Cardi B facing PRlSON time with MORE charges from the courts + Nicki Minaj NEW SONG Megatron & MORE!

the port is to use birth esteem except this let's get ready welcome to day time tea time if you're new to my channel my name is Candice if you haven't already please make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so that she will always know when I upload ok now let's jump into this tea ok so do you guys remember last year in October when cardd was arrested she turned herself in after she was accused of ordering an attack on two ladies at a strip club one night there was an incident where cardi B's people allegedly were throwing bottles and chairs at the two girls bad Angie and JP cardi B thought the Jade was messing with her husband so allegedly cardi B ordered an attack on her now for those of you who do not know shortly after that attack the girl Jade actually started dating rapper Takashi six nine so that's who Jade is cardi B turned herself in to authorities she got right out of jail and they've been handling it behind the scenes ever since well fast for it's and today cardi B was indicted by the grand jury on 14 charges two of them are felonies if you guys didn't know her charges initially were only two misdemeanors but fast forward to now they took the case to the grand jury and cardi B is being indicted y'all enjoyed it according to TMZ cardi B was indicted by a grand jury for felony charges and strip club brawl the grand jury has indicted cardi B on 14 charges so it went from two misdemeanor charges to fourteen charges after the grand jury take a look at it 14 charges including two counts of felony attempt assault with intent to cause serious physical injury other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment assault criminal solicitation conspiracy and harassment so the initial two misdemeanor charges got moved up to 14 charges including two felonies so let's go back to when it was 2 misdemeanor charges now back in April of 2019 when cardi B went to court they offered her a deal and she rejected it now the deal Bacardi he was offered in April was for her to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges assault and reckless endangerment but cardi B did not take that deal she did not want to plead guilty the prosecutors initially told her and you plead guilty to those two misdemeanors you won't get any jail time but you need to stay out of trouble for a certain amount of time now they didn't even get a chance to tell her how much time she needs to stay out of trouble because she just rejected it right away according to TMZ now according to TMZ after cardi B rejected that deal when cardi didn't plead guilty those prosecutors did some more investigating and they found something some type of proof maybe somebody snitched I don't know but they found something that made them move it to the grand jury and whatever that something is the grand jury saw it and they moved her to misdemeanor charges to 14 charges two of those charges being felony charges that's a big deal I don't know how they went from two misdemeanors to felonies are just I'm confused the only thing that makes sense to me is somebody snitched on cardi or there's some evidence that shows that cardi B allegedly ordered an attack on vadi G&J if the grand jury has enough proof this could lead to some jail time listen y'all this was happening to me and I started out with two misdemeanor charges that I just knew I was getting knocked for and then all of a sudden I turn on the TV and I'm being indicted for two felony charges and more other charges this what I will be acting like prosecutors saying next to be indicted will be companies spend dr. dick Harper what indicted that's not fair they made you go on that show you hear what they said Jay I am irritated but you only said what they told Jane indict it I'm gonna be indicted no wait it's gonna be okay honey dick and I died honey they can't it's gonna be okay just calm down okay good listen y'all being indicted by a grand jury is not a joke but y'all can't tell me what y'all seen his movie fun with Dick and Jane y'all wasn't laughing with Jim Carrey talkin about enjoy dad I don't care what nobody saying cardi B is confident but I'm telling you when she found out she was getting indicted all that was probably like calm down baby calm down and then cardi B was like okay I'm gonna be done let me stop let me stop if y'all I never seen food with Dick and Jane y'all ain't laugh before okay google it but anyway that you've been subscribed for a while you know I like to laugh over here whenever I hear the word indicted that's all I think about Jim Carrey fun with Dick and Jane make sure you go watch it but seriously you guys all jokes aside my personal opinion on this matter is that they may have some real real proof to make car DB charges go from two misdemeanors to two felonies and 12 or 13 extra charges like how much did they find out over this investigation that moved her from having a deal to plead guilty to misdemeanors and now she's facing felonies it just seems like the good old court system is doing what they always do make up a whole bunch of charges just so you can plead guilty like they wanted her to in the first place if cardi B never ordered that attack that understand why she's not pleading guilty I wouldn't want to plead guilty to something I didn't do but this is our court system y'all sometimes we have to plead guilty just so they don't bury us under the prison with some lies so it's a possibility the car TV didn't do nothing but I guess we will see cuz I'm still I'm saying over and over misdemeanors to felonies what the heck where'd that come from okay so anyways moving on to a lighter subject cardi B has a new song with little non ex