China Says U.S. Economy Is Fake And Nothing Backs The Dollar -- Episode 301

I'm welcome to the x22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 301 and today's date is February 27 2014 and the title of this episode is China says US economy is fake and nothing backs the dollar and we understand that China has been making deals all around the world they've been making bilateral trades with Australia with the UK with Russia with North Korea Iran Syria they're down in Africa setting up a clearing house for the yuan and we see nations in Africa starting to shift their reserves from the US dollar into the yuan so we see all this happening and just this week there was the g20 meeting and certain things were said during this meeting and we're going to get into that a little bit later in this report but let's get started on the economic collapse news and we're going to go out to the UK and what we're seeing out there is that UK homeownership rates have completely fallen the official figures show that homeownership rates in Britain have slipped to the lowest percentage in 25 years the percentage of people who claim housing benefits and want to live in social housing sectors has risen from 59 to 66 percent and what we're seeing here is that the dream of a stable home is drifting further out of reach for almost everyone in the UK the Department for Communities and Local Government also warned that rents are increasing faster than average wages and the number of homes built has fallen to their lowest levels in peacetime since 1920 and again we are seeing this happen in many countries where prices are going up salaries are going down many people cannot find work and it's getting difficult to survive and in my past reports I discussed how the people in the you okay we're dipping into their savings to make ends meet going for payday loans to pay for their rent and we're seeing this happen all throughout Europe we're seeing it in the UK we're seeing in the United States and it is spreading all over the world and it is not getting better it is actually getting worse and if you really look around most of the countries are in a recession slash depression at this time I mean if you really think about it unemployment in some of these countries are around twenty five thirty thirty five percent which is a lot more than the actual depression unemployment so we're way above that at this point even in the u.s. they are looking at unemployment around 30 to 37 percent of course it all depends on which calculation you go with if you go the shadow stats where we're at which is shadow stats calm we are approaching the 30% mark of unemployment if you go with this Wall Street exact who figured out the unemployment he's saying it's very close to 37 percent but we are way up there but again you do not see these people standing on bread lines you don't see them in public they're they're taking the homeless people pushing them away you need permits like in South Carolina to feed the homeless now and it is absolutely getting ridiculous because they don't want anyone to see any of this and they're putting everyone on food stamps so this way you don't see the soup lines and the bread lines and things like that but we have a lot of people today that are struggling and they're trying to make ends meet and it's getting more and more difficult at tot as time goes on and what we're seeing right now is that the initial claims for the past week in the u.s. jumped from four by fourteen thousand to three hundred and forty-eight thousand the highest weekly number in all of 2014 and the biggest myths of expectations of three hundred and thirty five thousand in a month so again they're going to you know manipulate they're going to you know help the data here and most likely you'll probably see the unemployment rate go down and how could that be again all these numbers are completely a complete illusion they're fake the economy is not what it seems yes the stock market is rising the S&P the Dow they're all going up Nasdaq because they want all eyes on the stock market don't look at what's going on in the real accomodate economy you just keep looking at that stock market and that is the indicator of how the economy is doing and we know that's completely false we know it's fake we know it's not real that the real economy is not doing well and again I talked about layoffs a lot and right now Best Buy is laying off around 2,000 managers they're just letting them go Qantas internationally they're laying off 5,000 employees Cox Communications in San Diego 500 people in San Diego are being let go General Dynamics Lynn Haven Florida 730 people sony Sony is closing 20 of its 31 US retail stores now correct me if I'm wrong here when an economy is booming and doing well you don't see a retailer closing 20 of its 31 stores the only reason you see this is because people are not buying the products and they're laying off thousand workers so now we have all of these people being laid off and there's no nowhere for them to go because more and more retailers will be laying off and more companies will be laying off and we've been seeing this since the start of 2014 and it's only February that's it and I've talked about this a lot I talked about the real estate back in September in October in November Wells Fargo chase Citibank Bank of America they were laying off people in their mortgage departments not a hundred not 200 thousands 10,000 15,000 20,000 people because they realize the housing market is dead there are no Americans can take out mortgages to pay for the amount of homes that are on the market it can't be done and right now what you're saying is Wells Fargo is cutting more people in the mortgage departments about another 700 people last year they laid off five thousand three hundred in the mortgage departments so you can see what is happening they already understand what is happening they already know that this is this housing market was a complete fabrication they realize it cannot be sustained so what they're doing is they're trimming all the fat off of there off of it in their company and they're getting rid of the people because they realize that mortgage applications are completely down the tubes and we don't need all these people again if the housing market was really booming and really pushing the limits of recovery