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On this episode of China Uncensored, religion in China is getting sinicized. Hi, welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. You’ve probably read so-called reports that under the Communist Party in China, people who practice religion are constantly oppressed, arrested, even tortured. Well, good news, everyone! The Party has just released some new regulations that should convince you that everything’s going to change for the better. Religions are going to “sinicize.” No, that’s not what your new-agey friend does with a neti pot to clear their sinuses. English state-run China Global Television
Network explains. “The new regulations highlight religious and social harmony; they call for respect between believers and non believers; as well as between religions.” Wow, these new regulations sound like real progress has been made! I can see now why the Communist Party was so upset by that recent US report criticizing China’s religious freedom. That US report claims that “the Chinese government tortures and imprisons thousands for their religious beliefs.” Including Tibetans, Muslims, Falun Gong, and Christians. But that report covered China in 2016. That was the old, antiquated China. Now is the new, cool China— the enlightened China that’s totally on board with religion. Unless for some reason China’s state-run media isn’t giving us the full picture and this is instead part of some elaborate
scam to spread propaganda to the West. But that wouldn’t be very Christian of them, would it? China has five officially recognized religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism, yes, in China those last two things are different. And if you want to practice religion, and not get in trouble, you need to belong to one of those official religions. That’s what Article 36 of China’s constitution means when it says, “Citizens of the People’s Republic of
China enjoy freedom of religious belief.” The catch is that citizens enjoy freedom of religious belief so long as they belong to one of those state-approved religions, where the leaders are hand-picked by the Communist Party. It’s like, if you’re given total freedom to pick your school’s vice principal from among these three guys. I’m sure they’re all good choices. Well, following China’s announcement of the new regulations, the Party-approved leaders from the five official religions held a forum together and decided they’re all totally on board with the CCP’s request that they sinicize their religions. “Sinicize” is just a fancy way of saying “Chinese-ify.” Which in this case has nothing to do with Chinese culture. This time, it’s a totally made up way of saying, “[Religious] leaders must steer religions
forward with Chinese socialism.” That’s how one Politburo member explained
it. He also said, “Whatever your belief is, you must first abide by law.” So to be clear, the hierarchy is: The Communist Party; Then socialism— or whatever current system the Communist Party decides to promote; Then Chinese law— not the “freedom of religion” law, the, um, other laws; And then God. So in China, the “thou shalt have no other gods before
me” thing is…more of a suggestion. The new regulations that Chinese state-run media are so eager to promote are essentially about controlling religious
institutions and forcing religious believers to do what the Communist Party tells them. The Party also has a specific concern they’re hoping to address with this: Islamic extremism. Mu Kefa, deputy chairman of the China Islamic Association
said, “The goal of sinicizing the religion actually
is to guard against ‘desinicization’ in Islam, a trend of misleading use of the halal concept.” Yeah, Halal Guys, you aren’t doing enough to sinicize. Where’s my General Tso’s Chicken gyro? But seriously, it’s like these Party-approved religious
leaders are just regurgitating mindless Party slogans. But the real question is, “Have these new regulations that ‘highlight religious and social harmony’ achieved anything?” Let’s take a look at the scene on the ground. Oh, they’re still demolishing Christian
churches. Yeah. It turns out there’s a bit more to the new regulations than what English language state-run media
told us. The new regulations massively restrict religious
freedom. Impressive, considering I didn’t think they
had any more room to squeeze. But the Communist Party leaders are real miracle workers. Also, with the new regulations: online religious discussion will be under surveillance. Not that they weren’t under surveillance
before, but you know, it’s always nice to have more laws making it official. They also limit religious gatherings. There’s a bunch of new restrictions on building places of worship and financing religious groups. Foreign donations are outright banned, and local “donations over 100,000 yuan need to be reported to authorities.” The Chinese regime also gets new powers over setting up religious colleges. Now all that is related to the official state-run churches and temples. But let’s say that you weren’t interested
in having any of these guys for your vice principal. You were looking at more of a Mr. Belding
kind of guy. Which is to say, you’re one of the millions of Chinese citizens who worship in non-state approved churches. Well, time out, because for you, things get even worse. The regulations “increase existing restrictions on unregistered religious groups to include explicit bans on teaching about religion or going abroad to take part in training or meetings.” But what’s really amazing is that so many people in China are religious— despite all the harsh regulations, and a legacy of communism that banned all religions under Chairman Mao. Over the last 40 years, religious belief has been on a sharp rise in China. According to one study, “85 percent of the Chinese either hold some religious beliefs or practice some kind of religion.” And by 2030, China might have more Christians than any other country on Earth. But the Communist Party is worried. That’s why they’re encouraging people to report on parents who lure their kids into religion, and ordering Churches to install surveillance equipment. The fundamental problem with religions is that they provide an ideological alternative to the wonderful world of Marxist Leninist Maoist Thought. So the Communist Party views religions as as a challenge to their rule. Which shows you how much confidence they have in their own wonderful system. So the Chinese authorities continually try to clamp down on religions, making sure they can never be more powerful than the Party. And they try to reduce religious belief to Chinese patriotism, to make sure believers put the Communist Party before their God. And if religious believers refuse to comply, well, let’s just say they might be going to Heaven a lot quicker. What do you think of the new regulations? Leave your comments below. Thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time.