called rodeo and I like it it's getting some mixed reviews but overall I can see that a lot of people like it it has the country feel just like his old town Road speaking of Lord knife X he just dropped an EP with seven songs and y'all seven songs with different genres okay he got a techno song on the country song the hip hop songs R&B listen little 9x is smart he said y'all not gonna put me in no box okay I'm the black man who likes techno country hip-hop and y'all gonna get all of that on one out and he gave it and y'all call me crazy but I actually like every single song little not X and smart okay he said I'm gonna go to the Grammys and I'm gonna be in every single category y'all can't tell me look not X's not better walk away with a grab me okay he said I'm gonna be in every genre giving myself a better chance of winning something I'm here for it congratulations to you little 9x congratulations to cardi B for being on the song rodeo because if he'd get a Grammy so do you cardi B so everything is that negative when it comes to cardi B I guess she's on a possible hit song was little nas ex and she just won an award a controversial award but still an award cardi B won an award for best songwriter of the year now this was controversial because cardi B has been very vocal about not caring about writing her own round it's no secret we know that cardi B has writers so it was a little bit interesting to see that she won songwriter of the year y'all know the barbs was up in arms over this okay Nicki Minaj's fans were like honey cardi B win a songwriter award as shown right my words the barbs words speaking of the barbs the barbs are very happy today because Nicki Minaj put out a new song called Megatron but before I get into that okay Nicki Minaj's mother also announced that she has new music coming now I don't follow her mother like that so I had no idea she even did music but she's a singer and she has a new song coming out Nicki Minaj's mother Carol Mirage to her Instagram and she said I'm so excited to share with you new music coming soon swipe for a sneak peek of what's to come sending you love and light today Mama Carol so check that out on her Instagram the official Kara Murat now back to Nicki Minaj and her new song Megatron the song and video is doing very well with over 2 million views on YouTube as well as being the first solo song by a female rapper to hit number one on us I tune since chun-li now the song hasn't even been out for 24 hours and it's doing well but it's getting mixed reviews ok I went to the comment section on the shade rule the comment section on Nicki Minaj's page and honestly it's split half and half like all of the Barb's of course love it this n is fire it's everything it's amazing and then there's a lot of other people who aren't her fans who say and it's ok and then it's people just being straight-up me and talking about is doodoo it's crap it's a horrible song so there were a lot of people who loved it and then there was a lot of people who hated it and a lot of people were comparing her song to another girl song they were coming saying this sounds like she'd see a song blessed you should have just put some seal on the song so people were basically trying to say Mick humanize you copy and offer her now I went and listened to the song and yes I can see the similarities because it's that whole but I thought that that that sound it's similar it is but I'm gonna be honest I just thought it was a sound that Caribbeans make I'm married to a Jamaican and they always make it some type of type of sounds so I didn't really see it like Nicki Minaj was calm being off for her maybe it sucks because a lot of people are gonna be saying but I thought that that because of Nikki even though homegirls song came out last month and has over 10 million views on YouTube maybe that's what people are upset about I don't know but I'm telling y'all in my DM there were a lot of Caribbean fans of this girl should see her and they were like Candice Nikki stole that from her and I'm like I don't know about that one but listen I brought it today time to tea time we're gonna see what y'all think but regardless everybody's gonna have an opinion okay I have one I don't really care for the song that much I was underwhelmed mainly because she really really hyped this song up so I thought it was gonna be like this amazing song which in my opinion it was not I was underwhelmed mine in the matter what I think or anybody think okay that's the thing about Nicki Minaj she has such a loyal fan base that it don't matter what she put out okay it's gonna do well enough to where she's alright that's no shade that's just facts she's at a level to where she could put out anything okay but in my humble opinion wasn't an amazing song no was an amazing video no but it was good it was good enough she served her purpose we missed her she went missing for a while so honestly most of us are just happy that she's back so hopefully she's gonna come with that real heat at some point cuz it's not like she can't rap we know she can rap she's very talented but was this song a huge Bop for me nope it's a note for me dawg there's some good stuff it's a bad stuff yeah it's really just okay That's not me being negative that's just my opinion so honestly whether I like it or think it's a Bop or flop or not this is number one but a right shot I'm done with this I want to know what y'all think what do you guys think about cardi B getting indicted on felony charges and also what do you think about her new song with little 9s rodeo as well as Nicki Minaj's new Megatron song let me know what you think if you haven't already please make sure you that subscribe button hit that like button and I'm gonna catch you the next one alright

