a victim of that so I don't give a right basically that attitude and that kind of that's why they have to take we always talk about drastic measures in China they wait until everything is so bad yeah and then do something crazy right like this tab and stuff and that's what this is another knee-jerk reaction to whatever they think is happening with society right now yeah okay so I mean the thing is if you do live in China especially outside of the main big cities you do see that there's a lot of chaos you know people do very chaotic people carry on with their own lives and if there's a law to be broken and it's because it's just getting in their way they'll break it you know for sure yeah you wouldn't believe the videos we see it's pretty scary stuff yeah funny how little the government actually cares about people's behavior in the countryside though yeah it's lit they literally couldn't give two shits that's why all these heavy-handed steps in the city you see these ridiculous things are they overload vehicles they drive these weird contraptions that are totally unsafe right workplace safety and all this kind of stuffs a bad thing and and well we could go on forever turn right let these people go that's okay yeah you know it's it's pretty scary at the end day and so they need to have some kind of a system to try and force people to behave right now anyway it doesn't touch the lives of those people in the countryside yeah so many people have been asking us to cover the Social Credit System and hmm it's like at the end of the day I'm just going to sum it up by saying that yes it's something that's going to be implemented it already is right I mean you know they've got like ban lists for treble like they brand certain people from traveling because they behave badly as tourists everybody's right like you know you got that story about the the people on the airline and the the passengers getting unruly and throwing hot water on Reyes and stuff those people now are on a blacklist and they're not allowed to fly out of China right you know for 10 years or whatever so it's already happening in in those sort of ways so it's just kind of an extension of that and you know what it to be honest it is the only way to deal with the Chinese population as it is right now in the current and I'm not saying it's good I'm saying it's literally the only way that people are going to listen because right I mean just on my way over here to Taiwan trying to cross the border and it's day it's right over here and yeah I believe yeah you've got you know the big thing says stand behind the yellow line and it says a leader in massive big characters right yeah and then next to it it has is there a motorbike only place oh no I guess you can go anywhere self-service hello woman's that now leaves young man there's a never-ending see there's a bunch of these here you're supposed to put 95 in that's good about there 90 92 you said you are really yep okay they had a big thing on this the wall saying 95 but whatever I mean I can put 95 in it if you want I mean whatever let's do it let's put 95 in yeah anyway sorry so what I was saying is you've got the big signs that say stand behind the yellow line mm-hm then you also have like a loudspeaker blaring it out all the time stand behind the yellow line I've still got a full tank how do you open this so you've got that blaring you've got it written but people still just kind of wander in like there's a you know a middle-aged woman in front of me and she just walked right behind the person that was getting their passport stamps like and they shoo shoo her back right I'm using her as an example so they shoot her back hello Georgia man go ahead so they shoot shoot her back and then when she did finally pass she stood right behind there to wait for her relatives to come through and it's in that big no waiting out there's no way to pray but she just stood there and the the customs officer she had to get up turn around and say bro don't stand here go there you know it's just that kind of stuff that kind of they're everywhere in China of course it's the older generation the younger generation is better but you've got millions and millions of people that have got no social manners or etiquette no I understand so really I really I I the thing I disagree about is why they're implementing it and I don't think it's for public order necessarily but we'll get Anna can you bear I don't have cash if they don't yes okay sorry we didn't go to the ATM can I have 30 for what's that coins you get rid of that crap you buy sensitive yeah I don't want it because otherwise we're just getting a massive batch yeah it's really inconvenient to take coins out they'll figure that out is that enough mm-hmm okay yeah so the thing is I'm saying that when you've got people like that if you have penalties for bad behavior toons and so then I think that will stop them from you know braving bad especially if it hits their their their wallet and I understand that's what worked in Hong Kong because you know they implement huge fines for things like spitting our fines those are not yet reached like it's still a free society right like people are allowed to say and do what they want my point is I think the social credit system and all this stuff is a symptom of a very very paranoid government and they're worried about unrest and losing power more so than if people are safe or behaving well yeah okay I can agree with that that's my opinion so it's just yeah it's just one of those systems situations where I do not agree with it at all right I think it's terrible but at the same time I can understand that it would be a way to keep order right right I feel yeah anyway to do today Winston we are about somewhere new that we are would you like to join me yeah I just have to get the sink started remember it doesn't work right away yes right behind you cool okay I mean that was a pretty horrible topic to talk about but we have to cover it right people you did we did and again I just want to reiterate that it's not as bad as it sounds like the way it's being implemented is pretty shoddy yes we'll see but it's there I can show you footage of all the things in Metro we can't speak with the future of it but what we've seen thus far yep well man you know what this topic does have a lot to talk about I just have to add one thing yes my wife has friends in the police you know in her hometown right and when I went to visit the home her hometown with her last time we all met up for drinks sure and they were telling us about a black foreigner who moved into town yeah and they were saying like how they they keep a very close eye on him and they make sure they always know where he is and stuff like that so you know the thing is as a foreigner you're being monitored anyway yeah yeah but this is not a new concern for you we have we have minders all the time these mics are amazing we have minders 24/7 seriously I'm not even joking like 24/7 easy I don't mean someone's following you 24/7 but you have someone that's responsible for you 24/7 every area has their little police station right now right and what happens is they're responsible for all the foreigners living in that area right right right and so what happens is you basically they have to find you and then they have to report back that you're there at cetera et cetera so yeah I mean like as a foreigner we already have that so right anyway she's going on too long so let's cut this topic anything you want to say before we sign off I would like to say that I'm trying to find where we're going but whether you like to be monitored or not or you are a well-behaved citizen that doesn't live in China so you have to worry about it doesn't really matter cuz I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you liked that we covered this finally and I hope that you have subscribed if you haven't already because we'd love to have you on board for the rest of the videos yeah absolutely and whether or not you care about politics or you just kind of ignore them we love you all the same we do till next time you know the drill guys stay awesome where they kept my remember [Applause]

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  2. This is the perfect way to engineer your society's internal collapse.

