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Johnny's economy was slowing down but now it's getting back on track how does it do that and what does it mean for the US trade war welcome back to China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell good news everyone China's economy seems to be stabilizing that's based on official economic data from the first quarter of this year more now on those growth numbers out of China overnight which seemed a signal stabilization in the world's second-largest economy but wait you say good news about China's economy from China uncensored aren't you a CIA back to anti-china propaganda outfit whose goal is to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people well don't worry because none of those things are true including China's economic rebound and it comes after that country flooded its economy with stimulus money that is to say the reason China's economy seems to have stabilized is that the central government has been pumping billions of dollars into it Beijing flooded the financial system with money in a whatever it takes approach to arrest to slow down because in China they don't just deal with slowdowns they arrest slowdowns and throw them in labor camps anyways the Chinese Communist Party is deeply concerned about economic slowdowns it's political model for the past 40 years has been will let people make money so they don't complain about our authoritarian system but as soon as people can no longer make as much money they might start to question the Communist Party's rule I mean who would go for a communist party that doesn't help you make money so what have Chinese central authorities been doing to pump up the economy they've been pushing banks to make more loans last month Premier Li Keqiang called on China's state-owned commercial banks to ramp up their loans especially to ms ease that is micro and small enterprises Chinese banks have already issued a record number of loans this year new bank loans totaled 865 billion dollars between and March that's 20% more than a year ago on top of that the central government has been encouraging local governments to issue bonds which means they're borrowing more money local governments have raised a hundred billion dollars in new bonds in the first quarter that's 700 percent more than a year ago which is crazy because just last year the same local governments were scolded for borrowing too much and hiding their debts but for now all this economic stimulus is working the Chinese economy appears to be stabilizing and this is important for Chinese leaders because they don't want to appear weak while the trade negotiations with the US continued originally Trump wanted to have a new trade deal with China by March 1st otherwise he promised to increase tariffs on Chinese goods that would hurt China's economy a lot but the whole trade deal thing is more complicated the US has been pushing the Chinese Communist Party to make real structural reforms in how the Chinese economy operates and those are no fun so John has been procrastinating it's like when your mom wants you to clean your room and not just shove everything into the closet like you usually do the u.s. once China to declutter their economy Marie condo-style do those state backed export subsidies really spark joy lucky for China Trump knows how hard it is to let go so he delayed the March 1st deadline for the tariffs at least until he could meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in April but then that April meeting never happened and now it looks like it could be pushed back to June like I said procrastinating and by June it'll be summer and do you really want to spend your summer doing trade negotiations wouldn't you rather be at the beach nevermind the beach is terrible wait that must be Trump's strategy he wants to make sitting in an office in doing paperwork all day seemed appealing but in order to get there Chinese leaders have to offer the kind of free-market reforms the u.s. once so the u.s. may not be happy about the fact that Chinese state-owned enterprises are the ones picking up a lot of the slack in this recent economic activity plus there's the whole issue of needing an enforcement mechanism to stop anyone from cheating on the trade deal which won't be easy and what if the Chinese Communist Party decides that the trade deal doesn't spark joy so well US trade negotiators look at China's recent stimulus as a sign that China's economy is strong again or will the u.s. see this stimulus as a weakness and use it as leverage to force the Chinese regime to make more concessions that's unclear but regardless the Chinese government simply cannot afford to think about the medium term and must focus on a short term continuation of the credit bubble yes short term thinking is the way to go so for now China's economy is stabilizing but eventually the long term will come and in the meantime all the debt they're creating is a-ticking debt bomb and time bombs tend to explode at some point unless you're MacGyver but hey that's a future problem right so what do you think leave your comments below and now it's time for me to answer a question from one of you a viewer who supports China uncensored through the crowdfunding website patreon Rodney Hall writes I appreciate that you guys would like to maintain a semblance of privacy in your personal lives hence the fact that you don't talk much about yourselves except for Chris and his student debt but matt is so low-key that I'd become curious about him I think the most significant personal facts he's revealed are that he is a blonde and has a livingroom care to elaborate nope that's pretty much all there is to Matt he's blonde and he has a living room really Chris that's it I'm a complex human being okay fine tell me interesting thing about yourself I I liked alpacas thanks for your question Rodney and thank you to all my amazing supporters my 50-cent army for contributing a dollar or more through our patreon website your support is what keeps us going even Matt once again I'm Chris Chappell see you next time

  1. Now my question is, will the White House mistake this as meaning the Chinese economy is strong? Or will they understand that it's only a matter of time before the debt bubble bursts in the Communist Party's face?

  2. I've just found this channel and I absolutely love it. Binge watching videos.

    The format is perfect – concise, yet incredibly well researched and informative, interspersed with genuinely funny comedic breaks. So much so that this is the first channel I've even considered sponsoring on patreon. I'm broke af now but soon as I get a job I'll be a patron.

    Excellent channel, great work guys, keep it up!

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  4. I see a TV clip of someone on an unidentified and undated tv program claiming China has flooded the economy with stimulus money. Is this supposed to be evidence? what are the figures?

  5. it never exactly 'slowed down' more than half a percent growth or something. nor does it make sense to say it's 'stabilising'. of course it's not stable, it's growing.

  6. We've been waiting and predicting the collapse of China for the last 30 years…. at what point should i stop believing this crap?

  7. Hahahhaa Chris you are fortune teller. Communist party arrest millions of Tibetan and Xinjang people kills in labour camp. Most of Chinese cheap product are made by prisoner. I stop using made in China product and they taking people land and selling to big corporate office to set up factory. Stop believing China and soon communist party collapsing.


  9. China Love to Print alot of addition Free $$$$$$$ & It is Done @ Settle Everything…: D Print $900,000,000,000

  10. China Love to Print alot of addition Free $$$$$$$ & It is Done Settle Everything…: D Print 900,000,000,000

  11. They're making a bubble that's gonna burst.. think a depression is coming? Cuz the US is heading that way to…😒

  12. This reminds me of the fact that the Japanese economy is two-thirds of the United States, and that americans are imposing economic sanctions on Japan to slow Japan's growth. Now the United States is doing the same thing for China because they want to protect their hegemony.

  13. The USA Eurozone and Japan did that too but the difference here is that like the aforementioned cases
    Chinese currency is not used so much by the international market just abt 1-2% transactions are made in the Chinese renminbi
    Which means that there is not much demand for there currency in the international markets which would mean the inflation caused due to money printing Will mostly
    Fall upon it's local citizens
    But here is the tricky part
    At least 10-20% renminbi is backed by us dollar which means in part they are relying on the never
    Ending demand for the us dollar
    But that's only 20%
    Also I don't think there is any successful example of currency printing at the level of per capita GDP that china has currently and has worked it's way successfully out without causing hyperinflation
    Overall I think it should be interesting to see what happens

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