Capitalism Needs Sweatshops, Humanity Does Not

so today I thought we'd go through the mainly libertarian argument that capitalism is actually a cure for poverty and that in order to raise the standards of living for those in the third world the only realistic way to do that is kind of sit back and wait for the free market to great jobs to supply demands of those loans now usually see the type of our movement coached by right-wing college professors you know the types of skeptics pipeline property and by looking up to I do of course me more sucking their dick but these professors like to act like they're walking into the depths of liberal hell and dropping mind-blowing true funds acting as beacons of rationality and reason among a sea of feels over rails if I would have been in Stalin's position I would have ushered in the damn utopia you sit here in Europe in your cushy middle-class chairs so when can you even clean up your own room no now while they talk about a lot of things economic or otherwise in relation to our topic today there are usually along the same lines as this now listen here you've got down the rules a lot of rational people don't go to university not because they don't have the grades or run a smart none because it's only politically correct liberals like you who scares away allowing your left ism to fester challenge me on the other hand I'm a rational and professor which basically quite literally the smartest person well from the perspective of your middle-class lifestyle working 12 mining hours a day just for the bare minimum the job who's Brent may seem with everyone fair under exploited it but I'm here to tell you that this is actually the best possible situation that could ever happen to these people you see capitalism is saving them from their peaceful lives and making them useful to the market there's a demand for smartphones in the first world but because they're so expensive to make them at a reasonable price you need to have someone who's willing to work and it insultingly low wage and in sourcing their long hours but if you were to come along and force these companies to make reasonable wages and shorten their working hours they have to have massive employments forcing these people back to their agriculture where a lot of them would likely starve so really when you're saying you want higher wages you really want these people to die and you know what these people do when they don't like their jobs they kill themselves yeah that's right these people have the balls to stand up and change that situation so instead of sitting around all day and complaining about labor rights so what I'm saying is that capitalism is a system that requires a period of horrific suffering that drives many workers to the point of suicide so that they may in a few generation have slightly improved living standards it's just basic economics now the problems here are frequent one it assumes that this necessary line of development is a real world a material necessity rather than one just born out of the system needs right now – it doesn't even stop to think about what's going to happen to these places roughly actually do industrialized and calm the explosion be g-baby like they are now and free this guy is barely possible for any kind of right-wing academic with that hair now this trick is being long practiced by the conservative and libertarian types when they're not trying to pin today's problems of capitalism on the state or in some cases people took notice they're looking at very real very horrific scenes of poverty clearly caused by capitalism and trying to turn the whole situation on its head to actually make capitalism out to be the good guy in the situation the savior and disgustingly make the exploited workers feel like they should actually be grateful for their exploitation topped off with some snarky remarks about how you don't understand me and I'll make so you don't really care about poor people when you're just trying to purge you signal of course though now this is a brilliant example something I love to bring up whenever I can pure ideology now these people are so deep set in their liberal democratic ideology so unaware of any possible services that they've convinced themselves that this quote-unquote solution which even they know is just ethically disgusting is the only way to go about doing things because the damn we're not even dealing with the methods of the system here would they just think this is just the way that life is the way inevitably goes but of course us enlightened euphoric Marxist know that there are other options but that Camel ISM seems to have lifted as many people out poverty as starlings killed literally a billion people have been pulled out of poverty is not something Marxist but actually take is a necessity into their core argument capitalism is ventilate the foundation for socialism via industrialization as what you're saying is is that socialism just piggybacks on the success of capitalism like a leak almost comparable to its hippie followers on the welfare safe which means that capitalism take you backed up a few little things fuck you idiot capitalism naturally emerge out of feudalism just like socialism or allow the council's isms everyone agrees that capitalism is greater than industrializing things and we can see that happening right now today in China so yes capitalism in a sense cures poverty however was being missed our way because of that good old pure ideology is the fact that it catalyst in itself that is presenting this very dilemma to begin with the problem simply can't be solved on the level of the workers at this production line all the company's own wages instead what we need to be asking is why is it that in the first place people are faced of the option between farming that's usually coupled with a horrible poverty and starvation or inhumane working hours it's because people forced to sell their labor on the market because in the eyes of market that's the only way that they'll be used remember capitalism produces for exchange and the only gold capital is to infinitely expanding if we change the game though and move towards socialism abandon the cycle of capital when start reducing the use value rather than exchange value then it's a different situation the very dynamic fiddles away all together we already right now produce 17% more food than required to feed the entire world and judging by the fact that we'd actually managed to have a huge housing surplus in the first world where those productive forces are actually going towards that it's fair to say that shelter when you actually have that industrialization isn't hard to manage the people but the purpose the problem is because it's not profitable to give people food and shelter without them having to work for anything then it doesn't get done when we remove the profit incentive rule together we can just go ahead and do it we could do it literally right now not even tomorrow today but of course that would collapse the economy now at this point you may be wondering if we'll have their necessities provided to them already who's going to actually do the labor on these productions well the answer is that no one would happen we actually have the ability right now to alternate end of these jobs in production lines in sweatshops which