Capitalism Has No End Game and We're All Doomed :)

Let's Talk about the Future A lot of Folks think that capitalism is Be-best for every–I can't wear these the whole time. ah let's talk about the future. A lot of folks seem to think that capitalism is the best we're ever gonna do now I don't blame people for thinking this, most of us are exposed to so much pro-capitalist propaganda from the moment we're born that we can't imagine any other way of life. Now, I certainly myself, fell in this category for most of my life, hell, I was a capitalist myself until I was almost 30 years old. And I certainly thought that capitalism was the only way forward. But check this out. An American Company called Softwear recently launched Sewbot, a box that can replace 17 factory workers in the manufacture of garments. this is a huge deal because garment manufacturing is one of the last traditional manufacturing jobs that still requires a large number of workers. Until now. As factories drastically reduce their labor requirements, self-driving cars eliminate the most common job in the United States, Artificial intelligence continues to automate white collar jobs. We just run out of work, What are we doing to do? Capitalism doesn't have any answers for this question because capitalism as a system needs workers to be working. Under Capitalism, you can't survive without money, and you don't get money without a job. Incidentally, capitalist businesses also need money to keep producing stuff. And if nobody has any jobs, and therefore no money, we can't buy stuff. So as it turns out, Capitalism is inherently unstable and built on a whole mess of contradictions. Karl Marx described capitalism as the "Moving Contradiction", since free market forces press labor and time to a minimum through downsizing and automation, While at the same time, upholding the idea that labor and time is the sole measure and source of worth. In other words, we're supposed to work all the time, but Capitalists want to make us work less so they can pay us less and make more money, Look at it this way, Capitalist businesses are always going to try to maximimize profits, that's why they exist. And there are only 2 ways to increase profits: By raising prices, or cutting costs And what's the biggest expense for most businesses? Labor. This means that according to the logic of Capitalism, the rational choice for a Capitalist is to reduce labor costs since the biggest costs for most companies is labor. So Capitalists will always try to pay people less and cut employees as much as possible, to make more profits. At the same time each individual Capitalist is hoping that all the other Capitalists out there are gonna pay their workers more so that those workers can afford to buy their products. So the choice that is extremely rational for an individual capitalist is extremely irrational for capitalism as a whole. because when wages are cut and unemployment rises, people stop buying stuff. Capitalists are biting the hands that feed them and that's a feature, not a bug. Karl Marx actually predicted all of this long before the first Industrial Robot was ever created. In Capital, Marx wrote that Capitalism constantly threatens to take away a worker's livelihood, As technology advances, workers are constantly in danger of losing our jobs. This is such an incredible failing of Capitalism that I can't believe more people aren't talking about it, especially these days. We are barreling towards a future where the vast majority of jobs are going to disappear and there is no workable solution to this problem within the framework of Capitalism. A Russian Scientist named Pyotr Kropotkin predicted all of this over a century ago. and now, saying very specifically what automation would mean for the working class, and what we should do about it, in his seminal work, The Conquest of Bread, I've talked about this a lot on my channel, You should check it out if you haven't already! What Kropotkin realized and what we as a species need to finally come to grips with, is that automation and the increased productivity it leads to Is not a problem at all. It's just the framework of capitalism that warps and twists scientific progress into a threat to the working class. Kropotkin put it this way, "The evil of the present system is not therefore not that the "surplus-value" of production goes to the capitalist… "…the evil lies in the possibility of of a surplus-value existing!" – Pyoter Kropotkin In other words we shouldn't be upset that Capitalists are getting extremely wealthy from our excess labor. I don't really care if someone is making more money than me, I really don't. We should be angry that we're doing excess labor to begin with. as I discussed in my video on the 8 hour workday(Link in the description) Capitalism has fooled us all into believing that we have to spend most of our waking hours working for wages When in reality, technology should be freeing us from all this excess labor, For over 40 years worker's salaries have stagnated while our productivity has increased, in other words, we're making more money for our employers but we're not making any more money for ourselves, and we're spending the same amount of time, if not more at the job. As technology advances, every hour we spend is more productive, but the only people benefitting from this increased productivity are the Capitalists who own the companies we work for. Again the really sad thing about this isn't that we're not making more money, it's that technological progress and scientific advances are hurting poor people when it should