Cenk Goes Off On NYPD and Eric Garner’s Killer

>>The police officer who put Eric Garner
in a choke hold effectively leading to his death has finally been fired by the NYPD. Now let me just remind you that this took
place back in 2014. So it took five years for this cop to be fired,
his name is Daniel Pantaleo. And the police commissioner announced his
firing earlier today in a press conference. I also wanna note that Pantaleo will not have
any access to his police retirement account pension, that has been completely taken away
as a result of his firing.>>Yeah, this is a great day in America. And of course, a lot of members of the NYPD
are crying about it. They weren’t crying when Eric Garner was killed,
and I remember in that scenario, Eric Garner actually wasn’t even doing anything wrong. Later they said, well, I mean, that guy sometimes
sells loose cigarettes. One cigarette at a time to avoid taxes. Well, first of all, I thought avoiding taxes
was Republican 101. Seeing them on that day he was actually being
a good samaritan but they saw a large African American man and they decided. Well, he must be doing something wrong and
then they decided to tackle him. Then they decided to choke him and then he
died, and the NYPD didn’t shed a tear at all. But now that the guy who killed him has been
fired after going through an exhaustive process. They’re like, my god now we can’t just kill
innocent black men in the streets, how we’re going to do our job? Well, if you thought that was your job, I’m
super happy. You can’t do that anymore. Now they think go to an extra level and they
start pouting like little children. Like, my god, maybe we won’t do anything at
all anymore if it’s getting dangerous. Well then shut up and go do another job. I want names, I want cops who are refusing
to do their jobs to actually. By the way, in case you’re unclear because
apparently you are allowed to crying NYPD officers and their leaders. Your job is to actually protect the citizens,
not to kill them. I know that comes as a big shock to you, but
wait a minute. What if it endangers my hangnail or my life
in any way, shape or form? Well, God damn it, that’s why we give you
a gun and a badge, and it’s a hard job. But if you don’t want to do that job, go sell
milkshakes, go mow lawns, go do something else. But I don’t wanna do my job, if I can’t just
murder random innocent people in the streets, well then don’t do it. Hand in your badge, hand in your gun and go
take another goddamn job.>>I questioned whether or not I wanted to
show the Eric Garner video again, we’ve shown it so many times on the show. But just to kind of reinforce what Jake is
saying here and emphasize the severity of what happened to Eric Garner, I think it is
important to watch it. This is a graphic video, if you haven’t seen
it before, I just want to give you that warning. With that said, take a look
>>I’m minding my business, please just leave me alone, I told you the last time, please
leave me alone. Please, don’t touch me.>>Hold on, hold on>>Do not touch me Damn, man.>>Get down.>>All right, like that.>>Damn, buddy.>>Get your hands behind your back.>>I can’t breathe.>>Get your hands behind your back.>>I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.>>Hands behind your back.>>I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.>>Hang on, hang on-
>>Picking up a fight->>No, look-
>>Can I make a few notes because it’s important for context. First of all the NYPD, the police department
itself had a policy against placing suspects or anyone in a chokehold>>And let me just explain what goddamn liars
they are. So this Patrick Lynch, President of the Patrolmen’s
Benevolent Association, keep saying that it was a seat belt move. A seat belt move has to do with the shoulders. You just saw the video, if you want go rewind,
it had nothing to do with the shoulders, he put his arm right in front of his throat and
choke them to death. And I’m not the one who came up with that
opinion. New York’s Chief medical examiner, so the
chokehold led to his death and the chokehold is violation of policy. So now look at these bitches complaining,