we would see mortgaged apartments expand because more people need mortgages more people are taking out loans you wouldn't see them contract it makes no sense whatsoever but here we are this is what we're seeing and right now and I've said this many times the smart money is now leaving the housing market and what I mean by that is the investment hedge fund companies that bought all of these properties that were and they were trying to rent them out to Americans they were holding on to them hoping to drive the prices up and when the time was right they were going to sell them to American people who were the youth of America of course those boomerang buyers which I can't even believe they're actually trying to convince us of and that they were hoping that you know they would be able to unload these homes at higher prices and make nice private profits and basically these are flippers and long-term flippers I should say and right now what we're seeing is purchases by large institutional investors plunged in January from a year ago according to Realty tracts and what we're seeing in Jacksonville flow a 20% decrease Tampa 48 percent decrease Tucson 59 percent decrease Memphis 64 percent decrease Cape Coral Fort Myers Florida 70 percent decrease because they're all leaving the market institutional purchases hit the skids in over three quarters of the hundred and one metro areas that reel that RealtyTrac analyzed their share dropping to five point two percent overall from seven point nine percent in December and from eight point two percent in January of 2013 and we can see they are completely getting out of the market and they trying to get rid of all of these properties as fast as they possibly can because they realize this housing market cannot be sustained and this is why you see mortgage applications plunging this is why you see new home builders the foot traffic is slowing this is why you see Wells Fargo Citibank Bank of America all these mortgage companies and mortgage departments laying off thousands upon thousands of people because the housing market is about to collapse and many have anticipated that the large institutional investors backed by private equity would start winding down their purchases of homes to rent and the January sales numbers provide early evidence this is happening and this is coming from Realty Trac vice-president Darrin Bloom quest and again we see it and the big question is who's going to buy all these properties and what we're going to see is that nobody nobody's going to buy them and this is why you see foreclosures surging in New York New Jersey California because again people have purchased these houses at higher prices they're getting laid off from their don't mean it's a repeat of 2008 here we are again it's the same exact thing that is happening and it's happening right in front of our eyes we see it we know what's going on if I mean for those people who bought houses and trying to flip them you better unload them really fast because pretty soon you are going to be stuck with these homes now as the title says China says US economy is fake and nothing backs the dollar and you know China really let the US have it at the g20 meeting and the US was complaining to China about all sorts of financial misdoings the u.s. accuses China of having financial problems and putting the global economy at risk and they were going on and on and on and complaining and finally the representatives from China stood up and they said to the to the US representatives and what they said was that the US economy the US economy and the printing press of the Federal Reserve is what you are doing the you are just printing money and they said that the US was living off printed money and the US economy was fake and there was nothing really backing the prosperity of the US you have no manufacturing you have no economy and pretty much the US economy will collapse and we can see what is happening the rest of the world understands and they know the United States is in trouble they see what's going on the only people that don't know are the people living in the United States who haven't woken up who are still sleeping who are still going about their their daily routines going to work coming home thinking everything's fine until one day when they wake up and they realize what just happened here I just lost all my money why can't I get into my bank account what is this thing called balance I don't understand this they won't understand this just like the people in Cyprus didn't understand it until it was too late but the rest of the world understands what is happening they understand the dollar is imploding the dollar is collapsing China fully understands what it's doing by making deals all across the globe with bilateral trade setting up the you want to be the next reserve currency the United States representatives and I mean the government official the central bankers they know what's going on that's why we have the pivot to Asia this is why you see the movement of military assets all across the world this is why you see the central bankers moving into the Ukraine moving into the Middle East and trying to keep control they're moving to Africa and trying to keep control there into Thailand into Tunisia this is why you're seeing this because they understand they will not be able to keep the US dollar propped up for much longer and they need to get the war started now the question is will the economy collapse before they get the war started or will they be able to get that war started before the economy actually collapse today that's what they really want to do because they do not want to be holding all the purse strings here when the entire thing comes crumbling down because they do not want to be blamed for this whatsoever they rather blame this on another country because they think in their minds and they truly believe when this next war is over they are going to reset the entire system start from scratch again and enslave the people to the central bank and they really truly believe this but this time they're going to do it a little differently they are going to get rid of the Constitution they're going to have it the way they want it and this is what they've been striving for now in Washington right now witnesses warn House panel that u.s. is in a constitutional crisis and