Capitalism & Socialism - A working class perspective

good morning good afternoon good evening good night depends what time you see this okay my name is Jim I'm just gonna want to talk to you really basically about socialism and capitalism from a very very very working-class point of view from a perspective of poverty really I'm the reason I'm doing this is because I meet a lot of middle-class people who are basically their middle class what I would call middle class I don't know you know they've got quite a sort of you know a reasonably thing they've lived here all his life you know with you know TVs they've had in fact computers they've had the internet they've had think most of their lives the actual access to cars vehicles everything all the benefits of a capitalist system yet they call themselves socialists and really they don't seem to understand what socialism actually is or what it means and I think it's just being nice to people I think I think I've got a few notes to do like yeah they think socialism is kind in nicer and therefore by they think of anybody who'd be identifies as a cash capitalist must be bad a fascist yeah so that's you know that's their perspective and but I mean yeah I mean I've got bit I got be obviously there are some capitalist is capitalists who are bloody awful I mean really really unpleasant people but there are just as many real socialists that are just as just as awful and think people are both good and bad and people are all thought and good and they they come in all shapes and sizes and no two people are the same anyway from from where I'm talking about because I don't I haven't been to college I haven't been to university I haven't they're bad we've got at Z 0 education but I did have when I was a 14 yes they haven't you I did have the both the oh no not both the Liberals the labour and the Conservatives knocking on my door asking my asking me if that I could join them okay because of my political sort of activities on the council estate and saying we think you know you you actually um a lot of things that you say a lot of things that you espouse fit well with all our policies I said well the Labour said that last night the Liberals said it the night before now the Conservatives are saying it what's the difference between any of you are you all the same and so I I didn't bother join in any political party or anything like that but right and I lived on accounts estate as a kid okay it's not going to detail we had but there was it was the 1960s built council estate so there were lots of young families and lots of kids growing up there like you know I think we're all of the same age and it was a great place to be quite honest I'm not gonna not gonna say all it was terrible anything it was a fantastic place to grow up it for your kid because there was lots of other kids the same age and there's lots of other things to do now my particular situation was we did have my mother and father met in Butlins when we my mother had gone on holiday one of our few holidays or Butler's my real father left when I was three and left my mother sort of fairly destitute to be quite honest with two kids and we but she struggled on and she did the best she could and we got a holiday in buttons in Minehead and we met a man she met a man there called Tommy who was apt it turned out to be probably what you would say in the trade a complete 100 percent darling either excuse me that a complete 100% diamond geezer and we literally left Butlins and moved up to London and we've got this capsular house in South London with this chap who was possibly I loved him I loved him I grew to love this man more than you know your life itself really he was absolutely marvellous he was a fantastic role model sadly he died a couple years later he got a very very aggressive cancer from his work they got best doses basically and it killed him and all his work colleagues very very quickly and my mother and the kids were left on her own again by this time I was about 13 he that we had about four four four years of bliss and happiness until he got this cancer and then he was dead very very quickly age 42 tragedy me look for him really really awful I mean and the good die young and this man was a good man anyway we were broke again now they're on the only counts estate there was different levels of poverty and we had the the bangers over the road they were called the bangers cuz their dad was a butcher and they were moneybags we had the crows and dad was a taxi driver and they were money bags you know so you see what I mean the people who had proper professions and jobs were were sort of like him considered money bags and then you had the poorer things like yeah but when my father died we were that I was sort of like poor again and I didn't really like that I actually didn't like that at all actually they've been factly or you know being the poorest kid on the block it's not as a kid your bit thing at 13 it's very very important and things like clothes Tesco Tad's and things like that which we used to call clothes for poor kids you didn't want to know so basically I knew what my mother was earning I knew what the rent cost and I knew that there was no money to spare so teen I needed to get some money I needed to get some money so I don't know where this idea came from wait dick I know I know where it came from actually insofar as I was coming back from a football match we always go to football matches sometimes with the kids on the train on a Saturday evening and I noticed the papers were being thrown off at the train onto the platform I know it's his Chuck they're just deviating them out to people just sort of send him off to different shops so people could go and check me out it was it was it was the first paper printed evening Evening Standard and it was to