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you know you probably hear people constantly talking about this horrible thing called capitalism I have yeah you’ve heard that yes you’re like what how does capitalism affect me I will tell you it runs your entire fucking life you’ve probably heard of socialism or communism communism and they say they try to control your entire lives your whole day is taken away from you what control do you have over your day now most people have to be chained to a desk for 40 hours a week and they’re not allowed to leave when you wake up in the morning and you feel like shit and you have to wipe the sleep from your eyes and like look around and be like why does this have to happen this early in the morning that’s a capitalism and it controls everything like your healthcare your education it all comes down to making money but some things just don’t make money honestly ask yourself how afraid are you of getting an injury and how that could possibly fuck up your life yeah you’re being stopped from skateboarding breakdancing doing anything fun because if you get injured you’re fucked forever you can’t go to work and so then you have all these people that say well we can make a kinder capitalism a more conscious capitalism it isn’t gonna fucking happen we need Anarchy we need socialism we need communism we need anything but more capitalism but wait Brett when you go to the grocery store you have almost unlimited choice you can buy a hundred different types of cereals all made from the same stuff different graphics on the outside all corn it’s basically just a bunch of boxes of corn that’s capitalism it actually treats about 1% of the population like humans and the rest of us like tools for those superhumans you don’t have any money your bank accounts low I know where the money is Jeff Bezos has it the Waltons have it and they took it from us they took it from us we’re just our money back yeah your work made that money you deserve that money that’s your money the 1% has never decided to do the right thing that’s why we have to take power and just spread it out among the 100 percent of people that exist [Music]

  1. I am so confused why the guy who made Nyan Cat transformed his channel into a company promoting a streaming service.

  2. In the Europe of the NATO countries most countries have had socialist governments ever since the end of the Second World War and nobody in Europe understands socialism as hell, but quite the opposite: socialism in a democratic country it serves so that your taxes of rich country pay the operation of a Mr "X" that if would not die.

      Socialism, it's social. Social is to build roads, provide education, police, justice, army, health and that kinds of minimum things. In the United States they hear socialism normally and think of Stalin. I hear United States and I do not think about the KKK 🙂

      I have met many Americans who come here to Spain to work and are "scared" because except four things is the same as the United States: everything costs money and you do not get to the end of the month, 'cause we are almost as capitalist as you are . Hahaha What if it is a shame that the rich have so much influence over governments and their legislation through lobbies, especially if they claim to be democratic. It is one thing to hear the industry (important) and another to publish laws that have almost written. That, in my opinion, is killing democracy as we have always known it: the defense of the individual against the powerful

  3. Capitalists have been riding the bottom half of the bell curve for quite some time. There at the top and sliding down fast, prepare for carnage as the majority of employment is decimated by robotics and deep learning, Andrew yang for president in 2020 he gets it.

  4. Been a while since I've seen such ignorance and smugness packed into just two minutes. Looking forward to more.

  5. Man, this couldn't get any dumber……this Communism rehab effort starts off with mocking the idea that there was anything wrong with Communism, oooh scary, yah they murdered tens of millions of people, jailed tens of millions more, repressed over a billion people, took away all rights, no one could vote, no one had free speech, it was great…………then they complain that you have to work under capitalism and get up in the morning? You have to work under communism too, idiots…….for pennies on the dollar of what you get in a free society.

  6. If you're injured under Communism, it's better? People in free societies don't skateboard, cuz they might get hurt and not be able to work? Who are these braindead cretins? Workman's comp, which is about 65% of your regular pay, is still more than you would ever earn in a Communist dung heap. The salary in Cuba is $30/month. Then they shill for Communism's lack of choice of any consumer goods………..geee, yah you have a lot of cereal options, but they're "really all made of corn"………….you guys are the dumbest apes I've ever seen on Youtube.

  7. The disintegration of capitalism will lead to a new system, but not Soviet-style communism. We don't have a name for it yet, but many of the ideas will be socialistic, with higher taxes on the ultra rich and more equitable economic distribution.

  8. These two dipshits apparently never opened a history book. Communism is great, it's only killed 100 million people.

  9. Like a $3 Hammer at Habor Freight that used to cost $10.
    But these guys just admitted they don't want to get up out of bed and they claim somebody else stole their money they were to lazy to get up and earn?