well, I can’t, I can’t choke people in the middle of the street. Yes, it’s a violation of your goddamn policy,
who got who else gets to have a job where they’re like, well, I don’t wanna do what
I’m supposed to do. And by the way, when I don’t do what I’m supposed
to do, people die no I can’t murder people on the streets. Goddamn right, you can murder people on the
streets. And if you can’t do that job, shut up and
get another one. Patrick Lynch is an embarrassment. He should be immediately fired. How dare you say you can’t murder people on
the streets when it is a violation of your job and then you say, I don’t wanna do my
job. I just wanna be a baby that kills innocent
people on the streets. And if you’re gonna make me do my job, well
then I don’t wanna do it. Great, you’re fired, say it already. And any other cop in New York City that says,
well if I can’t murder innocent people in the streets, i don’t want to do my job. Thank you for saying it. They should all be fired. Anyone who says that should be immediately
fired. Who else you want to murder in the streets? Look, this issue is not at all complicated. He did a choke hold, you saw with your own
two eyes. The medical examiner says, it was a chokehold
that killed Eric Garner. And the chokehold is violation of cop policies,
not violation of liberal policy, it’s violation of cop policy. So you don’t kill people like he just did
and they’re still crying about it. God how weak and soft are you? And these cops are so strong, so strong. We murder innocent black people on the streets. Well we get away with it. What part of that is strong? Can you imagine the military being like somebody
might shoot at me? I have to murder everybody in the village
in case somebody shoots at me, I don’t wanna have any, no it’s a tough job. If you can just murder anyone that you think
is annoying you then it’s not a tough job. It’s a perfect job for cowards but that’s
not the job. And if you are a coward and you don’t want
to do that job, go get another job. And for God’s sake, look, I don’t care. Look, I know the mayor’s job is hard. And he’s and he rightfully says, and he explained
to me. If I stepped into this process, it would have
added three years of court proceedings, that is true in New York. And so now we wouldn’t add justice today without
a justice hopefully three years from now, and I understand that. But, if I’m running a city and these cops
keep mouthing off about how they wanna murder my citizens in the street. And if they don’t get to murder citizens,
then they won’t do their job, that’s easy. You just fire them for cause. You just told me you don’t wanna do the job. You’re fired, who’s next, who’s next? You said, you can’t do your job without murdering
innocent black people? You’re fired, it’s not that hard. There’ll be consequences who gives a damn. Are you gonna actually protect the citizens
or aren’t you? God damn it, I’m so mad with these cops who
are constantly crying and crying about my god, how will I ever do my job if I can’t
shoot people to death? When you say was a seat belt move, you’re
goddamn liar, you know it wasn’t a seat belt move. It’s right on tape, you can all see it with
your eyes. So you really, the reason I’m so upset, it’s
because these cops are literally saying, if I can’t choke someone to death, I don’t want
this job. That is literally what they were saying. Well okay, then you’re dangerous. You’re not here to protect us, you’re here
to kill us. And we gave you the power of a badge, and
we gave you the power of a gun that you could legally use. Hell no, that’s the most dangerous thing on
earth. Get them all out, fire them all. I don’t mean fire all the cops. And by the way, you see me and I’m pissed
today right? Because, look, Pantaleo being fired is awesome. The fact that all these cops, even here, I’ll
read you a quote from Lynch. He says, the NYPD will remain rudderless and
frozen, and commissioner O’Neill, we’ll never be able to bring it back. And even O’Neill was firing him now seems
