1. This is absolutely terrible. I'm glad the UK is not as bad as this but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes in this direction in the near future. This needs to change but nothing will until people stop doing that they're told by the mainstream media.

  2. Jesus Christ was a man that traveled through the land

    A carpenter true and brave

    He said to the rich give your goods to the poor

    And they laid Jesus Christ in the grave

    He went to the sick and he went to the poor

    And he went to the hungry and the lame

    And he said that the meek would inherit the whole world

    And they laid Jesus Christ in the grave

    One day Jesus stopped at a rich man’s door

    What must I do to be saved

    Take all you own and give it to the poor

    And they laid Jesus Christ in the grave

    When the love of the poor shall one day turn to hate

    When the patience of the workers give away

    Would be better for the rich if they never been born

    So they laid Jesus Christ in the grave

    When Jesus came to town all the working folks around

    Believed what he did say

    But bankers and preachers nailed him to the cross

    And they laid Jesus Christ in the grave

    Well the people held their breath when they heard about his death

    And everybody wondered why

    Was the landlord and soldiers lawmen there had hired

    That nailed Jesus Christ in the sky

    We would lay Jesus Christ in the grave Lord Lord

    We would lay Jesus Christ in the grave

    And if Jesus preached today like he preached in Galilee

    We would lay Jesus Christ in his grave

  3. eleven points to the solution!

    – upper financial limit for all! Everything above this limit is taxed at 100%. eg. at 300 million fr. to draw a limit for individuals. that would have far-reaching benefits.

    – insane basic income! that does not mean completely unconscious. a model in which everyone from 18 years onwards gets paid regardless of their salary. the reason for this is that nationality must be switzerland, one must pursue an activity and or do something for the common good. at least once a week. eg. collecting waste in the street, caring for someone, ect.

    – a money transfer tax!
    In the world of finance, billions of euros are pushed back and forth in fractions of a second via the internet every day. because of speculation on the stock exchange and so on. so the speculation is contained and incidentally, there are tax receipts in a gigantic amount of the general good. So the basic income can be easily financed.

    – absolute financial transferability for every politician! this ensures that the politician works for the benefit of the population. and not in the interest of a few less rich. Every politician has to disclose all his finances at all times.

    – a sugar tax!
    By now, most foods contain sugar or other sweeteners that are harmful to your health and addictive.

    -a very strict ban on lobbyism!
    There are many interest groups in the government (banks, industries, large corporations) that steer politics in their favor. any type of lobbying, be it administrative board posts, gifts of money, travel, gifts of another nature, will be punished with annihilation for a person under the age of five and under the aegis.

    -minimum wage! a minimum hourly wage that is generally forbidden. you have to be able to live from your work.

    -A percentage of profit for each employee of a company at the end of the year!
    Every employee of a company has worked to make a company profitable. Without the work of a co-leader, there can be no profit in a company. By the way, the employees are also motivated.

    – Concrete regulations for affordable living space!
    There is less and less affordable living space. a flat is vital. and you can only choose limited where you want to live because of the work.

    every 5 years must be at least 10'000fr. be invested in a flat directly. otherwise the mietzins automatically drops by 50%.
    down to the pure maintenance costs of the apartment. which must be meticulously documented. to the maintenance costs without investment may not exceed 300fr. additional income per month.

    -A bank is liable as a whole for the assets entrusted! a bank may only trade real money! Bank members can be expropriated in case of losses in order to pay back the people they saved. In this way, the general public is not liable for taxpayers' money losses. nor can the bank cadre still stuff his pockets with taxpayers' money.

    -media law! division of the 4th violence.

    All media must inevitably be divided into at least 8 programs. There must be no connection between the respective parties. otherwise, this leads to the expropriation of the respective parties, the withdrawal of the media license and to a complete redistribution of the companies concerned.

  4. Clear as an in mudded lake
    Wall dont see money as an inventions.
    Money is just a Tool for society to funktion.
    If it fail it becomes a jungle &humans becomes Monkeys.
    King Kong was an Epic movie
    Were THE corperation became to big to stuff the women with a large
    The women vagina were to smal for that option on THE freestyle marketing &King Kong didnt have Amy money.
    Would King Kong be accused by Me Tool like THE Swedish journalist Fredrik Virtanen?
    The women cared for King Kong.
    Did THE girl Fredrik Virtanen abused likes him???
    Adolf Hitler likes THE movie King Kong.

  5. why is it so hard to understand there are no god's nor allah's is an invention from man who like to live of the dumber uneducated snap out of it educate yourself live a illusion and delusion free life start look after yourself and your fellow human beings

  6. In capitalism world if you success you'd have a good life like paradise, if you fail you're screwed and such thing as hope only exist in the form of our abstract ideas.

  7. companies getting life insurance on their employees…wow…just, wow. That srsly hit me in such a profound level, becoz it is similar to how feudal lords in medieval times used to compensate each other for "dead peasants" after a period of warfare

  8. Why is it that those who are the worst off in American society are constantly willing to vote against their own best interest? I guess the public education system really has been systematically disassembled, if the rural Republicans who've lost everything think that, let's say, net neutrality is directly accountable for their losses. Republicans do not care about America, if the definition of that word is "most Americans". Only a truly brainwashed society will want the benefits of social programs, such as Obamacare, yet vote against it in a general election.

    You know, it wasn't easy for the rest of the developed world, either. It took decades of social democratic presidents and prime ministers to turn Finland, my home country, into a relatively-well-functioning system, with strong unions, yet with a low corporate taxation policy. A system that doesn't make a distinction between "capitalism" and "socialism", because – let's face it – neither ideology can be shown to have created any system that hasn't required constant sacrifice of either human rights or individual freedom. Social democracy, therefore, is the rational approach to national politics. An approach that sets the betterment of human life at the very front of every agenda setting and piece of legislation, because, if a society is not taking care of all people who inhabit a country, what really is the point?

  9. How funny that almost a decade later we're seeing that this documentary, while with good intentions (I guess), was incorrect. Obama was just as bad as the rest of them. This world won't change unless we have another world war.

  10. very sad , yes capitalism can be bad at that level…..but…….all american society looks sick……look at how fat they are (sorry) look at what are their dreams and look at how much tons of stuff they own…..

  11. This is not capitalism you stupid fucks, it's corporations bribing the government, the government is the evil ones. They're the ones using violence and robbing the people

  12. I like Michael Moore's Documentaries because they're educational, thought  provoking  and yeah even controversial, but that's what  makes 'em so interesting ! He's got guts and balls that for sure and  some may even think he nit picks  to much sometimes and doesn't stick to the facts enough! What do you think?

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