Chad Prather’s Cowboy Capitalism | Guest: Chad Prather | Ep 16

welcome to Kibby on liberty we get to talk to Chad Prather the cowboy philosopher and we're gonna talk about whether or not conservatives are actually secretly libertarian what American tolerance is really all about and yes we're gonna talk about penis hats yes penis hats it's gonna get weird check it out kind of to do whatever you want we do it yeah yeah now we got a way to define it but if this is also like the one of the rules is that this is a drinking show yeah but since it's before new and I thought I thought we'd pour it into a coffee cup so people that know about it people won't think we're actually alcoholics right like we are but it's I mean it's noon somewhere yeah it is and so I'm I've just decided that you know I'll use the airport's example that's the one place they just don't judge you if you start drinking early in the morning that's right so this is Colorado whisky I don't know if you've ever had Stran hands but it's it's one that I like I have I have I like it all right you know I don't think of myself as a whiskey snob but I do drink probably way too much whiskey Cheers yeah I don't know if that's possible to drink too much whiskey actually I uh yeah I'm uncomfortable with that phrase yeah I thought about that kind of caught in my tongue when I said no I drink whiskey like most people drink beer wine you know I I don't your beer drinker though aren't ya yeah big beer drinker I'll have one or two every so often my wife's the beer drinker she's a cheap beer drinker yeah well I judge those people I know and what I've never understood is people who go into the craft breweries and they start asking for the the you know they'll have 300 beers on the wall and they're reading through the things and they're they're all these weird wild names it almost feels like you're its weed but for right beer right and they're like oh yeah dogs crazy head that sounds delicious all I know is it's an IPA in some weird name you know what that's not that you've ever been at a weed store but you just described it perfectly Oh a time or two we were out it we were in Vegas at the dispensary out there because we were doing an episode for my show humor me that actually comes out I think this is this week about marijuana and so we went to the dispensary out in Vegas 45,000 square feet I mean they they're making so much money out there that they're having to figure out things to do like put digital floors down that react when you walk on them yeah there's drone shows in the sky yeah they're adding another hundred thousand square feet I'm like hey man we did a cannabis business is good yeah we did up we did a show right after Vegas legalized recreational marijuana and you know my goal was to sort of normalize the industry because you know whatever your preconceived notion is about it it's it's really a small business guy that's trying to provide a service and make a profit and a lot of his customers aren't reggae stars they're you know they're grandmas that are trying to get up out of bed in the morning so they use CBD and stuff like that to do that but I was talking to work out the other day who came back it's one of those typical stores you've probably heard it a million times and I don't ever want it to get stale and hearing but one of these guys who came back for more a lot of issues going on and started using cannabis to I mean it really changed his life and we've heard those stories over and over again but something he said that was profound about that one was he said his father came to him and said you know I shouldn't have to fight the law just to be healthy yeah and I agree with that yeah a hundred percent I you know I'm one of those one of those terms you probably hate I don't know I'm always still trying to figure it out you know one of those conservatory ins that yeah I'm there on the right but again to each their own all right what can I do I mean you know I'm one I can't legislate morality I can't let you know block immorality things are you know and again there's a lot of things that I think we've perceived as immoral that are that are amoral that has nothing to do with anything right people live in their own yeah you know yeah you know it's well but that's a like I look at the data and conservatives and libertarians and anybody that doesn't really want to dictate the terms of somebody else's choices in life they're all they're all coming around on cannabis and I think it's particularly outrageous that that our veterans you know guys that have been through hell and back they get back here and they're dealing with issues and and you know some some political asshole says no you can't do that that's the thing I mean you got guys who coming back and they're on 20 pills a day your body can't regulate and heal itself when you're numbing it to that point yeah so you know there does there has to be some natural remedy – yeah so yeah we came back I think we spent about $1,100 that day in Vegas yeah actually yeah actually brought stacks of 20s paid cash right now they'll actually take a debit card at that one most places are cash but they would actually take a debit card okay but no um now I'm reading up trying to figure out how you travel with CBD also you know my god are we good are we okay and I'm like probably not but I'm taking a meeting yeah this something some are and some aren't and there's all sorts of yeah I hate the ambiguity of it but you know that the concept of my show which is fairly new is I wanted to have almost everybody in anybody on I'm a libertarian everybody knows that but but I'm trying to find the the common ground and and the things that hold us together even if we belong to a different political team or we come from a different place and I've had libertarians and progressives I had a really cool entrepreneur from Senegal Africa but the one thing I haven't had on is a conservative cowboy and I figure if I can normalize the rest of us maybe maybe we could even give a shout-out to flyover country and and see if see if there's even common ground with with someone as crazy as you so absolutely so that's what that's what we're setting out to yeah I'm not all black and gray did did you pay for that not even at Goodwill I said I want that I want to just like that so so let's let's assume that that my audience doesn't know much about you your comedian humorist how would you cut what would you call yourself I've never thought of myself as a true comic or comedian because I'm not a joke teller I'm a storyteller always have been and so I'm 46 years old now and I've always been fascinated by this lost art and concept of being a humorist and so I go back to you know some of the great writers of the past and then even some of the great storytellers and coming from the deep south and you know Georgia where I grew up then with the University of Georgia it was still at a time in culture where storytelling was think you know people passed down there you know this happened to uncle so-and-so and so I mean I can still tell story after story of my crazy family you know I tell people I said I had to get out of the I jokingly say I had to get out of the state of Georgia to escape the family business of meth yeah and I said you know I got a cousin and got arrested at a cat fight right a chicken fight cockfight for selling chicken salad sandwiches not a food perfect man that's it so you know we did some pretty redneck stuff down there but you know it was always about storytelling how do you pass that on how do you tell it in a funnier way more entertaining way how do you hold people's attention and so that always fascinated me and I was fortunate enough to get on radio and start doing that and then some television stuff and then then social media virality once that came along things went viral I mean we experienced about two and a half billion views in two years on just me kind of giving my observational thoughts about life and for me it was therapy yeah because I didn't I didn't want to go see a therapist I just figured I'll just put this stuff out into the cyber world and let them judge it see what happened yeah yeah so so you get that quote-unquote internet-famous which is a 21st century way of saying you're unemployed you're just real popular yeah yeah so but it works right yeah it's been fun you know we went on the road back in in the first of 2016 and I said well let's see if we can sell