Celette portable frame straightening machine SEVENNE XL, car measuring system,car universal jig

Salette offers a variety of benches which can be enhanced with features such as lifts ramps electronic measuring and fixture systems that guarantee a predictable and correct outcome over time the Sabine Excel which has 51 positions with 100 millimeter spacing the MZ system is comprised of six aluminum cross members and a set of 22 towers and wedges the mz+ contains 34 Pistons and an adjustable or dedicated select fixture system for simultaneously controlling dimensions over the entire vehicle chassis the important feature of this bench allows for positioning under a to post lift for loading or easily moving between work bays this can be achieved with or without suspension parts in place Salette provides schematics and fixture maps to assist in the preparation of the bench and applicable fixtures the schematics are included with all fixture sets and can be referenced online at Salette comm for more information on the products featured in this video visit www.un.org/webcast

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