Capitalism, Socialism, and the Jews

before we began to do this this program I was thinking about where is it written I was considering going back to a very ancient civilization mostly in terms of the the reports that we have that you may in your visits to Israel advise the new Israeli government in terms of its economic problems and I I wanted to ask your question I wanted to ask you question about a remark that I had heard you make in connection with this story about the road you might play in relation to the new Israeli government he said something like this and to the degree that I'm distorting your words or your thoughts please please correct me it is somewhat strange that socialism just supposed to find so many friends in capitalism so many enemies among Jews when perhaps some people might think that the essence of the Jewish tradition is so alien to socialism and so akin to to capitalism and I I wanted to the extent that you meant much of that what you meant by no I think I mean I would but I would endorse certainly that statement as you put it while going on to say it needs some elaboration in some respects let me see if I can put it to you in a in a set of a different convey my first visit to Israel was made about 15 years ago I was there for about three months as a visitor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and after I left Israel I summarized my impressions by saying but I thought the best way to understand Israel is to recognize the two Jewish traditions we're at war with one another in Israel one of them was a very recent tradition a tradition of 100 150 years old that's the tradition of socialism that's a tradition you referred to in your initial comments that it is true that on the whole the Jewish intellectuals had been strongly Pro socialist and have contributed disproportionately to the socialist literature that was a run tradition the other tradition I said there's a tradition there was at least 2,000 years old it was a tradition that had arisen during with I aspera and as a result today there is a tradition of how you get around government regulations how you find chinks in controls how you find those areas in which the free market operates and makes the most of make the most of it was that tradition which had enabled the Jews to survive during centuries of persecution by the constituted authorities you know the Jews almost never were protected by the constituted authorities once in a while there would be a monarch who would who would intervene in favor of the Jews but almost always that was because there had been a Jew who had accumulated enough money through the free market through capitalism to have loaned money to the monarchy have gotten even his death the story in the Bible of Esther is not a very usual story that isn't usually the way it occurs most of the time the Jews have survived despite the opposition of the powers-that-be not because of it in this ancient tradition of 2,000 years it's still very much alive at Israel and what I said at that time was that fortunately for Israel the ancient tradition is Charlie now let me go back to that in a modern context I believe that there are a few people in the world who have benefited as much from capitalism free enterprises and choose suppose you ask yourself in what countries it is if the Jews have been able to survive and thrive they've been able to survive and thrive primarily in those countries that have had capitalism and free enterprise they haven't been able to survive and thrive in the socialist utopias of Russia or of Poland they haven't been able to they weren't able to survive and thrive in the national socialist state of Nazi Germany they have been able to survive and thrive in places like Great Britain in Germany when it was capitalist before Hitler in France particularly kapust in the United States and more important in what parts of those economies have they done best in those parts where government is had the least relative play you do not find in the United States that the Jews have done very well in large-scale manufacturing or in the commercial banking because those are areas which are very closely intertwined with government in banking you need a governmental franchise and there are there is probably no industry in the United States in which there are fewer Jews surprising ISM may seem in major positions of responsibility in there than in the commercial banking industry forever they thrived in the industries which have been most competitive where there's been the least monopolies private or public retailing which is open to was open to all in new industries in Hollywood why because it was a new brand new industry there were no set of positions a period of privilege or a power no government involvement so viewers have done best and other minorities I'm not only speaking to Jews if you look at the Japanese in the United States if you look at the backs in the United States in every case they have done best in those areas where you have had the greatest degree of competence they have done worst in those areas where you have had the most monopoly in the best detrimental the link to game so on the one hand there are no people in the world who have benefited so much from Tablas mr. Jukes method Ezreal suppose socialism is charged in the world where it is real time support did Israel gets a present its earlier difficult days from the governments of the world or from people and from that people from the Jews who had managed to make a a little bit of a confidence for themselves and accumulate the little funds in the capitalist bastions of the world so the Jews have benefited enormously from taxation yet on the other side the messy issue you raise here you have the paradox that the Jews have been among those who have contributed much to undermine the intellectual foundations of calculus is this a dichotomy that exists in contemporary Israel – of course of course it has existed then how would you make a contribution well you know how it is I will make a contribution I could you light it to a sector but you know people ask for advice from some people who they'd never given the advice they want to hear there is no shortage of good economists in Israel Israeli did economist they know what to do and in fact the economists in Israel have not been in favor of governmental policies in Israel it's as it hates like it has been in the United States where the economists have been opposed uniformly to many governmental policies such as the price fixing policies I was talking about such as rent control similarly The Economist in Israel have been almost unanimously opposed to some many governmental controls and regulations what's happened in Israel is that you now have a new party that came into powers of the food it's a party that proclaims its belief in private enterprise it proclaims its desire to cut reduce the size of government and to give greater opportunities in the individuals their objectives are excellent I hope they achieve them I'm not wholly confident that they will in fact I have many doubts about whether they will succeed and the reason why they have asked me if I would even try something because they know that I believe in a free economy and that that their policy is my palace and insofar as I can give any assistance I am delighted to both because of nygel desire to see freedom prosper but also because I have a very strong personal sympathy and interest in Israel I am Jewish by origin and culture I share their values in their belief I share the admiration which many have had for the miracles that have occurred in Israel so if I can make any contribution to a more effective policy for preserving Israel Israel's freedom and strength I would certainly be delighted to do so you