tickets and I started renting places and people started showing up and so next thing you know we're represented out of Los Angeles and you know we're sitting with TBS and ABC and CBS and Fox and all these guys and you know in and out of the news cycles with you know Fox News or CNN and MSNBC I forget what it was yeah apologetically southern yeah but that that wasn't that wasn't it by any means the first one but that one got you on Fox and Friends right yeah that was a bit that was a big deal that I didn't even know happened because I had done it I had done that video about six months prior to it taking off the way that it did on national notoriety so it wasn't one that was even on my radar because for me like I said it's therapy I post him in there get about yeah uh-huh I'll have radio interviews or TV interviews he'll say now let's talk about this video you did about depends undergarments I was like I have no clue I haven't zero recollection of ever discussing yeah you know depends undergarments with the world at large so I put him out there and forget about him and so they called me up I was on my way down to Conroe Texas to work at an event I speak at an event and anyway Fox and Friends I said can you be back in studio so you know my wife and I we were we were thrilled we were excited you know cuz we've never had that kind of notoriety on that level to do that and so we got up at 2 o'clock in the morning to drive back to be back in a studio in Dallas and so that was the first thing but it I had I really honestly had no idea than the recognition and notoriety that thing was getting and what it resonated inside people who kind of felt forgotten yeah you know you mentioned flyover States and it's just folks who felt you know less than and misrepresented and unheard and so it kind of launched this on a career of being able to say the things that people want to say yeah they don't feel like they can say you probably you probably tapped into that frustration long before Donald Trump did because you know yeah in this one of the early shows we did was a guy from Reason named Robbie suave and he's he's been trying to understand intersectionality right and I didn't understand it at all before he teeny spent a lot of time on college campus and he's he's trying to explain to me all these all these silos and they're there their ranks so that that that some sexual preference or some skin color or some religion or some ethnicity is ranked higher than another one and in this in this inner inner web of intersectionality ranks people but but the one clearly the one category that doesn't count or maybe you actually get negative points would be to be white southern cowboy like like that's that's three checkmarks against you it really is and you know I go even further I've said that if you're you know heterosexual white Christian male even more so because there's a you know my gosh University of Kansas is teaching courses now an angry white men I mean it's it's become a thing so you know I came out of and lived in and still live in the equestrian world you know a lot of horses in my life and and that was the you know Western culture lifestyle was part of my life I was probably way over educated for what I was doing and so Minoo it was funny I said you know I'm gonna just be me it's a funny story you know when I when I started all this stuff and kind of went into what I call the entertainment business you know I called my wife I was at the gym when there's not in the gym I was at the gym so there's a huge difference in that I was just out in the parking lot right yeah call her on the phone or so I'm gonna go make a living just being myself and she said well what's the street value on your personality you know you're leaving a good job to to do what and I said you know we'll see I stepped out into nothing but yeah I think it was I said I'm just gonna go out and be myself and I think that ingenuine nature of being able to just go out and say what people again but what they didn't feel like making here so I had several people who said well you know you get a lot further if you if you would take the cowboy hat off because that's such a misnomer and an antiquated kind of thing or people look at it and they immediately judge it and I was like no that's what I want to be I want to be known as that white guy with a southern accent who sits in his truck and sometimes it's dogs in the backseat and let's see if people will get caught up in the veneer or if they'll actually listen to what I'm saying and so I've never I've tried to never be a flame thrower per se of you know slinging you know bullets and and and you know what I've always wanted to do is just start a conversation with them get them talking unfortunately with social media you know what happens when people get to talking they start to fighting right now now me personally my my depraved side is actually enjoy sadness get me wrong there's nothing better than this so you like triggering people and well I you know but not none you know and what I'm hoping to do is say okay look here is a here is a way to take what I think is common sense we're gonna wrap it in humor little tongue-in-cheek make a little easier pill to swallow now how are you gonna digest it and it's funny most people I think over the years have digested it pretty well you know they come back and they're like we've created a dadgum fan base out of this thing yeah and so you know then on the other side you have people who just can't handle anyone looking at them and saying this is what I think is right right or this is what I believe because they feel like they're almost being bullied because there's that sense of dogmatism how dare you tell me something so concrete or black and white or that you really believe that with conviction when everything should be all about you know should be postmodern it should be what I feel about it and you know kind of what the flow of the day is right now how many of these I've had yeah and and but but dogmatism has been lost yeah at least the ability to hear it and think about it yeah I think Dogma the ability to just be dogmatic and receive something from a dogmatic perspective has been lost that's why people get triggered well I want to test your dogmatism and see how strident you are in fact and I've never done this on camera but I'm gonna I'm gonna come out of the closet here I've I live over a very weird lifestyle I've been married for 33 years heterosexual I'm monogamous and I realize that that's that's super weird and then I I hope saying this in public that people aren't super offended by that but but I'm not judging them so hopefully they'll let me be that guy yeah well that's exactly right I like to go and I'm white I but that should be obvious I don't know yeah you're all the same thing yes but I think that people look at that and you're right intersectionality that whole you know because I looked at it and I'm listening you know I think it's like trying to take a sip from a fire hydrant sometimes trying to pick up where people are standing on these things yeah these issues and these topics because again what I think post-modernism brought us is is this way of being able to define and redefine things at will and and well this is what it means to me and the idea of absolute truth is gone and who we hear it from has to be the right vehicle it has to be the right voice it has to be the right tone accent it has to be the right softness it has to be you know all that it has to be from the right skin tone what what's the vessel that's delivering this thing and in you wanted to get frustrating but we've got to find a way to come back to a place of knowing one another a sense of community discussing debating dialoguing on these things regardless of where people are coming from without a sense of offended 'not but I think that we have never felt a plight I don't think that especially younger generations and and I I consider myself still in that you know 46 you know under me and and the Millennials I think get a bad rap in some ways some they deserve and in this generation Z there's some hope there most of my kids reside in that generation so I'm hoping but by and large we haven't suffered any we haven't had any pain and therefore we have to I think the human soul cries out for a plight yeah and we don't we want something that identifies us as this is what's been done to me this is what's wrong and and really we can't point