1. I guess this would stop North Korea's counterfeit cash program where they net hundreds of millions per year in fake USA cash

  2. Why is this acting like not using cash is such a novelty in the US? The only financially independent adults regularly using cash in the US are paranoid boomer conspiracy theorists that think debit cards are the mark of the antichrist. Everyone else gets paid by direct deposit and uses plastic for most all purchases.

  3. How can this edition be about money when you didn't even cover the most important form crypto currencies!

  4. Yep – Sweden, a once flourishing and independent nation, now a complete puppet state to global elites – a feminist run country that is bizarrely now the rape capital of Europe. And now the final capitulation – going cashless. Hard to believe these were once vikings.

  5. Right ON, brother!!! First money, then cards, then microchips AND THEN: THE BEAST ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS US ALL!!!

  6. Dear Sweden,

    I apologize. In America, we are not educated about your nation beyond the existence of ABBA. It's shameful and embarrassing…

    This video highlights all of that.

  7. If you can buy and drive a car you can get a smart phone. Silly excuse. Cash is for criminals and people living in the past. New tech always kills old tech. Get ready or just dont buy anything!

  8. As a truck driver, we are forced to run an electronic logbook now instead of a paper logbook as in past years. It's good in theory, but not practical at all. I hate it. No flexibility at all. You get 30 miles from home and run out of time, you have to sit 10 hrs until the break is over, then you can go home. Horrible!!! Way way way too strict. Very similar situation if you do away with all cash. It sounds good in theory, until you actually do it. I hate electronic logs. It tracks you everywhere you go, every single day. No more going to the store or down the street for a meal unless it tracks you. Be careful what you ask for folks, they forced electronic logs on trucks, imagine if they do this for cars when they can track your every move. Think it can't happen? That's what everyone thought about trucks and now here it is. Again, all this electronic online stuff sounds good when you have the freedom to choose, but when this stuff is forced on you like it was for truck drivers it's a different ballgame when it's forced on you. Don't be fooled, eventually it will be forced on you. Are you prepared for this kind of future? I can tell you I hate it. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get much more than you bargained for.

  9. "You can't park a car or use public toilets without an app they use to track" this elder lady says; why get the mark if freedom is given freely?.

  10. Germany has to set them straight I guess Germany is not dumb ireland is going to lead the attack vs england I believe in God you have the choice we don't have to be a mess of personal interests

  11. CASH- the only way to not get tracked but then they make everything app based so that you CANNOT use cash! Those of us old enough see what's coming next!

  12. ha yes BIG BROTHER's tools for tracking….everything we do now makes it difficult to just disappear! glad I won't be around to see this get worse or a huge solar flare to knock all this crap dead! then what? I thought the swedes were smarter!

  13. Some businesses, especially those catering to tourists, will only accept cash because they can report to the taxing authorities only what they want to report.

  14. It's been a couple years since I was in Sweden. There were still plenty of ATMs dispensing cash, and that cash did work at McDonald's.

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