  1. I am Muslim. I am willing to die for my Religion if I must. I would rather die then stop believing in Islam any day. So honestly I truly respect those that must endure oppression against Believing in God unconditionally forever.

  2. Hey, I've noticed that your videos don't show up anymore in my main page. My hunch is that either Chinese government has probably paid Youtube to de-prioritize your content, or Youtube de-prioritizes your content because advertisers don't like it. Am I being paranoid or … ?

  3. To my opinion, Religion is more like a guideline for living and a comfort for after lives. Everyone need to find his own version of "Bible" .

    But Any Religions taught by any church is a totally lie. How do they have the authority to guide you to heaven while they are still on the ground? It's like fat neighbor who did not play basketball for a day in life but still wanna teach you how to get in NBA. They just want to have your money in the pocket, maybe have your soul as well if you are willing to give.

    But, if the church do not bother me, then fine, just leave me alone.

    Nowadays in China, some church nuts just become more and more annoying. Keep delivering leaflets with "these who do not believe Jesus will go to hell". I received these many times when I on the way go to work nearby the subway station.

    My first reaction is "what the fuck ….. you go to hell … your and your whole family and whole church … I make a hard working everyday and get up every morning … I don't deserve that curse . "

  4. Your argument about how it's bs for religion to be below law is bs. Law is above religion no matter what. It doesn't matter what you believe. Law comes first.

  5. So many people seem to be abandoning the Enlightenment Ideals of Liberty (more specificly Freedom of Religion) in these comments. My God, we are regressing into an Athiest version of Pre-Enlightenment Europe where people were prosecuted, tortured, and kill because of their beliefs.

  6. The great majority of religious people do not get to choose their leaders – especially in places where those leaders think murder (I'm tired of euphemisms) is the solution to all their problems. The only choice is just a selection of a church with a power structure already in place. I'm very suspicious of your statistics. Granted, if anyone that was superstitious in China was counted as religious you might get to 85% (, but I think you're off the path of being funny and informative to wallowing in your own type of propaganda.


  8. State sanctioned religious relics would be good: Mao Prayer beads, Red/Gold Star imbued Cross, Socialists Mormon undergarments…..oh wait, are the Mormons allowed in China? State Sanctioned Holy Holidays:…..

  9. I agree with China's policy on controlling religion, I mean, if they started to promote all this business? Then they'd be in a state like India where they always have these fucking riots and violent protests about who's religion better, even though Hinduism is the faith that has clearly been there along with Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, Zoarastrianism was imported by the Parsees and they've been very peaceful, unlike others I can name who don't care about development and progression, only wars and terrorism and all that shit! Understand that China also wants to remain in control because it's much better than involving religious politics (I'm not favouring the CCP 100% but I am in favour of some of their various methods.)