to anything as 21st century Americans yeah we can say 9/11 but that happened to that hand that happened to a city of ten million and then over in DC you know the guy in the brown but even young people don't remember I write it yeah it's not it's not like daily we're dealing with you know somebody lobbing or driving a red you know Datsun up and it's rigged with explosives we're not dealing with things like yeah yeah you know it's it's do I want to use Amazon or go to the store and get what I need those are tough to say they really are they really are and now my wife has wanting to use the drone and everything the Amazon she's like we got the Alexa she's like screw our invasion of privacy I don't care I need my Amazon yes I'm a paranoid lyric libertarian there'll be no drone deliveries to my house I don't want to shoot it out of the sky ya know I'm somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to that type of thing but no I think that's I think that's where we are at so so you know to to the point that we referred to a while ago to comedy what makes it impossible these days virtually impossible to come out and just be a brazen comedian right and say part of the job description is to mock and ridicule that does not mean that I dislike you or disagree with you I just want a point it's a point of light at some of the dark crevices of life I believe stereotypes exist for a reason they are grounded in general facts they're grounded in general consensus facts yeah and so it's okay but see these things we can't stereotype anybody what's funny to stereotype people I mean we talk about people watching what the hell do you think people watching is people watching is get sitting in an airport and stereotyping people we get entertainment out of that how many times do we ever say that when somebody says well I just want to go to the mall I just enjoy it for the people watching what a bigot yeah you just said you want to go stereotyped people you monster you're an asshole yeah that's that's kind of my thing is I look at these people and I say you know just we're just read we're just repackaging what what we've always complained about yeah so no I think in the job description you got to be able to mock ridicule and that's why I tell people I said look okay I'm gonna say some things and yes I admit I say things wrong I have foot-in-mouth disease but I'm still gonna say it because I don't know since humor is so subjective I don't know if you're gonna like this or not I'm at least gonna show you the edge I won't push you over it but when I meet you I want to see how far I can take you just to see where our relationship can go with each other yeah and that's whether it's one-on-one or an audience and so I'll push the envelope a little bit because if I don't find out I don't know and as a guy who wants to take people in there on that journey because I think we can learn from things when we're enjoying them and in you know entertained by them they stick with us but these days people are you know that it's so I just apologize right I I mean I tell them right up front I'm not apologizing I'm gonna make fun of yonk of your white or black fat skinny tall short male/female gay straight none of that matters we're gonna we're gonna poke fun at everyone you know the deal is we're not ridiculing that's the difference you don't need aren't ridiculing you're not mocking someone you're just looking at their life and saying how are you like this you know really is this why we are and that's what kind of where we are but people get offended because they don't want that searchlight turned on them anymore yeah but but a lot of your stuffs you know the first victim of your of your humor humor is yourself yeah it's gotta be self-deprecating yeah you're you're you're pretty tough on yourself and you should be yeah you should drink this clearly there's a long a lot of jokes here yeah yeah my family tree was a brush pile man I got it honest no we but I I do believe in being self-deprecating because I want humor that makes a point but you know they'll say you know for every finger I'm pointing at you I got three pointing back at me and I've always lived with that and I had I enjoyed the success that I've enjoyed over the last few years say at the age of 23 or 24 it could have ruined me but thankfully after having gone through a divorce in a very broken situation in life and trying to decide to you just quit on life ready pull yourself back up I pulled myself back up and kind of created a life out of it and you know this success began with me around 40 41 years old after I'd had those experiences and I could put a little more in perspective now meant for me I had no plan whatsoever to get into say politics I was gonna I was gonna avoid two things politics and current events because current events they they go away too fast now making all my money off of current events and politics yeah so and and then some of the hate that comes with that yeah but but so I think you know all the way back to Lenny Bruce and we could go back further you know my theory about comedy particularly in America so I consider America to be an incredibly tolerant place right agree and we figure out a way for people of all different stripes to sort of get together and and comedy was that place where we could poke fun at each other as a way of sort of opening the door to a broader conversation and understanding like like if you if you tell a good Italian joke and in part what you're doing is is is normalizing and humanizing exactly Italians right yeah and we can't do that anymore yeah you can't say anything that offends anybody and I is how does comedy function if it's not offensive yeah and that's the part that's the problem these days and I think it's evidenced in a lot of our comedy specials we see and especially those that tend towards the political side of humor or our late-night talk shows they're much more interested than applause than they are laugh yeah so some of us can I motivate you to feel the way I feel which again we're back to that esoteric experience of a crowd who's in their name yeah this guy's saying what I want him to say and he's saying what I'd like to say but I don't know how versus damn he just he just you know he just told my mother to hide her purse because it was a black guy coming onstage you know I'm saying there's there's we can't do those we can't do jokes like that anymore you know red fox can't get on stage one cuz he's dead but he can't you know a guy like that can't go on and talk about having sex with fat women you know you can't have you know red fox used to say y'all knew what you were doing you came in here it says xxx on the marquee you knew what you were getting you know Lenny Bruce and George Carlin they were arrested for this they were arrested for this type of free speech to be able to go out and say you know hey and you know you go back to Carlin's ol bit them of you know what the seven main words you can't say on TV and the belgariad of things and then you go back to Lenny Bruce who Lenny Bruce would seem completely benign to most of us today you know but here he is in the 50s doing what he's doing and going to jail and most nightly for it but to today I have a theory on some of this today pretty hard-pressed to find an insult comic on the on par with a Don Rickles Brad Garrett is a pretty good one who does that I've always been interested when Brad people see Brad on a live show and they think they're going to see Robby from Everybody Loves Raymond yeah and he's in there you know telling her about her cankles and me just really going after him you know and they're like oh that's not Robby at all he's giving him the middle finger so you know people have a hard time with stuff like that but then I see others on the other side who are out there who really pushing the envelope really getting there and I my theory is and I took this from my comedian friends – Pfeifer we talked about it a lot I think a lot of those guys were kind of grandfathered in before everybody got so damn sensitive like they were they were already doing those jokes and we loved him for it so now it's like Daniel Tosh okay he gets a pass because he's always been that way is he still pissed people off yeah because they're so sensitive but god they're sensitive when Jerry Seinfeld who is so benign in his comedy says he won't go on a college campus anymore because people get so offended I mean that's just