like all bad. If I was a cop I’d be pissed too and I hated
doing this. I mean she shakes it. Now we’re getting even murder people. What are we going to do? But I guess because of political pressure
etc. You know what political pressure is? It’s called democracy, because we have decided
we don’t want to be murdered by you. Wow, what an outrage, but we are actually
fair. On this show we’ve said a thousand times including
earlier today in the show, about hey, wouldn’t law enforcement does a great job. Like they caught a couple of wanna be terrorists
that had a cache of weapons, one in Connecticut and the other one, I think, in Ohio, wherever
he was. We give them credit, I love it when the law
enforcement does their job. It’s not too much in a democracy for the citizens
to ask the people that we’ve given ultimate life and death power to, to do their job and
to do it without killing the citizens. It is not at all too much to ask, there’s
another guy who wrote an editorial crying about like, my god this is a life and death
situation what do you want the cops to do? Yes, but it’s also life and death situation
for the other person involved.>>No, but hold on. To respond to that, it did not have be life
or death situation. In fact, multiple reports that I read today
including putting one from NBC News argued that policed approached him because he was
selling untaxed cigarettes.>>That’s not what happened.>>That is not what happened. In fact, Eric Garner was there because there
was a physical altercation that he was trying to break up. He had previously sold untaxed cigarrettes,
which is why cops decided, we’re gonna go ahead and harass him. Even though in this case, he’s being a good
samaritan by trying to break up a fight on the street. So it only became a life or death situation
for Eric Garner, because the cops decided to make it so.>>Does anybody think that Eric Garner, unarmed
there, would have killed all the cops? You’re an idiot, if you think that. No, they had no threat their lives at all,
at all, and they killed him. And now, we’re not, I mean, didn’t suffer
any criminal consequences. The prosecutor in Staten Island threw the
case and then the Trump administration came in and were like, killing other black guys. That’s not the bug, that’s a feature. They let them off. So all of this crying is over he got fired. Now it’s not a regular part of our jobs to
kill people anymore. God our lives might be in danger. Look, guys, last couple of things about this,
your job by definition, when that’s why we gave you the gun is to be in dangerous situations. It’s like the fireman’s coming and going,
you want me to go into a fire? That puts my life in danger? Yeah, that’s because you’re a fireman and
firemen don’t say that because they know it’s part of the job. Whereas when you say to cops, hey like in
California, they shot the kid in the his grandmother’s backyard. And an editorial out today talking about well
he was in a shooting stance and had a phone and it was dark at night. We weren’t sure if the cops weren’t sure so
of course they killed him, right? That’s not it, of course, if I saw someone
in my backyard, let alone their own backyard, holding a phone. I wouldn’t think I should murder them right
away just in case. And they say cops should be able to do that. No, they shouldn’t, no they shouldn’t. And am I asking you to take a certain tiny
percentage chance that something might happen, yes! That’s why you’re a cop, that’s why they gave
you a badge and gun. If you wanna take that chance, and you wanna
murder everyone you see in the streets that you think might cause you any degree of harm
at all, then you shouldn’t be a cop. Then it’s not a dangerous job, it’s only dangerous
for the citizens. And if you have that mindset all across the
country and by the way a lot of cops don’t and a lot of cops stopped me in the street. And watch The Young Turks and our fans on
Turks because we give them credit where credit is due. But if you want to be a cop that likes to
kill people and not be held accountable, you should be fired all across the country.

