1. In direct democracy the majority is the ruler which is not anarchy meaning "no ruler". But law making by consent is truly anarchic. A proposed law is discussed by everyone and modified until there are no objections. No requirement for representative politicians, delegates, or a majority. End of oligarchy.

  2. Capitalism is only work properly for a rich and powerful countries and those who can compete. And those who can't compete are only become exploitation materials and debt slaves that causes destablishment of some country,leading to global poverty, conflicts and migrant crisis.that why the problem on capitalism mostly on the distribution of wealth and global development i think.

  3. Oh God! Another Ism! Won't somebody do something? Why can't anybody stop these stupid wankers and their Isms from polluting our otherwise moderately successful Utopia?! Please stop, you're making me ashamed to be human.
    This reaction to Capitalism is literally the same as the Mad Scientist problem that the Religious types had, creating Evil archetypes because they thought they were all Frankenstein.
    Greedy Capitalist has become the modern day Mad Scientist. Though if you remove one of these concepts, everything that you love. People, food, tv shows, everything will collapse into chaos Yes, there are fucktards who abuse the Free Market, but it's done more good to every sinle person on the planet, than anything else was doing before, or that you can think of. How do I know this? Because you're all asking for stupid Isms that have already been tried again and again and again and again! It's almost like the definition of insanity played out on a massive scale. No, the Free Market is not evil, it's why you're not starving or just didn't die years ago, it's why your parents bothered to name you, because thanks to Science making things and Capitalism moving things around, it's sensible to name a Baby before they died as a norm, at any time before they were 5, seriously Child Death was the norm, it was expected and nobody battered an eyelid.
    Now, please pay attention. If you lot won, if you didn't all kill each other over which Ism is best (Which you would, so this is entirely theoretical) Those Greedy Capitalists would make sure to become the decision and policy makers, they would take complete control over those producing the most and introduce a reward system that is barely implimented and only really helps themselves, you know? Like Animal Farm, Or Stalin and Mao in real life. There are plenty of examples, reasearch them if you're able to remove that Indoctrinated crap out of your heads.
    Ok now for a more point by point analyiss of this video.

    Opening statement. You're wrong, read the comments, you'll all eat each other over which Ism to settle on, then you'll all be conquered by the new generation of people that would have become Greedy Capitalists and you'll have a new mob fighting over who is to be the new Stalin or Mao.

    Haha! Your next point is to detach yourself from Antifa, good move because they're basically the KGB for you muppets aren't they?

    Absolute equality. My best examples were taught to me in Science Fiction, before I decided to explore the history of such ideas actually tried. Zombies, Borg, Cybermen, Robots in general. I don't want to be them, I don't want to live under Stalin, Mao or Napoleon (The Pig). Equality is textbook oppression, you can't have it without oppressing the biggest producers of things you need. Dick.

    Agreed, yes. Because the Greed Capitalists or Cunts as I prefer to name them, have money and power and the Government are attracted to Money and Power like flies to shit. If it worked properly it would be amazing, if it is left to go on it will trickle down and it has already helped everybody, even in such a minor way, like education, unless you guys are teaching them, then they're fucked.

    The planet's not ruined. It's not in great shape, but I'm often drowning in such beautiful images, far more often than the images that make me thing 'Why doesn't the photographer go buy some bags and bin up all the bottles?' Ok, some instances are worse and only down to the same greedy cunts. But it's not ruined, we /are/ runinig it, just in more ways thany we realise.

    Yes, people feel left out, ignored, forgotten, abandonned, distracted, stressed, the list is endless and most of this is personal stuff bugging us, but too many people are too cowardly to deal with the individual problem, so they join a group that promises them answers… Like the Bolshaviks. Oh God, it's happening again and I'm still alive…

    And how did it go in Ancient Greece? I'm not being sarcastic, I don't know. I know about their Mythologies like many Guys do, many of us have at least seen 300, but you're not giving examples or making specific references, which means you probably don't know at all, right? I know your tricks, I was left and I learned them all.

    Porto Algre? Yes it did, I just looked and it did… Like Socialism worked for Venezuela at the very start, like it always does. Those mass decisions will soon be divided into smaller groups that make certain decisions based on their merit, this always happens, it improves production. The 1% biggest producer or ideas, or projects of any kind or physical production of things, will earn a higher place, or they will /leave/ out of resentment for their hard work, OR they'll be lynched for theft. Eventually one leader will take control for the people, his immediate subordinates will fear him, and he will become no better than the Cunts he fought to overcome. I mixed and matched there a bit, I miss Woolworths, anyway. I don't want them to fail, I want them and everybody to be happy but it won't work for long, like the Scandanavian Countries I notice you haven't got to yet, despite them being about 2 years away from economic collapse.