be liberating them, sewing in a factory is dirty, dangerous work, Sweatshop tailors work long, grueling hours and suffer terrible injuries while operating sewing machinery, so the sew-bot should be seen by these workers as a miracle invention that will liberate them from a really terrible job Instead, because of the way capitalism functions, these workers are going to suffer even more because when they lose their jobs, they'll be completely screwed, they're losing their livelihoods, they won't be able to earn money many of them will become homeless and go hungry, that's messed up, we should a position where we can cheer at the liberation of workers from dangerous stressful jobs like driving and sewing in factories, but instead we're terrified that the future that automation will deliver upon us all because we allow a small number of Capitalists to own the factories and the land that produce the food and the clothing and all the other things that we need to survive under capitalism the mighty and formidable strength of all our human industry is hyper-focused on one very single specific target: Profit Profit for capitalists And this profit motive leads to nothing more than waste If we think of a dollar as a unit of productivity, then every dollar that is channeled into the pocket of a capitalist in the form of profit is waste. and nothing more It's not just a waste of money, it's a waste of time, your time spent at the job when you could be spending it doing something far more productive and more enriching for your life. Capitalists are steering the ship of industry into some very strange and sad directions We have enough surplus in the capitalist wonderland of the United States of America to house every homeless American, feed every hungry American and clothe every American in rags, but all this stuff is trapped. Capitalists use empty condos and houses as investments, warm clothes are warehoused in department stores and destroyed if they don't sell fast enough while people go cold. Farmers are paid by the government to destroy crops or to not grow crops to begin with All in order to drive up prices and yield better profits for the agricultural corporations out there like Monsanto machines are not enemy of the working class We as a species should be striving for more productivity, more automation, We should be embracing automation as a gift to humanity, After all, the job of the machine is to do dirty, difficult work so that we humans don't have to Machinery and technological progress can and should be liberating workers and giving us better, more comfortable lives Not driving workers all over the world ever deeper into poverty and hopelessness but because of Capitalism, we find ourselves in this hellish situation where we're making our capitalist bosses more and more profit every hour we work Our wages are stagnant, and in spite of all of these incredible advances we're making in productivity, 8 out of every 10 americans suffer from workplace stress I know I do but it's not surprising at all that this is how things are developing when you realize that our entire society is built upon the idea that ever human endeavor should be undertaken with the sole goal of producing profits for Capitalists. All of this is not even mentioning the way we export the worst of our capitalistic oppression to developing nations where poor laborers work long hours for starvation wages to manufacture our goods and even those jobs are getting fewer and farther between as technology advances so what solutions can capitalism provide to these kinds of problems? well capitalists will tell you that the solution is more capitalism! Open more markets, remove more regulations, give more power and control to capitalist institutions but how does that make any sense when these problems we're talking about are endemic to capitalism itself? strengthening capitalism in this situation is like throwing gasoline on a house fire now there are many liberals who'd believe that a universal basic income would be the solution under a UBI scheme every citizen would recieve a salary from the government to cover basic expenses, basically free money from the government now on the surface a universal basic income looks a lot like communism it is a system where the rich are being taxed and those taxes are then being distributed to the poor now never mind the fact that all of that wealth was generated through the excess labor of poor people to begin with, but…put that aside for now, it's essentially a strategy for preserving the structure of capitalism in a highly automated world It's merely a mechanism to keep the super wealthy in luxury, preserve power for those who already have it, and keep the rest of us relegated to the lower ranks of society now don't get me wrong, if Universal basic income gets floated around in the mainstream and The United States of America I'm not going to fight it tooth and nail. It'll definitely be alleviative and palliative effects for the people in our society who are the most desperate but in the long run it is simply a strategy to prevent real meaningful improvement in the situation of humanity as a whole Now mark my words, capitalists are going to start pitching UBI more and more as the inevitability of a jobless future becomes increasingly apparent It's already starting to happen, it's gonna happen more and more, you might even see people talking about it in the next election Because UBI is going to secure their position at the top and it's gonna keep the vast majority of the rest of us at the bottom Now did capitalists give us all this