  10. They still don't know Christianity by History– The more you stop them, the more they increases and spread. #Persecution #BloodOfTheMartyrs

  11. Schools in China have been cracking down on Christmas and other "foreign" holidays, like Halloween. Teachers in some schools around the country are forbidden from organizing activities for these holidays (or even discussing them), even though such parties were enjoyed in previous years.

  12. Chinese bans Religion because it teaches Pessimism and Fatalism regarding this world and stuns any economic progress.

  13. Have you ever heard about any Chinese humanitarian organization (GO and or NGO) ?!

    Almost all of them are cold blooded people without souls.

  14. It's interesting since this regulations supposed to be enacted after a Chinese descendant governor in Indonesia lost an election against Indonesian religious group

  15. Uk and usa have religious freedom, and look at the state of the 2 countrys, terrorists everywhere, blowing shit up, causing havoc on the streets, religion has no place for this day n age ! Religion is totally irrelevant

  16. John 14:6New International Version (NIV)

    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    1 John 2:22King James Version (KJV)

    22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
    John 20:28King James Version (KJV)

    28 And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God.

  17. Society as an ant nest, a termite colony — freedom of spirit is a threat to thought control, so it must go

  18. 'China's crushing religion' China Uncensored's video gives a dramatized, biased, report on religious persecution and 'religious' surveillance in China today. What Chris doesn't explain is the why and how China came to this point on religious beliefs in China. Chris's attack is really focused on Christianity in China, he gives only passing mention of other faiths. Chris doesn't mention that Christianity is on the rise in China, and he mocks why two Christian faiths are recognized, and not one. Chris doesn't cover why China dreads 'extremism', only to say it is China's reason for suppressing Christianity. So, let's look at what Chris says and also look at what we, here in America, have done and are doing in a similar vein.

    Chris says religions (Christianity) is being suppressed in China: But the news says: “China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years. The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America”

    Chris mocks China recognizing two Christian churches: “Christian groups registered with the government-approved Protestant Three-Self Church and China Christian Council and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church” so legal churches fall under two categories, Protestants and Catholics.

    Chris says China's clergy is 'hand-picked', China says 'approve'
    “I find support for the thesis of institutional selection for conformity since 1969, but not before. Prior to the 1960s, clergy (and lay) Catholic dissent increased linearly by birth cohort; since 1969, institutional selection, not cultural change, accounts for declining clergy dissent “(Paul Sullivan, Catholic Churches of America)

    So, is this 'hand picked' or 'approved' for declining clergy dissent?

    Chris continues his dialogue, underlying the theme of persecution. Why does China fear uncontrolled religions? One only has to look at China's history, of the top 5 rebellions, 75 million lives were lost. The most famous is the Taiping rebellion:
    “Taiping Rebellion, radical political and religious upheaval that was probably the most important event in China in the 19th century. It lasted for some 14 years (1850–64), ravaged 17 provinces, took an estimated 20 million lives, and irrevocably altered the Qing dynasty (1644–1911/12)…..The rebellion began under the leadership of Hong Xiuquan (1814–64), a disappointed civil service examination candidate who, influenced by Christian teachings, had a series of visions and believed himself to be the son of God, the younger brother of Jesus Christ, sent to reform China. A friend of Hong’s, Feng Yunshan, utilized Hong’s ideas to organize a new religious group, the God Worshippers’ Society (Bai Shangdi Hui), which he formed among the impoverished peasants of Guangxi province. In 1847 Hong joined Feng and the God Worshippers, and three years later he led them in rebellion. On January 1, 1851, he proclaimed his new dynasty, the Taiping Tianguo (“Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace”), and assumed the title of Tianwang, or “Heavenly King.” …..Under the Taipings, the Chinese language was simplified, and equality between men and women was decreed. All property was to be held in common, and equal distribution of the land according to a primitive form of communism was planned. Some Western-educated Taiping leaders even proposed the development of industry and the building of a Taiping democracy. Both the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Nationalists trace their origin to the Taipings “