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  2. The video looked like uniformed thugs came up and attacked an unarmed black man for standing on the sidewalk and asking to be left alone. 
    Four or five of them should have been fired as murder accomplices. Years ago!

  3. Takes four cops to take him down.. and then kill him. Of course white racists want to claim its black men who only fight people with gangs. Check your people. Especially the ones who are supposed to be protecting us, but use their power to harass and destroy our lives.

  4. Why do these white racists come on this channel and get mad at Cenk and Ana for calling out crooked white cops? If black cops were going around choking and shooting white people I would be on the side of the white victims, because I have empathy for humanity. I would never side with a pig just because he is black if he was doing this shit to white Americans. I would be standing with my white American brothers. However, we cant expect the same from the republican white Americans.

  5. Thank you Cenk. Haven't seen you like that since that video from back when. Much as I like Roland & Phillip you show some outrage and emotion over this.
    You're like the Corleones. Roland is Fredo in Vegas. Phillip Scott is Mike & you're Sonny. Sorry Ana. But I don't think of Connie when I see you. And Cenk. Stay off the causeway & away from Toll booths.

  6. The murderous cop should have gone to prison for manslaughter. I guess partial justice is better than no justice at all.

  7. Cenk should really be going off on his hippie nephew for his support of the 9/11 attack but then again those two can be mistaken to be a pissy greasy dad to a pissy greasy son

  8. Let’s talk the facts and forget about politics. This is WHAT really happened.

    A week before…reports of theft and two robberies in a public park. 911 and 311 complaints from residents and merchants on a daily basis.

    So the community complained to the NYPD Obviously. The office of the Chief of Department ( the highest ranking uniformed ) sent Officer Panteleo and another Plainclothes Officer on an “Enforcement Operation”

    When the Second Officer saw Mr. Gardner hand out cigarettes for money. The Officers LAWFULLY approached Mr. Gardner to issue a summons. Let that soak in…. just a summons. But, Mr. Gardner refused to ID himself. Which meant he had to go down to the Precinct for Processing.

    Mr. Gardner in the Video makes it’s clear he won’t come down to the PCT willingly. Then he failed to comply with the arrest and lawful orders. The Video also makes it clear Officer Panteleo’s efforts initially we’re taught by the NYPD. So Officer Panteleo put his arms on Gardner’s upper body. Then Officer Panteleo behind Gardner was pushed back into a glass window ( Hmmm, didn’t hear that in the video here ) in order for Panteleo to gain control he clasped his hands together with his left forearm pressed against Mr. Gardner neck.
    NYPD Court Deemed that was justifiable.

    Now, the next 7 seconds Panteleo didn’t readjust because he was more prioritized on Arresting Mr. Gardner. Who was still resistant. Let’s not forget HE WAS RESISTING ARREST.

    Don’t get it twisted. This was a tragedy. But Police Officers went into an awful situation. And did their job. Went to issue a summons to a law breaking citizen. When Mr. Gardner said “No” to the Cops. They had to arrest him. But the Anti Cop Mayor and all the others who like to hate on cops ( many never served in Law Enforcement )

    Staten Island didn’t prosecute
    The DOJ under 2 different administrations ( Democrat and Republican) failed to prosecute
    Why? Because they followed the law!
    The Mayor said on national News that “The Family would get Justice” before a verdict by the Police Commissioner. Remember he serves at the Mayors Pleasure. To the Police Commissioner it was Panteleos job or his.

  9. The Mayor
    Then Cops
    Are responsible. This corruption is over a hundred years old! The Mayor can easily fire the DA for not prosecuting police!!

  10. Cops mudered a man for selling "Lucy's" (loose cigarettes). Police need to be held accountable for their actions. Not trying to change the subject. Cops are government agents, government wants to take our guns. Cops kill innocent civilians. Innocent civilians have a 2nd Amendment right to protect ourselves. Connect the dots.

  11. Shouldn't he have complied with the cops, Obviously they shouldn't have choked him but cops have to have the ability to use force if they have a suspect refusing to comply.

  12. Proverbs 29:2 King James Version (KJV)

    2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn

  13. I stand with Cenk Uygur 100% on this rant! this asshole cop needs to pay, not only should he lose his job, he should also lose his freedom! why the hell did it take five damn years to fire that cop?

  14. Thank you for caring about the victims of these tragedies. There are so many better ways that police can and do handle these situations.

  15. Love you, Cenk! You're spot on. These things matter, and we should ALL get as angry about them as you do. You're the only one with a public voice who has the guts and the common decency to make a real stink about it. Keep it up, you're the best!

  16. My gosh folks this guy was breaking the law again and resisted arrest it was his actions that killed him . Stop with all the outrage and act like you know what it's like to be a police or a military officer Cenk . The officer didn't face charges for good reason . This guy is off the rails .

  17. Only in America can a cop kill an unarmed man then threaten not to do their jobs if aforementioned cop is tried. Real mob shit honestly.