ridiculous yeah we've gone back the sjw's have gone back and and and psychoanalyzed every episode of Seinfeld and everyone is problematic now exactly well yeah I was watching it I was watching a clip from one the other day and I was like you know that just wouldn't fly the other day yeah it just wouldn't fly so yeah I am then that's why I say right up front you know I've had times where I've come out wearing the vagina hats I talk about you know I get on stage and talk about how men need to have a foreskin rally you know we can all wear turtlenecks and if you look funny on the ball head of guys and yeah stuff like that my thing is like it like we should really just get like some some big skin colored you know tubes and wear them on our heads and stuff like that and I'm like I'm gonna tell women I'm like I'm not scared of you I don't mean you complain all you want to complain I've never done show where somebody didn't send me a message who took the time to share a message and say well we were disappointed in the show last night I mean you talked about your penis well yeah I had a vasectomy I wanted to talk about my penis I didn't say my dick now sometimes I will transition over and I'll say well speaking of little orange pricks Donald Trump it's so you know you'll do stuff like that people like oh no wait a minute I thought we were coming to you know it's so it just depends on how it hits me but I'm not gonna apologize for it and I'll say you know look I got a mother-in-law got a mother I got a wife and three daughters there's so much estrogen in my household that I'm in cycle with them so I'm not scared of any of you women none of you so so andrew heaton you know who has something's off with andrew heaton on the on blazed TV and blaze media podcast I whenever we've done shows again it makes him very uncomfortable did he place did he pay you to place we had yet we had lunch yesterday after it's definite and I said I really do make you uncomfortable I guess yeah yeah yeah he said but I'm like a tall tree it doesn't take much to push me over well he's he's like a woke libertarian so so but we we should actually just pick on him for a minute yeah hey we really should I mean we did it we did a recent from my podcast we did some recent short episodes called highballs with heatin yeah where we you know pour cocktail whiskey and and then we will draw a topic out of the Hat though and see if we agree or disagree yeah we'll talk about the whiskey for four or five minutes and then ten minutes we'll debate and so we can get about three of those episodes and were pretty hammered yeah yeah but no he comes in wearing them you know I'm obviously in the cowboy hat so he comes in wearing the top hat and the waistcoat you know and I mean the guy went to the baseball game there that doesn't probed heatin he goes the pro ball game the Texas Rangers games wearing his tie and his coat his waistcoat and the whole thing didn't get his ass kicked he probably should've he could probably run away though well that's how you're right up front he ain't fighting no he's running is why he might use some sort of he might quote a libertarian economist as about the non-aggression principle as to why yeah you shouldn't punch him at a ball game but the thing that pisses me off is when I start agreeing with him you know he'll say some things and I'm like obviously have the energy to disagree right yeah yeah I mean my convictions say otherwise I injury but I just don't have the energy right now but that you used the word Conservatorium and and I I'm not while I know exact I have a lot of conservatory and friends I might actually qualify as I understand the term myself but you know it's a made-up word based on a made-up word because libertarianism made-up word it used to be that liberal was the word that we would use because liberal meant free but the progressives destroyed the word progressive in the 30s and 40s of the night then they stole our word and then they started being liberals right I'm so none of these words make any sense and even conservative anymore I'm not sure if it's is it Trump nationalism conservatism is it is it fiscal responsibility constitutionally limited government conservatism I don't even know what that stuff is but I but I think the that the fact that we had to come up with a word like conservatory and I think shows that that we libertarians have done a very good very poor job representing what I would consider libertarian values because part of it is just tolerance not acceptance but tolerance like you're you're kind of weird you're from Texas I I don't understand it exactly but I'm okay with that as long as you don't hurt me or take my stuff to me that's that that's the entire liberty ethos and and your you were conceived in Texas but born in New Jersey in New Jersey yeah yeah four months of the first four months of my life that's a burden you're gonna have to forever because I've got non-stop people saying what does this guy know about anything he Texas my ass he's born in New Jersey threw up in New Jersey right now I didn't grow up in New Jersey that was just happened to be where my mother was when she went into labor yeah it's so anyway grew up in Augusta Georgia and yeah I you know I come from that that's why I think for me I came back and I'm unapologetic about what I am so hence the you know unapologetically southern I can only speak in the accent I've been given now granted over the years being on microphone and on camera I've tried to mute a lot of that and for somebody from the south I talk pretty fast but back to your point you know I've always looked at myself I've never I've never declared with any political party ever and so a lot of people assume that I'm a Republican a you know and I'm not I'm not a registered anything and I've always thought of myself a little more as libertarian and then like you said you've got all of these addendums to the description and so then you start sitting back and going okay so now how do I want to label myself because I've always been careful with labels first of all because with labels and it doesn't matter what it is good or bad if I can label you then I can put you in my mental box and I can take that box and put it on the shelf and whatever Matt kibby's name comes up I'll say oh no I remember the label I don't want to deal with that label today right you know I don't want to take that box down today and so yeah I'm with you on that I I just I've tried to keep it as simple as I possibly could and just put it in layman's terms and to say don't hurt me and don't take my stuff is a pretty basic yeah you know thing I catch a little flak because I am pro-life I'm vocally pro-life I'm very defensive pro-life but you know I've had people who say well you know I have to go back to what I said originally you can't legislate morality you can't you know if somebody's going to do that they're going to do that you know it's just like suicides illegal but if somebody gonna do it they're gonna do it you know all I can do is support the same with drug abuse same with drug abuse if a person do it eating too many Cheetos yeah well I remember when I'm talking to you I remember when Howard Oh Charles Spurgeon met oh gosh was it was Winston Churchill and Spurgeon walked up to Winston Churchill you know Spurgeon was the pastor that huge church that Tabernacle there in London and and he walked up to Churchill and he looked at his cigar and said that sir offends me and Churchill took his finger and stuck it in his fat gut and said that sir offends me so it's one of those let's pick what I don't like about let's pick your sin right and focus on that but you're right but I don't care how fat Charles Spurgeon is but you know I again I'm back to people watching yeah it's and this is that and this to me is sort of the the libertarian ethos is like it's okay to pick on friends and neighbors about things decisions they make that you don't make like you might you own a dog and and I think that's morally wrong I think I think dogs are communist they're constantly begging for a handout you've got a problem but you know that's your that's your lifestyle choices good stuff I'm drinking more of it you keep telling me all your nonsense yeah so I'll test this theory on you I think I can bring you around I think you're gonna put your dog up for adoption and and replace it with it with a bunch of cats I'd be ruined because I don't know if you can put a