Capitalism Doesn't Breed Innovation: A Look At Pokemon Sword and Shield

hello boys and girls dankey kahng gang its comrade dankey here and today I'm gonna talk about of something a little bit more lighthearted the pokemons I've been a Pokemon boy for a long long time since I was oh I don't know like five years old I've been playing Pokemon since before I knew how to read ladies and gentlemen started all the way back with classic red and blue blue was my first version I got read a little while later my first starter was squirtle yeah but I always found myself partial to Bulbasaur never was much of a Charmander guy but I can respect the Charmander guys myself but all that said I like Pokemon alright I don't play it very much anymore the last game I played was let's go Eevee and I didn't beat it I got bored I enjoyed the capturing mechanic and let's go Evie but I found myself bored by the difficulty it was just too fucking easy and you know it's something that people been saying for a long long time it's it's just too fucking easy folks but the real reason I wanted to make this video and the reason I think it's relevant to the kind of content I discuss on this channel is because I want to talk about this mean that goes around that capitalism brings innovation and Here I am to show you pokemon now let's let let's look at just how let's look at how much money the Pokemon franchise is worth let's go to Wikipedia here maybe it'll have like tell us how much money this franchise is worth it says right now Pokemon has earned fifty nine point 1 billion u.s. dollars since its creation in 1996 uh total include nearly everything from its nearly 50 billion retail sales a behemoth mobile presence thanks to Pokemon go in second place Star Wars falls far behind with a still hefty total of 42 point nine billion so Pokemon ladies and gentlemen is a bigger franchise than fucking Star Wars by far and it's a franchise that many nineties kids identify with nostalgic Lee and so in the same way that like Star Wars sort of captured the imagination of a whole generation I think you can say that Pokemon also captured the imagination of a whole generation but as the games as the technology to make games bigger and better and more immersive came about the Pokemon series didn't really change with it and it's a shame because in the 3d era we got little glimpses of what could have been awesome I remember the game Pokemon snap and remembered thinking how cool it would be if we get a 3d Pokemon game where we can explore an open world not even necessarily a large open world but just one where we're free to look and aim the camera around and maybe the way we initiate battles is we take we take a picture of the Pokemon and so you know and then there were things like in pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver you could take your partner out of the pokeball and have it walk around with you every pokemon game in the main series brought with it minor innovations like double battles and contests and the battle tower and battle frontier and even mega evolutions and Z moves and Dyna maxing all these new things but the big problem with Pokemon is that outside of that core formula the turn-based battles that eight badges the the encountering wild Pokemon just the standard formula outside of that there's zero deviation every generation has like one or two gimmicks but then that's it that's the new trend now and the gimmick for this latest generation is of course Dyna maxing which is just it just doesn't look cool I don't know why they've gotten rid of all these awesome mega evolutions which at least looked cool aesthetically I thought it was kind of corny myself but I appreciated the potential to revisit old Pokemon that were often underrated or overlooked and to give them new cool redesigns and for that same reason I liked the Olalla forms as well even though I never played a Sun and Moon I got pretty darn bored of it pretty quickly but so the Pokemon games have just a massive budget it's a massive franchise folks with just gobs and gobs of money behind it more than even Star Wars but over all these years we have yet to see a 3d console Pokemon game that can that has really been in the imaginations of Pokemon fans since the times of the n64 I mean we can remember the 3d battles from Pokemon Stadium and even now there are people making comparisons of the animations in Pokemon Stadium to the newest Pokemon game and the animations of Pokemon Stadium are actually superior so essentially what I'm getting at in this video is that capitalism doesn't drive innovation folks no matter how much money you have it doesn't mean you're going to innovate Pokemon hasn't innovated in a long long time there hasn't been something that has come along that's really shaken up the series no mainline games you know I thought with Pokemon let's go that I saw some bad signs but I also saw some good signs with Pokemon go I appreciated their willingness to change the the capturing system I prefer that the new system of capturing Pokemon and and chaining captures and stuff like that I just think it's fun it makes it more fun to hunt for shinies and to fill out the Pokedex but in terms of the difficulty I felt like it was lacking severely it was too fucking easy and I felt that way about Pokemon X & Y and then Pokemon Sun and Moon just had so much tutorial izing I got bored of it and I just didn't and and then the battles ran at such horrible fps I just didn't really want to really play those games I preferred going back to the old school sprite base I would rather have a sprite based game that runs well than one that chugs along sometimes in the single-digit frames per second but all that to say I was expecting really big innovation from Pokemon sword and shield I was expecting it to be a fully explorable 3d world that really shook up the mechanics of the Pokemon game not in not in a way that would make it unrecognizable but in a natural way in the same way that you know super mario was able to go from 2d to 3d and super mario 64 so well I was expecting something like that with Pokemon I was expecting you know the battle system to be overhauled I was expecting a lot of stuff that is just not in the game period and that's to be expected you know it's it's at this point I'm not surprised at what I'm seeing from Game Freak because it's it's they don't have any kind of competition they don't really have somebody to challenge pokemons role as sort of this battle monster genre I mean there's yokai watch there's Digimon but they you know they can't compare pokemons bigger than Star Wars so they're sitting pretty at the very tippy top they have all this capital behind them and yet game after game after game is the same fucking thing you get your starter it's either a water grass or fire it's you know you've got your fucking rodent in the starter area you've got your bird in the starter area you've got your starter insects then you've got your you know it's just the same thing you've got your eight badges you've got the Elite Four and then they take away all the cool stuff that you liked from the last games and they put in some new shit that you know it's just kind of gimmicky and people began to get sort of upset when ultra Sun and ultra moon came out I remember everybody was very excited when X&Y came out because that was the first you know 3d pokemon game and everybody was you know mainstay in line Pokemon game and everybody was very excited about that incited