China: Welcome to “Red Culture Camps”, aimed at igniting communist spirit in younger generations

Jinggangshan, birthplace of the Chinese
Red Army… It’s quite convincing if you ignore the flashy sneakers . “I can feel it! I can feel the spirit of the revolution! As soon as I got here, I could see it along the road, I could imagine what it was like at the time.” A Historical reenactment but more importantly a team-building exercise, Chinese style. A three-day retreat where employees and civil servants alike, receive a refresher course in revolutionary culture. “Our department has organized a lot of training as part of the ideological education. As an employee in the Personnel Management Department, we hope to provide our employees with
ideological beliefs that will shore up their convictions in our work.” These men and women chanting Maoist slogans are in fact bank clerks, an irony that’s become the norm since China ditched Marx for markets. But the government has realized that booming business could erode traditional values. Under President Xi Jingping there’s been a clear effort to reinforce China’s communist heritage. “If the Communist Party loses power they’re finished. Based on the historical lessons of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as soon as the Communist Party loses power they may never be able to regain it. That’s still the case today, so I think the Communist Party emphasizes this sort of
education to try to control the thinking of party members.” In Jiggangshan, past meets present under the watchful presidential gaze. The billboard reads: “follow the partyleadership, win the war and have excellent behavior!”


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