Capitalism is a friggin' SCAM that's making us poor

six-hundred smackeroos 700 smackeroos 800 smackeroos boy I sure do love prophets excuse me mister the capitalist what do you want may I come in yeah shoot yourself oh it's you nickel brick is it actually it's Nicky beard sir yeah whatever you got three minutes start talking well I was hoping to talk to you about capitalism capitalism what about it see you're not another one of those pink go wrong here oh yeah coming in to complain about the job I was generous enough to bestow upon you no sir mister the capitalist sir quite the contrary see I've always loved capitalism my dream is to be a capitalist just like you someday go on well see recently I met this girl she's really beautiful sir and strong and really smart everything I've ever dreamed of in a woman enhance she tells me that capitalism is exploitative it and that I'm being exploited and that I should fight against capitalism your girlfriend's absolutely right kid she's right yep 100% so capitalism is bad well it's bad for you you're a worker it's great for me look at all this money I have I happen to love capitalism personally so I should try to become a capitalist like you well becoming a capitalist is a noble dream young goat but you should probably give up on it give up oh yeah I mean your parents are poor right yeah they can't even afford to buy me an HTC vive bro they're hopeless that's why I want to be a capitalist like you someday I want to be rich that's hilarious listen kid you want my advice go to Las Vegas you'll have better odds at a casino then you will pulling yourself out of poverty to join the capitalist class Las Vegas yes Cherie you have a nearly 50% chance of winning on a pass line bet with odds at a craps table but kids like you growing up poor the United States only have a 30% chance of making it out of poverty and into the middle class let alone striking it rich like me but capitalism pulls people out of poverty doesn't it that's a good one no capitalism does not solve poverty here watch this clip okay poverty worldwide has not been decreasing and in fact evidence shows that it's been actually increasing so let's take a closer look first of all the definition of poverty has been changed in a way that serves this poverty reduction narrative the threshold of poverty which is the poverty line is only calculated by each nation for itself and supposed to represent what an adult needs to get by in every respective nation in 1990 Martin rebellion and Australian economists at the World Bank noticed that the poverty lines of a group of the world's poorest countries clustered around one dollar per day on rebellions recommendation the World Bank adopted this as the first ever international poverty line using this threshold the World Bank announced in its annual report in the year 2000 that the absolute number of those living on one dollar per day or less continues to increase the worldwide total rose from 1.2 billion 1987 to 1.5 billion today and if recent trends persist will reach 1.9 billion by 2015 just as soon as this horrific news came out they flip-flopped on their position and said this while poverty has been increasing steadily for some two centuries the introduction of free-market policies has actually reduced the number of impoverished people by 400 million between 1981 and 2001 Wow how ideologically convenient this news story was possible because the bank shifted the international poverty line from its original one dollar and two cents and 1985 purchasing power parity to one dollar and eight cents at 1993 PPP which given inflation was lower in real terms with this tiny change this flick of someone's wrist the world was magically better and millions rose out of poverty the international poverty line changed again in 2008 to one dollar and 25 cents and the world again magically improved overnight the $1 eight cents international poverty line made it look like the poverty headcount had been reduced by 316 million people from 1990 to 2005 but the new international poverty line even lower than the last in real terms because inflation increase this number to 437 million people creating the illusion that an additional 121 million people have been saved from poverty the biggest problem with all this is that the dollar a day international poverty line is based on the national poverty lines of the 15 poorest countries in the world these lines give a very poor foundation since many are set by bureaucrats with very little data and more importantly they tell us nothing about what poverty is like in wealthier countries I don't mean just like the United States and Great Britain and so on and so forth I mean relatively wealthier countries like Sri Lanka for example in Sri Lanka a 1990 survey found that 35% of the population fell under the national poverty line but the World Bank using their own international poverty line reported only 4% in the same year in other words the International poverty line makes Part B seem much less serious than it actually is Wow that was pretty shocking but that seemed like it was mostly talking about developing countries here in the United States capitalism has been making life