cat in the back of your pickup but not without injury yeah you know cats are self-sufficient they probably don't really give a damn about you and I feel like that's that to me is the libertarian ethos I don't know views on it might be an old one I just saw it this past week where the cat is hanging in the in the blinds the mini blinds of the house and he can't get out he says I know I've been an asshole to you most of my life but I really need some help ya know we've always had the dog we've always had cats but we always had you know barns and things like that for the cats to go do what cats do and you know kill mice and you know just go out there and be assholes on their own general terms with each other I decided on my second anniversary to buy myself a kit I buy my wife a kitten my wife has never had a cat she never expressed any desire to ever have a cat she didn't want to own a cat she had told me numerous times numerous times do not ever bring home a cat unless it's a barn cat do not bring home there will be no cat living in the house so in her second anniversary which is the cotton anniversary I decided to pick up a kitten that was soft like cotton and I named it cotton and I brought it home so what's she gonna do now she's got a cat right so that went on for about a year all of the scrapes and the scratches and the claw marks all over the there will Terry oh yeah the doors the I would just tearing things apart and taking control of the three dogs I mean because she owned the place but she would like to go out with the dogs for about an hour 45 minutes to an hour she just hang out in the yard well then she's ready come back in right yeah it's so one day my wife let her out she was kind of scratching at the door when we got in hang with the dogs and in 24 hours passed and my wife said where's the cat I said did you ever let her back in no we never saw the cat again so I learned my lesson on that so no more cats do we do it do we think this this cat got out alive or do we just not want to talk about it you know I have probably so I think and cats probably living the living the dream at one of the neighborhood houses because it's a pretty good cat yeah yeah but again what do people say it's cat that acts like a dog right yeah that's a that's the characterization right there well that just means that the cat's not trying to kill you they are fun to watch though they say they lower your blood pressure regardless but but I'm here to help you you know if you've come up with this this this sort of contrived term conservatory and des try to fit into a spectrum that doesn't even make any sense but I want to use language that you can understand so I'm going to use country music to try to convince you that you're a libertarian all right the first is Lyle Lovett you're not from Texas but Texas wants you anyway to me that's that's a live and let live attitude it sort of arrogant like Texans think they're just a little bit better than the rest of us but it's okay it's a humble arrogance you can come here anyway yeah probably a more important one is mama tried mm-hmm because I think the values that define libertarianism I I wrote a whole book on it which I happen to be here I'm flaking my book today mm-hmm don't hurt people and don't take their stuff where did I get that from I stole it from your mom and she stole it from her mom and there's there's these basic values that that are fundamentally libertarian that that moms teach their kids from day one don't hurt people don't take their stuff get a job mind your own business all of these things are the things that that I would consider quintessentially American right right are they conservative maybe are they the same things that that liberal moms teach their kid probably they're just American they're just common sense do you buy that yeah you know I again I go back to what I saying earlier I think to the degree that you can keep it as simple as possible I think that's where it's right for instance you know we've used the adage of you know bird with two healthy wings and you got a right wing you got a left wing and you know you kind of want to get in on the body of the bird I think I think we make a little too complex of we're on the wing we sit when really and truly common sense makes a huge difference if you just apply it for some reason when when you had me on on your show I made it not simple at all you asked me about socialism and I started quoting Austrian economists and I and very much freaking out your your cohorts oh what's that guy's name party foul Steve yeah he he was he was out he was dead to the world yeah I think he might have actually taken it out he said I don't have a clue what was talking to me yeah that's why I asked him I said you read much friedrich hayek anything nope we don't keep him around for the book smarts yeah but now you know you go back together there's tolerance right they're like well exactly it's sort of a special needs yeah situated a very special needs we got to talk at very very small words when it comes to party fell but he knows that that's the beauty that's the beauty of him he can take it but you know hey look Jesus said do unto others as you'd have done unto you I mean I think that's pretty libertarian yeah that's that's pretty pretty cut-and-dried cut-and-dried and pretty simple you know I've always I've always looked again to that and we think that we can tell someone okay don't do this don't do that don't do this don't do that don't do this whether it's government whether it's religion whether it is you know whatever civic organization you may be in well we're not going to do this and we're not gonna do this and I and I just find that when you keep pointing at things that tends to be where people look and that's what they focus on and I think that rather than pointing at freedom and liberty that we have in having that conversation and pointing to what because I think that was what I asked you and we started with that podcast on my episode is do you think we're free you know do you think we really have Liberty because I think there's a lot of people who are disenchanted out there with America and in thinking well we don't really have freedom but as a guy who spent 20 years in third world countries where you have to get your papers checked every time you cross a border or you know there's a guy with an m16 who's holding you up and may or may not let you through this one little pass gate or something like that I you start to realize the difference between what I think is freedom versus what I think is liberty and I and I think they are two different things I may be free or not free to do certain things in this country but I regardless I still have Liberty yeah I you mentioned earlier young people in this country don't know what government oppression is all about I I just got back from Belgrade Serbia speaking to about 800 libertarian ish kids and and I've spoken in the country of Georgia to police each Oranje all over Eastern Europe and and the difference between them and us is that they have an uncle somebody was killed by the government not so long ago it's part of their family history they know those stories and they were they were largely oppressed for doing things like speaking their mind mm-hmm like trying to run a business and things that we just take for granted here so I do think that that part of our challenges is just getting people to know that that we have we have both freedom and liberty here we're pretty much free to think what we want and do what we want there's there's lots of things that the government's doing that it shouldn't do that that that oppresses that but but generally we're free to do that and and I and I think one of the things that libertarians have failed at is is is drawing a very clear distinction between a House committee vote on five to four that decides that you can't do this mm-hmm versus a church or a community or a civic organization or a family that's that's sort of saying you know there's limits to your behavior yeah and it's it's based on on what your mom taught you and those are very important social institutions but but they're not they're not implemented at the point of a gun right and that's what holds civil society together and libertarians spend so much time talking about individualism and I want to be myself believe me alone that we forget to say that the bounds of Liberty is is held together by these civil institutions