    Does this sound eerily similar to Falun Gong? Under the banner of Buddhism instead of Christianity.
    “Li Hongzhi, a former trumpet-player from north-east China, is known as "Living Buddha" to his devotees. Some of Mr Li's pronouncements are certainly unconventional, some would say just plain strange.
    He believes aliens walk the Earth and he has reportedly said he can walk through walls and make himself invisible. Mr Li says that he is a being from a higher level who has come to help humankind from the destruction it could face as the result of rampant evil. But while his ideas may be bizarre, his followers claim to uphold high moral standards. Falun Gong's three guiding principles are Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance. Western cult investigators appear uncertain as to whether Mr. Li is the benign leader of a quasi-religious martial art or the figurehead of a far more sinister organization…….
    "I have never said I am Sakyamuni," he said in one interview. "I am just a very ordinary man." But in another interview with Time magazine, he implied he was anything but ordinary. Asked if he was a human being from earth, he replied: "I don't wish to talk about myself at a higher level. People wouldn't understand it."

    Chris says China is using surveillance to monitor religion in China. He doesn't mention that all of China is under surveillance for crime prevention, same as the US: “The rise of CCTV surveillance in the US…..While the US never embraced state-sponsored CCTV the way the UK has, it has nevertheless used surveillance as a national security and law-enforcement measure for years…..Then came the attacks on the World Trade Center…..New York City boasts an impressive system designed not just to identify criminals after the fact but catch them in the act. ….Indeed, most experts predict more surveillance in the years to come.
    “What people may not realize, however, is that advanced monitoring systems such as the one at the Statue of Liberty are proliferating around the country. High-profile national security efforts make the news—wiretapping phone conversations, Internet monitoring—but state-of-the-art surveillance is increasingly being used in more everyday settings. By local police and businesses. In banks, schools and stores. There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras now deployed in the United States shooting 4 billion hours of footage a week. Americans are being watched, all of us, almost everywhere.

    Chris seems to have an overriding narrative in this video that China persecutes Christians as evidenced by their requirement for 'state approved' churches and the outlawing of (illegal) 'underground' churches. He fails to mention that anything 'illegal' in China is subject to arrest, closure, and destruction, be it a person, a group of people, a business, or a building. He talks about demolition, surveillance, and arrests of religious members….underlying his agenda is really to generate sympathy for the persecution of Falun Gong members in China. As always, he leaves out any comparative facts:
    “Examples of Religious Intolerance in America…..Christianity: The same conflagration that began with Joseph Smith's tarring and feathering also saw massacres, the forced removal of Mormons from Missouri and, ultimately, the assassination of Smith and his brother in 1844. Many states had laws restricting Catholic civil rights, including the right to hold public office, Driven by nationalist fears of papal allegiance, riots and other violent incidents against Catholics persisted well into the 19th century. …..Judaism: The persecution of Jews throughout history stands, perhaps, as the epitome of religious intolerance and they've suffered it in the United States as they have almost everywhere else. A strong current of anti-Semitism has run through American society since it's inception and came to a peak in the years leading up to World War II. At that time, "Jews faced physical attacks, many forms of discrimination, and intense vilification in print, on the airwaves, in movies, and on stage." Violent, anti-Semitic activity continues to be a problem in the present day. Eighty percent of the 1400 religiously motivated hate crimes reported to the FBI in 1998 were "anti-Jewish" in nature. ….Native Americans: Of all the groups that have experienced religious intolerance in what is now the United States, perhaps none have suffered longer than Native Americans. Native Americans were driven off ancestral lands for centuries, denied access to holy sites and forced to attend government-run schools in an effort to "kill the Indian and save the man"; students were typically divorced from all aspects of tribal culture, including religion and language. . Native religious leaders continue to be surveilled by government agencies and tribes still frequently lose access to sacred sites because of urban and industrial development."