multiple witnesses told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that Congress is in danger of seating all of its powers to the presidency if it continues on the path it is on we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis crisis with sweeping implications for our system of government constitutional oil Jonathan Turley told the committee for Congress not to act borders on self-loathing and what we are seeing here is the president of course during his State of the Union speech said I have a pen I have a paper and I will create these executive orders I don't care what Congress they or what Congress does whatever I say goes and they're out there right now saying listen Congress if you don't do something you will not have you will lose complete control of everything the Constitution will go down the tubes and we will have one person giving orders to everyone and we see this happening right in front of our faces so you better do something right now and this is why this is going on and we understand that the government has its hands in everything they're trying to control everything we control the creation of money again these are the central bankers they control the corporate media they tell the media what to say this is why they wanted to put people in the news rooms to to even control it further they want to control the Internet and the only way they can control the internet was to pretty much have what is called trolls troll around the internet get on to alternative media sites social sites and have them try to discredit the people that were those people that were talking and every time you see these trolls on these sites it just proves one thing if they're trying to discredit these people that means they're hitting the points and they are hitting a home run and the government is very disturbed about what they're saying because what they're saying is the truth of what is really going on and this is why they have those trolls they actually pay them to do this they actually tell them to do this and again this has come out from the leaked documents from Edward Snowden and there's two main objectives to all of this one to inject all sorts of false material onto the Internet in order to destroy the reputation of its target number two the use of social sciences and other techniques to discredit those people online and to discredit activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable and the following list of Internet infiltration techniques is as follows infiltration operation ruse operation set-piece operation false flag operation false rescue operation disruption operation n a sting operation and again yes these trolls or shills are completely real you can see them all over the place whatever the person is saying in the new media alternative media those people always come up with no facts or anything and they can completely always hammer home the opposite of what the person is saying to me and they still use curse words they use other types of techniques to make people believe that the person who is speaking on the news media alt or on the alternative media is completely phony fake they try to discredit him or her and this is what they try to do and again in many cases all of these are just people who are paid to do this so people come to the site they look at it they see what they're saying and they say oh maybe this person isn't right maybe and this is what they're trying to do and again this just proves that the government is trying to take control of the internet now in my other reports I said the NSA and all the other spy agencies around the world they are spying on every single person they're spying on people the everyday person the spying on governing officials that spying on government official in other countries and they're doing this for a couple of reasons one to track the American people to create lists to create social profiles to understand your movements about and where you are because they understand when the collapse come they're going to refer to their list come and get those people and either execute them right on the spot or bring them to a certain area where they will cause any more problems the other reason is to blackmail they use it to blackmail people and right now again proof that a Snowden documents have shown that British and American spy agencies gather and store many millions of images from Yahoo webcam streams and that a large percentage are naked or panagra or pornographic images and they use this to blackmail Supreme Court judges they use it to blackmail government officials to allow them to push their agenda forward it's almost like Obamacare the Supreme Court Justice saying no this is not constitutional you can't have a tax on it and all of a sudden that same judge one day said you know what I'll pass it it is constitutional and that judge disappeared for about two weeks he just left the country and didn't want anyone he didn't want to talk to the news reporters or anything because what really happened was he was blackmailed and again all these cases that you're seeing right now from the Supreme Court that are being overturned you could say they're probably most likely blackmailed because they're trying to push their agenda just like the Fourth Amendment ruling that I talked about yesterday all of a sudden that was overturned and now this information is coming out that again they spy on these people to blackmail them into pushing their agenda and the decisions that they want to have made and this is why this is being done okay now we understand out the Ukraine the whole reason for this was to get Ukraine on the EU system and right now the Ukraine is talking with the EU and IMF and the top priority is to get the Ukraine on the EU system not for the people of the Ukraine not to have a you know to help the people of the Ukraine but the top priority is to get the country into more debt that's the top priority because this is what they really wanted and what we're seeing here is that the new the new Ukrainian authorities are ready to sign association deal with the EU within one to two weeks if the European Union insists that the agreement be signed by the president a delay is possible until after the president election but if the condition is not set I believe the government will be prepared to sign the agreement within