China Unveils New "Social Points System", Similar To Black Mirror

there is another instance of a black mirror episode becoming a reality this time in China by 2020 they want to have all 1.4 billion of their citizens on a system of social credits which essentially evaluates whether you are trustworthy on things based like whether you jaywalk pay your taxes on time by Chinese made products what you post online and whether you smoke in non-smoking areas they're using cameras and what not according to one resident they said when Lu Shu pronounced perfectly recently took tried to book a flight he was told he was he was banned from flying because he was on the list of untrustworthy people he's a journalist who was ordered by a court to apologize for a series of tweets he wrote and was then told his apology was insincere he said I can't buy property my child can't go to a private school you feel you're being controlled by a lit by the list all the time they said there are upsides too if the Chinese government considers you trustworthy according to a different quote from CBS News those people can get discounts on energy bills to be better interest rate get better interest rates at the banks and China's largest online dating site even reportedly boost the profiles of people with good social credit scores oh my god what's happening thoughts five words or less but children are always untrustworthy good point what's my social credit score credit karma says I'm good to go that's weird so weird it's beyond weird it's creepy they've got to be certain allowances I know that we're sort of learning about this in a broad sense the specifics of which I've yet to be outlined and see how that sort of rolls out but I was thinking when I was reading this over of like children and also like people who I don't know like what the term untrustworthy is so broad yeah what goes into that what is defined as you know how do you scale certain offenses versus others I just I don't really know how you engage engage all yes it's super crazy so if you so if you've divorced someone and you're in your divorces because you were an adulterer how many points do you lose you know I can wait and wait and what's the score would credit it's about credit right because that's how they deem your financial worthiness here in the United States and that's what so if you anything 350 to 500 you don't pay your bills on time right so if you have if you're in a divorce and you cheat on your wife do you start at like 200 points and then what does 200 points get you John well it gets you you you were chained to your bed for life it's like what yeah what are the parameters for deciding on how you punish and reward people what should it be Darren what should it be well I mean jaywalking to me I mean everybody jaywalking I should be I think that should be like the least least offense right like you shouldn't lose you should lose the least amount of social credit for jaywalking but it's like when they were like Judy Rudy Guiliani fix New York by fixing the subway turnstiles and fixing the broken windows it's the little weird things around the edges that are like what's that face just like the little things around the edges that like when it says it could say like don't murder people and it runs like I of course I'm not gonna murder people but when they're like don't jaywalk we're watching you're like oh crap they really are factoring in everything there's a company that made the surveillance video system and we have a photo of it and this shows you just essentially the overlay of how it's tracking you as you walk around in your daily life it is full-on black mirror oh my god like the Terminator that's personal wondering how how it was gonna recognize people in there in their day to day life but it seems like they've got that figured out who you are from that they say they can recognize makes and models of vehicles they do that here when you run red lights again no the photo to know that right me to my wife but if you do this though and they can't prove it to you as you're driving everyone drive like this cameras everywhere they're gonna see you walk out of your house like they're gonna know where you live so they're gonna know it's you right so cover your face don't cover your face and they'll know why is she walking so bad why I hate walking to the end of the block to get across the street when I couldn't run across Ventura I hate having to give money for items on this shop so that's inconvenient thing there's your logic and the thing is that here United States we don't have something that's this evolved it wasn't really evolved that's that's this ridiculous but if you think about your followers in social media or how they're there there's ways that we score people now do indirectly that we don't even know we're doing because right so this is the China just say like no we're gonna back to level yeah next level black and white so social media is and that's another black mirror uppa so that is a choice where you elect to be on these platforms where people can effectively rank you and your higher social scores or whatever this is you know not a choice you don't get to opt in they've already decided you're opted in here you are my question and I'm not sure if there's an answer to this is so say that you during those developmental years where we all make really dumb decisions let's say you get really really low credit for doing a whole bunch of dumb stuff in your 20s sorry how do you earn that back like once they put in those sort of sanctions and those punitive measures how do you prove that you are a more trustworthy person like I do plan on being 1.35 so it's you bring it back to it's amazing it doesn't get easier if you bring it like a parallel to your credit score there's no incentive for it to actually be accurate there's an incentive for it to penalize you so you do things to get back in someone's good graces right and that's the power dynamic that they're establishing it's like well now we're gonna track it so that we can and good luck fighting it in China by the way yeah like it's it is a means of control because they that's what they use and that's like the system that they have there is to get you kind of on your back foot and and and control you they're like the person they're going after there's no coincidence that it's a journalist who trying to tell truths about the government something that's frowned upon there's like all that control it's really really creepy but what is the worst thing that a a surveillance video thing would find you doing if they had it probably throwing my recycling in the garbage like hundred feet at night you guys I can't see why I would definitely lose my social credit would go down I'm telling you I said this recently on the show I was out walking my dog brought what I thought would be a sufficient number of this is bad poop bags and he it's his labor camp sitter do a labor cramp yeah he pooped more than we had thought that he would and so I was there unawares and that you know that I would have been it would have been slap on the wrist for the five points down Jason doesn't want to answer no I don't care look later i litter you no you do not okay so my story littering is this you know any those Starbucks they take the the straw they little top yeah well today it thought of my hand and we don't have time for your stupid

  1. These people are missing the actual logic and this proves the social credit system will work. The reality of this new system is for financial gain of its creators. simply put. side effects are a perfect society. The underground movement that will develop should be interesting.