  10. This is asinine! you dont want to get up in the morning, you would rather sit in moms basement, get stoned, eat bowls of the same ole cereal that comes in different boxes! And being chained to a desk, being out running a back hoe, or running through a field in full combat gear was all a choice, brought to you by capitalism. I was in the CWA union….NEVER AGAIN!!! Dues for what? Always talking about workers rights. what really got me freedom? Leaving the union, expanding my education, then selling that education to the highest bidder! voila' CAPITALISM! I make double what my union boys make! And Who out there has a shiny new car, who spends $5 on a latte' (clearly not these guys, why wake up from the pot induced buzz and actually produce?), your PED, your computer, your internet, your youtube, your social media, the gaming console to play world of warcraft in your moms basement…..YEA SOCIALISM! ….oh wait what? that was all brought to us by people with ideas that acted on those ideas and started a business? ooohhhh…….But wait, we have the lowest unemployment we've had in 60 years! Yea SOCIALISM!!…what? Wait, we're fully employed but not under socialism? oooohhhh. But blacks and hispanics, they're being marginalized!!! Wait what? The lowest black/hispanic unemployment ever recorded….oooohhhh….. But look, wages in America are rising….YEA UNIONS and workers rights! Wait What? unions and organized labor is shrinking in the US? And states are moving to 'right to work' states? ooohhhhhh.

  11. Get a set of balls and a job… especially to fat boy. What a bunch of pussys. Move to Africa if you have a issue with this system. MAGA

  12. I can't figure out if your videos are trying to be ironic or not. You're using thousands of dollars worth of equipment to record videos about how nothing is accessible to us little peons—only the rich. You are the rich! You are the wealthy! You are the idle leisure class. Are these videos for real, or just some sort of lame joke?

  13. Socialism is cancer and you fucking know it. Otherwise you wouldn't be charging a paid subscription service for your shity fucking product. If socialism was really the real thing and a good thing you wouldn't be charging for your service. At worst you be letting people pay whatever the fuck they thought it was worth. But you know they wouldn't pay you because you know it's worthless.

  14. class mobility is real in america. We are lucky to live here, although some people life's are equivalent to a shit sandwich due to uncontrolled circumstances they still have equal opportunity. Be disciplined, work hard and educate yourself and you have an extremely good chance of being financial free.

  15. It's always sad to hear Americans speak about .. most things.

    "How afraid are you of injury and how that could possibly fuck up your life?"

    Not at all really, to both questions .. unless talking about like, breaking my spine and being quadriplegic – no amount of decent government is going to help with that. But I wouldn't be "fucked" in the same sense that an American would be.

    It also seems to me like, Americans don't realize that not everyone in the world goes through the same shit as they accept as normal. You might not have noticed that there aren't a whole lot of "please help cover my medical bills" GoFundMe -campaigns set up from outside the US. And then they spit at the word "socialism" as if it was evil, while e.g. the Nordic countries are considered basically marvelous wonderlands because of the benefits of socialism.

    Worker unions are strong, healthcare is guaranteed for everyone, so's retirement, education, and other such life necessities. State legislates that no one (or two) corporate monopoly can shit over your Internet access, or other basic services, and generally protects primarily the rights of the consumer and citizen over corporations. And still there are rich people, imagine that.

    Socialism isn't problem free, mostly because there's still money and large parts of capitalism around that give people the wrong incentives and motivations to do things.

  16. In 1935 Huey Long said 4% of Americans owned 85% of the wealth of America. Now THREE PEOPLE (Bezos, Gates and Buffett) own as much or more than FIFTY PERCENT of the American people (yes, almost 164,000,000). *That*, my friends, is capitalism.

  17. Love this. Also, let's not forget how the wealthy families got the money: by enslaving people and making them work for free for 400 years.

  18. Capitalism: freedom to bow down to the people hoarding your needs or fuck off and die. Freedom to have the wealth created by YOUR work taken by people who don't contribute a thing to society. Freedom to take the massively overpriced college debt with no guarantee it'll amount to anything or just not take the chance and stay poor and where you are. Freedom to pay to go to the doctor or not because you're poor and end up being forced to go because of your condition and end up in massive debt anyway.

  19. You retards couldn’t run a store, never mind fighting a civil war. Go back to your moms basement.

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