a week or two and this is coming from the opposition leader because he understood you have to understand the central bankers need this to be signed they need this to be ready to go they need the private western central banking to be set up inside the Ukraine they need to put the country on the debt system and this is what they are trying to do right now but they're having a problem parts of the Ukraine the south and the and the eastern part that border along the Black Sea are mostly Russian and right now Crimea the Parliament in Crimea announced a referendum on independence and according to the new proposal it should be up to the Crimean people the population to decide whether to expand its autonomy and make choices upon its future its future Kiev's new leadership has pledged to keep Ukrainian to territorial integrity and warned Russia against interference interference in its own domestic affairs Moscow assuring it will not breach the sovereignty of Ukraine as nevertheless put a hundred and fifty thousand combat troops on high alert at its Ukrainian border and has expressed readiness to react in case of violence now of course John Kerry heard about this and of course the US government the central bankers and they said whoa whoa whoa John Kerry said you know what he said let me call Sergei Lavrov and let's talk about what is going on and John Kerry has said to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov during a telephone conversation he favors a dialogue between Russia and the u.s. in order to stabilize the situation in the Ukraine Kerry expressed his willingness to cooperate in order to stabilize the situation in Ukraine Russia representatives emphasized the importance of a fill in current agreements which again the opposition the paid opposition from the US government and the EU they went back on the agreement first of all it concerns the Ukraine's PDL signed on February 21st the deal was signed by the Ukrainian president the opposition notarized by the Foreign Ministries of France Germany and Poland and approved by the US and as soon as that was signed I think it was like 24 hours later all hell broke loose and the president of Ukraine had to escape the position took over and this deal fell by the wayside and the Russians are saying we had a signed deal you approved it and all this went to pot and we can see what is happening because they're running out of time and they need this on the EU system to spread the debt but what they're worried about is that the south and eastern part of the Ukraine which is the production and the strategic location which they really wanted they can't have that part break off because then they'll be left with the West and the West just has debt and there is really no production there and they really don't want it they want the entire Ukraine and of course they're going after Georgia next but we're seeing what is happening right now now Russia understands what's happening they understand the tactics the central bankers use they understand what is going on and they are sending to Russian warships the the Russian warships have entered the Black Sea and they are sitting outside and moving into the port near Crimea because they understand what is going in they also sent a intelligent ship to Cuba and this intelligence ship has electronic eavesdropping equipment and weaponry and this is again in Cuba where their ease dropping on in on the United States so we can see what is happening they have two ships in the Black Sea and they have an intelligence ship in Cuba they are getting prepared they're getting ready just in case something else happens because they understand that the central bankers are not going to be satisfied if the Ukraine breaks into – ok now it respects to China China is making some moves now we understand that two nations I think was a Zimbabwe was starting to change up their reserves remove some of the US dollars take on you one because we understand that in Kenya they're becoming the clearinghouse for the yuan in Africa and right now what's happening is China is planning an airbase in Zimbabwe they're going to set up the first Chinese military airbase in Africa and this comes amid increasing bilateral cooperation between Zimbabwe and China and basically what's happening is China is positioning itself for future uh you could say gum both this diplomacy where its military presence would give it a bargaining power against superpowers like the u.s. so now they are positioning themselves and creating bases and moving their military assets into Africa because we understand what is happening each one of these countries are getting prepared for war this is why you see the pivot to Asia and the United States and all the other private Western Central Bank countries moving their military assets now we see China moving its military assets and moving them into Africa now China has also signed a security and defense agreement with dish buddy now dis booty has offered military facilities such as a home to the port to the Chinese Navy now where is the Djibouti that is in the opposite side of Yemen and this is in the Red Sea and it's right by the Gulf of Arden and it's like the choke point that leads in and out of the Red Sea so we can see we have the Chinese on one side and the US on the other side in Yemen and again they are moving their military assets signing agreements and getting everything prepared for World War three and this is why this is happening happening so what do we have here we have Russia branching out to set up military bases around the world we have China now setting up military bases in Africa and in other parts of the world we have China making agreements with all the countries around the world and to become so that you want to become the next your reserve currency we have the US and Europe and NATO all positioning their military assets all around the world the pivot to Asia the missile shield in Europe the missiles in Guam the new base in Japan and we can see all this taking shape because we have to understand that the central bankers realize again I said this so many times that the dollar is collapsing and they need to get the war started and again they're trying to get into Iran they're trying to get into Syria and right now they're using the peace talks of nuclear their nuclear reactors and again this