moon came out and it changed up just enough with like the Aloha forms the Z moves and the changes to like the gem battles to make it like appeal to people fortunately I felt like they just focused way to much on the tutorials and talking and it just wouldn't let me play the fucking game and it was too easy but then they came out with ultra Sun and ultra moon which basically did like quality of life changes which could have easily been patched into Sun and Moon but they just sold it as a complete full priced extra game and you know the if that's the new paradigm because usually it was you would release two versions and then a third sort of a remastered version afterward like you had ruby sapphire and emerald you had gold silver and crystal you had red blue and yellow but now you just have the old version Sun and Moon and then the cool new versions ultrasone ultra moon which pretty much made the Sun and Moon obsolete and it wasn't like that with black and white and black and white ooh you can go back and play both of those games and they have different stories and and and Oh different over worlds at least slightly different over worlds but it's not the same for ultra Sun ultra moon you're basically buying the same game just with better features so I mean the Pokemon series has always been sort of money-grubbing in that aspect I mean there's no there's there's nothing no reason for a modern game series to to sort of split itself into two different versions and try to sell them anymore at the time with the link cable I could sort of see why but I mean you know it's it's a way for them to make money and I can understand that they make everybody pay for Pokemon bank which is cheap as fuck at the same time but it's still you know a paid service so one of the coolest things you could do from game to game was transfer your old Pokemon to your current Pokemon game but of course the big controversy with a sword and shield is that basically half the Pokemon like 700 Pokemon are just getting news they won't exist in the code of the game and so there will be no way for you to get a whole lot of Pokemon over now I never really did that I like to just start every game with a fresh asset but uh if I did go back to all my old games get all my prized Pokemon it would be nice if I could keep them all and put them all in the newest game and see them on the big screen but due to game freak's absolute incompetence and greed and laziness they aren't programming all the Pokemon into the game even though they have the models to do it all they would have to do is touch out the textures and ant animations a little bit and it would be fine but instead they have brought out this lazy game that is graphically dated the trees look horrible people were comparing them to the trees in Ocarina of Time and they're right the texture work on the trees are horrible the animation of the Pokemon are stiff and weird the animations and facial expressions of the trainers are weird I prefer the old sprite based style I'm gonna be honest if the animations are gonna be this shitty for a mainstream console Pokemon game then I would just rather them go back to the old-school sprites because this looks like ass ladies and gentlemen you compare uh this with breath of the wild and this game looks like dick this game looks like you poopoo and so to kind of tie all this back in with a neat little bow because this is a political channel not a gaming channel but this just goes to show you can have mountains of cash and just dish out shit pile not necessarily shit pile but just the same old crap and as long as your consumer base is there and they have nothing else they will eat it up again and again and again at least they'll keep doing it until Pokemon fades into a relevancy but that's how these things go capitalism doesn't encourage innovation folks and encourages you to carve out a niche in the market and then once that niche has carved out you got to stay there and and stay there and not really change because after all it becomes a point about securing the brand and if you change too much the brand itself will change and you know you'll have investors panic and so it's best to just play it safe guys and that's how these things go they decide to just play it safe as safe as possible and that's what this game is they're just going to give us another region to explore with a few new Pokemon that are cool new starters that are cool a region based on Britain sounds interesting but you know it's just I feel like the Dynomax thing is just a giant gimmick and the 3d camera apparently it's going to be restricted when you go into the towns and so that's just kind of fucking stupid the animations are dated the graphics are dated it just looks like a lazy fucking game and you know if it was a team of you know people who didn't who weren't concerned about shareholders weren't concerned about like the fucking business and they were just tasked with making the best game they they wanted to make the Pokemon game they really wanted to make I highly doubt it would look anything like this this this game looks like it was just made in a corporate boardroom first and then the poor programmers were just forced to piece it together uh but anyway that's enough about Pokemon I just thought I would sort of point out Pokemon you know sort of a late-stage capitalist kind of game series just showing you how innovation doesn't really take place in the capitalist system at least not not once you don't have any more competition and you've pretty much cornered the market you get you know just derivative crap like this the same thing over and over again it's not just Pokemon you can look at you can look at the Call of Duty series you can look at series uh on television or movies or music or just anything that just gets done over and over and over again with very little innovation we see these big franchises all the time with giant piles of money that basically do the same thing every time and people coming back and watching it or we're playing them so all that's to say it's a darn shame as a Pokemon fan see the series done this way but I got more serious things to worry about like Palestine and Venezuela and you know proletarian revolution I don't have time to be playing Pokemon anyway so yep that's that's all I wanted to say

  1. to be fair turn based rpgs are quite good. Don't know why its such a bad thing to stick with TBRPGS. Also…..its a good thing to remember that not all change is good, the capturing mechanic in Let's Go was pretty bad. Also S&M and BW did actually try and to change up the formula with varying degrees of success.
    Overall the problem doesn't lie within the formula, loads of franchises are formulaic just look at Etrian Odyssey or Zelda. The problem lies in the lack of overall effort. Its why BW2 and Platinum are still the best games in the franchises due to how they perfected that formula

  2. Now, I agree that capitalism doesn't breed innovation, but this game does have open world camera control and shit. I also agree that it sucks that they only make small innovations that are reversed in the next game

  3. Though you are forgetting it is Marxist/Fascist governmental policies that lead to increased barriers of entry for competition that supports this status quo. Very hard to enter the market when it costs too much to purchase a warehouse or you are not in position to use Amazon level tax loopholes.

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