sort of like check the polls and I spoke to this chap that and I said um could you sell me 25 papers next week if I come up here and buy them would you initially said you are gonna be here aren't you you are gonna be here and I said yeah I'm gonna be here all right I said I said I pay you now okay and I couldn't pay him to think on this but um I remember going around his house he gave me his house and I paid for them in the week I got all I've got all my pennies and hate news together the papers were a penny each okay this is how much they were so I hope to get 25 pence we just gone over to decimalisation at this time and I had to get 25 pence 25 new pennies actually at the time and I gave it to him and on this Saturday I went up there and I got 25 of these papers and I went round a state where I lived on banging on all the doors hissing do you want a paper for the thing if you want one and I saw up to 25 papers like quite quickly you know really really bang bang bang bang bang bang bang and um so I and I solved them four times each you know where this is going so I had 50 P in my pocket okay I had a bicycle so I've got a pan here on the but I had a panier on the back of the bicycle I'll tell you another story reason why I had a pan you back at the bicycle but that was because I used to go fishing as well you still like to go fishing and so I've got basically the next week I took that 50 P and I said could I have 2 choir or a paper that's 50 papers that's quite a lot it's quite weight on the back of the bicycle and I went round on the in a week and I took people but how is it I didn't make it to I'd not want because I knew who was living down and knew the sort of people to knock on the house and I didn't have to knock on people who weren't that sort of people so I went round I and I've got another about 15 to 20 other papers salt ok so I had about 3035 paper sole and there was a blocks of flats as well that I couldn't attack they might you know say but it needs to be to said like you know I'm the next week I went I sold 50 papers and that gave me 50 P now 50 P back there was enough money for you know that 50 profit enough 25 P was enough profit like you know the school dinners were only 5 pH at that time so I had enough for school dinners believe or not because I couldn't we couldn't afford to buy school dinners and their lunch in munchkins I found it a little bit too much to go and get the free dinners because my father had only not long died we hadn't got the sort of level of the sort of support that I could get free dinners yet I don't think so I actually could go and buy dinners at school I didn't go to school stop going to school very shortly after but needless to say I actually think that and that that grew I got a little trainer that I built built for my bike and so I could just chuck the papers on the back of it in the box in the trailer so I could I think and I ended up with three choir of papers that was 75 papers and I could get round and people can check their polls they didn't have to go to the walk all the way to the shops to get the paper they got the paper and people would start giving me little tips and things like that for doing it and I became possibly the wealthiest kid on the estate I said to my mother you don't have to buy me any more clothes that's it because the clothes she bought me I refused to wear anyway you don't have to buy me any more clothes and I will basically sort myself out and I gave her money towards the housekeeping as well and that was my if they I didn't know I just didn't think anything I was doing but basically that was my first foray into capitalism and that helped me okay and that it's about one of the good you know you can actually buy and sell okay my my father one who died actually each one of the couple of things he said to me one of the things he said money doesn't buy you happiness but on the other hand neither does poverty and another one he said there are only two types of people in this world those who do and those who don't okay so basically I was poor we were poor and I might I met a girl friend he was incredibly wealthy and I met people we met people who could be love it but I didn't feel envious about their wealth or anything like that I didn't really care about their money right what I what I'd want to do as long as I had enough for me and enough to spend a night enough to do and I could do that I didn't care how rich other people were I don't care I don't like I didn't like being the poorest kid on the block or anything like that because I couldn't do anything I didn't have but there was a period where this Smurf short period I had no money no nothing so everybody's going off the going football matches we go to swim in there doing things go to the youth club and I could or to do any of it because I didn't have any money so that peeve me off really so it was sort of like for the life okay now socialism I was brought up about socialism like all the time and it's a lovely idea it's a very very very very how would you how would you say the idea it's it's an idea you know the Equality if we were all equal it's a noble idea you know okay you know it's it's a noble aim to be up to be everybody to be equal but it's an impossibility because no two people are equal nothing is equal in this world nothing is equal in this universe I mean it's an imposter it doesn't exist I mean if you give to people exactly the same opportunities okay life the universe and everything like that no but if they're the two people who were fairly similar and motivation fairly similar IQ similar fairly similar education okay they will start off in life and give them exactly the same they will not be the same at the end just won't be because basically life the universe comes into it it comes into it you know there are