China begins ranking citizens with 'social credit' system

  1. My god, what a nightmare of potential and inevitable corruption.
    The rich will be able to buy a better score, etc.

    This is horrendous.

  2. You speak as if this is new and somehow unique. Clearly you can't see that it started here and has been in use for quite some time. Your use of lesser key majik can also be found on the topic of marijuana. Marijuana is now normalized and people of varying ideologies are uniting around it while there's a roar so deafening around opiates and amphetamines on a pharmaceutical level prescribed by doctors or the street level. Everyone knows someone affected and the devastation involved but people dare not mention it because it's too close to home and they're terrified to admit it and don't know how to get out. When we lose our charity and servanthood to one another we lose the mirrored reflection of He who saves.

  3. “Animals Farm” in “1984” named “ CCP controlled China 🇨🇳 “… in 5 years USA will be governed by CCP as well! Period …🤑👿💴☠️💀

  4. China’s public ranking system and their social credit score is a human rights abuse. This should be brought before the International Criminal Court. People should demand that this stop immediately. This is exactly what George Orwell wrote about and civilized nations should refuse to allow the evil Chinese communist party to continue this disgusting behavior.

  5. yes the Chinese regime is after
    Hong Kong and this is what the Holy Bible talks about the Beast system worshipping the Beast or you will not be able to buy sell are basically live your life without worshipping the Beast this is what this regime dictator date demon is doing to his own people in the concentration camps RN China not America Alex Ocasio Cortez that's for you you jackass

  6. i got a question if u hate chinese so much why the hell do u care what they going to do to themself?

  7. Gordan Chang in 2001: the Coming Collapse of China
    Gordan Chang in 2006: the Coming Collapse of China
    Gordan Chang in 2011: the Coming Collapse of China
    Gordan Chang in 2012: the Coming Collapse of China
    Gordan Chang in 2016: the Coming Collapse of China
    Gordan Chang in 2017: the Coming Collapse of China
    Gordan Chang in 2019: the Coming Collapse of China
    Me in 2019: Gordan, I believe everything you say. Even though I do not see the 'social credit' system happening in China. But if you say there is, I will believe you, you are always right.

  8. Wasn't it Bidens son who sold them the facial recognition intelligence tech: ? Pres. Trump 2020. Drain the swamp

  9. Only scumbags are afraid of the law, and only delusional people believe that this is not happening here in the us too.

  10. Americans are voluntarily putting themselves under their own surveillance and posting it publicly and of course in some cases being financially rewarded for doing so.

  11. Social credits…coming to an American state near you. The US socialist Dems will love to install this here, all control all the time, street to bedroom. Wake up America!! !

  12. Here's every single comment under this video summarized in a few lines.

    This was on Black Mirror!
    Democrats/Liberals would love this!
    This is old news!
    Alex Jones has been saying this for years!
    Google is doing this!

  13. They are already doing this according to other reports, old news. Facial recognition is on cruise ships, they have been doing this for awhile. 5G will play right along with this.

  14. Everything is good and bad…有利也有弊….people are born to be wild… one wanted to self control and behavior and discipline and responsibilities own actions….. within control…..could be useful for humans life living…….?

  15. Try that in America and all these “elitists” will start to die off one by one. 🤷🏽‍♂️ just a theory

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