better for everyone for decades right Oh contraire Mon goat now there was a relatively brief period of illusory prosperity that began in the late 1940s but before that the US was on the verge of communist revolution communist revolution in the United States of America that's right see up until the 1930s the USA was really on the skids we all know about the Great Depression but did you know that an overwhelming majority of Americans were anti-capitalist and in favor of socialism during that time they were yep Roosevelt's New Deal was basically an attempt to thwart and co-opt leftist rhetoric and demands into his own platform and it worked pretty well he introduced socialist policies and recruited socialist leaders to prevent the rise of a socialist third party he paid off and hired up socialist leaders into his own administration to this day it's widely considered that Roosevelt saved capitalism the strategy worked well enough to stave off a socialist uprising until the 1940s so what happened in the 1940s world war ii kid war 2 with the war industry government contracts and massive military drafts ensured that everyone suddenly had gainful employment come to think of it the way the United States was run during the war years was a little bit like centralized communism I never thought of it that way after the war because of our geographic location we were basically one of the only developed countries that wasn't utterly devastated our factories were still standing and our military efforts gave us this huge international infrastructure the Monroe Doctrine gave us financial leverage over pretty much all of the rest of the developed world we suddenly became the industrial powerhouse and financial leader of the entire planet starting in the 1950s this prosperity led to a few decades of artificially inflated prosperity especially in comparison to the rest of the world which was struggling to rebuild from years of heavy bombing and fighting this put the u.s. in a great position to imperialize developing nations and we had a huge market for exporting manufactured goods and food and crap like that the corporation's of the United States were making so much money that it was pretty easy for them to compensate employees fairly well most factory workers the 1950s and 60s were compensated it kind of fairly compared to today many workers had decent retirement plans moved their families to the suburbs bought cars and went on vacations we were living high on the hog and capitalism made all of that possible right actually it was capitalism that screwed all that up for everyone by the late 1960s capitalists were starting to figure out that they can move their factories overseas to make more money which started driving down wages for American workers ever since those days the little boost we got from World War two has been winding down the rest of the world has been bouncing back to full strength and our artificial prosperity has been coming to an end the world is starting to equalize my boy it may seem like things are getting worse for us here in the United States compared to the way they were for our grandparents but in truth they're just going back to normal and capitalism is doing what it's always done generating chaos and spinning wildly out of control so you're telling me that America just kind of got lucky for a few decades and that the luck is running out and before long things are going to go right back to the way they were in the 1930s why do you keep recapping everything I say goat it's almost like you're trying to condense the important points of my diatribe into easy to digest summaries for the benefit of some viewing audience sorry bad habit of mine anyway if capitalism is running its course and leading us in a crisis then why are you a capitalist because I'm a greedy prick turkey bread and snacky beer whatever anyway I'm a capitalist because I love money in power I'm accustomed to a certain lifestyle you see a lifestyle that involves helicopters in very large boats exporting workers is the only way to keep myself in yacht so I'm gonna keep riding this pony for as long as I can hold on what are you gonna do if workers get sick of being exploited and try to overthrow capitalism well I guess I'll just have to hope Elon Musk finishes building our rich people only Mars colony by then but the truth is those working rubes are gonna rise up and overthrow nothing see we capitalists have an ace up our sleeve an ace called liberalism liberalism don't liberals hate capitalism Jordan Peterson says Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are cultural Marxists yeah Jordan Peterson just likes to throw together nonsense word challenge to sell his books it'd be a lot easy to tell how much of a disingenuous prick he is if he didn't sound like Kermit the Frog grew up in Toronto so that's why I keep buying in a Jordan Peterson pseudo-scientific bullshit because of the soothing tones of his earnestly genial Canadian frog voice you got a noodle brood and snacky bears sir but but you were saying liberals don't want to destroy capitalism of course not liberalism is exactly what Roosevelt used to stave off a socialist revolt way back in the 