produce the majority of world's goods right now however of course if we did this today on to our market system the mass unemployment works just called a complete crash at the market because they'd no longer be anyone with salaries to buy back what's being produced so companies are actually right now being prevented from implementing automation just because of the social systems we have today there are no material constraints it we are literally making ourselves work more than we need to because of a fucking social construct just let that sink in now some of you may be paying extra attention may have realized that I said earlier that socialism needs an industrialized country to establish itself yet a lot of the countries that we're dealing with here in the third world just on has just relied completely the solution to this is quite simple central planning instead of markets being used these countries would have their resources allocated on whether they would be most useful in society paving the way to genuine socialism this is historically proven to provide the fastest industrialization in human history that being in Russia and presumably the next time around there wouldn't be literal Nazis in next-door threatening war in any moment so the industrialization would be able to take place a natural pace rather than a force one that could potentially lead to famine as a very least without side support from first world countries there wouldn't be any problems in the slightest i cuted loosed all you want to be twink if communism and the government running everybody's two flushes also great for industrialization then why is it that North Korea has hardly any internet access for citizens yet South Korea is completely modernized guided by the invisible hand of the free market all right all right fair question what about North Korea that didn't industrialized even though that has central planning well ignoring the fact that they don't even have nearly the same natural resources that Russia had they're blocked off from trading we've quite literally every country in the world large China or South Korea was quite literally propped up by Western forces now don't get me wrong I'm not defending North Korea in any way I think it's a shithole and honestly there's argument for it to just kind of give up and succumbs and liberalism as it stands now we're ready you know it's not like it's going to be a beacon of global revolution at any point in the near future but honestly that's just a completely different topic that we won't get into now at the very least all I'm doing is explaining why they are how they are today if we had a global revolution like we did around the start the 20th century but you know with this on more than one country succeeding and holding on to power then situations like North Korea would just be an impossibility honestly the interesting thing about this argument that right wing is a pushing though is that when we stay within the confines capitalism there are actually kind of right there is no real alternative to the inhumane working conditions that these flow borders need to go through that's why we have to look for alternatives liberals that's why you need to be socialist you've know there's something wrong you have the fields you don't have the reels in that an actual solution or alternative to the problem mark fists do and if you actually do care at all about these people in the slightest then you will at least look into the possibility other alternatives to capitalism now a lot of these people were not really acknowledged but use as part of their arguments that smartphones are expensive and couldn't be produced at the reasonable price that they are today without this cheap labor because you know what I'm not paying 600 bucks for this I'll pay 300 and if I stop buying this who suffers that Chinese kid who's right now making whatever 3 bucks a day or whatever right of course though they push this alongside the argument that it's very cheap labor that will raise standards of living in industrialized the country now unless it's just assuming that with the highest standards of living there will be no increase in wages at all yes historically we see that with these high standards of living people organized labor movements which is why corporations move boxes the first place it's clear that cheap labor cannot exist forever so what happens when you can't exploit one place of cheap labor you move to another place where you can and then the same thing happens and you move to another now I don't have a solid picture of the current geopolitical climate as it stands exactly right now but if I had to guess I'd say that we're seeing in China removed from industry economy to a service based economy because they've really done their interrelation of the last couple decades we're seeing that move now to India where they're going to start doing the same thing and then we'll probably move to Africa and now get a taste of the production line sometime but here lies the fundamental problem with capitalism is that it's an infinite growth with a finite wealth the very source of what allows first of all demands to be met will eventually run out and we'll either see a complete economic crash as supply plummets or will be brutal suppression of worker movements trying to get themselves higher wages and higher standards of living like we actually already kind of see in South America day with literal coca-cola desks courts so capitalism does cure poverty yes but it is very poverty on which it relies and this isn't even taking into account that as we've explained already capitalism is what creates is poverty to begin with the very nature of capitalism in this way is fundamentally contradictory when you look at things from this rejected you kind of realize how much of a whole fucking method I mean capitalism is really meant to exist as long as it has it should have really fallen to organized labor a long time ago to establish socialism yet due to various reasons like concessions or fascism which is something most never really predicted we still have capitalism today with the frequent economic crashes with the imperialism and the wall with the brutal exploitation of the third world and the alienation of the third world but now with the added bonus we can see on the horizon of due to capitalism strength transmit growth the beginnings of the system starting to eat itself the thing is commentor cut off the heads of state before it starts to eat its own tail so professors maybe when you start getting to the point where you can go smug about being able to say human suffering is an inherent part of the system to improve lives over time you should start looking at the shitty system you're pushing yeah well hold on okay my patreon churches came in yeah I'm outta here see your father's so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it provided some useful explanations for the topic you're dealing with if you did enjoy this kind of video with the skits and whatever else please let me know in the comments and hit that like button as well because I'd really appreciate it if you really enjoyed the video maybe you might want to check out my patrons will be there but honestly just watching is more than enough anyways guys thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