    BTW Chris, are you aware that Atheism is on the rise in the US?
    “The World's Newest Major Religion: No Religion…..The religiously unaffiliated, called "nones," are growing significantly. They’re the second largest religious group in North America and most of Europe. In the United States, nones make up almost a quarter of the population. In the past decade, U.S. nones have overtaken Catholics, mainline Protestants, and all followers of non-Christian faiths. ….Atheism is also tied to education, measured by academic achievement (atheists in many places tend to have college degrees) or general knowledge of the panoply of beliefs around the world"

    China Uncensored fails to be guided by Falun Gong's principle of 'truthfulness'.

  19. "Whatever your belief is, you must first abide by law"

    Umm yes. That's a perfectly reasonable statement. Your religion ends where someone else's nose begins. If your religion oppresses or causes demonstrable harm to others, then your religion is wrong, and you must go to prison as a consequence of your actions.

  20. Religion was always ruled by the communist party even in Central Europe. The Catholic priests and even bishops had to be approved/appointed by the communist party. We used to call them "peace-priests" because instead of spreading the word, they were preaching Paxa Communista. Not only priests but even some rabbies had to pay homage to the party. Unregistered groups may not have been persecuted, but the government tried to restrict them as much as possible.
    By the way, I feel hurt that Judaism is not a registered religion inside mainland China. Wasn't the Silk Road filled with Jews since Abrahamic times?! Well, try to explain it to the communists!

  21. Chinese government dictator ship control government is ran and backed by Satan himself.they are pure evil wicked dictator ship control says in the holy bible.the word of God almighty Jehovah Jesus Christ the holy Spirit all of the only way to believe.the Bible calls Satan the grate dragon.and look at what country calls themselves the dragon.the was written thousands of years ago.real proof.the Chinese dictator ship evil wicked control government is trying to take the world over fast in every way.they to get allies to turn on each other.just like Satan does with god.trying to take all your freedom you can't pray to God almighty Jehovah.thru Jesus Christ the only savior for mankind.satan knows he is running out of time.and the Chinese dictator is Satans puppet.the whinny the poo looking leadership of China is going to fall soon.thats what is going on.

  22. i wish christianity judaism and islam would be made illegal in the sense of pushing their beliefs on others. this needs to happen worldwide. the three mid east death cults are evil and always have been. we should only tolerate peaceful religions. christian missionaries should not be allowed to enter any other countries. period. christianity wont be happy until it takes over the entire world and destroys every other culture that is better than the culture of Amerika

  23. Well done China. Religion has caused more wars and terrorism than any other force. Religion is a form of brainwashing and hierarchical control over otherwise free people.
    Don't believe me? Look at the KKK, ISIS, Crusades ect ect ect.
    The Chinese government are the only leaders willing to protect their citizens from lunatics.
    Religion is a racket!
    Well done China.

  24. That is as bad as outlawing it altogether. I'd just as soon not belong to any religion. Their interference would just drive me nuts (even though I don't belong to any religion these days). China is insightful though, in understanding that religion can be the impetus for rebellion, a sense of a higher destiny (beyond material) and a support group that cann inspire bravery in the face of persecution – even a willingness to die.

  25. Religion has survived previous attempts by Communist governments all over the world to destroy it before. The funny thing is that in Europeans are doing a better job of destroying religion in their homelands without oppression unlike the old fallen Communist regimes and all of their draconian measures to stop it.

  26. They always claim religion asylum to me saying they are Christians but yet they do not know anything about the bible.

  27. But if the USA would simply ban the tax-exempt corruption in the tax code we would not be suffering from super rich, fascist, religious organizations subverting our government mind-fucking the citizenry here.