that have have worked for hundreds thousands of years right yeah and I I almost see that people really want to try to come to a place where they're the where are the where the fits is where the boundaries how far can I go before I'm in trouble like where's the limit there how free am i I think if we realize how free we are supposed to be and designed to be it's it's dangerous it's deadly because powers don't like that the control factions really don't like a free people a truly free people and so I think they spend time exacerbating the emphasis of the fences and the boundaries that we focus on those so much that we don't realize that hey there's there's a pretty big pasture in for us to graze in and and do the things that we like you know until until you start instituting people who want to make the fences smaller and I think that's what we have and I think that's what a lot of people are frustrated with yeah on both sides what regardless of the political spectrum what's it and and I would emphasize both sides I feel like our current politics is it's kind of a tribal war between between two sets of people who have different sets of values different geography maybe different skin color I don't know but the if the idea of politics is to make sure that we control the presidency and make sure that we control Congress so that we can impose our way of living on the other guy's right to me that's that's tyranny right to me that's a recipe for for tearing apart what makes America America and I really don't I really don't like that and I try to which which is one of the reasons I emphasize my libertarianism I don't belong to team red or blue anymore I'm I'm like I I would love to live and let live well I think that's where I think that's where I think that's my personal opinion and conviction is that's where we all have to come to one way or another look I say I don't want to live out on the wings I flew here last night in a plane I didn't fly on the wings I you know that doesn't mean I'm a centrist or a moderate or I'm in the middle of the road on everything I have convictions and opinions on how things should be you know you take my kids I tell people I've got five kids they're doing well you know two of them are off at university settings doing great which can be a little scary sometimes but people say you know how why did your kids how did they come out so they're smart they're individuals they do their own things you know one one did ballet another one was published another one is builds computers and you know has an engineering mind we never pushed him to conform we never pushed if they don't I played baseball if they did want to play baseball don't play sports don't play sports that's you find you yeah and so I said I tell people I said well it wasn't a matter for me of trying to teach my kids right from wrong I wanted to teach them a value system so they learned a value system then they would learn what would be good for them and what would be add for them now what was good for one might not have been good for another one but they're individuals and so it was up to them to interpret their personal circumstance situation and conviction of what they value and then yes if you value not drinking and driving you're gonna say no to drinking and driving you know you're not going to go do it but you've got to value that it can't just be well that's wrong and I don't want to do it and I think some of that has come into American politics today is is I've got to do this I need to do that all right because someone has told me that I've got a tow a party line and I don't believe in that at all I think we got to come into that place where you say look I got a conviction about this but I'm not gonna try to cram it down your throat because that's always been my issue which is always wildly I've identified more libertarian than anything else because I said look I don't care what you do I don't care you sleep with I really don't as long as you're not you know creating victims through your actions which is ultimately criminal or trying to get me to do it through some formal form of legislation and and I don't care what you do and so you know there is that element of people feel like they have to be a part of a party they have to be part of a community that belongs I hate that we've lost the idea of critical thinking and the ability to take some some diametrical you know differing things that tend to come together and make them work you know I go out and do these comedy shows and I'll riff on Donald Trump why not you know I mean where you can't not at some point I mean why not you know and I'll have people go oh and I don't owe me you know I'm telling the truth yeah you but the problem is you've gotten so blinded by toeing the line and walking the fence that you can't even come out and think critically anymore about that what I'm telling you from a humorous perspective is true yeah and it is funny you just you you feel dirty by laughing at it because you have so aligned yourself with a certain party or a certain way they're thinking so this whole Trump phenomenon time it took me by surprise you know back during the primaries in 16 I said I said I feel like we're trying to pick which venereal disease were most okay living with for the next four to eight years and then here we come you know you got by the way that's the definition of presidential politics what it is so you know I you know I was getting a tire replaced on an on my truck one day and this old guy pulls up in his red Mercedes convertible and he says he just gets out total stranger he is who you voting for I said well I'm trying to decide he goes let me tell you who's gonna change it and do it all right it's gonna be gonna be good and this is the guy right here he points to this Trump bumper sticker and at the time I was like come on you know come on but I had no idea that the faction that exists out there I mean some of these people are rabid like like my mother there's two men in history you don't mess with once Jesus and the others Donald Trump I mean she loves him usually in that order hope anyway no yeah that's pretty much it yeah my mother whenever I've been on Fox and is she's like don't you say anything bad about the president you know he watches yeah you know I was and I told you this I was a I was a Rand Paul guy and I was I was working on a Rand Paul super PAC and I actually spoke on Rand Paul's behalf at the Iowa caucuses and and that was the day that I learned that that the Trump phenomenon was far more deeply rooted than I appreciated and I I think it gets back to cultural identity and and it's odd that a billionaire who's whose Trump yeah is is the standard bearer for flyover country yeah or whatever we call that you know conservative here's a guy who's a playboy billionaire real estate mogul from Queens yeah who is odd to look at comes from an eccentric past and parents the most wrapped about man in music history yeah you know he's got all the women he's got the wives he's got the riches the towers the houses and all this stuff and and you're telling me that Earl it works on transmissions out in Lincoln Nebraska is identifying with this man yeah and saying he's going to be our champion he's the guy that we're gonna get behind I don't care how many peas he's grabbed I don't care you know how many wives he's had how many times he's cheated on I don't care if he paid off a hooker for $135,000 I don't care he's my guy yeah that's weird to me yeah that's weird to me that it I get it but there's no logic that makes me be able to explain it in a way that others who don't get it are going to understand I can't give you an ah-ha moment not about not about this situation I can just can't I mean I I didn't I didn't honestly understand it even even that day because because I had been a tea party organizer right and I thought we were building up to this this this idea that that someone like Rand Paul but there were other guys you know there was Ted Cruz and and Scott Walker and other other interesting tea party elected officials in that presidential field but but I think it goes back to your the success of your YouTube video unapologetically southern people were feeling like their way of living was disrespected right and one of the first very first things that candidate Trump did is he went to the National Tea Party convention and he said Washington doesn't respect you guys yeah go back and like he's like