Charlestown Netball Association Finish with the Right Stuff testimonial

We actually were invited to an information session on finish with the right stuff and when we actually attended the session we thought this would fit really nicely with Netball and to we’ve always encouraged having a an association with representative teams. We’ve always encouraged our representative teams to finish with the right stuff with water and stuff like that. But we’ve never actually promoted it to our normal Saturday girls that play competition every week so we thought it was a perfect opportunity for us to actually start something and start promoting something for them. So that was three years ago and we introduced the water and the fruit and all we slowly introduced the other bits and pieces like popcorn and that I think the traditional thing of going to a sporting association is hot chips and a coke on a cold afternoon and things like that but I think they’ve actually enjoyed having the variety of food that we’ve got and that and the healthier options and they don’t have to sort of fight the kids because it’s not there to sell so they don’t have to fight the kids to say I want the lollies and I want that if they’re not there and things like fruit salad is they’ll buy the fruit salad and drinks yes we’ll we’ve really cut out most of our sugary drinks we do have them but a very low percentage we sell more water than we sell it in any any of our drinks and our low sugar content drinks.

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