CAPITALISM IS NOT THE PROBLEM | Douglas Rushkoff on London Real

  1. Current invisible hand from the capitalism liberal, should force graceful the free competition, net revenue going near to zero ! But it is not working any more. Because we are not anymore in a liberalism, we moved to a new speculative economy.

  2. The problem is capitalism+globalism. Medium sized capitalist businesses are very effective and create jobs with good conditions. National and especially international giants on the other hand don't pay taxes, reduce wages, outsource to asia etc. Global entities have no loyalty to anyone.

  3. would be great to see the reactions and opinions of millions of sweat-shop laborers earning less than $5 a day slaving away under contractors of Nike, Adidas, Zara, Puma, Mango Etc etc about INFINITE GROWTH and CAPITALISM? Rather than these self-styled $3000 a month pundits …

  4. It is beyond myopic and ignorant to believe that there is no superior alternative to capitalism where providing the things we need are concerned. The Resource Based Economy is infinitely superior to the disease of destructive capitalism.

  5. Money gates how accessible resources are when resources are provided by nature for free. This consumerism/business minded system needs an upgrade and fast!!!

  6. Capitalism is the problem because profit is your god. The system does not account for environmental costs, or costs we pay indirectly by a decreasing biodiversity or by any other factor beside profit. All that counts is profit. This system is sick and it is a mental illness that infected humanity. It is a believe system. Economics is not even real science. It defines what the objectives are and what the morals are based on our monetary system. The monetary system is a scam. Private banks create money out of nothing whenever they grant a loan. The problem is that they don't issue the money to repay the interest rate that has to be repaid on top. So let's think: When all money is created by private banks by granting loans and all customers have to repay the loan plus interest. Where do they get the interest from? Where does that money come from? It is coming from other companies and households that take out new loans. This game plays on forever: It is impossible to repay all debt because the money for the interest has not been created yet. You may think now it's not a problem when always somebody new takes out a loan. Well, unfortunately it is a problem: compound interest requires exponential growth. That means that over time households and firms would have to take out an exponentially increasing amount of loans in order to keep the system alive. That doesn't work in longterm. Therefore, the system collapses every now and then. It is a systematic necessity that the system collapses. And the one who control the resources know that game well and expand their control over the world.

  7. A very Utopian definition of capitalism is not the way out… The greed is built in and will always lead to monopoly and "bad business"

  8. So, the ideology which exist on the notion that infinite growth on a finite planet is possible is not the problem?

  9. I love Londonreal, don't ruin ur reputation with these highschool teachers. Delete this man from YouTube for ur sake. No offence take it as a suggestion with due respect

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