Capitalism Hits Home: Holy Fathers - Part 2

this presentation is part of the series capitalism pits home it covers intersections of capitalist life with personal life in the United States this particular podcast is on the Holy Fathers it explores the Catholic Church's 2,000 year history of child sex abuse gender ideology is changing which means economic conditions supportive of the feudal marriage paradigm are no longer guaranteed the conditions of existence don't exist the 3/4 of us women who hold jobs outside the home are less likely to accept doing all the domestic and emotional and social labor after a long day's work in the marketplace Catholicism gin Catholicism's gender I doubt ideology doesn't really make sense in modern family life as evidenced by the faithfuls overwhelming disregard for their church's prohibition against birth control more and more people choose not to marry at all even when they bear children a majority of marriages end in separation or divorce usually initiated by the overworked woman meanwhile the unquestioned authority of men is eroding along with the feudal family structure the Catholic Church still bans divorce but that does not control America anymore the Reformation challenged Catholic Church Authority in part because its ideology was a class-based justification of feudal exploitation of serf labor today Catholic Church authority can reasonably be taken to task for being an ideology that justifies the exploitation of women in the household today the feudal nuclear family is under scrutiny in the US Europe New Zealand Australia South America and Asia where gender roles are transforming rapidly these are places where Catholics are breaking the silence and speaking out about clerical sex abuse just as in the Reformation the feudal economic structure of society at large was breaking down opening the way for a corrupt religious institution to be exposed and fought today's feudalism gradual breakdown in the family is proceeding parallel to a sharp decline in Tolerance for the perpetration of sexual abuse by priests another Catholic clergy feudal lords had the privilege to demand sex from their serfs while fathers of the nuclear family had the privilege of committing incest with their children although incest among biological fathers has never been legally sanctioned it has long existed as a devastating secret shame until being exposed by the women's movement similarly incestuous abuse by the church's holy fathers was an open secret that left its victims ashamed and devastated now Catholic clergy like other fathers are increasingly seen as men who must be held accountable they must be accountable to the laws of the land and the laws of their professed morality just as during the Reformation a mass movement arose to expose the corruption of a church that had his own criminal sin in our own time a mass movement of Catholics is again forming to demand transparency change and punishment of sex crimes in 2002 the movement against Catholic Church abuse was started in Boston in the United States a largely Catholic City and this was started against Catholics I mean by Catholics against crime in their church the Catholic Church's rigid controls are breaking down some priests are actually demanding the right to marry women are demanding the right to be priests even the formally obedient nuns are rebelling in one example a whopping fifty nine thousand nuns defied their bishops orders and supported the Obama health care plan pretty dramatic Pope Benedict the sixteenth like his predecessor Pope John Paul had insisted on his quote infallible authority to use his personal discretion in handling internal church matters despite the protection that approach extended extended to sex offenders in the church officialdom they asserted their right to adjudicate any crimes of sex abuse at the expense of children benedict and john paul explicitly explicitly praised the french bishop for accepting imprisonment rather than handing over a french pedophile priest to legal authorities benedict and the Vatican hierarchy tried to silence critics by asserting the absolute authority of the church's hierarchy the Church Fathers Benedict and his closest deputies tried to silence critic and restore faith in the church's upper echelon with contradictory pronouncements their statements gave the impression they were testing the effects of possible excuses for the Pope's tolerance of sex crimes in his former position as the church's enforcer of doctrine the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and as pope as well clearly church leaders were feeling the urgency of needing to deflect attacks on the pope in light of the evidence that throughout his career he had consistently failed to defrock or even strongly condemned pedophile priests sex abuse reports spread in Europe and South America under attack Pope Benedict said faith will give courage to fight his spokesman dismissed the revelations of rampant sex abuse as petty gossip they attributed us accusations to US media bias against Catholics and tried to rally Catholics to their side they then equated Pope Benedict's having to suffer accusations with Jesus's suffering for humanity on the cross they equated accusations of pedophilia to anti-semitism Jewish groups protested this particularly in the light of the former Pope's former membership in the Hitler Youth Organization and his move to sanctify his endorser Pope John Paul who has a record of condoning fascism so Jews were not enthusiastic that this is parallel to anti-semitism Church spokesman tried to blame the problem of pedophile sex abuse on homosexuality implying that homosexuality itself is synonymous with pedophilia that too of course caused outrage next they stress the need for forgiveness and repentance without taking any steps to discipline either abusive priests and the bishops who allowed them or their enablers the issue wasn't silenced they failed finally on May 12 2010 the Pope declared that sex abuse is a sin and sickness within the Catholic Church it seems significant that Pope Benedict did not declare