thing monopoly there's a perfect example the game Monopoly you all start off with the same thing the same thing and basically I mean monopoly was designed to show that um capitalism is a terrible idea and all the money will dissolve into one person things like that you know but capitalism is not that simple actually turn it was it was a wave describing how bad capitalism is like if it turned up but um you know basically what happens the longer you play just basically one person ends up with everything and everybody else ends up with nothing now capitalism can actually go to that and one of the problems we have at the moment is the difference between the haves and the have-nots is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and that sort of leads to they have nots getting really really just it but then you got people the politics of envy coming it's the politics of n MV like you know the the socialism but the one thing in if we lived in a socially that one these people like these Midwest people listen to these middle-class kids if we did live in a socialist society okay you would be poor because basically everybody is poor if you take everything in the world and you spread it equally about Monk fluent everybody everybody is poor okay nobody's rage okay there is no mobility you have got no escape you can't become a boxer a footballer or there is no working club Howcast model if your gold and things like that there is no there is no working class escape you are stuck in the working class there's no potential improvement in within a socialist thing only within the party and within politics can you socially climb then what you know because there's no such thing as equality even in a socialist sort of thing okay and there's no incentive to strive so it's a sponges paradise feeling and there is no incentive to be educated there's no incentive to do it because you're going to be you can work hard your whole life and you're still going to be in exactly the same position you are when you start at least with capitalism you can actually you have got a possibility you have got a chance I mean the faith the wind and all that lot comes in Voltaire and all that we've got riding on a sea of fate but we are actually to some degree but yeah as long as the fates are with you you can actually get somewhere you can actually get something you can go and buy some papers for mistakes and sell it and have the best bike and the best jeans and the best suit Levi's stay press and a Crombie and everything like that like you and everything like that there it goes um you can't do that but um within a work within a within the socialist system there is no escape yeah and I know it sounds lovely and it's seductive to think of oh yes well it lovely if we were all equal yeah but we're not and we never will be I hope I am sort of like um bored the pants off you well if I bought the pants off you not there if you have enjoyed this actually you know do you like and subscribe I'm not trying to run a channel for money or anything like that because I it's I'm fate waited way too long far too much effort just would like to say like you know socialism vs. capitalism capitalism is not perfect but socialism is really really wrong there is something called Georgian socialism this is a an American chap that basically saw was advocating it just run on a capitalist system okay but there was no land ownership all land was common I'm trying to work my head around it in everything I've been thinking about it actually to be quite honest quite a lot it could be a very very good level and it could if you had something like that it might actually stem the you know the the difference that you get when people become because the Pareto principle you know means that you know eighty percent of the wealth is held by twenty percent of the people or 80 percent of the people live in 20 percent of the locations ie cities things that is a natural principle it seems to run through nature human endeavor and everything like that and also you have the socialism is not divided the Pareto principle it actually exactly in fact it exists the same because you know you have the politburo in the Soviet Union not you know they had though they had a summer holiday places they had their the best of things because they were the party yeah where's the hoi polloi we're stuck down in the poor thing you know and basically and beware of socialism coming in beware of the korbinites in the Marxism 'he's beware really really seriously dangerous because look what happened study what happened in Soviet Russia study what happened in China study what happened in Cambodia all the places we think and have a look at more recently than what happened if you can find out what what recently happened in Venezuela recently we're being hit you know they're hiding it it's not good yeah and if you come from a middle class background you won't be saved just because you call yourself a socialist take care people strive for I remember hard work pays off in the end honestly good use your brain you should not and live off your wits you'll be fine Cheers

  1. As much as I really enjoyed this video, Im personally not convinced that the gap between the haves and the have nots is getting bigger. 150yrs ago the have nots would have lived in actual slums with next to zero state help. Now even a basic careerist single mother can actually make a fairly decent income by having a few kids and its a bonus if there’s any fathers contributing. They will all have hot running water, indoor toilets, televisons, game consoles and the kids will all be wearing the latest brands. Ok I accept that perhaps the level of the super rich is enormous but the standard of the poorest is way way higher now. In the UK this is.

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