    You saw that in Syria did you? Let me know how that pans out, ok? I don't think either of us will like it.

    Science doesn't really need a word like Social to qualify it. You just wound like an SJW. Bloody Hippies. At least the Punks knew what they were doing. Unlike today's punks and anarchists, you're all a bunch of yuppies buying merch to look the part. Sid Vicious would have hated you all. Johnny? Maybe not, he was the sell out after all. I don't blame him, he never hid that. I've lost the thread, oh yeah. Punk wannabes… You're not punks, you're angry Emos who think because you read a book written by a wanker, that you're somehow and anarchist. I love the break downs people give th concept of anarchy. Trust me, none of you would like it, except the 1% who just enjoy it. (PS I love you guys quite a bit, at least you know what you want and why you want it)

    Cooperation over competition, doesn't work, doesn't exist in the animal Kingdom. We have a chemical in our brains called Serotonin. The harder we work and the farther up a heirarchy we get, the better we feel. Hence the rise of Tyrants in every outcome your Ists promise. No, sorry. Since our Ape like ancestors, the tree had the Top Monkey at the top, his Hareem and his competitors below. It's natural, get over it.

    Yes, the good in people does come out in disasters, it doesn't last though. Even by your own Marxist Philosophy, People are only 3 meals away from revolution. Look at 7/7 or 9/11, yes, people helped, there were heroes all over the place those horrible days, but if the entire City was attacked, people wouldn't stay nice for long, they would want to feed their immediate family, they won't stay patient, this is human nature, I'm sorry but it's true. Yes we're able to be heroic, but we're also total cunts to each other and yes, circumstance make this interchangeable.

    Do not even go there you fucker, don't touch Grenfell Tower. This was all predicted in the 70s, Gang culture, battery human conditions and declining services that would end in disaster, that was the Government, not capitalism, though somebody somewhere spent less money, to gain himself more money or power. Leave it alone you virtue signaller. Yes, that's as bad as a N word. The worst people are those who virtue signal out of nowhere. And I've seen this with my own eyes. Somebody gets a signal into a conversation and somebody else comes out with 'Well I'm not a rapist'. Out of nowhere. Well that never crossed my mind until you brought it up… Did you rape someone, Oliver?

    In the work place, things would get worse and lead to disaster, in Schools Indoctrination would get worse, in Hospitals? It's already a failing socialist structure! Applying another Ism to is now, isn't going to save anybody! And no, I don't want Political Representatives with agendas to push. I want people who are slightly left or right wing to vote for, too many are cunts, many more become cunts later on in their careers, some were probably born cunts, the few half decent people become too scared to say anything and there, we have 1984. Thirty four years late, but close enough.

    Locals teaming up with larger groups. Ok, you watched Survivors from the 1970s, didn't you! Because that's how you deal with a post apocalyptic population of Medieval Proportions. That or Michael Palin's Anarcho Syndicalist talked you round for a while too. Oh the latter? Yeah he got me thinking once too when I was a Hippy…

    Ok… Just before your cartoonish running away, and despite the subtitles… You literally said 'Or leave others to decide their future for us' THEIR. Ok, if that's not a Freudian slip then I don't know what is! That makes me think the Editor at the BBC has done what that Star Wars Guy did, leak out the weakness to the Death Star. This guy wants to decide our future for us. He literally said that. Go ahead argue that he didn't, I've just rewatched it about 15 times with longer time lapses to double check the context. Wow, what a fraud!


  4. I am declaring Academic Jihad. My book, The Cornerstone Brief, arrives at two principal conclusions: 1. Many or the leaders of the of the American Revolution had skin in he game, did not support the revolution from purely altruistic reasons, including George Washington. 2. In order to raise an army the leaders were forced to rely on promises to the people, which made the American Revolution the first really successful “socialist revolution” in the west and world and that this new economic – social equality is written into the basic documents of the nation including the first Constitution, The Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution and are still there to be enforced for all of the people. The current system of Oligarchy and wealth control is totally Unconstitutional.