pedophilia a crime in other words a legal civil crime for the justice system to punish for the first time in April 2010 Pope Benedict ordered priests to report their allegations of crimes against children directly to the police but in those states were relevant but only in those states where relevant laws are in fact that they have to not in every state one wonders why this order just refers to a single specific law which might not be on the books and not a general body of laws against rape molestation and child abuse in addressing those aspects of public outrage aimed directly at himself benedict finally took control of the Legionnaires of christ whose longtime international leader the reverend Marcial Maciel delageteau was the subject of a huge scandal pedophilic sex abuse charges made against father Maciel by eight priests along with charges that he fathered several children had been pending for 50 years and noted periodically during that time span in 1998 more than 40 years after the first reports then Cardinal Ratzinger finally accepted the Maciel case within a year however he halted the inquiry on the ground that is that it isn't prudent perhaps it wasn't prudent because Maciel was a hugely successful fundraiser for the catholic church that required prudence in exposing him eight years later with Church sex abuse scandals raging in the news media Pope Benedict Pope Benedict banished father Maciel to a life of prayer with no public statement on the reverence 50 years of crime the scandal got so close to his Holiness the Pope himself then in March 2013 Benedict stepped down from the papacy a radical move the last Pope to willingly step away was in the year 1290 for Pope Francis was appointed a month later in March 2013 the catholic church hierarchy priests bishops Cardinals and the Pope himself have not yet been held accountable publicly and appropriately for the crimes committed on their watch over several decades crimes of molestation rape assault and yes torture of children what have been the effects of these crimes on their child victims a small sample of the church's record in this matter conveys the monumentality of this history the first eruptions occurred of these accusations occurred in Boston in the year 2002 a case in point is the story of father Patrick Shanley of Greater Boston father Shanley a bore abused and raped scores of children in eight locations six of those locations were within Massachusetts when reports of the rapes and Mallis stations he'd committed came to church officials attention they simply transferred him to a new post with no warning to the new post about his former activities his male victims ranged in age from 6 to 21 years old for example he raped kevin ford in newton massachusetts beginning when kevin was 6 and continuing for six consecutive years in other cases he made proposals of sadomasochistic sex to young massachusetts mental patients and he raped a 15 year old at the warwick house for alienated Ruth's youth in Roxbury mass each time the archbishop repeat received reports of these crimes they move channle to yet another parish with a glowing testament to his competence in youth ministry father Shanley's final posting was in st. Anne's and st. John's churches as a priest in good standing when more reports of his sex crimes were submitted he spent a brief time in what they call therapy paid for by the church at Hartford Connecticut Institute for living finally in 1994 the Boston archdiocese under Cardinal law suggested that shine ly be put on a medical leave with full pay to remove him from sight at that point he took up an official residence at the California resort of his choice whispering palms a facility owned by a fellow priest Father white the Catholic Church financed Shanley's stay at whispering for ha Palms which was a clothing-optional homosexual resort where sex was practiced around the pool farther Shanley's tenure as a priest known by the church to be a pedophile predator dated from 1965 to 1994 almost 30 years in 1996 sighting fathered Shanley's impressive record Cardinal law of Boston recommended him for retirement with full benefits as a senior priest in 2002 as scandal consumed the diocese and dominated the news headlines the police finally arrested father Shanley for sex crimes he was sentenced to 12 to 15 years for the rape of a child only then did he stop being an official priest by the time of Shanley's arrest Cardinal law was wanted for questioning in a lot of priests related sex abuse cases where he transferred known sex abusers to other dioceses with no warning and recommendations of good standing law escaped from Boston to the Vatican where he was given an apartment and cared for he evaded prison he had a salaried Church position and a rent-free apartment another us case is that of Father Lawrence Murphy who sexually abused 200 deaf boys in Wisconsin over twenty four year period strewn with reports sent to the Vatican about his crimes Pope Benedict the 16th permitted father Murphy to retire as a paid priest with full benefits and exempted him from any investigative procedures so he could die with honor no assistance or compensation was provided to the hundreds of father Murphy's deaf victims those who had not committed suicide or withdrawn and shame from society tried valiantly to bring father Murphy to justice they reported him to the bishop repeatedly they contacted the police and the District Attorney's Office which referred their case back to the Catholic Church they picketed the church thanks to the church hierarchy father Murphy retired to his parents lovely country home in northern Wisconsin with full benefits where he went on to volunteer at a boy's prison free to molest other boys sex abuse was not the only crime perpetrated against children inside the Catholic Church severe beatings often accompanied sex abuse or were administered separately in these instances priests were sometimes joined by nuns the most well-documented recent case involved 35,000 children who suffered ritual ritual beatings over a period of 60 years at the catholic residential