Capitalism vs. Communism

gentlemen I do so there was a painful feeling of incredulity to me it is incredible that I should be speaking in the heart of New York the greatest city in the world the group of distinguished American businessmen over so magnificent the product of American technology as a television set on such a topic as capitalism versus coming as if any comparison issue or choice between them were conceivable in the one hand we have the records of the greatest achievements and the remnants of the noblest system ever created in the history of men on the other hand we have a bloody slaughterhouse of ragged savages ruled by a blustering anthropoid inflated by our handouts our land leaves our atomic secrets all concessions are compromises our self betrayal the world is being destroyed by a terrible conflict but it is not the cup conflict of capitalism versus communism it is the conflict of capitalism versus itself with communism as the profiteer and the scavenger among the ruins who is advancing and winning by default capitalism is in the process of committing suicide and if we want to stop that process we must understand the trails no political economic system in history had proved its value so eloquently or had benefited mankind so greatly as capitalism and none has ever been attacked so savagely and blindly why did the majority of intellectuals turn against capitalism from the start why did their victims the American businessmen there's air attacks in silence the cause of it is a primordial evil which to this day men are afraid to challenge the morality of altruism altruism has been meant ruling moral codes from most of mankind's history it has had many forms and variations but its essence has always remained the same altruism holds that man has no right to exist for his own sake that service to others is the only justification of his existence and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty virtue and banner the conflict which since the Renaissance has been tearing Western civilization and which has reached its ultimate climax in our age is the conflict between capitalism and the altruist morality capitalism and altruism are philosophical opposites they cannot coexist in the same man or in the same society the moral code which is implicit in capitalism had never been formulated explicitly the basic premise of that code is that man every man is an end in himself not the means to the ends of others that men must exist for his own sake these are sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself and that man must deal with one another as traders by voluntary choice to mutual benefit this in essence is the moral premise on which the United States of America was based the principle of man's right to his own life to his own Liberty to the pursuit of his own happiness this is what the intellectual did not and could not choose to identify so long as they remain committed to the Mystics morality of altruism if the good the virtuous the ideal is suffering and self-sacrifice then by that standard capitalism has to be damned as evil capitalism does not tell men to suffer like to pursue enjoyment and achievement here on earth capitalism does not tell men to serve and sacrifice but to produce and profit capitalism does not preach facilities humility of resignation but independence self-confidence self-reliance and above all capitalism does not permit anyone to expect or demand to give or to take the unearned in all human relationships private or public spiritual material social or political or economic or moral capitalism requires that men be guided by a principle which is the antithesis of altruism the principle of death so long has been to lectures held altruism as their moral code they had to evade the actual nature and meaning of capitalism they had to evade the fact that the source of industrial wealth is man's mind that the fortunes made in a free economy are the product of intelligence of creative ability this led them to the modern version of the ancient soul body dichotomy so the contradiction of upholding the freedom of the mind while denying it to the most active exponents of creative intelligence the businessmen the contradiction of promising to liberate man's mind by enslaving his body it led them to regard the businessman as a vulgar materialist and to regard themselves as some sort of elite born to row him to control his life and dispose of his product the shady monument to this premise was the idea of divorcing production from distribution of assuming the right to distribute that which one has not produced the only way to implement an idea of that kind was the intellectuals alliance with the Sun with the advocate of rule by brute force the totalitarian collectivist so long is the moral cannibalism of the outer East code permits people to believe that it is virtuous and right to certify some men for the sake of others they will reject capitalism as a system of selfish greed and they will cling to the pair Italian statism of one kind or another either communist or fascist or lazy or socialist or welfare so long as men hold out the reason as a moral code terror slaughter devastation and destruction is all they will or can achieve most people still let the courage to realize that capitalism real free uncontrolled unregulated laissez-faire capitalism not the mongrel mixed economy we have today was the ideal social system which mankind had almost achieved then lost they still liked the courage to realize that if justice progress abundance peace safety and goodwill are their social goals then capitalism is the ideal to live work and fight for the truth which I refuse to face and to admit is that the world conflict of today is the last stage of the struggle between capitalism and socialism and that the whole world knows it the most helplessly ignorant shopkeeper on any corner of any Street on earth knows it in his own simple terms so he's unable to discuss political theory any illiterate peasant knows it in any Russian occupied country when he dies fighting in desperate bewilderment for his right to his correctly patch of soil but our political and intellectual leaders are the only ones who pretend not to see and who goes through the shabby ritual of promising mankind free speech free factories and free lunches all to come from the American Treasury as if the masses of mankind were in fact the looting parasite of the socialist strength if we do not fight for capitalism we have nothing to fight for nothing to upload nothing to offer the world we