1. 1:25:45

    Antifa… remember this. The only way to keep people under the thumb is to convince them that they are oppressed. Mao pretended to yield power after the revolution cooled down. He sacrificed the new leader and accused him of stagnating the revolution, just to manipulate and fire people up again. Antifa, you are useful idiots.

  2. All this bickering in the comments and y'all forget.. THESE FUCKERS ARE STILL IN POWER. Go ahead and keep laughing at people dying today. You'll all be laughing in hell together

  3. Sad enough to say that this generation of our forefathers had ruined China for decades to come. Thank God for Deng whose policies have made life in China more tolerable for all. Also, do you notice that every communist leader of that era — and even nowadays — was morbidly fat while everyone else was starving? Why is that?

  4. The US could use a Cultural Revolution! The Mexican gardeners ought to be allowed to hang their masters and the criminal President!!!!!!!

  5. Chairman Mao should be celebrated as a true hero of the Chinese people. He liberated us from the evils of capitalism and detrimental material lust. In the great resurgence of socialism today, the west should truly study and emulate the brilliant ideas from the people's revolution. I am so excited to see the youth of America start to embrace the teachings of Mao in electing true revolutionary candidates such as AOC of NY and Mrs. Imar from Minnesota. Maybe we can finally leave imperialism and unfair free markets to the dustbin of history. In our world today, we MUST realize that "democracy"= racist capitalism for only the privileged few. It only works for those who are "connected" or use "networking" in corporations are allowed to succeed.

  6. I think Mao deliberately brought mass famine to his own people to bring the population under control just like Stalin in the food famine of 1930's in Ukraine. The Chinese communists took all the bad aspects of the Soviet Union and then called the Soviet Union a fake when the USSR started to open up a bit.

  7. 1:50:07 why are you blaming Mao when you're the one who was dumb enough to be a red guard? And now you're trying to wash yourself clean like you didn't do anything wrong. Go fuck yourself.

  8. Anyone else here after watching the Edge of Wonder's video on Mao and how, by turning China into a communist state, he ruined a 5,000 year old civilization…?

  9. I think Mao ultimately vastly under estimated what was needed to run a massive population of people spread across such a vast geography, using pretty much nothing but snail mail. it seems to be a "learning on the job" sorta thing. Whatever the case, it is so interesting to see video footage survived from that era, grateful to whoever kept and stored them

  10. in the beginning of the revolution Mao overworked and exploited the masses, the next generation was used to punish and kill the first generation revolutionists and burn all the history relating to their suffering. so they the new next gen red guards can experience the same suffering.

  11. That's how socialism works. Poor people steal money and possessions from rich people until there is nothing more to steal and everyone starves to death.

  12. If only Mao was in charge of the whole world today, we could get the world population down to just 1 billion. We miss you deathgod Mao!

  13. How can a man who is responsible for the estimated death of 45 million of his people be remotely considered a hero? People are very gullible; this is how he was able to brainwash almost a billion Chinese by the time GOD took away his breath in 1976. Sad indeed. The man in the last segment summed up Mao best: cruel, shameless, hypocrite and selfish. "People need the Lord."

  14. Who has killed more Chinese? Destroyed more Chinese culture? Suppressed religion in China? Chinese Communists

  15. You see? People suffer and die, not because of racism and bigotry.. But because of something else entirely. Keep your eyes pealed. Neo Nazism is the least of your worries…

  16. I am Chinese.
    Mao is a great man. He came in with hyper-inflating economy and imperialist remnants and left it with atomic bomb and space program.

  17. Socialism begets communism. Communism breeds shortage. Unless you have a population of autistic workaholics content with their lot in life.

  18. Isn’t it peculiar that once the leaders become elderly they become pedophiles? Mao, and Billary? Maybe it’s because they can get sexual pleasure from young children who won’t expect them to have a massive hardon and instead they can play with kids who have no expectations…

  19. How many evil americans and pervs europeans come here to write how they hate China, pretending they care.

  20. 人非圣贤 孰能无过 ppl hate this party but do u know how much China has been through? Do you know Chinese ancient history and how hard to rebuild the country with thousands of years of feudalism? Who could have done better than Mao at that time?

  21. I really wish they have English subtitle . In that way foriegn language speakers get English contents more precisely.

  22. Can the west make a video about India without the sitar, and about China without oriental musical instruments?

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