is an illusion because the IMF and the other central bankers are trying to infiltrate their banks and try to get their natural resources on the US dollar and that's why the president is out there saying no even though we release removed some of the sanctions and ease them you cannot do business with Iran yet because if they do we will not be getting a cut of this and will not be built we will not be you will not be using the US dollar to to purchase them the oil and other natural resources so you cannot do this yet and anyone who tries we're going to come down hard on these people and right now Kerry is saying we must pursue Iran new talks nuke talks before we considering war the United States has an obligation to pursue nuclear negotiations with Iran before it considers going to war with Turan to force it to give up its nuclear activities and again the military action likely if Iran talks fail this is coming from a u.s. spokeswoman and again all these options are still on the table again the Senate is trying to come up with new sanctions on Iran they have a new bill that is created because again they are getting prepared and they're getting ready if these talks don't go forth and we can see that they probably will not Iran is has been saying in the past they don't believe anything's going to happen with these talks and again the u.s. is continually adding more and more things to the p5 plus one deal that had nothing to do with it and again they're probably going to make Iran say you know what this is getting and already you're asking for a lot more than we agreed on so we're backing out and of course the us is going to come out there and say listen say they backed out they didn't want to do it so now we have only one alternative a military strike and we can see how this is all forming at this point now in the past reports I've been saying that they're they want to push some type of cyber legislation and this is why we've been seeing the buildup of cyber attacks at this point and right now officials are pushing for some type of cyber legislation cyber attacks are growing and threats from adversaries will continue to evolve the commander of the US Cyber Command general Keith Alexander told the Senate Armed Service Committee on February 27th those attacks are coming and we are not ready for them he said everyone knows we need significant cyber legislation now all of a sudden we've been having this ramped up of cyber attacks against Target Neiman Marcus Adobe on University of Maryland yet the Syrian electronic army has have been hitting other news agencies and Microsoft and now all of a sudden they are pushing hard for cyber legislation and right now it goes on to say that everyone knows we need significant cyber legislation this is coming from Senator John McCain and again he added that the country is in grave danger of engaging in a new form of wolf warfare that most don't understand now Panetta is out there and he's warning of a cyber attack he's saying that al-qaeda remains a menace growing in places like Somalia and Yemen the nuclear ambitious ambitions of new North Korea and Iran support global terrorism are continuing dangers the chaos in the Syria represent risk Russia is worrisome but the greatest threat to security in the 21st century comes from the cyberattacks former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday we have to be village n't we have to be prepared there are a lot of threats out there he said Panetta said industrial espionage is just start of the problem of cybersecurity the bigger worry is a development of viruses that can take down whole computer networks they're looking at our grid they're looking at our transportation systems this could destroy the world and this is what they're saying right now because they are building the propaganda for this incredible false flag that is going to happen because we have to remember all the pieces are now starting to fit together they tried this back in 2013 it didn't work this time they know better this time they are actually going to do it and of course jeh Johnson is out there and again he's the head of DHS now and Homeland Security jeh John jeh Johnson on Wednesday warned that the Boston Marathon bombing may be a sign of things to come as the u.s. attempts to defend itself from terrorist attacks and he's going on to say that you know these threats are harder to detect he's also concerned about those who who are self radicalized and although also those so-called lone wolves and we talked about this a lot and if you haven't heard any of this and you're new to the to my reports just go back a couple reports I talked about this a lot about what a lone wolf is and he went on to say I think the terrorist threat is becoming more diffuse and he is saying that you know that we need to do something at this point and Committee Chairman Michael McCall noted the events in Syria are now threatening to become issues for us at home so they are building this entire propaganda up for the false flag they're already telling us there's going to be some type of cyber attack because they're looking at our power grid they're looking at our water treatment and we can see they've been playing and playing this up and we are getting very close because we have to understand the elections for Syria coming up in mid 2014 the Fed has said they're going to be finished with the tapering by mid-2014 because they are tapering right now to show that the economy is recovering they need to show everyone that it wasn't them and when another country strikes the United States and the economy Falls and this is why the stock exchange the Nasdaq and the bad system all have a kill switch and again Nasdaq is getting theirs by March 1st so we can see the timeframe and how everything is being worked out in March first March 1st is the end of this week so we can see what is happening they are getting prepared because they understand and they understand that the world sees that the dollar because the dollar is imploding on itself I mean you can see that China is out there and they stood up right in front of the United States and said listen we know you're collapsing we know and this is why everyone has been positioning all their military assets all around the world listen everyone thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared Thanks

