Capitalism vs Communism vs Socialism

okay well hello everybody today I'm gonna start some arguments and some fights let's just argue and fight over what we believe in do you believe in capitalism do you believe in socialism do you believe in communism what do you believe in fight for it because it's important for us to take a stance on this because think about it this way if you believe in capitalism that's pretty good god you gotta let people be free that's what I keep saying that's good I applaud you for fighting for capitalism because think about it this way you're taking a stand for the people because when you think about it when you fight for a capitalism what's going on is you give people free rein to just do whatever they want and it's good because you have a few people who figure it out cuz they're clever and then those few people just amount an insane amount of wealth and power and what they do is they just keep that within themselves in their little bubble and it's good because it raises us all up it raises us up and I know that math doesn't add up because in theory you have like 1% of the people who have all the power and wealth and then the other 99% are kind of just barely getting by and it seems uneven but it's not because it's freedom that's the thing what you're doing is you're fighting for freedom you know and it's like when you think about it that way you gotta applaud the people who figured it out you know they figured it out they got a ridiculous amount of insurmountable amount of wealth like other kind of wealth you can't even comprehend and they're flourishing so you can't hate on that because there they were living in a free society to make it earn and do whatever they want and they flourished so I get why you would fight for capitalism because if you're part of that 1% you're doing amazing and it's a great system so I applaud you for fighting for capitalism and you and you might think hey maybe you're just just just this regular simple person just making a normal life and you fight for capitalism because you see the one-percenters or the people who have made anything I could be next it's me next I'm gonna be a part of that small little bubble and when I get there I'll be like I did it Here I am and then you can look down from up top of the mountain and be like I am doing it and it gives you like a satisfying feeling of accomplishment of conquering everything so it's a good sort of euphoric feeling so I get why you support the idea of capitalism is fun now I also get and I also get why you would support communism it makes sense in a way I guess because you know you see capitalism and you think oh man you give people too much power look at them they make billions upon billions of dollars and the rest of the people are poor that's disgusting that's a cancer to society we can't have that I get where your heart comes from so you think take the power away from the people and give it to I don't know the government the army the military I just give it to somebody else we don't want the power gross because if we have the power we just abuse this so just yeah get rid of the power just give it to somebody else don't give it to the people give it to let's say the government right because the government has our best intentions if you give power to the government they're there to just help you out that's the whole point of the government to help you out so I support the idea of you supporting communism I do I understand I understand it so now okay so you give the power to the government or to the whoever you're giving it to away from the people you want to give it to the military the government whatever sort of thing you want to give it to you now what do they do with that power well I mean I think we've seen examples of what happens when you give the government or the military too much power so in the end it seems like whoever you give power to the kind of abusive whether it's the people or the government or the military so then you think yourself well we're screwed what the hell are we gonna do but then see we're clever we have this sort of in-between thing I think it's called socialism it's kind of like socialism is kind of like oh you know a little distil that socialism is like a constant sort of socialism is sort of like being like you have one imagine like there's two houses with two backyards you have one backyard here and one back yard here this backyard is communism this backyard is capitalism socialism is like you're sitting on this fence and you're trying to balance yourself and you know that any second you can sort of fall off that fence and you might fall into communism and or you might fall into capitalism and so socialism is like this constant attempt to maintain some sort of power between the people and the government now the thing about it is that that that's why a lot of people are scared of socialism because they always think hey what is that that's a very slippery slope because the socialism is very close to communism but guess what socialism can also be very close to capitalism it's kind of like all over the place and the thing about that is that that system is just always trying to maintain that power balance between people and government whatever else and that's a very sort of you know that's a tricky thing to constantly try to keep in balance because we've seen that if you give too much power to the people they screw it up if you give too much power to the government they screw it up so how do you balance that you know it's hard if we lived in a tribe of 50 people it's easy we all vote but when you have when you're dealing with like millions of people is hard to find that balance between it all right now and the irony behind all of this is that we always argue we pick sides and I believe in this system and I believe it but what's funny is that the systems are so completely irrelevant they're a hundred percent irrelevant because why are they irrelevant you know you have really smart people people are much more educated than me much more intelligent than me who've studied this and they're you know they're brilliant people and they and they come up with clever ideas well if we just switch this around if we just do this and if we switch but they always miss the idea of people we're in these systems and we're in the way we are we're like completely we're we're still not evolve de nuff to make any of these systems work because that's the problem is the problem is that the only way any of this is gonna work is if