these people don't give a damn about you and and he D filled that void for people it's and you know maybe it's real maybe it's not but but they feel like they didn't have a home in our national politics particularly in this tribal warfare where one side has to defeat the other side and so they they chose a fighter and and I don't think they care anything about his personal life yeah I really don't think they do yeah and there's numerous examples throughout history that I could point to but you know we've done them ad infinitum ad nauseam and and you just look at what we've got I mean he comes in and he says I'm gonna drain the swamp well no one's ever trusted politicians yeah it's that start past time we don't trust politicians they're not trustworthy so he kind of went deep into that inner soul area where people always said I don't trust anything going on in Washington DC and he said well we're gonna drain it we're gonna we're gonna get rid of all of that stuff now me I heard that I thought okay sure it's a pretty it's a pretty deep abyss in washington d.c i I mean I I heard it as as complete bullshit yeah but because most politicians promise they're gonna come in and clean Europe sure and it never really works out that way and I don't know I'm still not sure that it's not bullshit i but i but I hope for America right like well I mean to the degree we continue to see the bullshit I think it's bullshit I mean it's it's still there yeah I mean if you could smell it it's still there yeah you don't have to be a good god if you can't look around yourself right now circumstantially and our government say well this stinks yeah it's pretty bad it's it it's the essence of it maybe maybe as it drains you got to smell that rotten stuff down on the bottom but I I watch that whole thing I was like okay this is this is the weirdest time in history that I've ever seen then I asked myself why you know and why can't this guy go in there do what he's gonna do but saying I have this philosophy and I'd love to get your perspective on this so I have this ideas I've watched things is I almost don't even feel like Donald Trump is real far right I think he's kind of left to center in his heart in his conviction and that's that's his history for sure this is history but I kind of feel like okay this guy's gonna make now his rhetoric is one thing you know the tweeting the tweeting is is a laser pointer to cats I mean they're running all over trying to catch what he's doing and I can just see Don it 3 o'clock in the morning you know with the white eyes and the fresh spray tan and the bikini lines and stuff sit on the toilet tweeting you know a crazy joke there Ashley well that's what I love about that magazine that said the people are getting sex counseling because they feel like Donald Trump's messing up their sex life if you're thinking about Donald Trump while you're having sex man you got deep deep problems that need therapy but now don't even plant that's I think it's even messing up you right now I know exactly I got to pull it back I was thinking Milania Milania Milania Milania get me back on track I'm heterosexual 2qb so and breathing with red blood but I've said but I think the guy they have to villainize him to the point of banking right-wing extremists they now we're seeing the left and all these folks declaring now to run in 2020 they've gone off the reservation yeah to the left I mean just talking the most crazy nonsense that they can because they have to out insanity each other they have to out left each other and that's and I think Trump to some degree if if he if he is indeed playing for DHS I think that's been a pretty wise move yeah like I mean they're they're looking at his success and saying okay identity really worked of course he was looking at Barack Obama's identity politics and saying you want to go identity I'll double down on that but but it's not at all clear that the the radical authoritarian left like the ones that really want to tell you how to live which i think is a fairly new thing i i think it is – i don't think the democratic party um even five years ago was like that i disagreed with a lot that they stood for but it wasn't that sort of authoritarian lifestyle thing I'm not sure that politics is gonna work for the Democrats because they they you know they they will turn on themselves and you know again based on intersectionality the big debate in democratic politics right now is whether or not a white guy is acceptable just because he's a white guy it doesn't it doesn't matter about anything else and I I'm not sure that that's that's the path to victory ma'am there are there are white guys in this country that vote a lot of yeah a lot of them and I go back to you know I think it was Bernie who the other day said look if the Democratic Party doesn't focus on more than just we want to beat Trump then we're not gonna beat Trump and then over the weekend Hillary Clinton came out with I mean who wants to take campaign advice from Hillary Clinton but nonetheless she did say look you know there needs to be a vision for the country you need to know where you want to go there needs to be this kind of ability to say okay this is what I value about America and this is where I think we need to get to and I was we scoff at that because of the source but at the same time what she's saying is you got to do more than just wanna beat Donald Trump because it's probably a red flag that she's the voice of reason everything a very very she made that is a strong wind bro blowing that red flag yeah she made that mistake there's this I don't know how would you categorize him but I loved his work Jonathan Hite has done a lot on the conservative mind the liberal mind the libertarian mind and and he pointed out the day after the election he he pulled Hillary's first ad the one that announced issues running for president and it was a beautiful rainbow of all these people from all these different parts of America different identities different skin colors different ethnicities and different religions and the one thing that wasn't in that video was a white dude and so she she doubled down on identity thinking that that was the path to victory and and Trump played her so maybe maybe she learned that lesson I don't know he definitely played her and that was what he played and I think that's what in in the last couple of years I think that has what has really really pushed the identity politics of making the big evil bad wolf the angry white guy because they know that that's the base that Trump appealed to you know he those folks who said no we're tired of this we're gonna we're gonna defend ourselves we're gonna have Liberty at all cost and they're gonna take our factories back and her Carden you know manufacturers back and we're gonna you know forget China and we're out of here we're gonna make money and why would I shit in Wall Street be booming and those kind of things well let's face it you know the guy in the south side of Chicago who's living in the streets he's not the guy who's worrying so much about what Walmart's or what Wall Street Rather's do it yeah you know and so Trump definitely did do that and there are people out there who in so consequently because they're responsible for putting Trump that big you know and I say that the campaign slogan for the left is orange man bad they're the ones that are responsible and so they must be villainized they must be punished I mean did we we had no idea there was this much white nationalism in the country and racism and who knew that everybody was a member of the KKK I mean you know so so suddenly everybody's you know a proud boy or a tiki torch carrier or whatever you know we're all right in it's it's just gotten ludicrous on that how do we come out of it can we come out of that I don't know if we can in the age of social media especially I don't know I think the and I have to give a shout out for for us libertarians I think the counter-revolution is going to be tolerance it's going to be realizing that if you take your liberalism yeah if you take all of your disputes to Washington where one side has to win and the other side has to lose there's no upside to that brand of politics because that that's not American like like we actually believe that if you live in New York City you should you should choose you choose that and that that's a certain lifestyle it's not like Texas it's different well I look at this house