1930s all you got to do is make working-class folks think you care about their interests and well be and do a little tap dancing about how if we reform capitalism and compromise hard enough and long enough then everything will be just fine but that's a bunch of hooey a system built on exploitation can never be reformed things are clearly getting worse for the working class and have been for decades so liberals are all lying about wanting to help the working class yeah I don't know about dad I guess some of them are but I think most of them are suckered by their own scam that's probably the scariest thing about this world Nageotte good people with good intentions can do a lot of harm to humanity in fact historically liberals have always sided with fascists to preserve the status quo liberals support fascists yep throughout history the working poor are always gonna be crushed by capitalism so when the workers inevitably rise up liberals let fascists do the dirty work forum well gee that's a lot different from what people are always saying on reddit they say the Nazis we're socialists that's because reddit is full of ding dongs every time workers start to develop class consciousness and begin resisting capitalism Nachi spring up and liberals support them you see the standard middle-class centrist is compassionate to a fault and middle-class comfort insulates most liberals from the suffering of the oppressed this leads to a disconnect from the reality that class struggle is inherently and inevitably violent material comfort and inexperience with violence leads liberals to a worldview that all violence is equally abhorrent even violence and defensive communities in resistance to oppression and in opposition to genocide you saw it back in the early 1930s when liberal elites backed Hitler and put him in power to stabilize Germany you saw in the 1970s when liberal elites in the CIA overthrew the peaceful marxist revolution of Salvador Allende in Chile and installed the fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet you see in it today in places like Spain where liberals are forming a coalition with far-right fascist to try to push socialists out of the government thank you even see it here the good old US of A with the liberal media trying to undermine anti-fascist resistance by making nt4 look ridiculous and making the spurious claim that fighting fascism is the same as being fascist when people see that all they think is oh it's vegan Isis because you don't realize you don't realize when you think you're punching Nazis you don't realize that you're also punching your cause yep when push comes to shove liberals are more than happy to let Nazis do the dirty work of suppressing leftism and maintaining the status quo so fascists are able to seize power with the support of liberals because liberals are afraid they'll lose their comfortable positions of privilege that's kind of terrifying yeah it's a pretty good thing I don't give a rat's patoot about humanity otherwise that thought might keep me up at night so what do you think I should do about all of this as a working-class billy goat do you think I should keep striving to become a capitalist or do you think I should develop class consciousness and become a communist like my friends or or what what should I do no no don't care if it makes you feel any better none of this is even gonna be relevant in just a couple of decades that's when the world's gonna melt thanks to global warming then none of this will matter at all oh my god capitalism soon we're all screwed well I'm a 55 year old alcoholic smoker with the bum liver so it doesn't really matter much to me I'll be dead long before the ocean rises up to swallow civilization and even if I do last that long I own an enormous boat so I'll be fine wow this is a lot to process everything I thought I knew about the world is a lie he has sucks to be you now get the hell out of my office yes sir Elon Musk you rapidly feeling has been frank the capitalist you unscrupulous curmudgeon how's the wife is dead is ever good now let's get a move on tea time is in 20 minutes yeah yeah let me go get my clubs hey who's the kid yeah just another working stiff who's just realized the futility of life under capitalism that's pretty rough them's the breaks kid hey did you tell him to try gambling yeah poor schmuck I'd hate to have his odds hey is that a new hat yeah what do you think I'm not normally much of a hat guy I like it it distracts from your hideous face Oh Frank ever the biting wit assists to to beam up oh man maybe it's time for me to have a good long introspective reflection about my place in this world oh hey knuckle but one more thing and snackie beard sir yeah whatever I need you to pull a double today yeah and tomorrow I actually make it the rest of the week after all I don't want you having any time for good long introspective reflections on anything now do i no sir I I suppose not attaboy now go clock in yes sir neuritis bronchitis sleep – Saint Vitus or any other kind of an itis that will delight us you must get a doctor for every disease you've got and that will give you lots of enjoyment you know people a runt you know