technological progress and industry, I would argue that they did not, I would argue that the workers are the ones who contributed the vast majority of this technological progress to humanity, but it doesn't really matter who quote unquote "gave it to us", what matters is we're in this situation now we're facing this future now, what are we going to do? the ubi will cement capitalist power structures into place and strip away any semblance of social mobility that are left the capitalists will own the robots, they will own the land that the robots sit on, they're gonna own our homes, everything, they're gonna own it all and we will have lost the one source of power that we have left today, our labor. In a post-automation world workers won't be able to strike to resist capitalism, unions will be meaningless, since we won't have jobs to unionize around. We won't be employed by capitalists anymore, we won't have any bargaining chips left on the table as a working class. we will be at the mercy of capitalists and we'll have to settle with living on whatever scraps they decide to throw down to us. and if we keep letting them have what they want for very much longer, they're going to want to own us, not just our labor. most capitalists who've given this any thought, know this already and few have even spoken up about it. Sean Parker, ex-president of Facebook, had this to say on the subject–I can't find the video clip which is kind of weird– but it's been documented a lot, He said this. "Because I'm a billionaire I'm going to have access to better healthcare, so I'm going to be like 160 and I'm going to be part of this like, class of immortal overlords. Because you know, the [Warren Buffet] expression about compound interest…. give us billionaires an extra hundred years and you'll know what wealth disparity looks like." -Sean Parker This is the end game for capitalism. what else could it be? how else could it end? If you think carefully, and honestly about how the future is going to unfold under a system like Capitalism, where else can it lead except down this dark road of domination and oppression in a jobless future? those of us on the left see a very different path to a very different future if we dismantle capitalism right now and replace it with a system that is more egalitarian and then distributes wealth more evenly to the people who are actually doing the labor then every human being can enjoy the fruits of this technological progress which has been developed through centuries of worker exploitation every generation of workers has sacrificed blood for this technological progress that we're seeing today blood and also time, time that could have been spent with our families, time that could have been spent developing artistic and scientific interests time that was rightfully ours but ripped away from us for the benefit of the capitalist class so I'm begging you–please give this some thought, don't buy into the idea of Universal Basic Income just because it looks good on the wrapper don't allow the workers of the world to be transformed into the next non-working recipients of unnecessary charity forced into a situation where we must suffer the indignity of relying on the leftovers and the castaways of the capitalists. every time a dirty, stressful, dangerous job becomes obsolete, we as workers should be filled with joy– not worry The only solution to a jobless future is the dismantling of capitalism now and the cessation of capitalist waste and theft. the fruits of technological progress belong to all of humanity, not just one small class. Now a lot of capilist sympathizers say that communism has never worked and could never work. they look at the past failures and mistakes of communist societies and they want us to believe that there's this binary that exists where we only have 20th century soviet-style communism and capitalism to choose from but that's just not the case. I personally am an anarchist I believe that we can do away with the state, we can do away with capitalism, and we can govern ourselves if you want to know about these ideas, you want to know more about anarchism, what I think might be a good system to replace capitalism you can check out my videos series on how anarchism works there's a link in the description. but even if you don't buy into the ideas of anarchism, there are a number of other leftist ideologies out there that you can discover and explore and believe me, we leftists do not always agree about the best ways that we should reshape society in a post capitalist world, in fact , we're pretty famous for not getting along with each other. But we do agree on at least one thing that's that capitalism is unstable oppressive system with no workable solution for the virtually jobless future that's headed our way. One way or another, the end of capitalism as we know it is just on the horizon and I just hope that we can find a better solution, whatever it might be before the clock runs out. I'm Emerican Johnson, this is non-compete, Thanks for watching. Now I wish that I did wear these the whole time 🙁 It must be the american way of doing things that makes you the luckiest guy in the world I don't think I'm so lucky you don't? we'll let me show you *warping noises* Hey, what's that gadget? television? No, it's a time machine Just pull that lever *lever noises You see how people worked a hundred years ago Heeey this I like Oh that's too far back Try again, we want to stop at 1850 *lever sounds* *warping noises* Ha ha ha who's the character? That's your grandfather, joe. Ooooh. he had to work 69 hours a week.