  1. Fact is that the Rich Jews started, dominated and profited from the
    Black African Slave Trade and White Slave Trade. Rich Jews and their
    cousins are repsonsible for the Black Holocaust, not us White People.
    Jews are of Middle Eastern origins and not White. Asians have White
    skin, but they too are not White People.

  2. Fact is that the Rich Jews started, dominated and profited from the
    Black African Slave Trade and White Slave Trade. Rich Jews and their
    cousins are repsonsible for the Black Holocaust, not us White People.
    Jews are of Middle Eastern origins and not White. Asians have White
    skin, but they too are not White People.

  3. Did he just say there’s no industry with an absence of Jews than commercial banking? When was the video recorded lmfao

  4. How is that for investments.. a whole land stolen with its towns cities villages industries railroad airport ports, orchards, olive and orange groves. Homes and their contents and oh by the way research it.Even their cash in the banks were blocked and released only after it had lost its value. How is that for a Jewish investment in Palestine.

  5. I don't need to hear Friedman. "Predatory", "unfettered" capitalism inevitably leads to dependency-entitlement socialism because it robs the working people of their capital worth by defrauding their money. Their money gets cheaper as prices go higher so naturally they become dependent upon socialism. Many years ago I wrote Friedman a respectful letter asking him a civil question and he sent back an insulting reply. (My question was whether the Old Testament showed economic principles. It does: "The profit of the land is for all; even the king is served of the field." The profit of the land is for everyone that does hired work.) I don't believe it's mainly Jews behind the economy; many Gentiles are smart with money also, but I think Jews are represented disproportionately in finance as they are in entertainment and science. They are naturally talented and tend to excel disproportionately in comparison to Gentiles. There is, however, such a thing as Zionism which is a profession of Israel without its Messiah. That cannot work. They must get their Messiah right.

  6. The egalitarianism and welfarism of modern liberal government are incompatible with the facts of human nature and the human condition. But the rise to power of the liberal agenda has resulted from the fact that the people of western societies have irrationally demanded that governments take care of them and manage their lives instead of protecting their property rights. This misconception results in massive violations of those rights while permitting government officials to act out their own and their constituents' psychopathology. The liberal agenda gratifies various types of pathological dependency; augments primitive feelings of envy and inferiority; reinforces paranoid perceptions of victimization; implements manic delusions of grandeur; exploits government authority for power, domination and revenge; and satisfies infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation.

