Car electronic measuring system Naja 3D, car frame machine, car universal jigs system, frame rack

the nahji 3d is one of the world's most accurate and user-friendly solutions for rapid Diagnostics repairs and reconstruction of today's vehicles the nahji 3d is able to instantaneously record highly accurate measurements of the undercarriage as well as the upper body via Bluetooth communication for a pre repair diagnostic evaluation the nahji heads sliding along a rail is placed on the mobile support or gazelle beneath the vehicle while suspended on a to post lift the head and the rail can also be placed on all Siletz training equipment the nahji 3d records points with no risk indicators of green for good and red for faulty measurements are displayed in the software along with an audible confirmation during the repair process the nahji 3d is capable of making live measurements with the Magnetic socket while making polls indicated direction displayed sound signal will indicate that the point is back to the original location the measured data can then be stored in the Select cloud for future reference during the repair also included with the Naja 3d is a database of OAM 3d CAD schematics to ensure precision and accuracy quickly analyze damage with rotating 3d diagrams from all angles distances and viewpoints to better understand the damage Nadja can create screenshots and versatile reports that can be tailored for adjusters technicians and customers to comprehend for more information on the products featured in this video visit

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