  1. While I agree with your basic critique of UBI, Capitalism and the rest your plan or vision of a world without capital is what is wrong today. Nobody actually has a solid plan for what comes after. Unfortunately it's a consequence we cannot really escape.

  2. I lost many Jobs and I was never completely screwed as you put it , i don't see people losing jobs as a problem because people are never forced to work in a capitalist system people are forced to produce Value for society ,

  3. there is no such thing as a shortage of jobs…it just has to be made financially worthwhile to share the jobs we NEED people to do and work LESS….then if half the jobs are taken over by robots it would only mean everyone could be enjoying working half the time!! and IF 75% of jobs are taken over by robots then everyone could be enjoying only working 10 hours a week. …the only shortage there is, is a shortage of people sharing the work…..never a shortage of jobs.

  4. here is a solution for you plz go to any socialist nations . do you think that socialism anywhere actually works ? if you do , simply go there . lot of people come into US for having freedom and liberty and having a good life . do not destroy the hope of those people . capitalism is not a system , it a byproduct of freedom and liberty . to control capitalism means to control people . a govt cannot control the economy without controlling the people , whenever it happen worst things follows .

    you cannot understand the big picture of something without seeing the both side , you already know the one . now plz understand what capitalism is

    plz watch videos by yaron brook , john stossel if you want to really understand capitalism

    just follow yaron brook and john stossel , they will lead you to truth , if you really want to have a broad perspective

  5. The authoritarian Left has been preaching this doom and gloom for 150 years and yet, it STILL hasn't come to pass. The fact is that poor's quality of life has improved in the capitalistic countries. Even our "poor" have cell phones and televisions and more than one change of clothes. And what is this crap about the poor going hungry???? The poor have the highest rates of obesity in the country…….starving people aren't obese.

  6. 11:21 If we dismantle capitalism NOW, current technological progress will be slowed. Without the incentive of profits to force companies to become more efficient to keep up with competition in the free market, resources will be taken away from their best uses to society as a whole. If we look far enough into the future to where automation has replaced the vast majority of jobs there may well be a need for a different economical system. For the current state of the world however, capitalism seems to be the best system to drive technological progress forward. After watching a few of your vids I think you do a really great job at explaining your point of view even though I don't necessarily agree with everything. That said, I highly recommend the book Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell if you've not read it already. I picked it up free off audible not long ago and I've personally found it really interesting to listen to.

  7. Good points on capitalism. There is a blueprint for a sustainable, humane and feasible way the planet can operate called a Resource Based Economy.

    Learn about it at or visit the official non-profit at Thanks!

  8. Communists believed that the State would eventually become obsolete as well, but only after the transformations in society were made to develop the institution of True Communism. Soviet Russia had to be more authoritarian, in any sense that it was, because of the open hostility facilitated towards it by Capitalist Imperialism. In one sense, Leon Trotsky was right about one thing: the revolution must be worldwide in order to achieve True Communism. Otherwise, any state that attempts a different social experiment or social order, will immediately come under heavy fire from those states controlled by Capitalists. Leftists can not be naïve about the hostilities they will face.