    While the 1860's were a time of great political unrest and support for the equality heritage of all the American people, as witnessed the Homestead Acts of 1862, the equality of the Fourteenth Amendment, enshrining Corporate exceptionalism, as well as setting a base of inequality, could in retrospect be seen as a clever slight of hand, though it has been used for great social improvement. However it has tended to mask the basic American Constitutional Heritage of Social and Economic egalitarianism, the striving to make all opportunities for all citizens equal. Today this basic idea has been practically forgotten and indeed treated as unworthy of some vague value of “Americanism.” So politically we really no longer seek to achieve these goals and indeed look down our noses on those less fortunate as to have failed to reach some part of them.

    The Challenges that face creating a truly egalitarian society are staggering and require the best minds among us. We must address the roll of government in creating oligarchs, in controlling the corporate tools we create, in balancing our economies to permit honest growth and stability while allowing us all to share in the growth and strengths of the nation. We mus recognize that our constitution requires us to constantly reexamine and correct our basic social and economic condition to be within the framework of an equal society. We must teach that the Constitution requires an equal society socially and economically so far as is possible, while recognizing the fruits of our living individual labors.

    I hope some of you will join this discussion on The Cornerstone Brief, by Ed Campbell on Facebook.

    Among the means FOR CHANGE available are those used by the civil rights movements from the 1930's to 1970's. One can, for example, bring actions to enjoin the probate of very large estates or preserving very large family trusts. These are forms of state and national action that could be prohibited under the Constitution. But there is a need to establish an educated and funded movement that understands the weakness of the oligarchs who must depend upon State Action. At the same time political movements that will address the more equal distribution of wealth and social status must be developed. Collective actions are needed..

    So long we maintain divisions because of class, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, we can never look to a more equal wealth in society. Each of these divisions maintains the oligarchy.

  5. He's not an anarchist, he's a Co-operative Socialist!

    Google the term "Co-operative Socialism" for Youtube videos and the relevant Occupy London webpage.
    Or see the plan in the papers' page at

    Or, in constructiin,

    Hope this helps!

  6. More democracy comes with decentralization which of course the antithesis of the central undemocratic EU. I noted Fuhrer Juncker said he would not want an European Union with 95 states. Catalonia is only the start. Germany and Italy are artificial countries so there are many breakup scenarios for the future. European politics from the top of its hierarchy is so authoritarian and this needs to change. It is "useful" to politicians and robs the peoples of rights interests and opportunities to innovate and create real wealth and freedom

  7. The Lucas Plan showed the ability of workers to run things themselves, but the ability to self-manage and the reality remained distant. Self-management within a capitalist economy, while it can point towards a break with existing property relations, does not overcome those relations.

    Even the workers who did expropriate their bosses and run factories themselves still had to deal with the realities of capital and the commodity form, such as those at the Lip watch factory in the early '70s or in Argentina from 2001. Self-management in industry, without questioning the nature of the firm as an entity, commodity production as such, or destroying political power (as opposed to the Corbynist project of assuming it) has run up against these limits over and over again.

  8. I started thinking more about anarchy after a few experiences in hireachy corporate workplaces, I've only met a very few number of people who should ever be a leader or in charge of others yet in the corporate environment there has to be many many people over others and most of those people are incompetent, some downright bullies and a few socipaths who have their agendas met of manipulating people in strict hierachical associations. I wouldn't exactly call myself a lefty or anarchist but I know Capitlisim (i.e. what seems to be in America) is unjust and doesn't work. Maybe there should just be stricter laws against unjustness-

  9. i suggest a compromise. Build a city for 1,000,000 people based on self sufficiency. Let's try it out. Of course it would have to be totally free from State law. Let's try something new alongside the current broken system. If it works build another one an so on. We don't need a violent revolution.

  10. I am an anarchist, in that I believe there is no greater determiner of how a society should function than mass, consensus-oriented, democratic decision making. And that I believe there should be a global push for this form of decision-making to be promoted, and for a society based on voluntary association and self ownership to come into fruition. That is my personal view. But there's also this bastard of a thing, called pragmatism, that means there must be a practical way to achieve this, which is what I outline in my book. A global push, from organisations like the UN, to radically change how decisions are made, and to promote genuine people's democracy, coupled with a great period of education and individual, critical thought, is one of the best ways. We can also demonstrate how a voluntary society would work. By operating on a small-scale in local communities, or in workers' cooperatives. Show people how the model works, and push for greater democracy, and you're half way towards a truly free world

  11. He is correct…. technology exists to do a much better job of governance with very little government. Also, governments should not have jurisdiction of large geographic areas as we have in the USA… one size does not fit all, and the fed is a burden on your country.

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