Cardi B is going off - I'm NOT apart of them, I am very much B.E.T

hey how y'all doing Alyssa honey I got my nails done so you know it it's about to be on and poppin I can't wait till you guys see my nails I love it okay but let's talk about cardi B so cardi B she's back to news and there's so many reports about this girl but anyway she's talking about race and she's trying to educate all y'all and she's saying that she is not Hispanic you know she's African what she makes I don't know exactly what she's saying about to watch it for the first time too I just heard a lot of people talk about it and then I do hear people saying that you know the Dominican people are black you know it's just all these labels and people want to put people on sighs I think it's just here to divide us I think we are humans we saw love each other come together we are so divided on everything you know what else I was looking at so y'all know I like wearing here it's and stuff right so I'm looking at different Harris girl so I come across this video did you know over I don't know where city it is I think Malaysia is somewhere over there it's a religion like some of them sacrificed to here and girl we bought it here and put it in our head I said that sound crazy right when you think about it that shit sound crazy and then it was just another girl she was like a hearse 55 and her 60s but she was poor guess how much that man pay her to clip off all her hair she had long hair it had to be like 30 inches he paid her $2 we are yeah and I she said you know she's broke at this time it's gonna help with our family of you know get her situation together so she so all right here for only two dollars I said wow that just made me open up my eyes I feel sorry for wearing I goddamn human here and I don't know who hair I got on my head you know I was silverware but I still think it's effed up I think a lot of stuff is after I really do but any home comment let us know what you guys think what shilling played a video because I'm read about love too much all right here go I was talking about Mexico and everything and it was like you should be out there you Mexican now that I'm not Mexican bro like I'm not Mexican at all first of all I'm West Indian and I'm Dominican and the minute I speak Spanish because I'm Dominican and it's like so so so what's the difference between Dominican and Mexican is like everything like everything everything and it's like do you understand stay as mean I do you understand Mexican and I was like I would to me in fact instead Mexicans like I understand what they were saying but sometimes I don't understand what they be saying because everybody have a different lingo it's just like people like it's like okay people from the United Kingdom they speak English but Americans they won't necessarily understand them and they won't necessarily have like the same culture as them does and that's the same thing as every arm in Hispanic countries that speak Spanish like like like as I I don't eat like our traditional food is not other people traditional food we we don't practically listen to like the same type of music we just don't have like the same traditions like and I feel like people need to really understand because people just don't be understanding shit like it's like oh car design she's not black and it's just I broke my features don't come from fucking white people fucking okay and they always want to raise baby when it comes to me that's why I have actual features is that all but sure your parents are light-skinned your parents that is alright but my grandparents my grandparents aren't well matter of fact my grandfather might both my grandfather's they both got green eyes and my grandmother's they're really one of them she's really like College is a little darker than me and the other one from my mom's side she's really really dark because people from the Caribbean islands they all that is that as that as a mixture you know what I'm saying it's like the first places where on the first place is where the where the slaves were taken to especially the Dominican particle was one of the first places and people don't be knowing that shit and then they'd just be so confused and they want a dictate or your race so bad and as I bro pick up a passport or pick up a book so you could fucking known and know the oppression that these countries went through and these people from these countries went through now now it wasn't only America that went to some shape these countries went to some shit as well gosh I thought I will never go home alright y'all heard that I got it and I knew that was blue hair she had not cuz it's crazy right because people some Island women some some some some um artists they are from like the same islands as me people be like oh they black but because cardi speaks Spanish she to people she's not black even though we have similar features same skin complexion but no they were not they were not not put cardi in it because I speak Spanish they want to act like one cardi used to go to the motherfucking stores these white bitches wasn't behind me like can I help you can I help you can I help you can I help you like a party didn't come from a hood that continuously get oppressed they get people get treated like shit and I didn't grew up where I didn't I didn't grow up like on some like people in a certain group of people hang on a certain group of people a certain group of people I'm from New York like we don't do that everybody everybody just talk with each other everybody have the same enemy and the enemy is the police everybody gets this everybody gets a press run from by the same people anybody over here gets on everybody here whether they Porto Rican Dominican Jamaican Haitian African American every single time when uh when a guy or woman gets her ass everybody have each other's back here it's not like oh well they ain't my people so being taken up for them that's not how it works out here that's not how it works in the brown and Cuban MB you know it no there's not my real hair boo no my real hair is really stick like this but it's a little longer so I just hate I just hate that shit like it's like people don't be knowing because the America don't teach people about um different on different races different nationalities different different countries no they actually they do teach about different countries America American school they do teach about different country they but they teach about like hmm it teach about white race countries and there's nothing wrong with that you know I mean there's nothing wrong with with white folks and everything but it's just like they don't they don't really like teach you like who's your brother's who's your sisters which which countries were were where your brothers and sisters were were taken to where slaves to they don't you don't see to that so like like me for example I didn't really know much about the Dominican Republic not that has to teach me the history about the Dominican part because the schools don't don't teach you I guess like like sometimes you will see like for example me my cousins from my dad's side they're really gave really light they're really like they got blonde hair and I used to like I used to like as like my dad like it's like like it's like why why we don't why we don't look like like I don't understand why we don't why we don't look alike but you say that we're cousins that we're related as I why me and my sister don't look like my cousins but like like my aunts and shit like that and they're like my dad always taught us the history like it towards their history about the Dominican Republic why something like this why some look like that and he thought and and he told us why certain countries I mean why certain islands had a like on by certain islands people talk differently like for example like like wide you may consult like that because they were invaded by the by the British like Puerto Rico the Dominican Republic they were invaded by the Spaniards so many so so many of our different islands were invaded by these bigger countries big European countries and that's why everybody speak differently and all these big European countries brown slave to these to these islands that's why everybody like you know every Islanders like Haiti was invaded by the French by the friends that's why some speak friends I think or who was by by the what the Duchess the Dutch that's why they speak Dutch and that's why everybody look alike and everything but everybody speak different languages because these countries were invaded by different European countries that's why some speak English that's why some speak Spanish that's why some speak French that's why some speak Dutch and and it's the same with and is the same with Africa as well a lot of these countries were like we're invaded by these European countries that's why some speak Spanish some speak French but they you know with their own different ways and it's like America these schools they don't teach you that like you gotta really teach yourself that or you really gotta ask your parents these type of questions because then some people will ask the questions to somebody like a aren't you this but but if you're this that means that you that because you speak this language and as I noticed it's not it's not the same you know what I'm saying all right Carly I hope y'all enjoyed it that's why I thought I do understand when people like you like see somebody like me okay boo okay you know she loves to explain herself okay that's cardi all right I see your son of then later