have no cause no crusade no moral justification very fortresses of America's position in international affairs the evasive mistake guilty pretence the apologist for the greatest virtuous of her system employed in the avoidance of any mention of capitalism as if it's worth the skeleton in her closet have done more for the prestige of Soviet Russia and for the growing spread of communism through the world than their own cheap bombastic propaganda could ever accomplish the morality of altruism is Russia's best and only weapon our attitude of moral guilt is not becoming to the leader of the world crusade and will not rouse men to follow us and what do we ask men to fight for they would join a crusade for freedom versus slavery which means for capitalism versus socialism but who will care to fight in a crusade for socialism versus sunnies who will want to fight and die to the fiendish system under which he will have to do voluntarily or rather by public vote what a dictator would accomplish faster and more thoroughly the sacrifice of all to all who will want to proceed against murder for the privilege of committing suicide I quote from my article choose your issues in the Objectivist newsletter which are published quote neither and men nor a nation can have a practical policy without any basic principles to integrated to set its goals and guidance first just as the United States having abandoned its own principles is floundering aimlessly in international affairs is unable to act and is nearly reacting to the issues chosen and raised by Soviet Russia so in domestic affairs the Conservatives are unable to act and are merely reacting to the issues chosen and raised by the status thus accepting and helping to propagate the stateís premises when the status proclaims that their slave system will achieve material prosperity the Conservatives conceded and rush to urge people to sacrifice their materialistic concerns in order to preserve freedom just helping the stages and their own audiences to evade the fact that only freedom makes it possible for men to achieve material prosperity when the stages are nouns that our first duties to support the entire population of the globe the conservatives rush into the bait on whether Asia Africa or South America should be the first recipient of our handouts when certain stages groups counting apparently on a total collapse of American self-esteem there go so far as to urge America surrender into slavery without a fight under the slogan better Reds and death the conservatives rush to proclaim that they prefer to be dead ra's helping to spread the ideas that our only alternative is communism or destruction forgetting that the only proper answer to an ultimatum of that kind is better see the Red Death in recent years the Conservatives have gradually come to a dim realization of the weakness in their position of the philosophical flow that had to be corrected but the means by which they are attempting to correct it are worse than the original witness there are three interrelated arguments used by today's conservatives to justify capitalism which can best be designated a the argument from faith the arguments from tradition the argument from the privacy some things are neither immoral base many conservatives decided to choose religion as their moral justification they are claiming that freedom capitalism and America are based on faith in God politically such a claim contradicts the fundamental principles of the United States in America religion is a private matter and must not be brought into political issues intellectually to rest once case on faith is to concede that reason is on the side of one's enemy to concede that there are no rational arguments to support the ideas which created this country no rational justification for freedom justice property individual rights and they they can be accepted only on faith consider the implications of that attempt while the Communists are claiming that they are the champions of reason and science the Conservatives conceded and retreat into the realm of mysticism into another world surrendering this world to communism it is the kind of victories of the Communists irrational ideology could never have won on its own merits now consider a second argument the attempt to justify capitalism on the ground of tradition some people declares it to be a conservative means to uphold the status quo the given they established regardless of what it might be regardless of whether it is good or bad right or wrong the sensible or indefensible they declare that we must defend the American political system not because it is right but because our ancestors chose it not because it is good but because it is old America was created by men who broke with all political traditions and originated edge system present as an interstate relying on nothing but the unaided power of their own intellect but those neoconservatives are now trying to tell us that America was the product of faith in revealed truth and of analytical respect for the traditions of the best it is certainly irrational to use the new as a standard of value to believe that an idea or a power C is good merely because it is new but it is much more preposterous li irrational to use the old as a standard of value to claim that an idea or a power C is good merely because it is ancient the Liberals are constantly asserting that they represent the future that they are new progressive forward-looking at cetera and they denounced the Conservatives as old-fashioned representatives of a dead path the Conservatives conceded and thus helped the Liberals to propagate one of today's most attest contradictions collectivism and dictatorship the frozen status society is offered to us in the name of progress while capitalism the only free dynamic creative society ever devised is defended in the name of passivity and stagnation the plea to preserve tradition as such appeals to the worst elements in men and rejects the best it appeals to fear power disc conformity self-doubt and reject creativeness originality independence self-reliance it is an outrageous plea to address to human beings anywhere but the more outrageous here in America the country based on the principle that men must stand on his own feet live by his own judgment and move constantly forward as a productive creative innovator this leads us to the third and the worst argument of some elections they attempt to defend freedom on the ground of man's depravity this argument runs as follows since men are weak fallible non omniscient and