    THE LIBERAL MIND: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness
    By Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D., 2011

  7. Milton Friedman came and gave a lecture at the college where I taught. During the question and answer period I stood up and asked him where he thought credit cards, and revolving credit stood, on the scale of his M1, M2, M3? He po-po-ed me and said, “When I grew up in Chicago, my parents had a charge account at the local grocery store. My mother would order food over the phone, and my father went and paid the bill at the end of the month. No difference.” FALSE. 159 million Americans get multiple credit cards, charge them up to the limit, and pay only the minimum each month. Credit card debt is over 2 trillion $. That’s essentially money the treasury or the Fed didn’t create, chasing goods manufactured where? Foreign countries. Credit card debt is M4.

  8. All isms are controlled by the Jews. And here you have a Jew interviewing another jew. Conflict of interest and controlled opposition at best. Milton Friedman a liar as Jesus called them.
    All the genocidal maniacs are Jews

  9. The Jews benefited the most from Communism/Socialism in the Soviet Union, so this interview was a bit flawed in the information it was presenting.

  10. Capitalism puts money above people, and socialism puts the State above the individual. Both are Jewish, and both are evil.

  11. There is this theory among some Jews, that God punishes those nations that do evil to Jews. I am Jewish but I do not believe this. What I do believe is that when there is trouble people start looking for the guilty party instead of trying to fix the problem. Such is human nature. Jews are traditional and convenient target of the blame. Naturally, this does not help, problems get worse and the 'punishment' follows.

  12. Fucking knew it. Every supposed fault of capitalism is the deed of jews because ofcourse it has nothing to do with capitalism itself. Hypocrites!
    I always wondered how people can think to get away with polarizing reasoning.
    That a greedy banker happens to be a jew doesnt make other jews bastards, that just does not make sense.
    The other side however is that Im never allowed to be critical of the zionists without seeming an antisemite. There are alot of double standards on this subject and it tires me that it still exists..
    Can things please not be about religion or race anymore?

  13. The Jews did not invent Socialism it makes those laugh who are politically aware on the subject .
    A french gentleman by the name of Charles Fourier invented Socialism .

  14. Jews destroyed evrry religion and brought secularism to control both Muslims and christen..Now Christinity and islam losing their identities and Jews successfully exploited them..

  15. He's a liar! Banking goes all the way back to the OT Deut. 15:6. (way before Ester the poser in gov't.) This is the mantra of every Jew since. Note: NT money changers on their temple steps, Aaron and the golden calf worship (stock market today)…gold buillon.

  16. What they all fail to see is that socialism is not an opposite to capitalism. Capitalism is used on the higher ranks of society while socialism on the lower levels serves capitalism. Socialism is the instrument for the capitalist. There is no one of the intelligent race that is dumb enough to document that for the plebs.

  17. The Jews benefit greatly from capitalism, yet are most instrumental in attempting to dismantle it. As has been pointed out numerous times by others, the Left eats itself. This childish way of thinking has infected the West’s universities, populated by the most privileged class. Ungrateful, spoiled rotten, and diseased.

  18. Sounds right, a Jew Boy visiting Israel. I believe he must be referring to China. Lets see, they forced millions of peasant farmers into the cities- to become subsistence factory workers, for capitalist multinationals. They demand state control over labor unions. They pollute at will, – producing 16 of the World's most polluted cities, half of all their rivers are polluted by industrial waste, even to the point it is unsuitable for irrigation. The plan was for China to become like us, but that is not what is happening, we are becoming more like China.

  19. Israel wouldn't have survived without socialist Czech airplanes and rifles. But he is of course right in the general sense. Established power structures diminish the power of any minority in favour of their own group. Maybe the Jews tried to instigate their version of socialism as a way to in perpetuity create a system in which one group would not dominate all others. A novel idea I think. Perhaps there is nothing too terrible about the Jewish people being involved on both sides. As with all other peoples this is always the case.

  20. Capitalism & Communism Are made by zionists talmudic jews for one purpose : world domination in preparation of their "coming messiah" 🙂

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