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Okay, great. So you, you don’t date?
That’s it, that was a period, that was the end
of the sentence? Full stop. Okay. Talk to us about that. Okay, so I love
Real Sista Talks because we get to sit down
on this beautiful couch and actually talk about
what is on our minds and how we feel
about certain things. And I’m just curious, because I know I need to work
on this department, how you all feel about
social media interactions in terms of dating? Do you like to be approached
on social media? Do you reply?
Are you open to it? Is it a turnoff? I know you are probably
the best out of all of us with it,
you know what I mean? Yeah. But how do you do that? Do you ever reply to people
who slide in your DMs? Yes. If a dude’s slid in your DMs? Absolutely. 100%. If a dude slid in your DM? And there goes KJ’s DMs. Yeah, they’re about to blow up. I mean listen, available candidates,
here’s the gag. I can actually
do research on Instagram. Yeah, that’s true. I can see who we’re mutual friends with. I can see your history,
what your family looks like. I can do everything I need. I can be a private investigator
without sitting down, wasting my time,
putting on makeup, showing up, driving somewhere, worrying about
if he’s going to kill me. KJ is actually- So, wait, wait, wait. So you can tell from Instagram
if someone’s going to kill you? If we have mutual friends… Kind of. If we have mutual friends, first of all, we have
to have mutual friends. Okay. Yeah. So that I could have a point of reference so I can say, “What’s going on
with so-and-so?” Right. Right, right, right. That’s true.
That’s true. What’s going on with so-and-so?. And then they’ll be like,
“Oh good dude. I know about this and this
and this and this.” Then I’m like, “Okay.
Hello, kind gentleman.” But have you- If he’s respectful, I don’t see why not. Has anyone dated anybody from their DMs?
[crosstalk]. Yes. You have? Not from my DMs, but online app. But social media. Okay, social media. Absolutely. How else are you supposed
to meet people these days? Let’s be realistic about
the world that we’re in. We’re in a very
technological world, people are going to see this
somewhere on their phone on a bus somewhere.
You know what I’m saying? It’s the way we communicate
with each other is completely different.
I think we’re just in a process of trying to figure out
what that looks like. Mignon, you a little quiet, what’s going on?
Cat got your tongue? I don’t date. Oh that was the end? Full stop. Okay, great. So you don’t date. That’s it, that was a period, that was the end
of the sentence. Full stop. Okay. Talk to us about that. Did you hear the full stop? Got it. Some people just don’t want to date and some people
don’t want to talk about it. It’s not that I don’t want to date,
it’s just that you know how you were talking about this
is the age we live in, I refuse to bend
to certain things that may or may
not be my problem. I think that could be…
I wouldn’t want to say problem, but I think that is
the juxtaposition of the problem and then also my salvation because I know that I have
to have things… you have to be true to yourself.
I don’t want a DM approach. Right. Because does it
feel ingenuine to you? It’s not necessarily ingenuine, it’s just I just…
I know what I’m looking for and I just don’t think
that’s how it’ll come. I don’t want hours
of text conversations. I don’t mind that
throughout the day, but if you want to talk to me,
talk to me. [crosstalk]. Call me. KJ:
In person. [crosstalk]
I’m on the same page. We know KJ. I’m in line with you. Copy that. I’m in line with you. I like you all’s flexibility, though,
but I just don’t like… there’s some things I’m just
a little [crosstalk 00:03:41]. Let’s talk about yours. Hold on, Ebony. What do you want to know? I want you to answer the question you just asked us. What was the question again? All right, okay. Amnesia. Amnesia. Okay. All right. Yes. Give it to me. I think that I agree. I don’t think that,
I guess, I don’t know, it would depend on…
because you read things, right? You read things, you can’t hear
how people are saying it. You lose the actual what the
interaction was intended to be, I think. So I don’t know,
I’ve never seen… I don’t check DM a ton,
but anything I have seen has never really been like
that sounded really nice. Well I think- I don’t know, it’s just… Okay. So, well let me clarify. And also I do believe a lot of people
would kill you. I’m not worried about being killed. Let me clarify. The DM
is to initiate interaction. No, I understand that. I’m not saying we’ve got to stay there.
Or if I meet a person, if I meet a person in person and I like what I see,
I’ll slide in the DMs. I’ll be like, “What’s up
with you? What’s going on?” Because that’s how I… it’s the new like,
“Let me get your phone number.” Absolutely. It’s like what’s your Instagram? Because I want to follow up.
Ebony Obsidian: But I feel like
it’s less courageous. Yeah, but hold on a second. Can I just- Oh, baby, I got all the courage. You do, but what- For a man. Everyone is right. That’s the cool thing about
living is everybody’s truth is right that at the end of the
day, love finds you however
it finds you. Yes. Yeah, it’s true. Word, word. I’ll snap to that,
that is poetry. Yeah. All right, you all. So this is the end of Real
Sista Talk. Tell us what you guys think
in the comments below. Do you like online dating?
Do you like apps? Do you on social media,
DMs, Facebook, Twitter, all that stuff?
Would you ever date someone who hit on you
in social media inboxes? I’m not saying you can’t. No, she’s not saying that. No, let us know below. Let us know below. She’s not saying that.


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