  18. Well said. As a big thin blue line supporter, I have to call a strike a strike: Eric Garner did die because of the negligence of Daniel Pantaleo actions, and subsequent actions of the other officers on Eric Garner's body. I didn't think so up until I analyzed the video. Garner can be heard trying to get out a "I can't breathe" while still standing and while on his knees. Then the added weight of the other officers on Garner's body made it hard for him to expand his chest cavity in order to breathe. Garner should have complied, and allowed the officers to detain him in order to investigate the situation, but even if he resisted, he did not deserve to die for resisting arrest.

  19. @Patrick.i read your entire tirade.regardless what you obviously don't understand in what made Garner get upset,what justified Pantoleo to make a move not only that killed but that is FORBIDDEN by ….the police… meaning that this is a case for murder….

  20. Cenk says the stuff I wanna say to these bootlickers. I live in the Midwest it is like Bootlicker central. People always have those Blue Lives/Thin Blue Line flags.

  21. These two are the Diamond and Silk of the Left. Cenk dishes up the indignant sass, and Anna backs him up with the "you got dat right"! Hilarious!

  22. The political and social structure of the united states creates extremisms, radicalisms, racisms and antisemitisms rather than promote openess, access to economic and financial development, diversity in technology and provide education in service of equal society.
    The united federal, states and local government are INCAPABLE of change in order to maintain control over black and brown people and immigrants that doesn't look like the majority white population.
    The fact of the matter is that the justice system, prison industrial complex, christian, education, financial system and police departments are racially structured and institutionalized to oppress, control, physically and mentally hurt, separate, incarcerate  murder, intimidate, harrase, extort and TERRORIZE americans preventing them from reaching their full potential in the society that preach liberty, freedom and  pursuit of happiness. The immorality of the politicians in federal and states government are to be blamed for creating jackboot biased double standard policies, procedures and laws to continue practicing enslavement. The selective fake news media outlets have colluded with all political, financial, judicial and law enforcement institutions to perpetuate criminalization, dehuminization, separation of families through mass incarceration, excessive sentences and capitalism. A massive protest needs to be organized demanding for change in the institutional policies, procedures and laws that only benefit the rich and upper upper middle class and not Black americans, poor and lower white class american and Spanish americans and Indian americans and other groups in the culture.
    CAPITALISM have created an immoral and impractical system designed to terrorize people and separate people with the illusion of inclusion in a system of oppression. This is a system where people are making money working for these racially codified institutions at the expense the demise of Black americans. The entire system is a complete joke without any signs of reformation in policies, procedures and laws. The system have destroyed lives through harsh sentences that doesn't warrant crime committed. You should all be OUTRAGED by this racially engineered codified double standard system that should propel you to act, demostrate  and protest the injustice inflicted on black people accross the world by the racist government of these western and european countries.
    The DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in uniform and street clothes in the judicial system pretending to serve and protect all americans have deviated from the main core principles of keeping the society safe and peaceful through lawful system but rather engaging in lawlessness, descrimination,  torture and terrorist activities to  continue the culture of violence and enslavement. CAPITALISM have ONLY benefited the corporations but NOT the people of the world. Please be very careful and vigilant when you are in the crazy violent culture of the american or european system. The entire system is a lie, a sham and a fraudulent simulation. The majority have proofing time after time that they are not morally worthy of other cultures within the society they've simulated. Nothing is expected to change in a system of opression, torture, police terrorism, control, injustices, mass incarceration, extortion and enslavement tendencies.
    The police culture of violence is a major problem in the society that are so oppressed by system of governance. Corruption from the top all the way to the bottom. This video demonstrates the level of toxicity throughout the entire institution with the justice and political institution supporting these actrocities being committed by these thugs and intimidators. Do not consent to searches of your property? If you are being threatened by the office, just do as you are told and fight the battle in court with a private lawyer and NOT a public defender assigned by the racist biased system. They are ALL thugs with bad intensions to destroy people lives. The entire system is a COMPLETE mess created by the government to control and intimidate and extort citizens.
    Training these low brain capability thugs would not solve these chronic issues but changes in the policies and procedures will do. THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY HAVE LOST ALL CONCEPT OF PRESERVING LIVES WHEN POLICING THE COMMUNITIES.

