Central Park Five Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Chased Off Social Media After 'When They See Us' Drops

Breakfast Club bitch please don't keep the date today dog you today for Tuesday June 4th goes to a woman named Linda bear Steen that name may ring a bell for some of you right now but I have no idea why her last name is Faris Dean when there's nothing fair about her in fact our middle name should be don't play because Linda don't play fair Dean by now you all should have watched when they see us on Netflix the latest masterpiece from Queen Ava Duvernay drop on the clues Bombay doing activism through art better than Ava right now Jesus god bless Ava all right god bless Queen Abel she is truly making it making a difference on this planet it is very inspiring but we're not here to talk about God's alright and goddesses this morning we're here to talk about devils and Linda fasting Linda don't play fast teen its indeed a devil oh she has allowed Satan to use her in a way I have never seen see Satan loves mayonnaise Satan puts mayonnaise on everything 90% of all evils in the world have too much goddamn mayonnaise on them okay too much mayonnaise ruins everything all right you need just enough not a lot just enough too much of it ruins any dish I write too much mayonnaise makes tuna disgusting too much mayonnaise makes potato salad disgusting too much mayonnaise makes any sandwich disgusting and that's exactly why Satan loves to spread the evil that is mayonnaise everywhere because he wants to ruin things now the human jar of Hellmann's we are discussing today Linda don't play fair Steen she was the former assistant DA and a head of the sex crimes unit of the county of New York from 1976 to 2002 and she oversaw the prosecution of the Central Park jogger case oversaw is a great word for what she did in this case because she moved like an overseer overseers were paid to get the most work out of the slaves therefore overseers often resorted than whatever means were necessary to get what they wanted out of slaves in the case of Linda don't play fair steam she was an overseer who resorted to whatever means were necessary to wrongly convicted by chips okay five Raymond Santana Kevin Richardson Corey wise use of Salam and Antron McCray who were wrongfully convicted for the rape and assault of a 28 year old woman in Central Park now there was no evidence tying them to the crime and at the time the young men were 14 15 16 respectively and they spent 6 and 13 years in prison before a serial rapist by the name of my tias race admitted to committing the assault in 2002 now if you've seen when they see us on that flick then you know that the overseer Linda Don Playfair Athene demanded law enforcement to build a case around these innocent young men in fact her exact quote from when they see us is every young black male who was in the park last night is a suspect and the rape of that woman who is fighting for her life right now every young black male who was in the park last night is a suspect in the rape of that woman who was fighting for her life by the way don't think that quote is a one-time thing all right might be my own black paranoia okay my blacken lawyer but I have a sneaky suspicion that is how they see us at all times every black man in America period is a suspect for something that's why they profiled us the way they do because that's how they see us all right we have a target on our backs at all times the exact same way almost immediately every young black male was in Central Park that night had a target on their back and if you saw when they see us you know that Linda don't play fair Dean was accused of leading intimidation efforts to generate false confessions from these young men white people Linda don't play fair esteem should embarrass you if you are white and watched when they see us and you didn't feel disgusted disturbed angry at the way Linda don't play fair Steve and the rest of those devils and that law enforcement treated those young brothers then you probably got mayonnaise pumping in your varicose veins too now what is the reason we are all gathered here today well if you know anything about the history of Overseers who oversaw the plantation and oversaw the slaves they sometimes would drive the overseer off the plantation oh yeah and what so often slaves would get fed up and forced their overseer off the plantation and that's exactly what happened yesterday because almost 30 years later after watching when they see us people are calling for a boycott of Linda fair scenes books and demanding that Amazon and other retailers remove her novels from their shelves who in here feel sorry for her show of hands not a goddamn hand in the room wait sir hey let's listen to what one of the victims Raymond Santana told TMZ about Linda don't play fair Steve when you do dirt you can't run no matter how long it is the truth comes out and even though it's 30 years later she has to pay for her crime and so whether it's in the courtroom or whether it's socially it is what it is she has to pay for her crimes simple as that I mean it was indeed a crime all right the real crime Linda wasn't interested in solving all right Linda was interested in sending five innocent black men to prison for a crime he didn't commit her hatred for black people trumped her love for her own gender I repeat her hatred for black people trumped our love for her own genders she's so anti black that she forgot to be pro woman because if she actually cared about this young woman being sexually assaulted she would have spent that time that energy and those resources on finding the real perpetrator my tias raised whose DNA was found at the crime scene yes the DNA at the crime