  1. How you like lil nas song with Cardi but not Nicki lol u sound stupid! That lil nas song not all that

  2. yas candy beautiful! receipts for cardi b threatening jade and bady g.some of those charges she can fight they damn sure after cardi, are they class a or b felonies! did she have a representative? how did they go to two misdemenours to a felony. i highly doubt anyone snitched on cardi. they wanted to lock her up the first time! usually it would be a fine. her song with rodeo is cool more on the mellow. little naz is smart and thats what i would do dont fit in the typical box! carol about to drop a song yas carol and nikki song is clubbed up. west indians do what they do. are yall still on the nikki hate train because everyone underwhelmed? she can still do better! ok you right its your opinion! i think part of it was she did so much so fast.

  3. Cardi has done a lot of shit. So don't say the court is doing her dirty. She is a gang member and she use to fight all the time. Karma loves to laugh. She deserves jail time for things she did and got away with. I don't know about anyone else but drugging and stealing from men is WRONG. PERIOD. I will not forget the time she threw a shoe across the stage at that girl on love and hip hop. She chats wayyy too much on herself on social media. Hence the reason they have ammunition to take her down.

  4. This whole commentary was soo biased. She was so kind to trashy cardi b and said such negative things about nicki. Bye girl you are a hater. That song is fire, nicki never hyped it and cardi b is guilty and needs to go to jail.

  5. Honey it's not just the barbs wondering why Cardi got that award….EVERYONE is wondering why because Cardi don't write her lyrics and she's admitted it numerous times.

  6. Shenseea and Nikki minaj isn't coping each other that's just some sounds we Jamaican makes. Plus Nikki rhythm is a long time rhythm where older Jamaican artist sang on before. And tyga is in the video so put 2and 2 together you'll see it's a young money thing maybe a callab will soon see Nikki and shenseea doing wrk together. I love both songs and thy are gonna be bangers for the summer….

  7. Cardi should of thought before turning the deal down I honestly want to know what did her lawyer recommend. like did he tell her to take the plea and she didn't . Also Cardi thinks because she has money for a good lawyer possibl she thought she would get off. If they dont have evidence then its a witchhunt

  8. She said I’m married to a Jamaican they always making some Type or Brat ta ta tat ayeeee 😂😂😂😍

  9. Candace I loved you.. wellll…….. till now. What do you mean she hyped it huh???? You better check what you posting from now or else you gonna lose followers 😒😒 you crazy!!!!!!

  10. Nicki is of Trinidad decent did yallllllllll all forget that….its expected for her to do island music…..thats her root…..and every damn island song has the same damn sound / beat and sayings for it to be known its an island song……but her verses aren't copied from anyone…..she is talented and i respect her talent…..yall just want cardi to be as authentic as nicki…..but you cant take that away from nicki she writes her own shit….so stop hating on her ….just dont like the song cause you just plain old it …..dont try and seem like she stole anything from island ppl

  11. Ummmm can’t follow this tea No no no 😩…..& to think I just subscribed 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. I don't feel bad for cardi b, she claim she so hard huh, lol she a bird period qnd Nicki tried telling y'all. Oh well

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