  1. one time i was having a conversation about capitalism and how it's based off of exploitation and also how it's not okay that there will always be poverty under capitalism because there has to be an underclass for capitalism to function. He suggested everyone should do matched betting, to get themselves out of poverty. Literally just like this cartoonish puppet he suggested the poor gamble.

  2. The gains of capitalism are undeniable. How can you deny the improvements of technology, modern medicine, and even clean water (to name a few) that have rippled throughout the world? Pun intended.

  3. Ok lemme tell you why capitalism is better than socialism, it’s all about motive. In a socialist country money is redistributed equally to the workers, but all the workers figure out that if they don’t work they would still get money. So the workers don’t work, and everyone does this and no widgets are made. It was first tried in Jamestown and it miserably failed. Look at capitalism, the workers have an incentive to work, so they work hard and get money. They good thing about capitalism is that no matter how hard you work you can rise to the top. Also I’m 13 so uh… yah.

  4. Please correc tme if I'm wrong on this but our sources seem to differ greatly. Hakim's 1 Dollar-thing and the poverty line: the World Bank also says that the number of ppl living with 5 Dollars or less has dropped massively over the last 30 years —> . It's not just about the poverty line. I still hate capitalism because it's an unjust, unsustainable system and it needs to go, fast. Extreme poverty, child mortality and all that stuff has dropped over the last 100 years, though (although a lot of that is due to science, not capitalism)

  5. This was actually very difficult for me to watch. Thought I knew a decent amount about marxism and anti-capitalism, the last half of the video about liberals and liberalism really drove home the point for me. I learned of a totally new perspective. Thanks man. Maybe we can grab a few drinks together sometime after I finish college and make it out to Asia. I intend on doing a similair line of work as you once I get out of this shithole.

  6. I’d love to share these with my neice and nephews they love puppet shows and it’s a good message

  7. boy, I do love my socio-economic equality over here in Venezuela. We outpace every country with our inflation rate. Our socialist leaders have printed money out the whazoo to satisfy the poor. Thank you Lenin and Marx

  8. hahah damn. please, just compare pre and post capitalist russia and china and stop making dumb videos with pointless data

  9. Wow, is YouTube going from alt-right to alt-left…
    You defend the USSR in some videos and you think communism is better social nationalism… In my opinion you are just as dangerous as them.
    Maybe I'm "blind" to your truth but I believe a blend of capitalism with true free market and social policies defended by the government is the right blend for a liberal democracy and the best way to create wealth for all. But I'm guessing I'm a minority in this comment section

  10. Lol, the video starts out arguing how the world is not getting less poor and then later on says, "the world is starting to equalize". So, which one is it?

  11. I can't possibly fathom why anyone would want any system other than capitalism unless they are living in a distopic country crippled by poverty, but it isn't like communism or socialism will lift them out of poverty. It's just a desperate hope. Sure, you may be able to get the system right, but it hasn't worked any time it's been implemented. At least not to my knowledge. I'm not talking about states that mix socialism with capitalism either. There certainly is upward mobility in capitalism. It just requires hard work, planning and a product or service that is used by the people who pay you. Because of capitalism and it's prosperity, it is relatively easy to get those with an excess of money to part with it. Is there upward mobility in communism or socialism without adding capitalism? Not unless the system bequeth's it to you through some vague or illegal way. What else does the socialist need for free to make life easier in this naturally competitive world? A mate? Meaning? I understand that people suffer through exploitation, but in America, there are so many institutions that arise through capitalism that allow anybody no matter how small to partake in capitalism: Amazon, Ebay, Google advertising, Wix, Youtube, Facebook marketing, Instagram influencing, the transportation industry.

    I could rattle off scores of ways to make money today. Sure, one method will not make you rich or even middle class in most cases, but by stacking your chips and utilizing the tools at your disposal, you can elevate yourself.

    Look at homeless people. I had a guy the other day come up and wash my windows. On a car, most people avoid it, but as a trucker with extremely dirty windows, I gladly paid him. I had another guy yesterday offer to sell me soda cans which he was delivering to the trucks. I don't drink soda, so out of charity I gave him a few bucks which was comparable to what I would've purchased. If he was selling gallons of purified water, which is what I buy and was not stocked by the truckstop, I would have bought two and gladly paid extra for the convenience.

    Now you might say that the fact that these guys are homeless is proof that the system has failed. Consider this: I never give money to beggars on the street as a general rule; not for any capitalistic lesson teaching, but because if I gave to all of the homeless that beg on highway off ramps, I would lose out on a large portion of my own money. The solution to homelessness is community, not communism. We need strong families that help out their sons when they are on hard times and help elevate them, mixed with a strong sense of personal responsibility to get off the dole of your parents before they kick your ass out. You need to use your time wisely and have backup plan after backup plan to assure you will never lose your status. And for fuck's sake do not have kids and raise them in poverty. We need our public school system to teach kids economically and give wise life advice, not for religion, but instead just to make responsible, intelligent decisions. Like, why are they teaching kids about logarithm s and understanding the finer points of Beowulf? They need to learn not to have kids when they aren't financially stable and how drug addiction will destroy your life. They need to learn about not spending your paycheck on a muffler modification or a new graphics card and how credit cards shouldn't be used for short-term gratification. Most of all, they need to learn creative, abstract thinking and how to apply that knowledge to the capitalist system.

