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  1. Didn't even get 10 seconds in, immediately you lead off saying that ALL three are plbothe political AND economic, yet I've never heard of a capitalist government unless it's a socalist/communist trying to find a reason to not like it. I live in a capitalist market society with a constitutional representative republic

    Where in there dose it say ANYTHING about the economy?

  2. I’m in grade 6 and I was absent the day they went over communism and my teacher brings it up frequently. Didn’t really understand but now I do. Thanks!

  3. I understand that this is a very simplified description but the practical truth in the west is somewhat different. Today, the employer does not have the 'right' to keep all of the excess profit because the employer/employee relationship is by way of social contract in the same way as any other contract. That is to say that neither has the right to 'impose' a legal contract on the other and it only becomes legal by the agreement of both parties. An employee can revoke a contract in the same way as an employer without breaking the law. Otherwise, it is internationally deemed to be slavery. Socialism also appears when public money (the taxpayer) is used to bail-out the financial sector in a financial crash (2007/8). This is in fact inverted social-security for the capitalist system when capitalism itself would demand that the banks should fail; so you can see that in a modern society, capitalism is actually supported by socialism. Communism is very different from Socialism because the financial sector is government-run from public funds from the get-go. Anything involving support from public funds (the taxpayer), including the military, is 'socialism' unless you have a privately funded army (feudalism). Therefore, claiming that we can be either/or capitalist or socialist is an illusion; we are both but we are definitely not communist. I am not a capitalist nor a socialist but neither is anyone else. It is all political myth devised to promote the confrontational system of party politics. A better description of modern economics throughout the west would be 'social capitalism' no matter what party is in power. The alternative is communism.

  4. There is one thing that you missed in your video. China, North Korea, Soviet Union, Vietnam, and Cuba all did implement communism, and millions of educated as well as the rich and middle class were tortured and killed by communists in favor of classless-based society or the loss of privacy to own everything.

    True. Capitalism is just as bad as communism, since it favors only the rich owning everything at the cost of the poor and the middle class becoming poorer along with suffering and dying from a lack of resources. Capitalism is mostly implemented in the USA, Venezuela, modern Russia, modern Mainland China, and most countries out there, unlike Nordic countries that adopt more socialist ideas than most countries in the world. In this video link, there are differences between communism and socialism, and a certain number of people falsely define or tainted these terms:

  5. U perfectly explained the problem with a purely socialist system. I wish you had done the same for overtly captisalist systems like US in which curroption and wealth gap creates a pseudo-democratic oligarchy.

  6. But why doesn't the taxation make the richests seek for a country with less taxes, rise the costs of their products and services or low the salaries?

  7. I think you should talked about anarchy, which is also a response to the inequality and is like a communism without the socialism.

  8. The Nordic countries are also among the most atheistic developed countries, which I have a feeling has something to do with their success. Strange how the most religious developed country, the USA, has the most massive social divide.

  9. I think noway and sweeden have the best social structure available in the world; good video although it's extremely short

  10. Whenever people point out Norway 🇳🇴 and Nordic countries they forget that they are fundamentally Capitalist. Even the leaders of the countries came out months ago and decried they are socialist in any form.

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