  1. Her father could be black low-key because her and her sister as far as features and hair look nothing alike nor do they act nothing alike and the mom looks just straight Hispanic or whatever she is and the father that is her father in the pictures her real father he don't look like he has a lick of African or black descent in him

  2. I am a Black Hebrew I'm not African I'm a black American and yes there's a lot of Africans they come to America that doesn't like us and will say they are not black they are African

  3. If you want to know about black history, the real black history go to Jamaica. It is very much well documented and holds the raw history of the slave trade from America to the West Indies to South America to England and back to Africa. And btw Jamaica was ruled by the spaniards and the slaves chased them off the island and them the English took over. Spanish is to make a second language.

  4. This dummy bitch Like Negativity that's why offsets cheat on her.she Respond to negativity but positive. Feed backs she don't sit down girl and Stop talking NO FILTER.

  5. She doing too Much am Starting to Give Nikki More Respect.because she Really does stay out of the media .Nikki' drop music and keep it moving..the quack mouth bitch Cardi keep doing Too much.girl shuttt up.

  6. Vlad she stated she dates outside her race…she dates only black guys…..who did she poison n rob black cayyyseeeeee

  7. She's of African descent and she speaking the truth…i see no problem…she's no different than any other mixed race person…she can identity how she choses bc she didn't pick her parents….and yea she said some fucked up shit abouts that black lady, but Cardi I believe is growing and learning about herself and just all around as a person though she still has a lot of growing still to-do

  8. She is speaking the truth about the different languages for those who know history. We are who we are and we are proud of who we are.

  9. But wanna rap it ain’t safe for the BLACK and the white girls? Damn I love cardi but some things are better left unsaid yo🤷🏽‍♀️ still got love for her and yes I know ALOT of Extremely melanated Dominicans and Trinidadians, but you the rap Selena tho and that’s what’s confusing to me.

  10. There are aboriginal people on every land aboriginal meaning people of color. For instance there are black Egyptians, Asains and Australians just like there are white people in those countries but trust and believe the aboriginal people Yes the black people on every land are treated poorly and she knows that. White Cubans here in Miami treat black Cubans like shit too. Just because she is from a land does not make aboriginal "black" and if you have white skin or something close to it you get to enjoy a class system under white supremacy it's sad but it's the truth. Ask Cardi about Haiti and why Dominicans think they better because the Haitians are mostly black

  11. Why do a person feel as though they have to explained There self allow people to say what they want it is not important. What people have to say

  12. I dont know who HAIR" i got on my head…but im still going to wear it. That is the most DUMB IDIOTIC statement you can make. That hair could have been sacrificed with SNAKES, and these obcessed Broads will still rob and steal to get it.

  13. Yes because cardi EUROPEAN Spaniard ancestors STOLEN our AFRICAN ISRAELITE ANCESTORS from West AFRICA Ouidah Benin Kingdom of JUDAH and Ghana taking my AFRICAN ISRAELITE ANCESTORS to Hispaniola aka Haiti!
    AFRICAN ISRAELITES rebelled against the Spaniards and French in Hispaniola in the 1600's and split the land into two countries Haiti and Dominican Republic!
    The Dominican Republic is the land of Spaniards/French EUROPEAN offspring which is a product of them raping AFRICAN ISRAELITE Slaves. Haiti is the land of AFRICAN ISRAELITE descendants!
    Cardi is a EUROPEAN Spaniard! Taino Arawak Indians and Dominicans despise Haitians (AFRICAN ISRAELITES)
    She's nothing and neither are her people!

  14. What’s the difference btwn Mexican & Dominican? Everything like everything. She thinking before she speaks what she really feels !

  15. At this point, you're just obsessed with Cardi B. It just amazes me how someone that's not happy with theirself always find the time to criticize and make a dollar off of someone else's name. It's sickening. Look in the mirror at yourself. Now if Cardi was to strike back at you, then everyone will think she's wrong. Find happiness within yourself before your criticize her.

  16. If you know history and went to school and pay attention to History when you was in school you would know that Dominican people originally came from Africa drag Western Europe to Haiti to the final destination Dominican Republic 👈🏼 Stay awoke

  17. U can be hispanic & Black.
    It's a temple in India that the shave their hair & leave as a sacrifice. Now they began selling that hair unbeknowst
    To the worshipers. Now it's become big bs & people men & women can receive money
    Like selling plasma $$$

  18. Now Afro Latino is a trending topic I been telling Hispanics of there african ancestry but now since Amara used her platform to discuss it those who did not claim there african ancestry n did not want to associate their identity with blackness r now saying Afro Latino Lol u can’t pick n choose if u want to be Afro Latino or not now cardi does look like a mixed Afro Caribbean woman but then her farther looks like a white hispanic n her mom looks like a mixed trini if sis only a quarter black she not black but she was speaking facts blackness is everywhere

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