we create a system that helps us evolve as people because that's the missing ingredient of all of this because once you evolve once we evolve past this sort of primitive primal must survive at all costs must dominate must have power must because it's those things that makes all these systems fail because the systems themselves are completely relevant because if we are more evolved people we could make any system work any system just this has become irrelevant at that point cuz we'll make any system work right so so now we're kind of left with two choices either we evolve to a point where we make these systems were relevant because we'll make any system work right or not now I want to make that very very clear the idea that the that we have to evolve to a point where we make these systems irrelevant because if we're constantly living this perpetual fear of must survive must dominate must amount more wealth because all those things come from fear we want more and more and more to feel more more secure you know if you make a million dollar do you think that's nice but I'm still not completely safe what if I make 10 million or 50 billion and all these decisions we make to dominate to control all come from fear so if we ever evolve past living in that constant fear state then these systems become completely irrelevant cuz we'll make any of the systems work and we always wonder why why can't we make any of these systems work well I thought I thought I stumbled upon the perfect systems is because we're inherently flawed we live in this perpetual fear and that creates you know that stimulates that sort of you know that part of us that sort of like goes a little overboard you know living in that constant state of fear it's not a very balanced state to live and so of course we're gonna abuse any power we have so so ideally it'd be nice if we can develop a way develop a system that helps us evolve more to get past that now there's basically two options we either evolve past that state and become more aware beings so that way doesn't matter what system we use because we'll make it work or now this is gonna sound very futuristic and kind of like go whatever you want to call it kind of like Oh that's a little wacky but it's either that or maybe we give something else a try what else would to give a try obviously some sort of super intelligent AI computer type thing right and you think how the why would you let like a super intelligent quantum computer whatever it's gonna be why would you let that thing being charged if you missus ID well because it can't possibly screw it up any worse than we have right so why not give that a chance I mean it'd be nice if we just evolved there ourselves but if if we don't get there fast enough – we'll let a supercomputer give it a shot right can it really screw it up any worse than we have and and and if you're and think about it this way what's the worst that can happen I mean I I know that the supercomputer if it really looked at the situation it might think oh my god human beings are a complete cancer to this world let's just eliminate them all that's what you're probably worried about right because if this super aware computer looked at us it'd probably be like okay well that's the problem let's eliminate people so I get why it'd be kind of scared to let a supercomputer it'd be in charge because it would probably look at us and be like well that's a cancer to the plan unless it'll eliminate that and now everything's great but it might not do that you know maybe this supercomputer would look at us and be like oh these silly humans they're kind of still you know in that sort of like beginning stage of evolution but they'll get there and let's just work with them who knows who knows my guess is the reality is if the computers realize we're a cancer to this world and it just eliminated us all I mean I know I know for yourself that's kind of like oh no we can't have that but the reality is the earth would probably be a lot happier you know if like if planet Earth had an awareness and a consciousness it probably rejoice be like whoo I feel a lot better now it'd be like getting over lü like a flu that's like millions of you've had this flu for millions of years and all the Sun odds you're cleared up and you just feel great probably be a state of euphoria for planet Earth now that sounds really doom and gloom and I'm just kind of being you know like a little goofy about it we don't know how it's gonna play out that's the whole idea but I know one thing for sure us fighting and arguing about all these systems is ridiculous we should we believe in capitalism I believe in socially because they're all over all the system we screw them all up that's the point so what do you really you know like all these systems because every system has some sort of power structure that ends up being abused whether you give that power to the people and they just go overboard with it or whether you give that to the government so it's like the system's just are really just completely irrelevant so we either evolve or we let it a supercomputer give it a shot um now if you guys have a third option in mind you know write in the comments maybe maybe you know you have some really mind-blowing option like a third option in mind so yeah that's what this video was about it's kind of like you know let's just if we instead of fighting over which system we believe in more how about we just help each other you evolve and grow more to the point where we make all these systems completely irrelevant and if we can't do that let's just give a supercomputer shot and and then and then and then if that supercomputer just sort of like eliminates us all from this earth and then we just float off into the higher dimensions and then we have a good laugh about it we can just be like oh my god well that was really crazy wasn't it well what a crazy earth experience we had or or whatever we'll see how it goes but I want to keep this video positive so don't just think of it as like a doom and gloom kind of video you know if you guys enjoy fighting over which political system use of or that's all good but basically I'm just trying to have some light-hearted fun here give my idea of what I think and that's it so I hope you got something out of that and if you didn't that's fine too and if you're offended by any of that that's fine too because you know as long as we're respectful it's fine and now I got a call so I gotta go bye

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