didn't match any of the five black young men Linda sent to prison but it did match my tias race who at the time of his confession was serving a life sentence for raping three other women near Central Park in addition to raping and killing a pregnant woman oh my tias raised was a serial rapist Matias raised four months after the Central Park rape raped a woman in her Upper East Side apartment that woman got away and the superintendent of the building was able to hold my tears down and he pled guilty to raping her two other women and raping and killing a fourth if you keeping score that's five rapes in total and two attempted rapes Linda don't play fast teen I don't know if you realize it or not but you are complicit in any of those rapes that he committed after the Central Park rape because you had the opportunity to remove the real threat off the street but instead you was too busy trying to convict five innocent men now I don't know you know you felt like you would rather send five black men to jail instead of one but for whatever reason you ignored the real threat and that real threat continued to victimized other women now social media has been on Lynda Don Playfair Dean's ass oh they drove that oversea off the plantation because Linda Don Playfair Steen has deleted all her social media yes after hashtags like boycott Simon & Schuster went viral and canceled Linda Ferriss teen went viral she has decided to cancel her social media accounts once again raise your hand if you feel sorry for her in this room No I don't feel sorry for her at all I've seen this play before see what Linda fair scene is gearing up do I guarantee it sue that is what white privilege entitled people do even when they are dead wrong they sue when they should be holding the mayonnaise they decide to put mayonnaise on everything insu she's gonna sue everyone involved and when they see us she's gonna sue Netflix she's gonna sue Queen Ava Duvernay the studio production company she's gonna say this film caused her emotional distress and mental anguish white privilege people love the word anguish probably because it sounds like something you would buy at Whole Foods can I get a turkey avocado with anguish and jalapeno mayonnaise lots of jalapeno mayonnaise all right Linda is gonna claim she was traumatized by when they see us and her life has become a living hell because of this miniseries well you want to talk trauma Linda you want to talk living hell's will meet Raymond Kevin Koury Yusef in Antron you remember them right I mean I'm sure you've gotten so many innocent black and brown people sent away for good so it's hard to keep up but you have to remember these five right they were traumatized by your actions their teenage years and most of their adult lives were stolen from them they had to live in a Hell in a Cell you know you you want to talk about being traumatized emotional distress mental anguish those brothers will never truly be mentally healthy because of you lifetime of therapy needed because of you PTSD anxiety depression forever because of you reach out to one of them sit down and have a conversation with one of them so you can really see in here what a victim sounds like because Linda don't play fair scene you are not one alright you don't get to play victim to a set of circumstances that you created I don't understand how people don't respect the laws of karma I don't care who or what you are karma karma karma comes back to you hard word – Lauryn Hill there is a natural law of karma that vindictive people who go out of their way to hurt others will end up broken alone I don't know your circumstances Linda don't play fair Steen but it's not too late for you to end up broken alone and you deserve it okay if you end up broken alone you earned it you got a mighty God to answer to and there's no amount of white woman weeping that can make anyone feel sorry for you you can whimper a sniffle blubber I wouldn't give a damn what mayonnaise flavored you know liquid comes out of your eyes and smears your mascara until you properly apologize to those five young men and finally acknowledge that they're innocent no good is gonna come to you okay people like you create their own storms and didn't get upset when it rains people like you create your own sandwiches with too much goddamn mayonnaise and then get upset when it tastes disgusting you can't even start the process of forgiveness Linda don't play fast Dean until you apologize okay repentance is a process and not something that happens in one particular moment it requires consistency and you've only been consistent with the lie that these men are guilty for your own sodium flavored mayonnaise based soul you need to start the process of repentance okay by admitting the truth but you won't all right America hasn't apologized or attempted to correct the evils of slavery and Jim Crow segregation so it's just not in your nature to apologize for something you did wrong you're just following paleface protocol and reminding the world that mayonnaise is truly Satan's favorite condiment please let Kathy Griffin handle my white work and give Linda don't play fair Steve the biggest heha please give this giant jar of mayo the biggest hija Charlamagne tha God here today's donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey and call my friend Michael if you've been hurt in a construction accident – one two nine six two ten twenty that's two one two nine six two ten twenty don't be a donkey

  1. The prosecutor for the jogger is just as guilty as "No"Fairstein. She was well aware of Fairstein's actions and didn't do anything to stop it. There is a Special place in HELL for these Satanic beings.

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