  9. Yeah, let's get rid of Capitalism…. and then count to 10 and have to get rid of all the Predatory Anarchist Schittheads coming up behind them. We need Socialism, and not the precursors to another phuquing Ruling Class, which, what the heck do you think Anarchists are. They just want to dump the Existing Ruling Class so that they can step in. Every Leftist Revolution is always a Two Front War. Capitalist Predators to the Right and Anarchist Predators to the Left. It's a good thing that Socialists are better Organized. The Anarchists are basically Personality Cults and don't really play well with the other Children. But Socialists will have enough sense to compile Lists. and this Azzholes name is already on it.

  10. Marx went one step further in Grundrisse and basically predicted AI which then in turn controls automation:
    “Once adopted into the production process of capital, the means of labour passes through different metamorphoses, whose culmination is the… automatic system of machinery… set in motion by an automaton, a moving power that moves itself; this automaton consisting of numerous mechanical and intellectual organs, so that the workers themselves are cast merely as its conscious linkages.”

  11. You're so much easier to listen to than Majority Report and The Michael Brooks Show. Thank god I found your channel, lollll

  12. Great video! I think that we have 2 new things that we must keep in mind:
    first, Modern Monetary Theory, MMT has the potential to, in the short term reform Capitalism. If we only have the political strength to reform it, this is okay. Let us remember that the alternative to non-reform of capitalism is exterminism.
    second, if we are lucky, is FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY COMMUNISM, a world of, freedom, equality and abundance!

    But to achieve any goal for the common good, the world left has to unite around a program, as an alternative to capitalism as we know it.

    It is important to remember that part of the world bourgeoisie will opt for radicalization, which in its most extreme form is called exterminism. I am Brazilian and I am seeing this speech materialize here. It is a time of great opportunity and danger for humanity. It's fight time!

  13. A positive future looks like The Zeitgeist Movement/The Venus Project – what was called "Technocracy, Inc." before WWII – and what is now referred to as "post-scarcity." Marx and Kropotkin made great analyses of the origins of profit – they predicted the inevitable failure of capitalism too early (not anticipating some of the "innovations" of the globalist monetary-market system) – but their followers reached the wrong conclusions about politics and human nature. IMHO, labels such as communism, socialism, and historical anarchism have too much baggage attached to them (to the tune of 126 million dead, at least). The designed, automated, sustainable means of production system at peak load factor as "the commons" – abundance (either as shared use, or as ownership, as necessary) available to all without currency – those are the transitions which need to be made – as compassionately and non-violently as possible. Whatever strategies achieve these goals – without historical baggage, expectations or labels – are what need to be devised.

  14. The Surplus Population will be liquidated by the Rich, who will consider the poor the "natives", while they are the "colonists". A few of us might survive as genes in the Rich folks line, but we can be sure that the Rich will feel bad about it, while getting all sentimental, as they thoroughly enjoy their beautiful and restored world, ready to go to the stars in their post-scarcity paradise…

  15. Are you are using a computer you bought, to sell goods to people, in exchange for money, in voluntary agreement for mutual benefit?

    That's pretty capitalist of you.

  16. There is a lot of stuff you're missing. In the 1960s it was reported that the experts predicted that by the mid 2000s, there would be no more work necessary, and people would all live off of the benefits of automation and technology, but the Capitalists were determined to change that future. If Capitalism were to blame, then why don't we see the same thing happening in other Capitalist countries? You are also discounting the part religion plays into the decisions made by Capitalists. A lot of their beliefs about work and workers come from their religious beliefs. A lot of what they think about morals are misguided because of their religious beliefs. If you want to fight Capitalists, you will have to learn what motivates them. White Supremacy plays a part in it as well. The idea about American Exceptionalism comes from white supremacy.

  17. Capitalism has only one end game, that being profit maximisation. And remember the 6th mass extinction is on … Jaques Derrida guessed it right when he coined the term 'Hauntology' – Millions of people haunted by their past and moving towards a future which does not exist anymore.

