1. That's how you treat these terrorists.. Keep up the good work officers.. It bring joy to my heart to see these commie scumbags get a taste of what they did to innocent people…innocent car too…

  2. This never gets old. Bitches and bikes. Losers back up and us harsh language………what was the question?

  3. Notice how the anarchists were only braking objects that can not feel pain that are not alive and the police were pushing and throwing bombs at living human beings

  4. This is the beginning of the rebirth of ANTIFA the police & local governments need to treat these scumbag animals as terrorist & just bet the hell out them then arrest EVERYONE then charge them with felonies.

  5. The real title should be: "White Alt-Left Bernie Sander Thugs….Er Supporters Riot During Seattle May Day Protest.

  6. hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times, easy times create weak men, weak men create hard times

  7. Fucking die you people herding motherfuckers. mow em down with a couple rifles atleast. this isnt war, its a fucking temper tantrum.

  8. What are they actually trying to do? to me it just looks like they are breaking shit and causing problems.

  9. Bitch had ample warnings to get the fuck out of the way, no sympathy. She figured "I can do whatever I want and they can't touch me, I'm a woman", but she got some EQUALITY. She was interfering with them doing their jobs (clearing the streets so people can drive on them), and intentionally being a cunt, so throw that rag doll down on the street and handcuff it. Do you people realize how much free enjoyment and entertainment you're providing for Trump voters??? LOL!!! You're accomplishing ZERO-only increasing the chances of Martial Law and endangering everyone's freedom by acting like assholes.

  10. Fair enough, they're almost entirely white. Black lives matter people have their own issues. Between the two of them, no wonder so many of us voted for Donald Trump!!! LOL!!!

  11. Websters dictionary defines Anarchy as: "A situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws."  So anarchist seek a society without rules or law!? Don't they realize that this means that anarchist would be among the first ones hunted down and shot off their skateboards and left dead in the streets, killed by rough men with real wepons, not sticks and pipes. Neighborhoods would be coverd in the grusome horror of the blood and body parts of these petulant children calling themselves "anarchist". I would tell anyone proclaiming to be an anarchist to stop playing dungeons and dragons and grow the fuck up. The ability they have to riot in a free country and live to talk about it is a result of men and women of much better character, many in uniform who are there to protect our populace from anarchy as detailed in the US constiution and the laws they have sworn to protect. In short, all anarchist are naive idiots with emotional disorders.

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