Capitalism Stifles Competition

hi my name is Erin and this is my show reeducation and today I'm going to talk about competition competition is something that capitalists always say that capitalism is really SuperDuper good at right I mean that's basically what it's known for capitalism is known for having a market that puts different businesses against one another in competition so they can create the best product for the lowest possible price right well I would argue that in an unfettered capitalist system like what we have right now all that ends up happening is those systems create monopolies capitalist businesses consolidate with one another and create large corporations that inevitably stifle the system make it impossible for small businesses to compete and destroy and rot away local communities that is exactly what you see happening right now if you go into your downtown core if you live mostly anywhere I'm sure that you'll see a ton of shuttered buildings why is that could it possibly be that the system is broken and that it's literally collapsing and eating itself as we speak while the richest top 0.01% make ever-increasing gross disgusting amounts of money as the people at the very bottom starve and die so I don't really like that obviously I think that that's probably a bad thing probably damaging and I enjoy competition I like having a system that is actually incentivizing people to compete I think that's a good thing and I don't think that's what capitalism does so what I think would be a good way to allow people to compete well one way obviously would be to break up all of the large monopolies and turn them into smaller corporations but that still leaves us with the barrier of having to have a large amount of capital to be able to start a business in the first place to be able to get into the market to compete Wow if you want to have a free market place if you want to have the ability to have everybody compete then wouldn't it makes sense to be able to open that market up to everyone wouldn't it make sense to have everybody be able to compete and not just an elect selected few that probably got there through birthright or nepotism I think not I think that it's probably a good idea to have everybody in a society be able to have the means to be able to have the ability to go into the market and compete with everybody else on a level playing field because of meritocracy you know that thing that we're always talking about having but we actually never ever in force so a good way to do that how would we do that though right how would we even do that well here's your solution you get a zero percent Interest business loan that is able to be given to groups of people who want to start worker cooperatives in their community a worker cooperative allows the community to become their own bosses and own and control what they produce when they produce how they produce and what they do with the profits that means that the workers in the community the workers at a factory at a corporation at a business would be their own bosses they would be able to make the decisions for that corporation and not just have them arbitrarily made for them by some CEO or politician a thousand miles away sitting on a beach drinking a margarita mai tai I don't drink I don't drink so I don't I don't know alcohols right off the top of my head I think it's important to have businesses being able to compete with one another I think that's really the only way that we can have a free market but without that all you have is a market that was created by nepotism and birth right I'm pretty sure that even a lot of endcaps would agree with this idea so instead of just willy-nilly allowing anybody who happens to be born into money being able to be the only ones that are allowed to compete why don't we open the broad spectrum of competition up to everybody and allow everybody to compete in this free market and give the people a 0% interest business loan to start up their own worker cooperative after all that is literally the exact same deal that we gave to the GM corporation in the big banks right after they destroyed the economy in 2007 so might be something to think about anyway that's my show my name is Erin thanks for watching

  1. About the ancaps – Do they have some problem with employee ownership? Someone making their income from their business is almost the definition of a capitalist, and universal employee ownership of businesses thus amounts to a universal quasi-capitalist class.

  2. Capitalists are hoarders. Hoarding is an aberration usually usually caused by some some sort of emotional lack, often having had poor relationships with a parent as a child. The schools they were sent to makes it worse as they learn to rule rather than lead. The rest of us go to schools that prepare us to be good worker bees. I spent some time at one of the elite schools because it was the only one in my area that taught equine husbandry with a complete program. I learned a lot about what the elite are taught that others are not while I was there. It was eye opening. It made me wonder if they could ever be integrated into a normal working community with shared enterprises.

  3. I believe all workers at major Coporations should be given a 0 percent interest business loans to buy these companies from the private owners.

  4. Corporations and the State are always in league with each other, and fascism is corporations as government.

    The State should not get involved unless direct harm is intended or not against people and their property.

  5. I love how the obvious end goal of a corporation in a capitalist system is to monopolize, yet we acknowledge it’s bad enough that a monopoly is against the law

  6. An oil giant, with a budget larger than most countries, and a massive political influence, can destroy the competing products which may be far better… because they are trying to survive and continue profiting.
    Capitalism creates an incentive not to make the best way to do things the way we do them, but to continue doing things in the way which established businesses can continue.

    The kicker, is that these companies ARE government, much more than "we" are.
    There cannot ever be a free market.
    It is a myth. Every time the massive capitalist corporations get their way with government policy, and deregulation, they keep the profit. When they fail, they require public funds to bail them out. There is no scenario where free markets can exist without authoritarian force and violence, because nothing else will stop the people who are being screwed, from taking a brick to the head of their bosses otherwise.

    Property rights, most particularly "private property" which is that which makes a profit, just because someone owns it, and people need it… are placed above all other rights now.
    The right to eat, or have shelter, are placed lower than the right to own stuff. The right to medical care is placed lower than the right to extort cash from the poor.
    The goal of capitalism is not provision of the needs of the people in the most efficient manner possible… it is accumulation of vast wealth into the hands of few people, and managing everyone else's reaction: that this arrangement is shit for most of us.

    Watch as representatives cannot oppose the power of capital, year after year. They say a thing, and cannot do it. Sheldon Wolin describes the power of private corporate power over government as "inverted totalitarianism", and this is intended to be mildly distinct from fascism, where government still had power over corporations. The results are not very different. There is just the illusion of conflict, televised.

  7. Where does the government/bank get the money to be giving out no-interest loans to people? Is there an application process? Are some people eligible for the loan and others not? How is that decided? How will the government/bank recoup their losses if the worker coop fails?

  8. Couldn't think of a non-invasive, respectful to your boundaries kind of way to pass this over to you, and it's something you have most likely already heard about anyway, so I'm just gonna feed the algorithm with a comment while passing this article on to you. I'm fucking livid about this shit.

  9. You are hitting at the same contradiction Marx does: the contradiction of capitalism .

    You can never have a free market while the market is owned by somebody privately .

  10. I'm not entirely convinced on meritocracy… Yeah from each according to their ability and all, but what about to each according to their needs? Not everyone can compete (regardless of loan accessibility), but they should still live a decent life. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for increased opportunities and co-ops… but what of the workers from a failed co-operative or people with disabilities or whatever other reason they aren't able to compete? I'm not trying to argue or demand an exact vision; I'm just unsure how to begin to approach this.

  11. Giving 0 percent interest loans to workers associations is what Proudhon talked about. And he called such banks that'll give those loans as 'Mutual Banks.'

  12. Yay`!! real competition, if we go anarcho-communist we'll reach ASI, fusion and interstellar communities way faster!!

  13. Markets and capitalism are not the same thing. The more capitalists associate capitalism with the concept of a free market, the more they prove how boring and evil their own system is. But even in regards to competition, we should do away with markets and instead advocate for a gift economy, one based on mutual aid and cooperation, as opposed to people wanting to be above one another. Let's not forget that the natural state of humanity is equality. Anything which breaches this, it's ideological roots are based on supremacy and domination.

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