  18. Oligarchs don't care they want everything for themselves and everyone not part of their club must die.

  19. Why don’t you take the social aspects of socialism and paired it with free market? Would that still be considered socialist?

  20. the eventual conclusion of capitalism is armed revolt, when us workers have nothing else to lose, why should we care if we die?

  21. So what exactly would the alternative be? Seriously, name one alternative economic system to Capitalism that hasn't collapsed or turned into an oppressive regime?

  22. Another possibility: The capitalists themselves will be replaced by machines and AI programs: companies that have no human labor force, no management class, and no investor class can drastically undercut companies run by humans with human investors because the robot/AI run companies would not have to maximize profits, just break even with a small reserve. Then everyone will be out of work, even the capitalists.

  23. I know Truthstream Media has that Sean Parker clip in one of their videos. Can't remember which one but I know I've watched it a couple times in the past.

  24. Hello there, man with hair and beard. This was brilliant, and I will be sharing it with those who are stuck in the capitalist mindset.


  25. The end of capitalism is on the horizon! – said communists at the beginning of the XXth century. Now they are all long dead and capitalism is as strong as ever.

  26. Employers have little interest in developing their employees, they simply need a body. This makes work inhuman. It's not good to feel invisible while you give your best effort. Another concept is that the pursuit of money by employees is itself a perverse incentive. Rather than caring about they give and create, many employees prioritize what they get out of the equation. And this causes goods and services to be lackluster or hallow… are we not deprived of authenticity?

  27. I am happy that soon communism will simply run out of workers to do any revolution 😀 😀 😀

  28. "If we think of a dollar as a unit of productivity …"
    More like,

    "If we think of a Ferengi as a unit of humanity …"

  29. You should not confuse "capitalism" with elite capture of regulatory institutions, which is what causes our problems. I have actually done professional research work on Industry 4.0. Economic experts are actually quite skeptical about the idea of a "jobless future". Every time we have been scared of a jobless future, there has been an unexpected growth in jobs that the doomsday alarmists didn't know would be necessary. Ultimately, it is more likely that it will shift the focus of labor rather than totally eliminate it. If we do reach the Star Trek future where labor is unnecessary, then I don't know what you would be worried about.
    A system where government works to ensure fair distribution of resources and protect the rights of workers and does so efeffectively can still be fully capitalist. Economists have strong criticisms of the current system and have a lot of good suggestions for fixing things, but very very few of them think that capitalism itself, in its entirety, is to blame. The irony is that many of the arguments of the "capitalist class" that you talk about are patently anti-capitalist, or otherwise misinformed. I suggest looking into the works of Ha-Joon Chang, if you want to see how a professional leftist economist critiques the current system.

  30. We'll still have at least two sources of power if given a UBI: what we choose to consume, and how we vote. However, I think most social programs are in place not out of guilt or a sense of what's right, but to keep the populace in line. If we're no longer needed for our labor and the wealthy have armies of killer robots, there's no threat from an uprising. They can just cut off our money, take away our votes, watch us die, and we can't do anything about it. Sure, they'd feel guilty, but they'd be making a better world with more room for their wealthy children. I'm sure they'd make that "sacrifice".

  31. 4:46 Okay……………………..but you still need to provide evidence for me to believe this you know that right?
    Also, what about a poor, working class member that is a capitalist? Are those dollars waste too? What about all of the dollars channeled into your pocket that allows you ample time to shit on the system that gave you those dollars that brought and created everything you needed to make YouTube Videos? Are thise dollars waste too? How would this, IN ANY WAY, be better under socialism?

  32. Capitalism does have an endgame. It becomes Socialism, and quite naturally. Over time people realize that capitalism can only continue functioning if more stakeholders are considered and more regulation is brought to bear to enforce both stakeholder rights and systemic stability. This becomes a natural glide-path to Socialism, no revolution necessary. Unless the old-style capitalists decide to take extreme measures to resist the changes.

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