    And we as a country need to stop importing South America's poor. They are taking our jobs. It's that simple and I don't care how much you think that is hurr durr Fox News junk. Sure, you might not want those jobs. I don't either. But some teenage American would gladly take that job, or perhaps a homeless guy, but instead he is in a hopeless job search because all of those low wage positions have been taken. If it really was that bad of a job that payed so little, then the poor of Mexico would just stay home. It's denial of facts because of misplaced altruism.

  12. As a capitalist who invests in other corporations myself, born privileged in a rich family, I admit that this is true.

  13. That dollar a day statistic has been straight up fabricated. Today around a billion or less people live on $1 a day. According to the world bank global poverty is at an all time low, you can check this for yourselves guys.

  14. How would an anarchy state not devolve into either mob rule or a few people gaining all the power and resources? I am not sure how that is not the ultimate conclusion of any human society. Asking seriously. Not trolling.

  15. I don't get people who say that the system is fair.
    The first thing you learn when you become a real adult is that life ain't fair.
    So, why would one expect the system to be fair?

    Tough, that's not an excuse to not try to make it fairer.

  16. Wow, WOW. Liberals didn't make a deal with the far right in Andalusia. There's a lot of stuff that's being misread here: Ciudadanos is liberal in economic terms, not by the same definition Americans use. They call themselves centrists, but they're clearly right wing free market worshippers. PP is straight off conservative. As for the PSOE, sure, they are more left wing than any American option besides Bernie Sanders, but they are far from being a socialist party. You could categorize them as social-democrats, but even then, their historic background and institutional strength has made them a part of the status quo. They can never take bold positions vis-a-vis the system. If anything, they are the liberals you are talking about.
    Besides that, good content as always!

  17. I don't know if this is really communist but the idea of keeping the capitalist structure but taxing the upper class highly so that social ideas such as health care and housing is really as far to socialism as I'm willing to go. Not sure if I would say I'm a sucker for liking that like you say in the video but I cool content at least.

  18. This is a pretty eye opening video. Although the whole you never make it as a capitalist thing i disagree with. Yes the odds of making a succesful business is low. Yes it is very unlikely, but don't make people feel like they don't have a chance.Thats just making excuses i can't do this because the odds are low. It is that kinda mentality that keeps people working and not striving to earn their financial independence. People think why should i try, i stand no chance, because you tell them that. How do you know what people are capable of. Capitalist like rockefeller help brainwash people into working jobs for the rest of their life. He created the school system to model the work environment. Schools tell people to study hard and go to college. They even tell people that's the only way you can succeed is to go to college and study for a career. College is another scam that these evil capitalists are taking advantage of. All because brainwashed by the capitalist to seek careers. I think if we encouraged people to find means to produce a living for themselves. I think we rely too much on corporate companies to get us what we need. If we worked on a more local level they would not have so much power. Vote with your dollar support your local biz.

  19. That's weird, it sound like a spacious cave in here. What ever I say just bounces all over the place.

  20. But if we don't have rich people to buy the newest boats, instigating boat progress, then there won't be a reason for companies to develop new boats. And if no one is working on improving and discovering new boat technology, those unmade boats will never trickle down to the poor in the form of reasonable installments, that won't cripple a $50/day income! And if yesterdays boat tech isn't available tomorrow for all those poor people at a reasonable monthly price, they'll drown when their boats are repossessed! Stop trying to drown poor people!

  21. I don’t understand the IPL thing.
    If the poverty line was raised, and theoretically the aproxímate population stayed the same, then surely less people would meet the parameters of “out of poverty” and, on average, there would be documentation of poverty increasing?

  22. Ok I watched the video and I want to ask your opinion on whether or not its possible for the political parties to simply talk to one another or are we all jest doomed to never here each other over our own screaming.

  23. I love how wholesome this channel is with the puppets. I feel like that drives a lot of the trolls off. The like/dislike ratio actually makes sense, probably because people like sargon can't fit the theme into their videos.

  24. "Good people, with good intentions" Hakim is a Stalinist, giving him a platform is not a good thing…

  25. So what you seem to be saying is that people are being made less poor but their standard of living isn't improving?

  26. Evidence please that liberals side with fascists please. That always happens with conservatives, but liberals for the most part don't and didn't in Nazi Germany at least. You either need to provide evidence that liberals backed Hitler or correct yourself on that. Here's my counter evidence. Otherwise a pretty good video.

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