  1. True, Bankers and politicians along with the deep state have been robbing the world for 100 plus years.. time to take down the evil

  2. The polarisation of those who focus on money and personal wealth and those who focus on other things.

  3. It is so bad here in Ontario Canada we are and are going deeper every week into a third world nation! The Canadian model of high taxes and so called "free" health care is DEAD and GONE. The financial numbers are a lie! They use trickery to hide this horrible news. Don't get universal health care! Fight tooth and nail to stop it. Canada is screwed badly it won't be fixed.

  4. Yet China is accepting rothchild central banks? Where do they think we got our economy from. Nuke them one more time, maybe they'll grow oversized brains and use them.

  5. The economy isn’t influenced by government, it influenced by the Federal Reserve, a non-government entity. Don’t blame government, blame the Fed. Down with the Fed.

  6. They are probably right – the American economy is owned by Zionist Jews – The Talmud gives them permission to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL from the Gentiles or Goyim if you prefer, the Federal Reserve Bank Makes all the money , they have NO NEED to raise rates other than to make YOU BROKE, they just love America that much

  7. I'm really pissed off for example, China, milked the US and we allowed China let's face it ,this is a result of years of robbery by our Congress and filtered through by Non governmental agencies with plenty of kick backs now, president Trump is trying to pull us out of this mess and the left wants to put the blame on Trump and Republicans. Left Right same coin with the same sides America , pray for an intervention if not we are screwed

  8. I haven't listened to anything China says since they killed my dog with tainted dog food and made my baby sick from lead painted toys…..why are you listening to China? where do you live? so what country Should be more important to you??

  9. Dave,

    You have been pushing Fear and doom and gloom for 10 years. When do you expect a crash ?

    You don’t know crap.

  10. It looks like Trump is trying to shore things up, and work a slow fade to avoid a fast collapse.

  11. I don't know about other areas in the country – but in the Orlando area – the market is being saturated with new construction. So that is why it is dropping off, or leveling off here.

  12. What China is saying is not about accusations, or reality – they are looking to become the controlling economic world power. They don't want to do it with military – they want to become the new world reserve currency. I think, though – that, yes – the Dollar will soon not be the reserve currency; but there will be a change – the world reserve currency will become decentralized and no longer matter.
    China is sort of like the DNC. IF you want to know what they are up to – look at what they are saying about the opposition. China has been building cities and highways no one uses. Spending everywhere, telling everyone the economy is growing greatly – but the people there know it is not, hasn't been in years. Yes – some are making money, but the rest are not.

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