    Everyone becomes increasingly paranoid and attacks each other relentlessly.

    Eventually, your system implodes as even basic human interaction becomes impossible.

  3. @8:23 it’s not that the Chinese government have 100% legal right to do those things to you (they technically don’t btw), it’s just that the Chinese government is above the law so even though it’s illegal for them to do those things, there’s no legal recourse for them if they do so they act with impunity.

  4. You missed the obvious reasons for "social credits" . We in the west, though atheists and agnostics hate to admit…have social graces, manners and morals based on Judeo-Christian society. When its every man for himself atheism…then a heavy handed government must step in to create expected social behavior.

  5. It is the result of a lack of democracy and thus a lack of government's accountability to the people.

  6. Is it because so much of the present population has come out of agricultural areas of the country recently….???

  7. Don't look now, but this is already being beta-tested on "politically incorrect" people here in the U.S. I know this because I'm one of those people who dares to (quietly )question authority and (quietly) hold my own viewpoints. Just as in China, it's being implemented by the treasonous big tech companies, along with complicit military-intelligence-contractor-university types, who are in fact in bed with Communist China. So basically, the nightmare is already here, but only the Targeted Individuals know it. Our freedom and privacy are already gone.

  8. I dont understand the purpose of these guys, mostly talking negative about China. If you don't like it then dont live in China. Go back to SA or USA or UK.

  9. They literally will drop your rating for buying too many video games, too much junk food, too much alcohol, etc. it’s fucking ridiculous and I’d be pissed if I was chinese

  10. It's ironic how the Chinese government is using trust as an excuse but is itself a backstabbing piece of shit.

  11. I prefer to live in a safe place where social credit system works to Ensure that the protection is in favor to the law abiding pple, and the rights of people who likes to spin their way out of behaving socially is curbed. Thank God for a place like China where the meek and law abiding is not always covertly restricted by the those with a flair for "Creative dishonesty" (aka spin) and where the rich can get away with attending the best education and remain rich through state-protected capitalism that looks after the rich and powerful at the expense of the societal minority whether they are economically, culturally, or religion-wise.

  12. You are not applying your own advice about com artists in China. Trusting a population is fine if you are dealing with a mostly self-monitoring people but you cannot extend trust to a population with too many con artists. It only takes a very small percentage of con artist mentality to spoil a good thing. Chinese communism has left many people in bad need of re-education of behavior. Hopefully it will not be badly corrupted and will accomplish its goal.

  13. Chineses are not citizens of their own country, they are just slavers of the communist chinese gangsters from CCP!

  14. So that's your conclusion: The social credit score monitoring system is neither good nor bad, it's just there. I'm wondering how naive you are. Maybe as long as you don't suffer from it, you''re going to accept ist, right? Let me tell you something, the social credit score monitoring system is making a Pawlowian dog out of every Chinese citizen from cradle to grave through suppressing critical thinking from an early age. By gamification training every Chinese child will be spoon-fed new (unethical) concepts of life, family values and society. They'll learn outcome based education, early sexualization, euthanasia, the advantages of microchipping men, gender mainstreaming, multiculturalism, global citizenship, patchwork families, sexual diversity (incl paedophilia), espionage is ok, abolishment of privacy, individualism, patrotism, private property and so on. These are all concepts right from UN's Agenda 2030 which is unfolding synchronically all around the world. China's state company Huawei is the most elaborate, sophisticated provider of smart technologies, especially 5G. 5G is the basis for a smart city infrastructure, for smart grids and the internet of things. It's a totalitarian police state! Well, Huawei is selling their 5G prototypes to most European countries, incl Germany. So Huwaei will export its smart surveillance technology to Europe for the One World Government/New World Order to be realized! It's absolutely disgusting! The globalists of Chines co-operate with the Globalists in other countries in order to establish the Total Big Brother Container for us, the slaves! Wake up, folks, China is everywhere, think of your children and grand-children!

  15. Kind of reminds me of George Lucas's first sci fi movie called THX 1138 (1971) which is about a person who lives in a dystopian heavily medicated society where each person has an energy allotment for services from the government. If you exceed the allotment you are cast out into the wilderness to fend for yourself.

  16. I've never said or heard mirror pronounced like that in my life.
    But I can only speak for the South East.

  17. Ignorant Americans, Bostonians or fucking New Yorkers might say "meer". Those of us who learned to enunciate at an early age say "meh-roar".

  18. No matter how hard you try to attract viewers’ attention by shitting on China, you still get views of less than 400k. Pathetic.

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