Career Coach St. Louis Community College

I think Career Coach offers is a tool that’s
different from something like in that it
does more than just find jobs It allows people to find career paths.
The Career Coach on our website will lead our students to jobs that are available
in Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County and it really takes the services we
offer our residents our services are now at a new level so far I have to say that I would go on
here and probably be addicted to it to constantly see am I on the right path and so far, typing in human
resource, human resource training and development I chosen a good career and I’m pretty
excited about that I think it’s just coming down to finding an actual business or company that is looking for for me. I actually like it. It gives you opportunities no not only see the jobs you looking
for but more jobs in different fields I think is pretty good.
Actually I was a little skeptical at first having done a lot of these different
computer online things. It really does match a person up with what they
want. People can find a job that goes from being
a line chef to managing a whole facility through finding a career. how does one
advance through one of those opportunities and then what are those
oppotunities going to provide for down the road how much does the job pay? how much
opportunities are going to be the move into a career we want to prepare our students for the
local workforce and that they can get jobs that are
available to them when they complete their certificate or degree program and so Career Coach is going to offer that
opportunity to our students We are really excited about Career Coach the new online service to help
people find jobs and we have a 38-foot trailer with wireless, computers where you can actually go on
board and search for a job or a new career there. the Career Coach unit is scheduled to go out to area schools from 6 grade on up staff members and faculty go with the
unit and conduct hands-on presentations in different technology career areas
there’s no charge to schools at all for the service. we also
go beyond schools to community events, festivals, fairs, things of that nature Just go to Click and find your future.

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