    The inhumane condition of the prison system citizens are subject to endure in the so call greatest country is appealing and completely outrageous. The federal and states government have created an ENSLAVEMENT institution for 2 million plus people which is the population of 9 lowest populated countries combined.
    The federal, states and local government are NOT there to improve the lives of citizens but to strengthen the power of american corporations and PETRODOLLAR used to trade goods and services around the world.

    The racist thugs appoined to the federal benches by the executive and legislative branch of government have created slavery laws to disporpotionaly imprison Black and Spanish americans to facilitate revolving revenue for privitized prison stakeholders while hijacking the government through their donations.

    The entire system is toxic to citizens and people around the world.

    The domestic terrorists in uniform and street cloth violates human right at will everyday without any consequences and repacution.

  23. AOC play acts in front of empty parking lots. Fatty McFatAss play acts in front of stupid viewers . . . that then send him money. TYreTarded is the skidmark on the Internet's underwear. You regressive, illiberal, intolerant fools are pathetic.

  24. Cenk is angling for Alex Johnes audeince with this unhinged behaviour. Dude i get your point but can you deliver it in normal people maner. Not crazy person speak.

  25. Garner got arrested for "resisting arrest." That in and of itself makes no sense. It's a secondary charge. WHAT'S THE INITIAL ARRESTING CHARGE?

  26. Yes he's crying because he can't MURDER people in the streets. Top notch reporting from a guy who can't ever keep his composure, and can't report a story without gross over exaggeration. Saying the cops are angry because they want to choke and murder people. What a moron.

  27. Cop logic " if you don't want to be killed you shouldn't have been born. Male and black tough luck buddy ! " scumbags👿👿

  28. HEY LETS TALK ABOUT YOUR boy Hasan Piker and his comment "who f-ed Senator Crenshaw in his eye hole???" More like HASAN PIKER LOOOOOVEEEESSSS to get F-ed in his Butt hole. Must be a Turk thing.

  29. Lets face facts. So called white people have mass murder the earth it self. The Earth itself is a paradise, what fool destroy a paradise.They are children of FOOLS!!!

  30. F U tyt and that punk hasan piker…saying someone should screw Rep Crenshaw in his eye that he lost in combat…your all disgusting…

  31. We knew some one out would step in , and help us out ! For whatever the cost, we thank you, Cenk ! I was actually in tears while I watched the Eric Garner video ! They just sucked the blood out of that man in plain day light , and no one suffered any consequences . If that is not white power, I don't know what else .. Sad, sad, sad 😔

  32. I love reading the comments and see how mad you stinking goofy ass craccers get when these beautiful souls tells the truth in yaw face!! 😭😂😂😭😭😭👊🏿✊🏿

  33. Dang! Cenk, you just broke the Lewis Black meter! Good job.

    Here is the name of the other main perpertrator (the other guy with a baseball hat and the black D.D. t-shirt) in the murder of Eric Garner: Justin Damico and Pantaleo had a history of making the bulling of innocent citizins a sick and sadistic sporting game.

    *Fire Justin Damico !!!

    Fire Justin Damico !!!!

  34. Their lives es don't matter any more than those you are supposed to protect..
    Stop watching crime fighter shows and you need to stop believing superhero movies..
    Furthermore, don't you hate when 5 idiots wrestle one guy…
    I thought you guys were tough but instead you hide behind your costume…
    Now, there are a few gems out there just like in all jobs but they are far and in between…
    The dominant mentality is Ramboesque.. Get a life..
    Your supervisors are dweebs too because they always enable your chicken shit ass..

  35. It was also sickening to see cops wear that "I can breathe" shirt. They aren't anything but racists who are gloating about one of their own getting away with killing a black man.

  36. Love Genk and Anna! Go Genk!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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