  28. The Buddha is the Great teacher of the Chinese people and Buddhist Temples are more in line with the land more open to the elements turning to catholicism is bad news look at the atrocities that the vatican who control all Catholics and Christians and jews have done to the people and the Children of the people, Jesus said you won't find God In bricks and Mortar, beware of the Synagog of Satan they control all the religions even in China,

  29. I think the comment section has grown stagnant from too many years under the Obama administration. The world doesn't owe you anything, and equality is certainly not fair. As in, a small person does not deserve a a same sized portion as a large person, and stupid people shouldn't have a say in… anything. From a sheer evolutionary progress stand point, abolishing religion is a step forward, whether people see it as that or not, that's how it seems to work in the East. I mean hey, Flat Earthers is a religion too, so they deserve equal rights… right? I mean that and any other religion is no different in scale of fantasy and lies it tells, so if Flat Earthers and Christians aren't treated the same, doesn't that go against the equality we fly under the great Obama administration?

  30. Great episode. Thanks for spreading the word on religious persecution in China where government is the one and only god- giver and taker or life.

  31. I don't care if you (whoever read this comment) are Muslims, Christians or Atheist but human made Ideology shouldn't or mustn't above any of the religion or believes. That is so wrong in many ways.

  32. Chinese Christians are converted to Christianity in very evil ways of brainwashing and propaganda, you will not talk about it

  33. actually chris in the entire world being a Chriatian and catholic are different things. catholics are ruled by a false prophet who acts like a monarch…..and at many times in history has ruled countries as an actual monarch.

  34. ..partly chiristians are to blame for their aggressive missionary work and propaganda based religious spread. No more xmas songs please…its too obvious church is using any whichiever tool hard or soft to spread their industry network. It shows misery of the religion. Bible concepts are so primitive and funny it by itself cant attract ppl.

  35. How likely is it that at least one Chinese government official has brought up the possibility of this dude’s assassination?

  36. Reminds me of a Chinese multi-millionaire who walked on a street and met a poor man preaching about Jesus and eternal life. He listened, believed and thought he could become a secret Christian, but people noticed that he longer kept his "comfort" secretaries in his office and was seen in public with his wife alone. The PRC wanted to arrest him, but they knew there would be big drop in the stock market. He continued on, and organized Bible studies in his factories during lunch hours. I don't know what happened to him.

  37. Christianity and Catholicism are different. We Christians don't believe the same things as Catholics do. An example would be that we don't literally eat Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and drink His blood. We don't pray to Mary or any of the Saints because that's called blasphemy. None is Holy except for the Father and yet the pope is called that which is also blasphemy. Sexually abusing children is also against the Lord God. A lot of Catholic's practices are blasphemous and wrong. Yes a great deal of difference exists and I have only listed a few things.

  38. Christianity isn't an ideology. I didn't give up the things I did for some stupid man made ideology. No but rather many people like me do it for the Lord for He has Saved us and freed us from sins. Yes, it means Tribulation but Christ said to pick up the Cross and follow Him. In the end it's by love that we are Saved not by Works. But Works of Faith which equates to love. Purely love. I would never have become Christian if it was an ideology because it would not be true. There is power in God's Words. If you knew me you would know that it's a miracle I changed. I am stubborn and my parents of all human beings know far too clearly.

  39. i want to know how the chineese government would even Know if someone going abroad was going to a religious gathering at that foreign location.

  40. I don't know if yall read the bible, but The Book of Revelations says anyone that adds to the words in the book will be punished by adding to the plagues that are in prophecy.

  41. There have been Nestorian/Church of the East Christians in China and Korea since the 8th Century or Earlier.

    Also Catholic Bishops are illegitimate if their appointment is interfered with by a worldly power. This dates back to the investiture crisis of the 11th century. Therefore the official Catholic Church in China is theologically unsound.

  42. LoL. I would suggest China to say that Apostle Paul, Mohammad, or Buddha was told by God that Communism was given to them by Him to spread the good news about the Maoist socialism and should be followed by the rule of law.

  43. I like China's idea of banning foreign fund to religion (especially the damned islam that always have ways to make trouble), but banning people from practicing religion is step too far. Ask Apostate Prophet, see how he reacts,

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