Child Predator - Kidnapping Children (Social Experiment)

what's up guys Joey salads here and what would your child do if someone pulled up with a nice car and tried to abduct them I've reached out to a few parents we're going to try just that but I'm going to be using my bumblebee car let's see how these children react all right guys I'm on my way to this house there's a three kids I got my camera guys they're set up got a camera on the mom the camera on the kids so let's see what happens you like the car you guys want to come for a ride in the car it's a call from the Transformers come on get it let's go want to sit in the front not allowed to sit in the front where's where's mom and dad they say you're allowed to do this mom and dad didn't say you could do this why'd you get in the car shut it want me to bring you back what if I wasn't gonna bring you back all right what do you do it why'd you get in that car Brandon why did you get in look at him do you know him look at him you do you don't know why'd you go in that car what if you took it away see mommy anymore you don't you don't leave front yard got it alright and you especially don't get in anybody's car okay and you too should be known better hey what's up guys want to go for a ride they just ran away that's good yes the transformers car the bumblebee you guys when I go for a ride someone's gonna have to get shotgun right it's like you got shotgun cause fast you guys just jumped in this car is your mom and dad you're inside on see I know you're in the car what if I wasn't gonna bring you back I'm gonna bring it back with just no next time you don't just let in some what's call like that right all right as such stuff just don't do that again all right as you can see from this video some children are very golden be sure to give your children a talk I'm not talking to strangers give this video like and subscribe for more videos just like this I'm Joey salads and be safe yeah again

  1. If I was the kid I would say, ‘I wanna ask my mom and dad first! If she says she knows you then I can come if they allow me.

  2. Why’s the wee boy getting harassed but not the two girls. Plus he’s like fucking 2 or 3 years old

  3. It's true not to go with people you don't know or who not your parents friends.this inspires me because kids been missing and haven't been found for years or months. And it is safe not to go to people for money, candy, riding in a car, and if they ask you to pick you up from school or some where💰💰🗂🖕

  4. I would literally be in the car and hijack the driver because if I get kidnapped I go sicko mode and if it does not work I would break the interior and make it crash like I’m mad 😡

  5. Wow why are u blaming that young boy those 2 girl's were the one who grabbed him sheesh don't blame the young one

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