okay so it's the house you live in old house yeah you know I mean it's it's I imagine that for you to do anything here there's probably a Historical Society there there are laws or you can about I can I mean it just boggles the mind I'm sure yeah if you wanted to renovate something tear down a wall tear down a fence rebuild a wall and then you have neighbors around here they're equally they have they have homes from antiquity basically and so you guys have to come together and say okay this has got to be done can we agree on this fence can we agree on this wall do I need to take it to the City Council do I need to take it to the judged I knew that or can we just say okay this is what this is what we can do now can we come together and do this together you know that's how we live our everyday life why can't we why can't we live that on a larger scale voluntary cooperation neighbor to neighbor from the bottom up solving problems no one's gonna do it for you you know take a little bit of responsibility it's it's work to get everybody together but that that to me is the American ethos and and it's pretty cool we've done some great stuff that way I got back to when you know Katrina Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and it was a nightmare and it was a FEMA nightmare and people just couldn't pull themselves out of that thing and people were displaced and they're still displaced in New Orleans still hasn't recovered we're talking about something that was 14 15 years ago then in 2009 a community like Nashville Tennessee gets hit with a flood that just wipes out their lower downtown air you know with 20-foot waters and just devastated the city but within a matter of two three months they're back at it because they pull themselves up and said we're going to come in here together not wait on a federal government to send us the relief and we're gonna get this thing done because it's our community yeah and I think to the degree that we can do that on any scale is where we're gonna be successful because then because then your cooperation and your growth is all grassroots it's word-of-mouth it's common it's it's it's you know loving your neighbor loving your neighbor as yourself if we can go that far it's walking an extra mile you know when you're you know you take you take you take that parable of the extra mile and Jesus talking about you know if if someone compels you to go a mile with them throughout the Roman Empire in those days you know there were mile markers that all those mile markers led to the center of Rome and so any place that was under Roman rule they had a mile marker you knew how far you were at any given time from the city center of Rome so here they were in in Judah and Judea and you know Jesus says hey give you a lesson from life because if one of these Roman centurions is welcomed with his pack or whatever he sees a Jewish subject he can drop that pack and say hey he can compel you you got to carry this and so here's a guy that probably wants to not carry that for a mile from it he we had to be compelled to walk from one mile marker to the next but what Jesus was saying is tell you what once you Surprise them and keep walking and don't drop the pack you go another mile and that's that's in a selfish society in an instant society where where things almost move at the speed of thought I mean we can send a text message to a satellite in space that you know gets reconfigured in the air and sent back down to you know yours in a matter of the instance and and yet we're so spoiled and we have an experience pain and we have an experience persecution know oppression the idea of loving somebody else serving somebody else or even going an extra mile is is it's a novel concept but again it's true liberalism that really is that's why I love it when people say well Jesus was liberal and I said well depends on what you define liberal-ass yeah was he a socialist no but but I you know I he wasn't here to play political parties cuz he can offend all of them so you're taking taking some of these stories on the road are you are you still on the road doing star-spangled banner' yeah we do about 95 shows a year we're probably gonna switch things up here I'll probably continue star-spangled banner through 2019 because we're starting to go back into a lot of the same cities and venues because I don't do comedy clubs I do theaters and so you know we on average will see a thousand people – we've seen upwards of 3,500 in which is for a white dude doing comedy in the 21st century is actually pretty dang good crowd particularly that Jack exactly and so just this Sousa sexuality really and so I even got my name in it look at there boom look at that look at the inside of that in that pretty right you're I'm feeling good I feel like you're disconnected from your roots that's pretty fast yeah you got to get away man got to get away forget they know you change your name all that stuff but now we do about 95 100 shows a year we have a blast all across the country we'll take off we're about to do a stretch of shows to the Pacific Northwest we got that we go to places it's funny we talk about the flyover States we sold on Seattle we sold out in Portland sold out we just did our seventh show in California of the year and here we are just now into the middle middle of April we've sold out around la San Diego last year sold out four shows in downtown San Diego so I mean it in one point is even in those places like that where you would think of bastions as liberalism I can do two shows in San Jose people are so desperate for the non-crazy they'll try then they'll get there they'll come you know I have you know our my company is pretty diverse in that you know I got party foul Steve who's a marine so so we got the we got the special-needs people and we've got my agent is we're gonna have to give them a platform to respond yeah yeah exactly gay Cubano is my agent my Jewish manager out of El eh I got Bujji Sean who's the only black dude I know with white privilege I got Jason Hernandez who I think is who knows build the wall I mean I we're diverse man we look like a weird rock band when we come into the bar your diversely offensive exactly yeah I we were in we were in Salina Kansas for a show a couple of weeks ago snow and we went into this deal and I went in the bathroom because I came in the back door and Sean and Jason who produced humor me for blaze TV they went on into the bar I could hear live music playing and I and I was listening through the wall I was like is that bad singing she's got a crap she took a crap and then I came out and I walked and they were singing she's got the clap yes I said I don't think this is a bar for us we'll tread tragically I know that song it's an ac/dc song you're on blaze TV how do people find this profound wisdom like people are definitely does be at watch chad is of course Twitter and Instagram and if you get on facebook and search Chad Prater you're gonna find me on Facebook and as well on YouTube you know we've we've got a pretty solid presence there we've got I've got four different Facebook pages which are all pretty big and someone labeled me a political cowboy years ago I hated that terminology but it's stuck and then modern-day Will Rogers and then I've had you know CNN labeled me the pickup truck pundit because we you know we did everything in the truck yeah that was the easy studio I could park it in the shade I could control the sound and nobody would bother me and there's no zoning limits yeah I just became a thing so yeah and then watch Chad calm his the website people can find me out there live out and around the country cool fun thank you we'll get you out of DC before you get corrupted by the Death Star which is only blocks away I know thanks man thanks for watching Kibby on liberty by now you know this is the most important event of your week so make sure you subscribe on youtube click the little bells so you get notifications Kibby on liberty mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people you

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  2. Obama, Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood's "Sixteen Year Plan for America" is the "ah ha" for why we voted in Trump and his Marines. This country as we know it would not exist if "The Witch" had won. There is a serious battle behind the scenes, a real battle between good and evil.

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