schools in ireland similar examples far too numerous to cite exist wherever officials of the Catholic Church have had unfettered access to children whether in orphanages programs for troubled youngsters small group homes parochial schools choir academies etc currently there are outstanding cases of sexual abuse in Ireland Germany Malta Austria the Netherlands Italy Switzerland Poland France Belgium Italy again sorry I might have said that twice Mexico Spain and the u.s. these cases are marked by the same sorted program of protection for the abusing Church and long time life long torment for the victims Holy Fathers have appropriated unto themselves the rights of lords in a feudal world of their not God creation as in olden days the rights of surf children in their custody within this world were non-existent what are the effects on children of crimes committed against them by quote men of the cloth priests tend to elicit from the faithful the love trust and respect one associates with family and like family they have special access to children including the opportunities to influence children's development in residential facilities authorized by the state they're often substitute parents they're perceived as messengers of God whose duties supposedly include hearing confessions giving advice providing comfort moral support and a hand of friendship priests and joy power rivaling that of biological fathers and priests two are called father the sexual crimes committed against children by men addressed officially as father are crimes of incest betrayal emotional and physical harm when a child is confronted with the invisibility of his suffering by the protector abuser and that man or in the case of that nuns that woman's indifference to the child's suffering the wounds inflicted are as deep as the ocean they know that they are dehumanized invisible that they don't count the scars left emotional relational and sexual scars never heal completely in the victims lifetime because children's egos intellects and personalities are still in formation they tend to feel they perpetrated the crimes of which they're actually the victims they feel guilty ashamed of themselves unprotected and helpless especially if and when they summon the courage to report the abuse and nothing is done priests have special access to children including the opportunity to influence children's development in residential facilities authorized by the state their substitute parents perceived as messengers of God whose duty supposedly includes hearing confessions giving advice and comfort and more moral support priests and joy power rivaling that of biological fathers the sexual crimes are crimes beyond compare the church long ago ceded to secular government the realms of foreign policy money lending and other corporate business proper practices it has no comment on credit card bills exorbitant usury Asst student loans saddling people with a lifetime of interest they have no comment on the commandment thou shalt not kill when it comes to the government and the military the church's influence has noticeably shrunk the last bastion it can claim his personal family life and a model of medieval design but even in that realm although feudalism lives on with the blessing and encouragement of the Holy Fathers the days of their rule and domestic feudalism may be numbered the oppressed faithful male and female have found their voices which are blending with the me to voices outside the walls of institutional vollis ISM for example a new generation of feminists women who seemed to have come by their self assurance and determination via a different route than the feminist movement of yesterday are challenging their partners to renegotiate their domestic contracts some partners are actually getting it recently the me2 and times up movement call out sex abuse wherever it happens which seems to be everywhere that people have unchecked power over other people and make no mistake women who are bosses and supervisors also sexually abused their power they have less physical force but they use their economic force to coerce sex from those economically dependent on them the Kavanagh healing hearings reveal the rampant sex abuse of young women by prep school men practicing their future entitlement to dominate by raping girls these same girls like Christine Blasi Ford are emerging from shame to empower themselves by accusing men like Kavanagh of raping them perhaps when more people in the u.s. recognize that their American Dream has been robbed that vast wealth is accumulating every minute at their expense that they're being used and abused in every way that they're not personally to blame for the disintegration of life in America their homeland maybe they too will lose their shame and call for justice accusing predatory profitable corporations that cheat them on every level from advertising to on and on maybe we as Americans can expand to demand economic justice the men and women whose adolescence and human rights were violated by callous hypocritical priests they show us the way as they have shown the way to me too and times up as well as black lives matter the $15 minimum wage movement militant teachers and every other American who's refusing to passively submit an acceptable sexual or financial in 2002 Americans led the world in condemning Catholic Church sex abuse now we all have to stand up and speak out against the shame of corporate capitalist abuse and domination let's do it thank you for listening this episode has been brought to you by democracy at work please support our work visit our website at democracy at work dot info help us help you so we can help together to make a better America

  1. Invade the papal state. Bring these criminals before the ICC and dismantle the the holdings of the church.

    nearly 2000 years of crime, needs punishment.

    A religious cult raping our children around the world and aiding their rapists in evasion of the law is the enemy of humanity.

    Nobody within the Vatican is innocent!

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