Cardi B shows are being cancelled due to her FEET - I can't Walk but I'm popping

hey do y'all know who foot stays Leah look look how how swollen her damn foot is all because of complications from that damn surgery girl y'all gotta be more careful look at them feet you gotta take care of your body you gotta take care of your health what's wrong what's going on girl I love you you a mother girl listen I know you want to have all this money for your kids but you need to take care of your damn mouth and stop playing with yourself you have enough please don't be greed okay greedy will end you real quick so here it is this is cardi B the nice low ticket sales cause show constellation okay I'm here and she got a cancel them shows over the weekend rumors was going all around town girl now cardi B was being forced to cut them ticket sales okay and cancel her show after failing to sell out multiple venues so they stand a girl ain't selling no more they said your 15 minutes is up says they said it okay so cardi says you know what that is not true and I show you our proof cuz I've got none a lot y'all about my numbers still do records anytime I get on Instagram I'm still making Bank any time I'm selling fashion over I'm selling the F out okay so I don't need none of y'all coming to me telling me my 15 minutes is up my 15 minutes is up when I say my 15 minutes up and it ain't up okay the reason why I had to cancel the shows because of my damn speed girl yes I had that surgery and I mean and I'm I was being hard I wasn't listening to the doctor the doctor told me to take a cool arrest or whatever and I wasn't used to that because you know when I did my legal stuff United have no time time you know what I'm saying I'm not used to all this other stuff so now it's causing major complications in my body and I'm just going through it you know every a my thought because I ain't think I had to really live to him a realtors I've never listen to nobody but myself and I do what I want to do with my body so why do I have to listen to anybody but you know what I should have listened to him now I know and I'm I'm just hoping my swelling go down so y'all please pray for me and everything but um I'm still caught I'm still popping I'm still pressing oh okay shoe still got one music still oh don't forget my movie yes I'm doing a movie with JLo and some other people we're doing a movie about the strippers and it's gonna be it's gonna be late okay so claiming she claiming her body has been swelling up when she filed due to the complication her class said retirees there so look look look in here this is her swollen look look it's swollen girl swelling swelling and swelling you know it's gonna get bad a cardi you know this she'll to pass hopefully you learned a lesson from this and you won't get past this we are all praying and we are ruling for you girl you're gonna be alright alright you gonna be alright like I told you before sit down somewhere take a break look at me I took a damn break okay look up to God and look they they wait and listen it feels good to be on demand bitch okay listen I'll come back I'll come back on demand how what if it's good to be miss take a break Artie listen I took a break and it's the best thing you could ever do maybe I took a too long gonna break but just stop cool it down for a while take a break girl okay you deserve it get your mind right and when you take a break and you sit down you take a pause to the cause and you're really talking you better take that thing out you will start to see a more clearer vision and you can direct your self a little bit more you know every now and again you need to pause for the cost and meditate and figure it out okay that's what I'm saying girl baby hook you don't do you and that's what I expect sunny whoo um she uh captioners she says look how swollen my feet get every time I take the plane imagine my body reasoning my doctor told me to chill on the shows you know I'm sure sure she said this is my my feet looking right now right a girl you haven't seen my body my body real slowly slowly up to the point where when I get out of bed I can barely walk you know what I'm saying when I take a dump I need three or four people to help me because I'm swollen everywhere is just a damn shit but you know what you ever noticed that these people getting these damn surgeries they never tell you about the complications okay now look I'm fine they want to show look I'm in have Nicki oh yes look they never gonna tell you about them pains and them complications honey okay yeah they want to keep that on the hush now tell it up instead of like nah you do what you want to do I'm just fooling so anyway um let's look at these comments okay so okay okay it was because the doctors over here and the stakes won't perform her surgery girl now you telling me something different so hold up hold up so y'all mean to tell me cardi B she didn't get her surgery in this dance she didn't go to the mother sucking us sticks up listen so is it true that she did get some more booty but cuz I thought like once you got this silicones and you're you know what and that but that you couldn't get no bbl operation girl code you know everybody can get that bbl they can't get them lipo surgeries you gotta be a certain weight you gotta be a certain BMI or whatever and um a lot of doctors won't touch you if you got that stuff in your body that's the old girl yeah because they don't want anything to go wrong and it's going beyond them because there's so many doctors that have death with the BBL but they're gonna talk about that but you gonna look at our girl is there is there so and you know more more doctors are doing it that are not professional because everybody wanna but you know every should I want a big but sign me up can I get five bucks please give me five bucks all right yes girl but um Wow I don't know you know sometimes I feel like because you know in the black community is this stereotype and I think stereotypes hurt everybody any time you do a stereotype on anybody it really hurts cuz it doesn't apply to everybody but you know it's the Theriot type if you black girl you know you got but you know I'm saying but time and time again you see so many bbl patients that aren't african-american and I don't know it's one thing to do it but if you feel like in order to be this black woman you have to have this certain body figure cuz that's what is expected of you there you know it is a little bit pressure but you know hopefully and I think most girls I don't know do it because they want to do it and then to do with pressure nobody else it's just they see our image and this is what they want for their body that got some means to do it girl go on honey you know I gotta tell nobody would it's your business girl but you know some people do some art and they tell it hey that's on y'all gonna help either oh I still love you I don't care you know me I love everybody but um I didn't know that cuz you know I don't keep up with no celebrities I tell y'all again I don't care about none of these damn celebrities this is just entertainment honey and a good key so anywho because the doctors over here in the states won't perform her surgeries cardi run her ass to the Dominican uh no she ain't going over there girl have y'all been hearing on the news about the Dominican Republic girl had it been oh you better be careful out of the water you drink over there and everything people out falling out like flies honey she better be careful sure no whip it and put in that body yeah I know I ain't going nowhere right now I'm standing in the United States okay and somebody stays I'm staying away from like Alabama Alabama today but oh wait girl Alabama Mississippi they buy ticket all the way back they go dirt honey listen of times we end now it is very strange so I'm getting there um okay anyway cloudy running her behind to Dominican getting that bootleg behind procedure papa prior to the baby her body was straight see the spirit every time I get on this side Rhymes a snitch the spirits always come upon it you know rhymes and sniffs can y'all please do something you know about y'all site get some book somewhere distill you know somebody sucks got somebody got damn viruses on it and then ain't right you know come on now get it together every site I go to I never had this issue but this site so any ho-hum but I'm still gonna get on this site okay you live okay I'm still coming to you about know you got three terrific left to say in post but I'm her body was straight she just need to sit down somewhere and heal she still feels the need to explain that everything that's what I'm saying but girl you can't tell nobody that body is straight if they don't see it like that you know what I'm saying at the end of the day it's about how she feels and how she sees her body and what she wants and she want a bigger but it's a lot of people out here that want a bigger butt that's gonna get a bigger butt you know man will get a bigger D if they could I know something man oh yeah girl that would girl it would pay top dollar to get a bigger D if they could okay sure girl listen if they had an operation and get a bigger D man that was still wouldn't it with me everybody we up in there getting a bigger D okay you make wise more happier shit I'll be alright you know I think I'll be like you know what man cuz it's a few men out here that I do like but girl it don't be hitting no shit but if they got that guys doing procedure oh yeah we can do some things you know to me hell yeah right yeah we could do some things so um you know everybody gonna do they do I'm for it honey if that's what you want to do hey shush ation a whatever so anywho let's read nothing she said slowly no I cannot wait till we go back and y'all know when I come back I'm doing the live so we can all talk together you know I miss that stuff and I know I've been talking stuff so that's why I'm not even gonna say I'm gonna do it I'm just gonna show and prove cuz I get tired of hearing me talk so swollen feet like this is usually a sign of a health issue she may need to drink more water should we all need to drink more water I know I do I'm trying to drink a I can't even drink two bottles over the day alone hey I'm trying but I forget and it's just it's a struggle you ain't thinking that much of a struggle to drink so much water so um she may need to drink more water sleeping longer or a take a vacation I wish slow down if I were hurt well you would think having a new baby she would have been slowed down but that's not gonna slow her down okay she did a little jest midline according to the world damn she can't even be really sick her foot looked crazy slow slow ticket sales and her all right we'll comment let us know I'm tired of eating right now I need a drink of water since we're talking water I got me over here thirst and looking for a bottle water man you know I like it cold so I'm gonna go in the frigerator I love y'all and I would see all the people sooner than later bye