innately depraved no man may be entrusted with the responsibility of being a dictator and of ruling everybody else therefore every society is the proper way of life for imperfect creatures please grasp fully the exact meaning of this argument since men are depraved they are not good enough for a dictator freedom is all that they deserve if they were perfect they would be worthy of a totalitarian state dictatorship is school assert believe it or not is the result of faith in men and in man's goodness if people realized that man is depraved by Nature they would not entrust a dictator with power the belief in human depravity is what would protect their freedom and more dictatorships is food the class and all the other disasters of the modern world our man's punishment for the sin of relying on his intellect and of attempting to improve his life on earth by seeking a perfect political system and a rational society that humility passivity resignation and belief in original sin are the bulwarks of capitalism this is truly the voice of the Dark Ages rising again in the midst of our industrial civilization the Liberals are trying to put statism over by stealth without letting the country realize what road they are taking to what ultimate goal and while such a policy is reprehensible there is something much more reprehensible the policy of the so-called conservatives who believe in compromise and who are trying to defend freedom by stealth if the liberals are afraid to identify their program by its proper name gives a advocate every specific step major policy and principle of statism but squirm and twist themselves into semantic pretzels with such euphemisms as the welfare state the New Deal the new frontier they still preserve a semblance of logic if not of morality it is the logic of a conman who cannot afford to let his dick to discover his purpose besides most liberals are afraid to let themselves discover there was a that what they advocate is statism they do not want to nor to admit that they are the champions of dictatorship and slavery so they evade the issue for fear of discovering that their goal is evil immoral as this might be what is one to thinks of men who have aid the issue for fear of discovering that their goal is good what is the moral stature of those who are afraid to nor to proclaim that they are the champions of freedom what is the courage and the integrity of those who outdo their enemies in smearing misrepresenting spitting at and apologizing for their own ideals what is the rationality of those who expect to trick people into freedom cheat them into justice fold them into progress comes them into preserving their rights and while indoctrinating them with statism put one over on on remand let them wake up in a perfect capitalist society some warnings such unfortunately are a great many of today's conservative gentlemen if you want to save capitalism there is only one type of argument that you should adopt the only one that has ever won in any moral in the humans from self-esteem check your premises convinced yourself of the rightness of your cause then fight for capitalism was full moral certainty I quote from my book for the new intellectual the wall crisis of today is a moral crisis and nothing less than a moral revolution can resolve it a moral revolution to sanction and complete the political achievement of the American Revolution we must fight for capitalism not as a practical issue not as an economic issue but was the most righteous pride as a moral issue that is what capitalism deserves and nothing less will save it I should like to suggest that you begin by applying to the realm of ideas the same objective logical rational criteria of judgment that you apply to the realm of business you do not judge business issues by emotional standards do not do it in regard to ideological leaders you do not build factories by the guidance of your feelings do not let your feelings guide your political convictions you do not count on men's stupidity in business you do not put out an inferior product because people are too dumb to appreciate the best do not do it in political philosophy do not endorse or propagate ideas which you know to be false in the hope of appealing to people's fears prejudices or ignorance you do not cheat people in business do not try to do it in to oddity the so-called common man is uncommon ly perceptive you do not doubt your own judgement in business do not doubt it in the realm of etiology do not let the unintel unintelligible gibberish of the liberal intellectuals intimidate you or discourage you do not conclude it must be deep because I don't underst or if this is what intellectual stuff is like then all ideas are impractical nonsense ideas are the greatest and most crucially practical power on earth these are not higher men as heads of your business departments without first-hand knowledge of the nature of their jobs and of how to judge their performance do not do it in regard to your public relations department learn to judge whether the stuffs they are selling you is poison or not you do not hire witch doctors as mechanics or engineers do not hire them as PR know how to tell your friends from your enemies know whom to support the third article and political issues if you are unable to speak freely if you are bound and gagged by the disgraceful injustice of such evils as the antitrust laws at least do not praise spread or support the philosophy of your own destroyers do not grant them the sanction of the duty give some thought to the possibility of establishing a Civil Liberties Union for businessmen and if you still wish to have a social mission or purpose there is no greater service that you can render men times and by fighting for your own rights and property businessmen are the one group that distinguishes capitalism and the American Way of life from the totalitarian state ISM that is following the rest of the world all the other social groups workers professional men scientists soldiers exist under dictatorships even though they exist in change in terror and misery and in progressive of destruction but there is no such group as businessmen undereducated their place is taken by armed thugs by bureaucrats and connoisseurs businessmen are the symbol of a free society the symbol of America if and when you face civilization rotate but you still have a chance to save it if you accept the noble responsibility of your proper moral self-interest and announce it proudly to the healing of the whole world including the city of Washington

