Capitalism vs. socialism: What does a real socialist system look like?


    that way we won't have to cut off your heads and stuff them up your blow holes

  2. You have forgotten the most important point. Millennials have been thoroughly brainwashed in the education system to believe that socialism is good, capitalism is bad. It's not that they don't think, it's that they can't think, because of how they have been indoctrinated.

  3. Fearful capitalists (sorry for the redundancy) have painted such astounding pictures of socialism. Socialism is networked, cooperative commonwealth. We have to get rid of our failed nineteenth and twentieth century ideas of government fast.

  4. If you want socialism then move to where socialism is. We , the true Americans, don't want to change America.

  5. And the only Innovation out of China is from everything they stoled and Russia's Innovation is from everything they buy and steal wow isn't socialism just wonderful you believe in that you got to be put in jail then you got all the equality you want

  6. Millennials today are uninformed uneducated and ignorant but the Democrats are hell-bent on destroying America so I'll find out there's enough good Americans left in this country to put up a fight or not cuz Lord knows half our so-called conservative politicians are trash and all of the democratic politicians are trash the only one we have in the government doing his job is President Trump so it's best to be safe be prepared I keep that third eye of yours working 24/7

  7. Taxes are socialist. The army is socialist. The police is socialist. Firefighters is a socialist program.

    You morons have no idea what you're talking about.

  8. The big elephant in the room everybody is missing is that WEALTH and INCOME are two different things. The wealthy don't consume wealth, they consume INCOME, and this only after they pay hefty taxes, and meanwhile their wealth is providing jobs in factories to millions of people. Only idiots think Bezos is sitting in his mansion gulping for himself $250 million each day, and don't realize that his entire wealth is put at work providing jobs to more than 500,000 and that he will not spend for himself even 1% of it in his entire life time. But idiots are making politics these days and American's complete lack of education about this makes it easier for them.

  9. A lot of the Left denies Venezuela as a socialist country now. They’re also rambling nonsense on how it’s Trump’s fault. There’s no reasoning with some people.

  10. "Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."
    – Thomas Sowell

  11. Faux news. The American poeple want the same system in Germany, England, Canada, and Isreal. Free Medicare.
    These Neo Con propagandist try to spin things into equating basic social programs into Commie Soviet Marxism

  12. Young people are more lazy now they don’t want to work hard for what they want. They want everything free.

  13. Did this guy just justify income inequality? Wow, I guess if that's the thinking of the average American no wonder the country is going to the crapper. In the end greed will get them all.

  14. You don't need to go into all these explanations to try and convince dumb people that socialism is bad. These fans of socialism are already voting with their feet! They're all leaving socialist states like California and New York and the future of those states can be seen in Chicago.

    Lenin said the goal of socialism is communism. So once all the money runs out, as we've seen in Venezuela, you get lawlessness and anarchy (as Hollywood likes to depict a post-apocalyptic future for which capitalism is blamed) and a communist dictator is installed.

  15. Lets call everyone who proposes any policy that doesnt involve crony corporatism (aka not capitalism) a socialist.

    Fox referred socialism is when the state nationalises the means of production, e.g. Which is a terrible thing to do.

    The socialism people refer to is how most first world countries are organised. Namely means of production are private but profits are taxed and used as a divident to the society.

  16. Socialism will not give millennials what they are looking for but they are too dumb to know that. Their spoiling mother's made them this way.

  17. Too many socialists and communists have become teachers and are teaching the future generation…scary.

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