  1. Looks like she got an Adam's apple. Those lymph nodes aren't doing so well. Time to fall back and chill. All that surgery isn't worth the risk. Doing the absolute most for hollyweird 💯💯💯

  2. SHE CAN DIE FROM THAT. FLUID CAN TRAVEL TO THR HEART, LUNGS, BRAIN, ETC. She got surgery from birth and for that movie she doing. But she wasnt supposed to be performing. She doing too much.

  3. Cardi better learn from K Michelle she got so sick she had to do surgery to have that stuff removed .I am not getting nothing put in my butt if its not big enough oh well !

  4. Friend, if need be you can contact me and I can read everything you need. I love you, Terry and love everything about your show even when we disagree. I'm more than happy to read for you. Get that money.

  5. She probably thought she would heal quick because she went back to stripping quick after surgery. She didn't realize her body changed after pregnancy. Most people can't do what they did prior to giving birth.

  6. She better worry about that health b4 she has to get an amputation. Those feet look terrible. She better slow down.

  7. Girl. Leave the salty food alone ain’t no way in hell ur feet suspose too be that fat unless u bout too give birth sweetheart ????🤔🧘‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. This is why people need to learn how to love themselves . With all the money in the world I wouldn’t change a thing about my body. I would work to get where I want to be.

  9. Damn her feet 🦶 looks horrible she really needs to get better and focus also on her baby 🍼 certain of these fans are not loyal any ways and she should not waste her energy on haters and negative debaters gossip girl I see you 👀 with the fire topic and outspoken keep it hundred much respect ✊🏾..!!!

  10. Cardi's ugly rat face ass is nauseating 🐀 Always explaining and whining…who cares! Your time is about up and not when you say so, ugly.

  11. Hey Sis
    I almost fell off my chair sis you said who Foots are these 🤣
    And you right if mean could get a bigger D . They would in LINE everyday all nite TRYING TO GET THT DONE AND😂

  12. Damn how the fuck her feet get like dat? All this shit goin on in the way of her bag, damn she a libra too, I know she mad as shit her bag is stopped, but baby girl need to get her health together.well her bag didn't stop but as a libra she's a hustler and like to be out getting money

  13. Oh my gosh, poor girl. Praying for Cardi. The pressures of work (no matter the industry) can drive a woman to overlook her own health until it swells up like her feet did. May God bless her and heal her both inside and out.

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