  1. This is all mind poison. You cannot help others until you have helped yourself first. Capitalism can be as horrible as Communism unless it is regulated. Capitalism is the same as a game of Monopoly where one person wins. The difference is in the board game if you lose you can just do something else, but if you lose in real life, and MOST PEOPLE MUST LOSE then your have little or nothing. When the number of these losers grows too high, then people look for someone to blame like Mexicans or they will reach for socialism… or both. When capitalism is unregulated then you have major depressions see 1930, 1987 and 2008. The wealth gap is the largest in history and people want to build walls, band certain people from coming to America and others want socialism. Only an economic collapse so vast as to crush the wealthy as well will correct this problem, or a tax structure that redistributes the wealth to remove and lifts tax burden on ordinary people. Trump just cut the tax for the rich AGAIN, the third such cut since 1981.
    Ayn Rand is a bitter old woman, who fell for her own propaganda to sell her books.

  2. Rand is a hypocritical hack, who died living off the very programs she espoused taking from others.

  3. Wouldn't need Altruism if it wasn't for unbridled Capitalism.Arguably,progress starts with market share consumption provided by the purchase of the goods and services available to consumers.Profits improve the quality of life for the people but mostly for the owners and shareholders and inevitably as progress dictates people want more out of life and in response to that a more selective process for labor as well as a surplus tends to enrich the already advantaged while the vast majority of us have little to no leverage or guarantee of lasting success. Not anymore. Not since all out wars killed off a substantial amount of the population and power on a global scale favored a domestic comittment above all and illegal immigration was not tolerated and exploited.

  4. Communist Russia or China are just as innovative and intellectual. Capitalism is great if your privelaged and fortunate to be successful, granted through your own toil or by fraternity or kinship. Its a Utopian existence in the midst of lesser or lower status that provides the labor force for free enterprise and consumers of the products produced.

  5. Communist Russia or China are just as innovative and intellectual. Capitalism is great if your privelaged and fortunate to be successful, granted through your own toil or by fraternity or kinship. Its a Utopian existence in the midst of lesser or lower status that provides the labor force for free enterprise and consumers of the products produced.

  6. Danes,Finns,Swedes,and Nordic people are not mongrels or parasites .Not yet anyway. They like intense pleasure and dope like us mongrels do.

  7. These traitors will decimate our sovereignty and then suggest socialism as a Hegelian solution only after they have exhausted all costly investigations and military spending. They use our tax$ to feed the left-right paradigm and tell lies to justify enforcing a surveillance state.

  8. I forgot to say Ayn Rand is one of my Hero's. Great channel. I'm glad your out there. "All commie's must hang"(Full Metal Jacket, the movie, plagiarized). Why?, Cause 'MERICA! Get Some!

  9. Capitalism is the only way to live big. There is no "moral" argument to it, the only responsibility one has is to themselves, and not to "society".

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