1. But isn't "left-tube" a great example of how revolutionary theory can be turned into cheap media that in the end are more distorting than educational?

  2. 16:08 this is why I personally didn't like this book. It felt like he went on these boomer tirades on top of moral scolding at least twice too many times and one chapter seemed to me completely a boomer tirade.

  3. 23:00 The Emperor's New Clothes is the name of the story. The Emperor Wears no Clothes is the book by Jack Herer about the many uses for hemp.

  4. The dialogue with Society Of The Spectacle is interesting imo because I believe Fisher and Debord are more or less talking about the same thing in different ways. Specially when Debord describes the production of the spectacle as being an end of itself and how it becomes the entire "meaning" of social life.

  5. To hold y'all over. Great discussion about the "death of rave" from Fisher, Kode9 and Lee Gamble. Ideas like the Hardcore Continuum and Hauntology are discussed.

    Listen to CTM 2013 – Death Of Rave UK w/ Mark Fisher, Alex Williams, Steve Goodman, Lee Gamble & Lisa Blanning by CTM Festival on #SoundCloud

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