  2. And what if they took points and you didn't even do it? Will people go to court over it? Or if you wrote something on social media and it was misunderstood- who gets to judge every comment every person makes? A computer? 😳 And that's besides the point that you shouldn't have points taken just because you might write something that the government wouldn't want to read…

  3. Lol to darrin – don’t take ur recycling out at night then! Take it out in the morning or daytime or whatever u have to do, but dont dump ur recycling in the trash! 🙁

  4. Jay-walking is dangerous and annoying! Use the fucking crosswalk! That way, if hit by a car, you were in the right-of-way and can sue. If you're in the middle of the street, you're basically a deer and have no rights.

  5. That black mirror episode I feel was more of a commentary on our social relationships today, China seems to be doing it literally though. Scary.

  6. I feel like China is only doing it to keep their citizens in-line with their propaganda. The Chinese government does a lot of shady things and I bet that journalist noted that. Like arresting good citizens based on religion and once they are jailed, their organs are harvested without their consent. Bullshit program!

  7. I've really never understood 'jaywalking'… the concept totally puzzles me. I don't think we have that at all in Europe? At least in the UK I cross the road wherever I feel safe without getting in trouble for it.

  8. I don't know what's more horrifying , what's happening in China or listening to these coddled brats first world problems.

  9. China is following a meritocracy, where people are rewards based on performance, and penalized for ignoring public laws, like jaywalking and cars running red lights. Westerners always complain about how Chinese tourists are rude and noisy, how they spit in public and smoke in non-smoking areas and so on, so what this social credit system hopes to achieve is to improve Chinese citizens behavior, and to prevent such people from purchasing a ticket to fly overseas to other countries, at least until their behavior improves and their scores become acceptable.

  10. please u fucking americans please shut the fuck up get ur nose out u guys dont know shit about china

  11. Ive been reading about this for a while..its so interesting….This is scary only because of the unnecessary drastic consequences and constant surveillance,but it was something we could see coming & of course China is doing it 1st. We already rank people here…we invented "Internet celebs"& we watch their every move,plus most of our info is out there for the Oh,and the reason they take jay-walking so seriously is because of the many deaths that occurred from it because of their dangerous crosswalks (many lanes,4-cross stops..etc). Ah well,we shall see how terrible this turns out before it turns into the norm after we all die.

  12. It's hard to do, and impossible to do 100%, but I avoid Chinese products as much as possible because of human rights violations like this.
    ICYMI, HSBC Bank is Chinese. Hongkong Shanghai Bank Corp.

  13. Why does this Chinese system bother you living in USA? Your care for the Chinese people is hypocritical and meaningless. The guests in the show didn't say anything about Chinese people.

  14. I really need See Black mirrow apparentely have great Saturday Afternoon ✌💘 Brett Grace Jason Daron

  15. Jason-
    History lesson: Before cars, the street was something shared by all. Horses, carriages & pedestrians all used the street at the same time with few mishaps.
    Then cars were invented & they started sharing the roads as well. This was fine at first because they weren't very fast moving, however, that changed rather quickly.

    Since the wealthy were the ones who could easily afford them & poor people continued to do as they always had, there started to be real backlash against cars.

    Back then was pretty much as it is now with wealthy people thinking they, of course, were better & mattered more than the people they were killing with their fancy new horseless carriages.

    Between the wealthy & the fledgling car companies, they didn't like all the backlash so decided to come up with some propaganda to get their way.
    They wanted everyone to look at the pedestrians trying to use the streets as disrespectful to cars.

    First they had to name it. What derogatory name did they convert for this purpose? They used Jay which was something you did NOT want to be called back then.

    They got together to have a major ad campaign run in all news papers saying that anyone who dared to continue to use the street as they always had, was a Jay. They also talked to their powerful friends. Now you can't cross the street without doing so on a corner & with the light or you get a Jaywalking ticket even though you have no idea why & no idea what a Jay is.

    America has really always been America. Corruption abounds, but they used to have to work much harder at it. Have a great day.

  16. Big brother is watching you is definitely scary, but on a day-to-day level though, the surveillance system makes the society super safe. I can walk during the night no problem. While Chinese people may be controlled in a sense, they are enjoying much more safety compared to "more liberal" countries. When it comes to safety/a harmonious life versus privacy, I don't know which one is actually better.

  17. Forget about the what, look at the why. This is a grade system of human interactions, fuxkin AI should not be able to rank a human and for humans yo follow orders from the "proof" of a machine.

  18. There is a massive push from the Chinese government to make the society a better, harmonious, prosperous etc place. You should look up the China dream. The government has always been heavily involved in the way the Chinese society acts. If you are not inline with the government rules, then you will probably be marked down.

  19. There is a massive push from the Chinese government to make the society a better, harmonious, prosperous etc place. You should look up the China dream. The government has always been heavily involved in the way the Chinese society acts. If you are not inline with the government rules, then you will probably be marked down.

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