  1. "Without sweatshops how will we get iPhones for cheap" sounds dangerously close to "without slavery, how will we get cotton for cheap"

    You can't have one be morally okay and not the other

  2. I agree with the argument and mostly the solution but not this guy’s statement about Soviet Union and Communist Countries. It’s like saying, Nazis had an fast militarization and lift out of economic depression but denying Holocaust. This person is doing Communist atrocity denial.

  3. I know this is an old video but I would love to do a reply. BTW your impression of the professor capitalist made me laugh out loud. Bravo!

  4. Dude read Thomas Sowell – knowlage and desision, and you will see why central planning doesn't work, because even the smartest group of people doesn't have even 1% procent of the combined knowlage of all of the stupid people.

  5. Capitalism does not alleviate poverty the numbers which allegedly prove that capitalism saves people are faulty to begin with. E.g. people in poverty after official numbers now have more caloric intake than 30 years ago but they also work harder and thus need more calories and are thus still male nourished.


    Do you hate western/capitalist society?

    What country are you from?

    Why do you think you can tell Americans what to think?

    If you think Capitalistic America is so bad, why is America the best and most prosperous country in the world?

    Please respond because I actually want to know.


    An American of the USA

  7. I know this is a year old but I had to put in my two cents regarding North Korea/South Korea. Do not forget that the United States bombed the living hell out of North Korea in the fifties first, then clamped down on the remainder for a seventy year long economic blockade/embargo. As well as the propping up of South Korea by the US since then as well and trade and yadda yadda as you pointed out already.

    The US military was begging the pres to use nukes on North Korea but they grudgingly settled on firebombs instead. North Korea's estimated losses included up to 750,000 killed, 145,000 missing, and ~800,000 wounded soldiers with over a million and a half civilians killed/wounded/missing.

    They lost a huge portion of their population, were bombed back into the stone age and never really were allowed to recover.

    That's the "success" of capitalism in South Korea versus North Korea.

  8. is ''clean up your room'' an argument I am suppose to take seriously? what if I like my room to be dirty? What if it doesn't need to be clean since it already is? I don't get it, is it a symbolic meaning? ''Clean your room?!?!?"' what the hell Peterson?

  9. Could you respond to "How Would You Respond To People Who Say Capitalism Exploit Third World Workers?" By Orwell Goode

  10. I think it would be amazing if you went out and debated a well read conservative on the topic of Socialism vs. Capitalism. You're the first socialist centered speaker I've heard that doesn't actually make me feel like I've lowered IQ just listening to them. I also feel that debating other people with different Ideas would really help you expand your knowledge and youtube channel.

  11. If it is the case that Marxism is basically the next step from capitalism then why do socialists constantly try to drag capitalism down? Why not push for further industrialisation and capitalism in the third world instead of supporting every cause that stands against it including backwards belief systems such as Islamism?

  12. Love the vaporware in the background.
    Wait 40yrs from now to see how Capitalism will handle the loss of fossil fuels, lol, one of the only commodities that maintain it.

  13. For hell stake, stop saying that because your economically right its libertarian. Hitler was center-right but authorian.

  14. This is going to sound counterintuitive, but having a large food surplus is extremely good. The alternative – and I'm not exaggerating – is to be one bad harvest away from literal starvation. But that's something only a communist would wan…oh..

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